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Review #1, by HPsmartone32 

13th June 2009:
i still haven't forgiven him for hurting luna...

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Review #2, by fatmermaid 

6th May 2009:
Well at least he's going after what (or should I say, who) he (finally) knows he loves.

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Review #3, by Twinsmom 

27th February 2009:
Ummm. Thestrals can take you anywhere you want to go. Does he know that?

And Neville was way to nice. (I'm starting to feel sort of sorry for Rolf, but not all the way. I'm just saying that Nev should have made him work harder for it. But, if he's going to see Ginny- we'll lets just say I'm pretty sure my girl will put him thru his paces. He needs to admit some stuff to the friends.)

:) Still lovin' this.

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Review #4, by Jacqueline Noir 

4th February 2009:
No! You killed Newt Scamander! I repel you, you wonderful author! I mean, I understand that only something like his grandfather's dead could have brought Rold to his senses, but still...
I doubt I'll EVER find a Luna/Rolf as good as this. It is a masterpiece!

Author's Response: I know, I'm such a bad person but you certainly nailed the effect that it had on Rolf. It had to be something really huge to make Rolf understand that he can not sit around licking his wounds and instead just go out there and find the woman of his dreams! Thanks dearie!

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Review #5, by bron 

30th January 2009:
awww this chapter is so bittersweet.
i think you used Rolf's guilt and grief really well, and i reckon the next two chapters are going to be even better.
I missed Luna a bit in this chapter, but i loved the discussion between Rolf and Newt just before his death, and cause my friend's grandma has just died and she didn't get to see her before she passed away, it made me realise this was full of memories and emotions lots of people will never experience. I loved Neville in this... he is one of my favourite characters=] and the way you added the thestrals at the end was incredible, it really summed up Rolf's feelings, and i like the way he recalled Luna's diary entry, it was all really sweet!
i can't wait for the next chapter!!! I hope its a happy ending


Author's Response: Oh thank you so much for this lovely review:) And I'm afraid I'm going to have to leave Luna aside for the next chapter as well, but that should be bearable because there are a couple of characters returning to the scene that I hope you appreciate:) Anyway, I'm glad you liked Neville. I wanted him to be the nice guy regardless of the situation:) The thestrals mark the end of a phase for Rolf as they marked an end for Luna at the beggining of this story. So I'm really happy that people enjoyed seeing them again, through another's eyes:D

Thanks a lot for everything! And the next chapter is up tonight! :X::X:X:X:X:X

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Review #6, by Draco1129 

30th January 2009:
its times like this that i regret asking for a fight because now i relay want them together. how long do we have to wait???

Author's Response: Not much really:P There are only 2 chapters left to this story unless something different happens at the end Hahaha:) Thank you for the review!

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Review #7, by glowyrm 

29th January 2009:
yeah, want more please.

Author's Response: Unfortunately there are only two more chapters left but there's a lot in them though:) Thanks for the review! Roe

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Review #8, by bring_back_sirius 

28th January 2009:
Oh, the anticipation!! I can't wait for him to find her.

It's so sad that Newt died. Did Luna hear about it?

You have to update really soon, I just can't wait!!!

And yes, I'm gonna miss them so much. That's why you have to write a sequel or three. :)

Author's Response: I love seeing my readers getting so excited about the ending:) As for Luna finding out, indeed she did... it was in all the newspapers:) After all, Newt Scamander was the greatest naturalist of their times. About the sequel... hmm I don't know... You'll see why at the end! :X:X:X:X:

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Review #9, by muffin 

27th January 2009:
Only two chapters! I can hardly believe it! I'm gonna miss this story so much; logging in to see that you updated instantly makes my day (or in this case, night) much better. The way you express emotions between Luna and Rolf is astounding and you got Luna's characterization spot on. Seeing Newt go was sad, but his last line to Rolf was truly ace. Dennis was cute, haha. I'm going to be looking forward to (and dreading) the next two chapters!

Author's Response: I know! 2 chapters... it is very sad indeed! I'm going to miss it even more u know... even though i had finished writing it for a long time:) Well I'm glad u enjoyed this chapter as well:D Roe

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Review #10, by gocnocturna 

27th January 2009:
Oh my goodness! I can't belive that there are only two left! This chapter is so amazing! I love it to death! I'm going to miss it very much!!! 1billion/10 for the chapter! I loved when Rolf said "I can only paint her". :D

Author's Response: I know, tell me about it! I loved this story and I'm going to miss posting it more than my readers will. I am sure:) But all good things must come to an end... let's not be sad though! Thank you so much for the review! :X:X:X:X: Roe

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Review #11, by SUSIE FOO 

27th January 2009:
Brilliant! I am excited for the last two chapters yet sad that it will end! Keep on writing no matter what. You are an artist!

Author's Response: Thank you so much Susie:) Your encouragements make me feel better, I've been having a bit of a downtime lately regarding writing... and well just about everything in my life:P so thanks a lot:D Hugs, Roe

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Review #12, by Quiet Desperation 

27th January 2009:
Another beautiful chapter. It'll have to tide me over until you update (which you better do soon). I can't wait to see how Ginny reacts to Rolf. I wouldn't doubt it if she punched him. He'd deserve it too.


Author's Response: Thank you for the review:) The next update will happen soon I can assure you... as for Ginny's reaction well you'll have to wait... but only a little while, I promise! Roe

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Review #13, by luna_lovegood101 

26th January 2009:
omg i love this hole book

Author's Response: Oh thank you so much:) I'm glad you do! Roe

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Review #14, by RemusGal 

26th January 2009:
Only two more chapters...that doesn't seem like enough for this wonderful story. I can't wait.

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Review #15, by Amulya_HPfan 

26th January 2009:
Oh my. That was so bittersweet. At least he's off to find Luna again, cause they're so miserable without each other. And the grandfather passing away was very well-done. No sappiness, but just enough emotion to fit Rolf. Looking forward to the next. And congrats on your touching writing in this chapter!

Author's Response: Oh indeed, it was bittersweet and I hoped people would find it appropriate of Rolf to finally pluck the courage and go find Luna once more, because they truly can not live without one another. Thanks! Looking forward to your opinion on the next chapter too:) Roe

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