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Review #1, by girly1393 

10th May 2011:
Suddenly the war is much closer than it had been, isn't it?

Bravo to you.

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Review #2, by Awokened 

2nd May 2010:
Hey!1 It's been a while. I was passing hereby to post a chapter when I remembered your story.

I enjoyed it as much as usual. I love the way you develop the characters: they look realistic.

I'll read the next one immediately, 10/10 and good luck for your further writings. =)

Author's Response: I remember you, and a while back I wondered where you had gone to, but never thought much of it because people lose interest and move away from fanfiction :)

It is nice to see you still around - thanks for stopping to read another chapter, and I'm glad you enjoyed it even after all this time!

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Review #3, by spangles 

14th February 2010:
Lily's lucky she had a wand for charms. (: I felt like it was a bit odd she wouldn't tell Sirius, but as soon as she was with James she told them both, but I think that's the part of my brain that's used to Lily being best friends with the marauders, which I have to say is probably not as canon as this version. Superb job again! (:

Author's Response: Yes she is :) I have heard that Unforgivables can't be blocked or shielded, etc. I haven't been able to verify it, though, and I don't remember that ever being said in the books. LOL oh well. At least she is good at charms, as you said :)

I don't think she would have wanted to waste the time telling Sirius. She's frightened and all she wants is James!

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Review #4, by Jed Eckhart 

2nd February 2010:
amazing story. you're the best writer ive ever seen on fanfcition adn you have a good handle on the characters

Author's Response: Hello Jed, thank you, I'm glad you are enjoying it :)

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Review #5, by Casey 

21st January 2010:
So much awesomeness in this chapter! I always end up feeling sorry for Lily or the Marauders, its really as though they can never catch a break and even then, they end up only having the break for a few days or weeks. I really hope the man didn't actually Imperised Lily, it would majorly suck if that happened. It was lovely how protective James and Sirius were over Lily, alot of things must have been going through their minds over it. But its good that Lily is fine and no longer apart of the Prophet. And Remus with his werewolf mission, I hope it goes well, I mean, I know he won't die but that doesn't mean he won't get out of it in one peice. And I agree with you completely on what you wrote in the A/N. It isn't like Lily would be able to go there because of school. There's a war going on, its not like the normal everyday things can be done.

Author's Response: I'm happy you liked it, this particular chapter went through a lot of rewrites and edits. Nah, he didn't really Imperius Lily, her charm was too strong for that. He only scared her. I think James is a protective person by nature, even canon shows that - we have seen him go above and beyond to help Remus, and we have seen him open his home for Sirius. So of course if Lily has a problem, he's right on top of it for her, too. And any problem for James, Sirius probably considers his problem too. Though he has come to rather like Lily, I wonder if he would still be the same around her if James didn't love her so much.

Remus and his mission. lol. Seems like so long ago when I wrote it... I'm glad you agreed with my A/N, a few people were like "wut" when they learned Lily hadn't met James's parents yet. But really, this was the 70's, and back then you only brought people over when it was REALLY serious.

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Review #6, by Bethany 

17th January 2010:
I was on the edge of my seat when I was reading about Lily and her boss. It was definitly an intense time which you brought across in how you wrote it. You can actually feel like the action is happening around you, it is awesome! And I'm so so so sorry I didn't review the previous chapters, I was so into the story, I just needed to read the next chapter, HAD to find out what was going to happen next. Thank goodness there are so many chapters left to go! Ah I love L/J

Author's Response: Wow, I was really surprised to wake up this morning and find so many review from you. I'll do my best to respond! First off, I'm glad this chapter kept you on the edge of your seat - for the longest time, this was a chapter I was never completely sure of or had confidence in. I'm thrilled you liked it. Don't worry about not reviewing previous chapters - while I love reviews, I understand that that is a LOT of reviews to write considering how long this is!

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Review #7, by shadowycorner 

24th July 2009:
Honestly, I swear every chapter gets better than the one before.

He'd watched her fall in love with Severus Snape, watched as she was crushed by his choices, but never said a word.
I love the way you did this. Actually saying that before James, Lily was in love with Snape...I think it's so true. I think that had it not been for the path Snape had chosen, everything could've had a different end. Also the perspective into which you put Sirius and Lily's friendship is so beautiful. They act so openly in front of each other, they're simple and that's what I find most compelling about them for now.

she wrung her hands nervously, torn between a sickening feeling of joy at seeing her boyfriend, and her terror over what had happened at work. Isn't this a mistake? Lily didn't see James at that point yet, so how could she be already feeling the sickening joy upon seeing him?

The tea at the Potters had me cracking up. i love how you add these bits of humor into the story. It's like a spark that comes out of the darkness and lights up the scene at all times. But this one was too wonderful.

The last section was so powerful. At first i liked how you put Lily into the Order briefly and through Remus's eyes and then how Dumbledore turned up, requesting Remus to go on such a dangerous mission and Remus agreeing. Now I'm tempted to read the next chapter, but it's bloody middle of the night, mosquitos are biting at my skin and I work tomorrow, so i hope I'll get to read more later. :)

Author's Response: Sirius/Lily was a concept I had never thought of before until I joined HPFF and actually found that people wrote stories about it. I've been curious of it ever since, though, as I'm not big on romance, have never gone there. But I do like to think of reason why something like them could happen and I truly do think it could have, if only Sirius wasn't so loyal to James. I agree with you 100% about Lily hooking up with Snape had he not made the wrong decisions. That's why I love fanfiction - it is so much fun to explore these ideas, as long as it is done right (I loathe Marauder/OC stories.)

Actually, that's not a mistake. I mean, she fully expected James to be there, at Sirius's flat, so she wa wringing her hands at the prospect of finally getting to him. But alas, he was not there. But clearly, if you misunderstood it, I have done something wrong. I've already fixed it prior to writing this, so hopefully it's a little more clear now. Thanks for pointing it out, I never know what things don't seem as clear to readers as they do to me (and 9 out of 10 times its those tiny things like that that I would overlook anyway.)

I love, love, love and adore James's parents to death. I wish so badly that I could fit them into this story more, but these chapters are already ridiculously long as it is. I'm glad you enjoyed the tea. Haha, humorous, yeah. Perhaps it just shows that family (which Sirius never really had until living with them) can lighten up any situation.

I really enjoyed getting Lily into the Order this way. I liked having it be on her own instead of her joining just because James did. I'm a little worried about you reading Remus's parts in the future - those still need edits. I'm pretty happy with the rest of the story, but the werewolf things I have rushed over, and I definitely need to go back through them and give them some more time (when I get a chance). So take those with a grain of salt!

Once again I truly appreciate all these fantastic reviews. And this one is the nice round number of 150. WoO!

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Review #8, by Dellacqua 

14th July 2009:
Ooooh great start to the chapter following on from exactly where the previous one left off (as you know, I have a tendency to avoid dramatic aftermaths sometimes). I’m still really enjoying getting Lily’s perspective in all of this and her commentary over her relationship with Sirius I think is a brilliant addition. It’s great to see how she trusted Sirius a lot, I think she needed to when he and James were so close.

I like the reflections over their time at Hogwarts, saying that Lily never told Sirius off as she did James, and that Sirius never blamed Lily for anything – including her reactions to James. I think that’s really reminiscent of the memory Harry sees in... HBP? Maybe? Where – I’m pretty sure – when James talks to Lily after hanging Severus upside down, I don’t think Sirius really does anything. Sure he joins in the bullying of Severus (who wouldn’t?) but I don’t think he gets involved with Lily and James. I love that you’ve taken that route and not had Sirius being an almost empty-headed follower of James.

I really love this so far – Lily running to find James. I do find it so romantic. I’ve read so many Marauders era where Lily hates James for half a century that finally it is lovely to see how much he does actually mean to her and that he is the first person she thinks to go to. I also enjoyed Sirius’ wariness – no being entirely sure that it is Lily. It shows he’s on his guard a lot, and that he obviously does have the makings of a good Order member – he is learning at least.

The interaction between Lily and Sirius was excellent, really excellent. I absolutely loved that moment where Sirius becomes scared, because for once one of them has actually acknowledged that something is wrong in the war. That was such great writing – because thus far they’ve just got on with it and tried to do what they can, but it’s never really been so close and emotional to them.

I can’t wait for Lily to actually meet James’ parents properly but for now I can be content with her throwing herself into his arms, that was pretty darn beautiful :P It never once occurred to me I must say that maybe a simple shield charm wouldn’t be a good enough defence against an Unforgivable, you are obviously a lot more on the ball than I am! I’m hoping it was a one off though, due to Lily’s skill and that nothing more sinister has happened!

HAHA! I was right! With the whole “nothing could happen to her, or it would have already” type shindig from earlier in the story, it always doesn’t bode well when someone says that. “This was the first time any of them had turned against each other, even if it was only barely, and they dreaded when it would happen again. They all knew it wouldn't be the last time.” That was so good, great foreshadowing for the future, as obviously we know that Peter will turn against them all and in effect Remus will turn against Sirius when he thinks he is a murderer.

"Lily seems like a nice girl," observed Mrs Potter tactfully. Sirius managed to keep a straight face as he said, "James brings out the best in her." That bit as well was brilliant, it really did make me laugh. You use humour really well :)

I loved that chapter, for some reason it especially stuck out as being great to me. I loved the way you got Lily to join the Order – not originally with the Marauders but after experiencing first-hand the effects of the war and knowing she needed to fight. Also, I personally didn’t find it strange that she had never been to his house, exactly for the reasons that you explained at the end.

Author's Response: I love Sirius and Lily. I think theyd have been great together. Of course, they share a lot too. Theyve both been rejected by family (though Lily not as severely, Im sure it still hurts). They both love James. Ive always thought they would have a nice respect for each other. I dont know why; theyve just always seemed like two people who could relate really well.

Considering that Lily doesnt have any family in the magical world, of course shed run straight to James. but as you picked up, I think its a little deeper than just lack of choices. I think she really does consider him - or all of them - family now, even before theyre married or anything. Even if she and James broke up, I could see her as still being around all the time. It never crossed her mind to go to anyone else about her problems.

I really liked writing the interaction between Sirius and Lily here. He does care about her, and it scares him to see her like that. None of them can fully grasp how bad it can be until the war hits so close, and then they realise how much they have to lose.

Gah, i dont know when Lily will get to meet the Potters properly. It hasnt happened yet, and the story is up to Christmas now. See? this is why it is so long. So much to write, not enough space!

I wanted to make a big deal of the fact that Lily\\\'s exceptional at charms. I dont know why yet; only that Im sure it will come out as being something I might use in the future, so Im readying the readers for it now. I dont think anyone elses shield charm would have worked.

Rofl. I love humour. I love trying to slip it in here and there in tiny, insignificant places, so that the story remains serious but you can still laugh. I really enjoy trying to do things differently than what most people to (and sometimes I think being different turns out better in the end), so Im glad you like her joining the Order later than the boys. Lily doesnt come from a family of riches like James does - not everyone would throw away their careers to fight in the Order.

Im glad you understood what I said in the AN. I explain AN\\\'s more in response to your latest review. God. This is the 70s, people. They didnt meet parents until things were really serious back then, right? Back then, you could love your best friend and not be considered gay, huh? Gawd.

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Review #9, by Moonylupin 

9th June 2009:
I don't find it odd Lily hasn't been to James's house yet. In my own story she just recently met his parents and hasn't been anywhere near the Potters' home. You make a really good explanation for it. They're busy, they only just got together.

Lily's reaction to her boss was excellently written, you could feel what she was thinking. I loved how she went to Sirius to find James, yet wouldn't tell him what happened. Interesting add-in that Sirius smokes. It makes sense, it's probably his way to relieve stress. The Potters pointing their wands at Lily when she came out of the fireplace was very realistic and Sirius really should have gone out first. I felt terrible for Sirius when he realized that he should have known something was wrong at the Prophet but he never said anything. He probably never thought that it would hurt Lily. Speaking of which, I also loved how Sirius didn't believe that an Unforgiveable could be blocked with a simple shield, it really shows the paranoia they're all going through.

So Remus had to go live with the werewolves now... that's going to be difficult for him. I've seen a few stories that show him trying to mix with other werewolves and they did it in mostly the same way (except for one that did it completely different, but it worked really well), so I'm eager to see how you do it. That's odd that Dumbledore would make the comment about creatures that aren't acceptable to society while talking to Remus. Though he did add that it was by Ministry standards, so that changes it a bit. Hopefully the werewolves don't catch on to Remus. Great chapter!

Author's Response: Some people - perhaps those that are really into romance - have made comment. People do seem to think they should have met her parents long ago. Aside from how busy they are, however, this is the 70's. Not 2009. I'm under the impression that back then, you don't meet your girlfriend's parents until things start getting really serious, etc. But I'm glad you, at least, don't find it odd!

I had lots of fun writing Lily's parts in this chapter! She must have been so afraid. I think she sees serious as a big brother sort, almost. It is weird - I'm not a Lily/Sirius shipper but I do think something is there, that they understand each other really well. Lily would almost have to understand Sirius, if she was married to James. I'm sure he was always around. For some reason, I've always thought that Sirius smoked. He seems like the rebellious type that would do that because its 'cool'. (It's not, but hey.)

Poor Sirius, it was the same innocent speculation over what happens that we all do over anything. His just had the misfortune of coming true. But as for him doubting the Unforgiveable being bocked - I really do think a shield charm wouldn't normally be effective against such a powerful spell. I think it only worked because Lily's gifted at charms (I'm determined to show that in this story for some reason).

I haven't read any other story where he has mixed with the werewolves, but then, I am not a huge fanfic reader, I just like to write. Now I'm curious as to how they did it.

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Review #10, by rachm34 

28th January 2009:
uhoh what's going to happen to Remus?! I have to say I'm very nervous for him. great job with this chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you! I can't tell you what happens with Remus :) Obviously, you already know now that you've read it all!

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Review #11, by Labby 

27th January 2009:
Oh no, I'm scared for Remus. Of course he's going to accept, but it's going to be difficult for him and his friends. At least Lily's in the Order now too.. that seemed almost inevitable, especially with what had been happening at her work. I wonder if the Order can help out Harry. Poor guy. I love the Marauders comradery as usual, and I'm looking forward to more!

Author's Response: :) Don't worry, I won't let anything happen to Remus!

Yep, now Lily is in the Order, which was a good part of the reason behind the Prophet attacks. Though I have a little more planned for that as well. I don't plan on having Harry come back in the story :) He was mostly there for the 9th chapter only. Perhaps I will add a little bit here and there of Lily keeping in touch. I haven't really thought about it :P

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Review #12, by flamingolover 

16th December 2008:
Aaah!!! I wanna know what happens next!!! I always did love Remus...

Author's Response: thanks :D the next one shouldn't take so long to get out, as I'm pretty happy with it as it is and requires little edits.

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Review #13, by the__5th__marauder 

15th December 2008:
Well I think I asked a couple of chapters ago if Lily was going to meet the Potters soon, and what a meeting it was. lol.

I think I like this different version of the chapter better than the old one. It didn't jump straight into Lily running to James, she had time to think and hold herself together before trying to find the best way she could find him.

The way Sirius tries to make Lily feel better was cute, it reminds me of how much I always loved Sirius. Although the bit about Sirius and Lily being so close was abit of a change in this story. But I guess the two were always close friends after James and Lily got together.

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it better. I never really liked the old chapter, but it was something that needed to be done. I knew I'd have to rewrite it ^.^ I was putting that off. It was fun writing the meeting with James's parents. it was unexpected even for me - I didnt realize the idea was happening until I was writing it. But I'm glad it did, i really thought too much time was going by anyway without her meeting his parents. He's already met hers, after all.

I love Sirius too. I don't really consider them to be "close". I just think that she can understand him. Not like James can, of course, but maybe more like Remus can. Except its different for her, because she's an outsider to their group, but she still sees him. I dont know, I just think she's observant, and I think he's a dreamy sort of person who spends a lot of time thinking about things, and I think they have some things in common. But I dont really think they're close - i think the words i used in the chapter was that they had a mutual respect for each other, and they understood each other, and I think he appreciated that.

Actually, maybe I said they were close. I have to go back and read it now :P lol. but i hope you understand what I'm trying to say.

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Review #14, by auror_snape 

15th December 2008:
This was so much better than the last time! Lily didn't seem weak at all in her desire to flee to her boyfriend, and the whole altercation when she Flooed to James' house fit so well. Though I wonder that his parents didn't know her. Wouldn't she have been introduced to them at one point, or least be familiar to them through hearsay? 10/10

Author's Response: I was very unhappy with the original chapter, so I decided to rewrite it (which is why it ended up taking so long to get out). I'm glad you agree. I would really like to have his parents know her, however... James and Lily only got together during seventh year. She wouldn't even have a chance to meet them until after school let out, which was where this story began, and as of yet, I haven't had a chance to write them meeting because I've been too busy trying to get them into the Order! It does seem like a lot of time to go by without them ever meeting, but not much can be done when they're away from their families most of the time at school, you know?

Originally she wasn't going to meet them until Christmas, but now that I've rewritten this chapter, I like it much better this way!

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