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Review #1, by georgina_bass 

18th September 2009:
yay!nice!omg,y isnt she totally happy bcoz of the earings?

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Review #2, by sreduaram 

11th July 2009:
ooh in the flashback at he beginning of this chapter he was so obviously jealous.
and yay! they are finally talking now. well sort of.
wow both gryffindor and slytherin people waiting to see her wold not have gone down well.
i've made a decision that i hate rabastan. because not only is he a death eater, but hes also practically buying her off with suspicious jewellery. im on team sirius :D

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Review #3, by Dancing_by_Magic 

14th April 2009:
Ohhh, now i'm very curious as to what those earrings will do... lol! Danger! :P
I'm not entirely sure who i want her to end up with... 'Bas' sounds pretty sexy... minus the who death-eater thing, of course. he he
I hope you're planning on updating pronto!!

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Review #4, by JToro 

18th March 2009:
great job!! update soon please!

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Review #5, by casa_bella 

12th March 2009:
Awhe! Its awesome!
Please update soon!

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Review #6, by amanda 

11th March 2009:
oh how i love sirius and her! they are amazingly cute and gahhh! i want them together so freaking badly! dont cause them too much pain.please? lol :D

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Review #7, by potterwriter340237 

23rd January 2009:
So I was utterly bored looking through all my stories I have listed as ,y favourites and I decided to re read yours.and oh my goodness I realized I havnt even left a review for this chapter!
So continuing on, EXCELLENT as always, I love this Sirius/Oc story especially with Rabastan thrown in because as much as you want to hate him I can help to have a slight crush on him.my heart is torn look what you did with your ridiculously good writing skills! Whata a girl to do??
And really did like the way you incorporated the snuffels thing, it worked well.so basically I love this story and I need you to update ASAP because re-reading did nto fix my fix!
Loved it! :)

Author's Response: Aw! Wow thanks, I think that made my day lol! I'm working on an update, I promise! But school and driving lessons and everything else just keeps getting in the way! Keep an eye out though!

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Review #8, by animagus012 

22nd January 2009:

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Review #9, by emocut_or_blackrox 

2nd January 2009:
i like this chap
it was sweet
i'm melting
please update soon
i cant wait
for the next chap
even id there isnt any cliffie
i'm making u work
thanks for the chap
bye bye
seya later

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Review #10, by luvario 

1st January 2009:
I really love this story! I like how it is different from the rest. But I still hope she gets together with Sirius! I absolutely love him. I don't like Rabastian at all. I have a bad feeling about him...
Update soon!

Author's Response: Perceptive ;)

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Review #11, by hello 

30th December 2008:
is it wrong for me to hope she ends up with Rabastian?
Please can she end up with Rab *puppy dog eyes*

Author's Response: Wow, strange... you're like the fourth person to put that in a matter of a few days! ;p;

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Review #12, by WhiteDelilahs 

28th December 2008:
I absolutely love your story! Its quite well written and I like how Mira is not the typical girl you would pair with Sirius Black. However, I must profess, I am rooting for Rabastian here, though I have a sinking feeling that Mira loves Sirius. However, I think she will probably marry Rabastian at the end.

Anyways, I hope you can update soon!

Author's Response: Wow that's a new one... most people are either torn or whole-heartedly for Sirius! lol But I'm glad you like the story... thanks for reviewing!

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Review #13, by bespontaneous 

24th December 2008:
ifl this story

Author's Response: Ha ha, actually I'm working on an update right now. Hopefully I'll get it posted before I have to go to Christmas Eve with my family if not maybe I'll work on it later tonight! Anyway look for it soon!

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Review #14, by b 

9th December 2008:
I love your story, it's so great! Keep up the good work, I can't wait for the next chapter! ;)

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Review #15, by laugharama_llama 

8th December 2008:
you take so long to update!
the end was awkward
i give it a 7/10

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7th December 2008:
I think this is now my favorite story read...she needs to make up not only her mind but her heart. I Love this story. Here comes another way to go RED!

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Review #17, by Elwing Seregon 

7th December 2008:
Love it!

Ugh. I think that Mira should give the finger to the collective Pureblood society =]

But thats just me.
Excellent chapter & looking forward to updates on your other stories!

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Review #18, by pattybuns_hpf 

7th December 2008:
Another coolio chappie from RED! hehe.

No seriously it was kind of hilarious to read, you know. =]

- Patty xx
Can't wait for your Updates!

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Review #19, by crazybibliophile 

7th December 2008:
I love your version of how Sirius got his nickname. It's so CUTE! *squee*

You poor thing, all those reviews gone - I lost a heap of mine too, it's painful. *sob* But anyway. Fantastic chapter! I love Mira, as always, she's awesomely cool. Pity we didn't see much of Sirius, but I like how you had some of the Quidditch team interaction, and the whole thing with Rabastan was interesting and very well written.

I wonder what the earrings really do? Would they do what he said, or something completely different, or what he said but with a few dangerous side effects? Would they let Rabastan know what she wanted? (Sirius. Duh.)

I have an inkling that the earrings are going to come in again later on. They seem like a pretty ominous sign of Rabastan's intentions. Of course, I could be utterly and abysmally wrong, but that's the fun thing about inklings, isn't it? XD

Can't wait for more updates from your amazing stories, hope to read more soon!

Author's Response: Wow your sharp... the inklings are leading you in the right direction but thats all I'll say lol ...but Rabastan would never give her anything with side effects... Thank you for the fantastically long review I loved it!

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Review #20, by ladyfae 

6th December 2008:

i freaking love you!!! and your story!!! it is amazing. beyond amazing, it's extraordinary. : D

but i am kind of torn. i really want her to end up with sirius, but i also like her and rabastan. don't know why i'm rooting for yet. keep up the amazing work!!

Author's Response: That is exactly my plan lol. But don't worry- I'll make the decision easy in the end. ;)

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Review #21, by hogwarts_chica19 

6th December 2008:
yay! you updated!! i love you soo much! yeah so that was cute! i really want her to put the earrings on.. i think it would be cool to see what she most passionately desires! haha but that could be just me.. any who... i loved this chapter!! im glad sirius finally confronted her.. in a nice way i mean.. i hope it works out for them!! thanks again for updating!!

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Review #22, by Billie 

6th December 2008:
Jeez! Get the next chapter up will ya?:)

Its great so far. I love all your characters 'specially Bas.

Looking forward to the next one!

Billie x

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Review #23, by Auralia 

6th December 2008:
hey, i'm so glad you updated, you have made my day! 10/10! I can't wait to find out what happens next. Mirabelle is a fantastic charicter, i love her and sirius, they are so cute.

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