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Review #1, by girly1393 

10th May 2011:
No, I like Lily's reaction. I do agree, I figure she would have always known. It makes sense.

Bravo to you.

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Review #2, by spangles 

14th February 2010:
I think Lily's reaction was perfect. It seemed so plausable! Well then again, everything you do seems plausabile. You're like the canon master. (: 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you! I always figured Lily probably knew all along, if only she'd taken the time to actually think about it. And I love canon :) I mean I can see going AU with Harry's era because JKR already wrote it, but I see little reason not to try to match up to the books in Marauder era.

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Review #3, by Casey 

22nd January 2010:
Hey, I'm glad all my reviewing didn't bother you. :D

All their reactions were exactly how I envisioned it in my head. I really bloody - HATE those stories which have the Marauders telling their gfs about their Animagus and Remus's lycanthropy. It was a huge secret and something they call considered sacred, they wouldn't go telling any old sod about it unless they meant an awful lot to all of them like how Lily does. It peeves me off to no end when they have them telling anyone. I love the way you went about it though, it wasn't some sort of 'weird ceremony and clan initiation', it was more realistic, I know I use that word alot but it didn't seem like some sort of cliche situation. I knew that Lily already knew, I mean, we could all guess it and I really am enjoying her in your story which is odd for me because I always hated female characters in the books (on some level, I liked a few like McGonagall and Tonks, Hermione sorta but most of them just couldn't get it together). And I guess now Lily really is apart of their little family in a sense.

Author's Response: It didn't bother me at all, I am quite thrilled actually. Because of you, I am over 300 reviews on this story now! Certainly nothing to brag about as the story has been up well over a year now, but it's a nice number to reach :)

I hate those stories, too, and I think you're right. They didn't even want to tell Lily, but as the rest of the Order knew, how could they NOT want her to hear it from them? So I'm glad you liked it! I'm really glad you are enjoying Lily - she's a hard character for me, and I am still unsure if I have her done right or not. I haven't spent as much time on her character as I would like to.

Anyway, I wanted to apologise for not getting to responses right away - have had a busy weekend with the remodel of a bedroom here. I won't have time to respond to any more tonight (Sunday) but I wanted to get at least one in, in case you check back, so I could let you know I'll be responding first thing Monday morning :)

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Review #4, by Bethany 

17th January 2010:
Ha! I remembered to review this one this time!

Its a real shame the prejudice Sirius receives for just being a Black and, as a side note, the prejudice Remus also receives for being a werewolf. Its incredibly disgusting how one judges another before they even know them. But Lily was so sweet to them, she's a really smart lass and I didn't expect her to react any other way.

Author's Response: Welcome back!

I agree, poor Sirius (and Remus). I figure this is just one more hurdle they had to overcome, especially in a time like that when everyone is paranoid and frightened. Lily has known Remus for so long, I don't think she could ever possibly turn her back on him now just because she knows his secret.

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Review #5, by shadowycorner 

26th July 2009:
I think her reaction was perfect. Like you said, she had time to subconsciously adjust, therefore was not surprised. And I don't see her being too hysterical. She's collected enough not to go overboard for Remus's sake. I also think it's good she only found out now. Pretty plausible.

Poor Remus, he's got so much in front of himself. And his dear friends worry and fear the first real separation! So true. I liked his inner conflict, though. The fear about going outbalanced by the pride in being useful and daring to embark on such a mission. I'm so proud of Remus!

Author's Response: I'm glad you agree with her reaction. I think she would totally deny Remus being a werewolf to Snape and think it a ludicrous idea, but at the same time, whenever somebody tells you some secret about somebody else -true or not - there's always that little nagging doubt in your mind that its true.

I think the conflict in Remus is great (I cant take credit, as JKR was the one who first had him off with werewolves). I can totally see him feeling like he owes this to Dumbledore and to the wizarding world that gave him a chance when so many others weren't given it.

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Review #6, by Dellacqua 

14th July 2009:
I hope these few reviews will go some way to apologising for being so shoddy recently, and for thanking you for your lovely reviews and help TA-wise. After all I really do love this story, I think it’s so incredibly well detailed that I never consider it as being fanfiction – more of a prequel to the Harry Potter series.

I love, as ever, how much detail and thought you put into things. For example Remus telling Lily he’s a werewolf. Whereas some people would just get him to tell her outright – after all everyone else in the Order knows – but you approach it on a much deeper level, looking at how hard it will be for Remus to admit that and for him and Marauders to give up that vow of secrecy they had held until then.

I thought that first section was brilliant It really showed the bond between the Marauders and how commonplace really Remus’ transformations now were. None of them were phased at all and dealt with it sensibly as no doubt they always had. Once again I can’t help thinking how hard it must have been for Remus losing that support system, so it’s no wonder he rejected Tonks because he couldn’t stand that he was a werewolf – it wasn’t like he had people to tell him being a werewolf was alright anymore.

This was another chapter which I thoroughly enjoyed because I think you dealt with the whole Remus-werewolf issue really well. I like how you managed to include them now letting Remus – in werewolf form – use the unused parts of Hogsmeade like the mountain in which Sirius will eventually hide when he escapes Azkaban. I always like touches like that which reflect what will happen in the future.

The way you write about the Marauders is fantastic, you cover every detail and show every attitude they hold and behaviour they show which we eventually know they may or may not still possess later on in life.

I enjoyed the moments when Sirius dwelled on the night Snape had almost died, his remorse felt really genuine and it showed him to be such a solid three dimensional character. He isn’t just an arrogant teenage as so many people characterise him, he really does have a heart.

I think your characterisation of Lily is excellent and you’ve shown a lot more of it in the past few chapters when you’ve included some sections from her point of view – I thought this was such a good idea because Lily (to me at least) as always almost like an honorary Marauder. She will never be the same as them because she will never share all that they had, but they all trust her and she trusts them and I think that counts for a lot. Remus revealing his secret in this chapter particularly shows how they’ve welcomed her into what they have not just as James’ girlfriend but as a friend.

I thought her reaction was perfect, as you said in your AN she probably would have known, deep down inside all along. I think that’s entirely right, whenever you’re told something – no matter how obscure it might be if it has the tiniest amount of evidence (which Remus’ disappearances each month would have provided) and think everybody also has some part of their mind that believes it could be correct. I think Lily’s reaction demonstrated that. Awesome chapter :):)

Author's Response: When I sat down and saw my review count had gone up by 4, my first thought was \\\"Agh, that must have hurt somebody.\\\" I figured it was either a couple different people coincidentally reviewing at once, or one person just doing a quick read through and leaving a few quick reviews as they went. It was such a happy surprise to find four super long wonderful reviews from you.

You keep mentioning the detail! It\\\'s weird, and I guess I\\\'m only just now realising that it must have a lot now that you keep bringing it up. None of it is intentional at all, I mean, I don\\\'t stop and think about some of this stuff. Mostly I just try to think of a way to do things a tiny bit differently from what everyone else does.

I\\\'m glad you liked the first section, because I had been worried it might be a tiny bit too emo. At the same time, I really wanted to show some of that deeper junk. Rofl. I dont know, I go back and forth on whether or not I like this story. It\\\'s like there are parts I\\\'m proud of and parts I\\\'m unsure of and the thing as a whole is always in the back of my mind, calling for me to come read it over and make some edits (I try to resist. I\\\'m an enditing fiend and this story will never go anywhere if I give in.)

I keep hoping to cover even more detail than I do already - one day, when this is all done, I\\\'d really like to come back and add in even MORE, if I can think of interesting things to write about. It was always meant to be a \\\'this is the war, this is their lives\\\' type of thing, and I hate that these chapters skip weeks at a time, only touching on more important things.

see? more edits. it\\\'ll 1,000,000 words when I\\\'m done.

I HATE the way people characterise poor Sirius. Hello, do they even think about his family and what he\\\'s been through? No wonder he\\\'s never showed any interest in the girls (canon anyway), I think he\\\'s still trying to grow up a bit after his family issues (which probably held him back in some subconscious way). The guy is practically traumatised! I hate the Sirius/OC stories. Most of them I find to be so OOC - and he never gives a crap about his friends, only about the girl.

I think of Lily as an honorary marauder too. I really want to make sure she gets her fair share in this story. God, it\\\'s hard trying to give 5 different people a part to play, and trying to squeeze in random Order members and things as well.

Whenever I leave an AN that says something like that, it is usually the result of a review somebody left saying \\\"WTF y din Lily freak?\\\" Or in the other chapter, I had a couple people mention they thought she should have met James\\\'s parents much sooner.

I\\\'m sorry this is such a terrible response. I haven\\\'t had my coffee yet! I\\\'m going to go make some and then I\\\'ll come back and hopefully do a better job of responding to the others.

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Review #7, by Moonylupin 

9th June 2009:
You know, I never thought of them still using the Shrieking Shack once they'd graduated Hogwarts. It's a nice idea that they can still call that place theirs, even if they don't go to school anymore, it's like something didn't change even though everything else had. Remus's reasoning for telling Lily was perfect. I can only imagine how Lily would have reacted if she'd heard about it from someone else, even though she had an idea that he was a werewolf, she might feel betrayed that they hadn't told her. That must really be horrible for them to learn that their friendship's going to be broken up by the werewolves. Not necessarily their friendship, but the time they get to spend with each other will. Each of their reactions suited them perfectly. And I also loved how they were so used to Remus periodically moaning or spasming before his transformation that they could still carry on with a conversation. It was funny how Sirius picked up their conversation right where they'd let off the night before when the transformation was over. Lily's panic was well-placed, her friends being out all night during a war and coming back with injuries. Who could blame her? Her reaction was really good, since she wasn't surprised, she was compasionate about it and her disbelief at them being Animagi was good to, but at least she's not mad at them for it. Great chapter!

Author's Response: I wasn't sure where to have the transformations. I don't think Sirius's flat would be right, because it's a flat in the middle of London. And James's parents are too old (and the house probably too nice to leave in ruins). I've never been against the idea of Remus being in a shed at his parents like you did (it's probably how he spent full moons before he went to school) but I don't think it'd fit a giant dear and a dog also. But I figured the shack is only an Apparition away :)

Poor Remus, he really doesn't want to let anyone else in on his little secret, but he is suddenly in a position, being in the Order, where everyone needs to know. I'm glad you liked his reasoning for telling her.

LOL I don't think I write the transformations as well as you do. I mostly just skip right over the actual transforming part. But I did try to throw in some effects beforehand, like the shaking. I dont think it would bother them much, they'd seen it for years and theres nothing they can do about it.

Poor Lily. I was trying to picture being told by your boyfriend he was going out with friends, and then never coming back until morning. She must have been absolutely terrified, to the point of wanting to go out and look for him herself. And then to see Sirius walk in all bloody looking. ugh.

And I'm glad you liked her reactions. I really liked writing it. A lot of people have her finding out in school, but I like it better like this. And I think, at this point after dating James for months, she's learning that its pointless to get mad and to just take it all in stride. Haha, poor girl.

Thank you so much for the reviews. I still need to get back to yours, but I have been a little short on time this week.

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Review #8, by Labby 

29th January 2009:
It says a lot about Remus's character that he's okay to admit to Lily about being a werewolf. Well.. he was kind of forced into doing it, but he wasn't going to try to hide it. I think that's probably a big character change for him since I'm sure it took him awhile to tell the Marauders about it.. they probably had to force it out of him. Lily's such a great addition to their team. I like that she's helping out with them on the potions, something she'd definitely be good at. It sucks that Remus is going to have to go with the werewolves, but there's no better guy for the job. Great chapter!

Author's Response: I figure Remus would have told her at some point anyway (heck, everyone writes it, and usually it happens while still in school). Yeah, he didn't have much choice as she'd have found out anyway, but at least he wanted her to hear it from him. I agree that Lily will be a great addition, especially with her Potion skills, considering they can no longer sneak into the hospital wing when injured! Thank you for this lovely review, Labby, and I'm sorry it took me a bit to respond. As I told a previous reviewer, my computer completely crashed, and I had problems getting it running again. I'll be responding to them all tonight (Feb 1).

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Review #9, by rachm34 

28th January 2009:
This was another wonderful chapter. I really like the fact that you have written everything so beautifully. It seems as though you have worked very hard on this story. I like the fact that everything is polished, flows nicely and works. Very very good!

Author's Response: Yes, I've worked fairly hard on it! LOL! I'm really flattered that you say it's written beautifully. I'm always rereading it and going back and adding in an extra little phrase here and there, until it's evolved to what it is now. To be truthful, my editing has hindered my updating a bit!

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Review #10, by the__5th__marauder 

29th December 2008:

Lily is so nice, she was just so calm about it all, but I guess Snape had already planted the small idea of Remus being a werewolf in her head it just took abit more to get her to believe it.

And the animagi issue, she just took it so calmly as well! Lol. I can just picture the exchange she has with James when she realises why his nickname is Prongs. Her stern but playful look still shocked at what her boyfriend and his friends have done while James just grins back cheekily.

=] Honestly I love how real all the characters in this story are. You write them really well.

Author's Response: lol! I'm sure her and James will be having a conversation about the Animagus thing somewhere private ^.^

Actually, I think she was quite stunned at 1) the fact that they WERE Animagi, because it's a complicated bit of magic; and 2) that they went through all this trouble to help a friend, which she certainly can't fault. and 3) their sheer gall. What could she say in the face of James smiling at her like that!

To be honest, even if Snape hadn't planted that idea, I still don't think she'd be jumping around screaming or anything. Maybe stunned silence... I just don't see her making a big deal out of it.

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Review #11, by Romina Stephanie 

27th December 2008:
It's been absolutely wonderful so far. Everything from the portrayals to the many events that has happened up until now have completely engulfed me, which is the reason I haven't reviewed each chapter. It had originally been my intention, but I just couldn't stop reading. In any case, I'm sorry ^-^ I like how you've shown the change in them ever since they left Hogwarts, a change that would never cease with the years, I'd imagine. They still haven't seen the worst and it makes me happy, really, because there still is laughter and lightheartedness (is that even a word...?!), an existence without suspicion and betrayal yet.

I liked how you wrote the interactions in this chapter, and the scene in which they finally told Lily. I'd always imagined that she would've guessed sooner, but that's my personal view on things. This is, in any case, equally realistic. Perhaps Lily saw only what she wanted to see. The worry that torments Lily is well-described and understandable. You manage to set the entire tense atmosphere of the war and Lily's paranoia doesn't become difficult to understand. Anyways, as always, I'm rambling and probably just writing incohorent sentences. What's important is that I'm very glad I decided to read this - I love it! Keep up the wonderful work, Stag Night.

Author's Response: :D thanks! Don't worry about not reviewing every chapter. It's not such a big deal and to be honest, I'd still write this even if I got zero reviews, because it's fun.

I'm glad you've liked what's happened up until now. I've worried about it, because I feel like it is taking too long to get them into actual battles and the actual war. On the other hand, I'm trying to include every aspect of their lives that I can possibly think of, so I feel like everything I've put in so far is necessary. I agree that it's nice to see a little of who they are before the worst kicks in. But I have to admit I'm looking forward to writing all that drama when things get bad!

As for Lily and Remus, I think she already knew. Snape told her, after all, and after putting two and two together (surely she's aware of when he's away, especially once he became a Prefect with her) it's pretty obvious. I think its like you said, and she saw what she wanted to and refused to believe anything bad of Remus until it was proven to her. So I tried not to write her as being too shocked, but still a little flustered over it, because its kind of a big deal even if you secretly already knew.

Anyway. I'm very happy to hear that the atmosphere was tense, because obviously, it should be. I'm glad the chapter gives off that vibe. For some reason, I find these scenes of worry so easy to write, I almost feel like I can't even take credit for them. They just roll right out without a hitch, the easiest thing in the world.

Anyway, thanks for the great review :D

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Review #12, by auror_snape 

25th December 2008:
I always thought it would be James suggesting they tell Lily, because he wants her to be fully accepted by his friends as the woman he intends to spend his life with.

You know, Peter would make a great spy. His animagus form is a rat. He can sit at the feet of Voldemort himself without being seen, them escape to report back to the Order. If he had been trusted to do that, and if you did it right, there would be no need for anyone to know about his animagus form, and he might not need to join the Death Eaters for glory.

Author's Response: i suppose that could work too. but as much as he loves lily, he's still fiercely loyal to his friends. i think he would leave the decision on who to tell when up to remus. its HIS secret to tell, not james's. thats just what i think though...

i know! i always thought the same of peter. he's a tiny, sneaky animagus for crying out loud. he could do anything. i dont know why he chose to do what he actually did :( what an idiot!

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Review #13, by glacialangel 

25th December 2008:
Finally some new material! Excellent chapter. I loved you how wrote the before and after of the transformation. It really showed how used to it they were. I also thought Lily's reaction was perfect. Definitely fits her character. Amazing chapter! =]

Author's Response: hehe... sorry. i dont know why i wait so long to post. all the chapters up to 12 have been written for a long time. so i have no excuse :(

im glad you liked lily's reaction, i had worried about making her overreact, and then about her not reacting enough. but i think, after what snape told her, she really knew all along and chose not to believe it.

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Review #14, by Prongs7689 

24th December 2008:
Wow, that was awesome!! Lily took it to easily . . . . Gotta love the girl! This was an excellent chapter!! I can't wait for the next one.

Author's Response: thanks! she did take it pretty easily, but then, snape had already told her what remus was while they were still in school and she had decided not to believe him. but i think deep down in the back of her mind, she already knew.

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