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Review #1, by kait_mcfly 

29th June 2009:
I can't believe he would do that, he is so stupid.
Im so glad you had Luna go to Ginny and Harry. They helped her a lot. :)
Gonna read the next chapter now.

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Review #2, by HPsmartone32 

13th June 2009:
some one is about to die. and his name starts with an R and ends with olf.

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Review #3, by envoy 

19th May 2009:
I just sort of popped into the middle here to find a very well composed, well written and insightful chapter of what is probably a great story. I know you have spent a great deal of time and effort on the whole thing. You appear to be a very mature writer. Very good work. I promise I will read and enjoy the whole story, just not tonight.

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Review #4, by fatmermaid 

6th May 2009:
OH! I could strangle Rolf! He knew what he was doing! Luna dosen't deserve it! I can't believe he'd be so heartless!

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Review #5, by whisky 

3rd May 2009:
this is so sad and i just wrote tonz of s's

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Review #6, by Twinsmom 

27th February 2009:
You are doing a great job with this. I keep forgetting to say that. I love how you wrote this. I am really feeling so sorry for her. I had a feeling that Blaise was going to pick the same date as the celebration. I'm sure he planned it that way. I didn't expect Rolf to be kissing someone else. He really fell a long way this time. So sad!

I'm glad Luna chose to go see Charlie and the dragons. They'll keep her busy as she heals.

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Review #7, by Dangerous 

31st January 2009:
Aww, for Ginny's words made me tear up. I love the strenth of thier friendships.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review first of all and then indeed, I do believe that Luna and Ginny kindled a friendship that is strong and valuable to both. Things like those they have been through manage to bring people closer:) Roe

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Review #8, by Jacqueline Noir 

6th January 2009:
My genius chick!
This was amazing and emotional, but in absolutely no way pathetic. And I feel the need to repeat myself"What a JERK!".I just knew that one way or another he was going to go back to the old ways. I don't know if you remember but I told you about this in a review long time ago. I know this type of guys. And what it's more painful is that he loves her.
And the second part... beautifully written. And she's going to Romania. What a magnificent place!:D
Very,very,very beautiful, dear, and a perfect description of Luna!

Author's Response: Oh thank you dear beloved:) And indeed, what a jerk sounds like the best way to express the mutual anger of my readers. And yes, it is even worse that he is truly in love with her.

Thank you love! You're a star!

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Review #9, by GlisteningGold 

4th January 2009:
could you give us an inside acount of rolfses feelings?
Please? We want guilt!!!
I love the story very much!
Xxx glistening blah blah blah

Author's Response: The next chapter, which I will post today has an inside on how Rolf feels at being left alone... so you get your wish granted:D Thank you so much!

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Review #10, by gocnocturna 

3rd January 2009:
oooh!!! Those last few chapters have been fabulous! I loved them! It's good to shake the story up every once in a while, but I do hope that it gets better for Luna, she does deserve to be happy. :) 1000/10!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I have enjoyed posting this Luna and Rolf marathon of three chapters very much:) And indeed, Luna deserves the bestest of happy endings! LOve!

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Review #11, by Victoire Weasley 

2nd January 2009:
Aw, poor Luna! I love Rolf, but he needs a good slap!
More soon, please! =]

Author's Response: I love Rolf too but you're right... he does need a good slap! More is on the way! X

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Review #12, by MinK 

1st January 2009:
3 chapters in a row :D They are not so happy chapters but still, they are nice :D

Author's Response: Thank you MinK!

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Review #13, by jozae 

1st January 2009:
What a wonderful belated Christmas present!

Poor Luna :( I found it incredibly moving to read about her sense of loss and heartache. Let's hope Rolf comes to his senses!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I enjoyed giving this gift to my readers:)

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Review #14, by hermioneism 

31st December 2008:
Not too fond of Rolf (or Blaise) at the moment, I must say. I hope he comes to his senses soon, though Luna should not accept him back into her life too easily... poor dear.

Brilliant chapter again, of course. :)

Author's Response: Rolf and Blaise, well yes they can be quite the match sometimes:) But Rolf is different, you will see:) Thank you dear!

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Review #15, by Matching Snowflakes 

31st December 2008:
grrr, I am so angry with Rolf right now, how could he do that to Luna? Oh, poor Luna. But I wonder what will happen when Rolf wakes up and finds the note. Will he chase after her?
Lovely story, very well written. Please update soon.
love Matching Snowflakes
P.S. by the way I just read your all of your story in one go and it truly is fantastic. You definately deserved that Dobby!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review! It is lovely to see that my readers take interest in what I wrote and enjoy speculating on what's happening next:) And thanks for the appreciation, winning that Dobby was the greatest thing ever!

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Review #16, by StepUpx_Gryffindor 

30th December 2008:
blah laskdjflaskdf. punch for rolf. right in the friggin face.

Author's Response: I couldn't have put it better myself! Thanks!

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Review #17, by muffin 

30th December 2008:
I thought that it was really sweet of you to give us three chapters as a gift! I adore this story. But poor Luna! Dangit Rolf. I really can't wait to see where this goes considering we all know the *ultimate* end haha. I'm sure Luna will be okay, she IS Luna, after all. Lovely chapters!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! It was my joy to offer this small gift to my wonderful readers! Luna will be ok indeed, but of course a heartbreak is hard to cope with regardless of what you're made of... so really, you can't expect her to joyous:D Love, Roe

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Review #18, by glowyrm 

30th December 2008:
wow, the last chapter had tears in my eyes. good job!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad this chapter touched my readers!

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Review #19, by bring_back_sirus 

30th December 2008:
oh no!!! what was he thinking? what an idiot! and poor luna. she didnt deserve that. it was nice of her to take him home. i, personally, would have opted for the cruciatus curse.
but, anyway, the story just went from great to absolutely wicked in terms of plot. i havent the foggiest idea what's gonna happen from this point onwards. there are so many possibilities. how will rolf find her in romania? what will he say? what will she do? ah, how i wish you'd uploaded 20 chapters instead of three. :P
will we be seeing more of gustav? maybe by some chance he too will end up in romania.

Author's Response: Rolf wasn't thinking really... he is poisoned by what Zabini tells him and burdened by his grandpa's disease he chooses to forget it all... so he does something that he is sure to regret as soon as he wakes up. Luna just happens to barge into a very distressed time in his life and she does become a victim... but Rolf can not simply be the same after Luna, can he? So the next chapters will focus on him realizing this... in fact the next one should suffice your need of answers:D love!

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Review #20, by petites sorcieres 

30th December 2008:
I'm feelingto lazy to login XD Argh.Bravo! You actually managed to make me cry! In my last rewiu, I too thought that they should have a quarell, even tough if I forgot to write it ^^. Here the lastpart with her crying in hte house then going to see Harry and Ginny. Yep, There wee tears in my eyes! I can't believe he acted such like a jerk! More than the kissing in itself, its te fact that he didn't come to this party that was so important for her, lied to her AND didn't even bother to write or anything to explain that he wouldn't come. He made her feel anxious.The Burrow party was awesome by the way and Teddy so cuuute ^^I actually smiled, remembered Tonks and Lupin etc..with them and sad at the same time.

The part with Harry and Ginny was also great ^^ I loved their reactions and hope to see more of them. Hahaha! Some revenge from the DA and the Potters XD Too bad Neville, Ron and Hermione weren't here too XD Tohear that. Knwoing Ron he would act immediatly. Anyway, thanks for the three chapters.

Though, you're kind of sadistic because I WANT TO NOW WHAT ROLF WILL DO!! I suppose most of the next chapter will be from his pov.I'm reallylooking forward to it! And Illprobbabky come to glance every day of the week to see if youve upated XD

I reallly LOVE this chapter thought it was sad. You outdid yourself. Thank you so much. Merry late Christmas and Happy new year! Hope you ll get a lovely year too ^^

Author's Response: Oh dear, thank you so much for all those lovely words and this awesome review! And indeed you've seen the extent of his damage because truly this is not about him kissing some random girl whose name he won't remember ever, but it is about him taking her for granted and not really realizing that Luna, just like any other person needs someone there to support whichever action she pursues. Him missing the party was one of those things that she'd actually care about... she seems the family type, particularly because of her mother's absence...

And your prayers will be answered, we do get to see more of Harry and Ginny indeed! And some other characters that I know people love! But all will be revealed in time:)

And again, you are right most of the following chapters will be from his pov but don't expect Luna to disappear completely. We'll see some of her too although you will all find her slightly changed of course:)

Thank you so much for the kind praise! XXX

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Review #21, by PixiePower 

30th December 2008:

Hands up, who wants to beat Rolf to a pulp? *entire world raises hands* Who's looking forward to seeing him grovel? *raises hand* Another wonderful chapter, Roe, with wonderful descriptive parts and a good mix between internal and external dialogue. I especially liked the scene with Harry and Ginny, I thought that was sweet.

Good job (again!) and I look forward to the next chapter.


Author's Response: I'm joing the ranks of those who want to beat Rolf! But it was quite necessary of him to be such a jerk... All will fall into place after this. I mean he will realize something about himself, Luna herself will learn a thing or two and I think in the end this will be for the best:) Thank you! X

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Review #22, by Nora 

30th December 2008:
Three chapters in a row! Woah, what did we do to deserve this?

I know that I should be complaining and pleading with you to get Rolf and Luna back together like they should be... but I want to see what happens to both of them after the split. Will Luna have any one night stands? Will Rolf drink himself to a stupor? Will Gustav ever find love?!?! Though a rebound with Luna and Gustav would be interesting...

Anyways, I loved it ;)

Author's Response: :D I'm glad you liked my present! As for your questions they will be answered in future chapters... I'm not saying anything:) It will ruin the surprise. I guess you'll be happy to know that I'm updating now:) LoveX

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Review #23, by angelmaple 

29th December 2008:
That was so sad... though I can't say it was a complete surprise. Great chapter and I love your story!

Author's Response: Thank you so much:) I'm glad you enjoyed it despite the sad mood of the chap:D RoeXXX

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Review #24, by octoberose 

29th December 2008:
OH NO! WHy ROLF, WHY? lol...i know its gonna get better- and im loving each chapter, keep it up!!

Author's Response: Oh it is Rolf... because well, that used to be Rolf and he's afraid of growing up and leaving all that to the past. So he makes one final attempt and ruins everything. But if he figures out in time what it takes to get her back... well you'll just have to wait and see:) Thanks for the review:P Love, Roe

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Review #25, by xuan 

29th December 2008:
wow. that was so cool. thank you for writing! and these three chapters were worth the wait! please keep at it!

Author's Response: Thank you so much:D

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