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Review #1, by Silver Holly 

23rd December 2014:
Hi! I just did a binge read of all your stories. Enjoyed them very much. You bring a refreshing variety of style to your writing which made it very easy to go from story to story without ever feeling that they were repetitive or boring. At the same time you do a beautiful job of creating a cohesive cast of original multidimensional characters who remain true to the character and backstory which you have created for each of them without falling into the trap of being too predictable and stagnant. I especially love your treatment of the twins.

This is a lovely little Christmas vignette built around the most brilliant sad Christmas song of all time. Are you aware that the lyrics of the last verse have been modified a little. I guess some people thought it was just a little too sad. The original lyrics as sung by Judy Garland are even more poignant!

Someday soon we all will be together
If the fates allow
Until then we'll have to muddle through somehow
So have yourself a merry little Christmas, now.

I just think the original version is more powerful and especially appropriate for where George is at in this story.

Anyway thank you for your stories. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

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Review #2, by shadowcat2 

10th November 2011:
This was beautiful. According to the JK Rowling's family tree I think George and Angelina did end up together. So your story is cannon if I am not wrong and I love your writing!

Author's Response: Yes, they did end up together! Apparently they weren't always the healthiest relationship but were happy. I love a happy ending, so I hope that they got a nice happily ever after together. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #3, by AndrinaBlack 

20th December 2010:
Well that was definitely not quite as fluffy as the previous ones, even though it also had some hope and Christmasness. I haven't really read many George/Angelina stories before. Just not come across them I guess. But what often bothers me already in the talk about that pairing is that people assume that she got together with George just because she was with Fred before and they were simiar. As could be expected, you didn't write it that way and I really liked the way you wrote it. You talked about the Fred and George thing but explained it satisfactorily. It was not only that. I liked this story otherwise too. The song fit really well and I really love the song too. :)

Author's Response: Yeah, this one's a bit more depressing, I think. I tried to fit the George/Angelina ship into canon in a way that wasn't creepy, and showed how twins REALLY are (it drives me nuts when people write Fred and George as totally interchangeable). I love that song, too. Sarah MacLachlan has a great version of it on her "Wintersongs" album, you should check it out. Thank you so much for reviewing! I'm glad you enjoyed the story.

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Review #4, by simi potter 

14th January 2010:
i love this chapter,but it was so sad...poor George

Author's Response: Thank you. It is pretty sad, I know :(

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Review #5, by green_eyed_cat7 

17th July 2009:
my favorite christmas song :)

Author's Response: I had the Linda Eder version of it in mind. Lovely song :) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #6, by MoonNRoses 

31st January 2009:
It's hard when you lose the man you love. Moving on after that is a little weird. You think that maybe it is cheating or are you going to compare everything to him, and if it isn't the same, would you be disappointed. I liked how you showed she appreciated the difference and saw George for who is rather than just Fred's twin. I believe that if this story would ever be continued elsewhere, that would be a way for George to see him as just George. It probably won't ever heal him to the point that he feld completely whole, but it would give him a sense of purpose. As always, I enjoy the emotions you put in your stories. Very well done.

Author's Response: Thank you! This was my favorite chapter in this, beside the Molly one. I really love Georgelina. Not surprising since I always love canon ships haha. This is the first time I've written them. I kind of want to give them some more thought... but it'll have to wait, I have too much in my personal writing-queue as is. Thanks for the review!

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Review #7, by Georgia Weasley 

4th January 2009:
ANd you got to be a holiday clue. Cool. I have to say, this had me tearing up. I love the twins, and no one writes them better than you do. I adore the way you show all the differences between them, instead of how alike they are. I think that is where most writers (JK included) make their mistakes. Growing up around twins, they don't even seem to look alike to me, because we see all the things that make them individuals. The way you go about doing that for the Weasley twins is just beautiful. This is my favorite chapter, but I'm a bit biased about my Fred and George.

Author's Response: I have no idea what the clues are for! lol. I don't think my boys look anything alike, but then no mom of identicals does. I do think JKR didn't do too well with twins, it's clear she's not a mom of twins lol. Thank you for the review!

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Review #8, by hsw 

11th December 2008:
Btw, I tried to leave a review for the previous chapter, but something funny happened with my internet, so I don't know if it worked or not. Now I keep getting an error message when I try to view the reviews for that chapter, so let me know if it didn't show up so I can try again.

Now for this chapter. It seemed almost cliche to me, because it seems like I have read quite a few stories here in which two characters of the opposite sex are hiding/lying in bed and start kissing, etc. I liked how you told this from Angelina's POV though. That was a good idea. And George is so sad. :-( I guess we all "miss" Fred (even though he was/is imaginary).

Author's Response: It did work, I could see it when I checked my unanswered reviews.

Really, cliche? I guess I haven't been reading enough in the archive, I haven't seen that turning up. I'm way behind on my HPFF reading though. This was one I quite liked, actually. Well chacun a son gout, I suppose. :) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #9, by I_LOVE_love 

6th December 2008:
I LOVE THIS SONG TOOO!!! Aww, this one made me sad...Fred's death was always really sad for me, cuz the twins were my favorite hp characters, but this one also made me happy! I really like the idea of George and Angelina getting together and getting married and so on...and I think that this little story panned it out perfectly! GREAT job!

Author's Response: I loved the twins, I was very sad at Fred's death. How am I supposed to dress up my twin boys as Fred & George for Halloween after that? Sigh. Thank you very much for reviewing! I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed it.

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Review #10, by fanwright19 

5th December 2008:
this was a little sad but it is nice to see how they got together in the end. that is how it all started.

Author's Response: Poor George :( I like to think he and Angelina helped each other out and got to love each other... Thanks for reviewing!

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