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Review #1, by singer123 

21st May 2012:
Aww... James and Lilly..
You finally mentioned Snape. I was starting to wonder why he hadn't come up yet.

Author's Response: Yeah, it occurred to me pretty late in the game that Snape should be in there somewhere. I figured by their sixth year they were less interested in torturing him, especially after Lily chastised James in their fifth year. At least . . . That's what we're gonna say to pretend I didn't just forget. :)

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Review #2, by BellaCamille 

6th November 2011:
Aw! James and Lily are literally too cute. It's almost nauseating how cute they are. But then I realize that things you write can't really be nauseating and it's just me being stupid. Also, I think the bit about the conscience was great.

P.S. You know you don't actually ave to respond to these rambling, stupid, senseless reviews, right?

Author's Response: Oh, no. I would definitely say they are nauseating. At the very least, if they were just some random couple in real life and not HP's parents then they would be. Haha

But I do! I've always said that people who take the time to review deserve a response! The only one's I never answered were the ones that got submitted during my long hiatus. And I still hope to answer those some day . . . It just got so backed up and intimidating.

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Review #3, by kassandra466 

9th May 2010:
omg!! YAY!! i loved it!! another AMAZING chapter, i know that i have been saying that, but, its true!! all of your chapters (well most of them) are AMAZING!! : D

Author's Response: Ahhh! It is really so nice of you to say that it makes me feel so good!

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Review #4, by 5thMarauder 

28th December 2009:
Who is Anna in your chapter pics? Just curious. The 4th time I read polychromatic on hpff!

Author's Response: She's the lead singer of a band called Paramore. Her name is Hayley Williams - this picture is from a few years ago, though.

Wow! I'm really glad you like it that much! :)

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Review #5, by dark_angel_14 

15th July 2009:
Lily loves Potter...how cute!


Author's Response: Yes, she does! (Awww!)

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Review #6, by Queen_of_Stars 

1st July 2009:
lol, it was a sad sad day... the Marauders now have consciences... lol I can't wait to read the next one!

Author's Response: I know! :( But the good news is that Anna still doesn\\\'t.

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Review #7, by tgriff 

27th June 2009:
YAY! they finally said it!

Author's Response: I know! :D Yay!

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Review #8, by GrayLady 

23rd June 2009:
That is so cute! They're in love! Real love, not infatuation-bordering-on-obsession that James used to have. It only gets better now.

Snape-a-doodle? That's hilarious.


Author's Response: They're just so adorable, aren't they? :D

Snape-a-doodle . . . I think I got that from those hilarious Potter Puppet Pals thing . . . I could be wrong . . .

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Review #9, by Valarie7505 

16th June 2009:
OMG. I totally forgot that the last paragraph was in James' P.O.V and i totally thought it was Stasia's P.O.V! Wow. Rofl
Love the story, going on to the next chapter to read! Even though it's like 1 am. I just need to read one more before i officially turn in for the night. =)))

Author's Response: Wow . . . That must have been a hilarious few seconds. Anna and Lily in love, lol.

Sleep is nice . . . I fell asleep on top of my laptop last night. It wasn't too comfy.

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Review #10, by Lillylover22 

14th June 2009:
Umm someone funny and happy could play Ana. Oh the girl who plays alice cullen maybe?? 9/10 =]

Author's Response: Yeah, she plays a very fun person, too.

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Review #11, by The Arethusa Got Lucky 

3rd March 2009:
I have to admit, whoever suggested Zooey Deschanel as Anna had a really good idea.

Also, "Tp my left, Sirius was enjoying the scene somewhat" should be "To my left..."

Author's Response: Whoopsies. Damn, those typos. (The good news is that I'm getting further down the line in chapters that have been edited, and I'm soon approaching this chapter.) :D

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Review #12, by woohoopolychromatic 

20th February 2009:
the book Twilight was so much better than the movie!!! if this story becomes a movie, make sure it does justice to the story.

Author's Response: If this story ever became a movie I would be really confused, haha. :D

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Review #13, by hogwarts_author_cs 

6th January 2009:
ooh... good chapter! :) James and Lily love each other. Aw! :)
There were many hilarious quotes this chapter... it was hard to just choose one to be the best, but here is what I finally decided. :)
Best quote- Snape didn't follow. He was likely to stunned by the loud outburst from such a small person. Or he was going back to try some voodoo curse on all of us. It was a 50-50 chance there.
hee hee... love it! :)

Author's Response: Yeah, Lily and James love each other. Everything's all perfect in happy happy land. Actually, in this story, it usually is! :D

Haha, the Snape quote. Love it. :D

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Review #14, by fullmoontonightO 

3rd January 2009:
you should TOTALLY be anna (for the movie)! unless of course you're tall, then i'd just have to do it instead, as i and my measly five feet (hahahaaa i'm short... fear me) is probably psycho crazy insane enough (or at least have me bouncing around off set, cause that would be fun)! oh, and what does lily think about james' haircut and the guys grew consciences! bwah! XD

Author's Response: I would love to be Anna - I'd love to act at all, actually. But I'd be terrible. Haha, I have a friend who's five foot (I'm short too, so I guess short people congregate together) and she calls herself five-foot-nothing. You know, instead of five foot and however m any inches.

Secretly, Lily misses the way James used to be able to ruffle his hair, and she's excited that the boys grew consiciounces; only slightly dissapointed, as she liked the occasional prank.

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Review #15, by Werewolf_love 

8th December 2008:
AWEEE! OMGOMG! They have consciouses AND Lily loves James!! OMG I'm so excited I cant write to much ebcause I have to go read the next chapter!

Author's Response: I know isn't it great! (About the Lily loves James thing, kinda dissapointing about the consieces thing though.) Yeah I definetely spelt conscineices wrong.

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Review #16, by Perri 

6th December 2008:
Oh my gosh! I feel like such a horrible person - I read both chapters 39 and 40 and DIDN'T REVIEW.
So now I have to or I will never forgive myself, lol.
Whee, they're both from James' POV! I love the character picture for James. His hair is just perfect.
Hahahahaha, Snape.
What? I was just watching "The Vortex"! I read "Snape" and I started thinking "And then the flower fell from my hands and shattered like glass and when I looked in the mirror I was a beautiful milkmaid. Then I woke up crying and I don't know why."
Lol, Anyway! People I would pick for the characters? Hmmm.
Anna - I can't really picture any actress for Anna. I think an unknown would be best for her.
Sirius - (my coworker ((yes, I got a job!! It's a miracle - now I can buy a lot of cheese! And those shoes.yes...the shoes.)) is reading over my shoulder and is chanting "Orlando Bloom Orlando Bloom".
Ugh. Just no.
Anyway, I'd have to say...umm.Okay! I have no idea for anybody!! I have my own little image for all of them and nobody can fit them in my opinion.
'nyways. Jacob Black is love. I mean, he has the same last name as Sirius - he HAS to be awesome. You see, I'm not necessarily Team Edward or Jacob...in my opinion, Bella really doesn't deserve Jacob and her and Edward are just meant for each other. So, while Bella and Edward skip happily into the sunset with the idea-that-stephenie-meyer-totally-got-from-
reading-crappy-cliched-fanfiction AKA Nessie, I can have Jacob.
It works wonderfully, dont'cha think?
Rofl, this is the longest review in the history of reviews and I didn't even quote your chapter this time. Sigh.
Again, wonderful chapter. I'm going to write a (short this time, sob) review for 40 and then sign off before my boss kills me. Seriously, the guy is deranged. He's like the boss from Cashback (which is NOT suitable for young children...rofl). Really. He's that bad.
A quadrillion/10.

Author's Response: Woooah! This was an insanely long review! And I was totally entertained by reading it.

Dude! That's what I was thinking - about all the casting stuff. I thought I had it all planned out, and then I realized that I totally didn't. I mean, all of these guys are just so cool that they can't possibly be portrayed by anyone other than people that actually have there personalities. You know what I mean?

Ugh, I was SO annoyed at Breaking Dawn. It reminded me of the epilogue of HP. Seriously? Two series ending with the happily-ever-after? No freakin way - I won't stand for that. And I absolutely adore Jacob, and you're totally right, Bella doesn't deserve him. Me and my friend decided that she's just an annoying whore.

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Review #17, by the_marauders_rock 

5th December 2008:
that was so Cute!

Author's Response: Yeah, those old softeys. :D

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Review #18, by Tara.Seanan 

4th December 2008:
Well, I finally put together my cast for this story. (Most of these came from other posts cause I'm not to good with faces, but I like it.)

Anna - Hayley Williams (from Paramore)

Lily Evans - Ruby Stewart (she was in Live Free or Die Hard, so she can do both sides of Lily)

Peter Pettigrew - Michael Cera (sorry to all those who like him, I've just always pictured Pete with a sort of round, sweet face)

Remus Lupin - Scott Foster (thank you to whomever I took that from. I've been trying to find that face forever. He looks exactly like my image of Remus.)

Sirius Black - Ben Barnes (Google him. He's perfect. Though I did like the idea of Aston Kutcher...)

James Potter - Robert Pattinson (Hear me out! Hot, kind of cocky, and messy hair. The first person I think of is Rob.)

Anyways, I would love to see this as a movie, especially Bob the cupcake! Oh! And I love my Jacob, he's like the Sirius of the Twilight world. He's just awesome like that.

Author's Response: Dude, if I ever got a chance, I would totally do a Polychromatic movie. Even though, like, only a small handful of people would have any idea what the hell was going on, I think it would be SO much fun.

I actually love the idea of Robert as James - I wouldn't totally disreguard the fact that he's Cedric, because I totally agree with you.

And Jacob is probably the coolest person ever. He is kinda like Sirius - awesome, but taking a backseat to the hero. (Well at least in the real HP, in my story, Sirius IS the hero.)

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Review #19, by MrsNorris17 

4th December 2008:
peter petrelli for james! (when he was slightly younger!)
ahh that would be awesome :]
a marauder movie, that would rock my socks right off.
as did the double dose of chapters... not that i have read the second yet. i will get onto that now!

Author's Response: Man, I really wish JKR would write the Marauders, just so I could see them on the big screen...

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Review #20, by Xo_Sugar_Quill_oX 

1st December 2008:
i like the girl u use for ur chapter images, who ever she is, for anna
Lily.hm.kirsten dunst- she can be mean or sweet so yea
and the guys i have no idea

great job keep it up!

Author's Response: Yeah, Kirsten Dunst would be a GREAT choice for Lily. I actually never thought of that.

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Review #21, by gitgit 

1st December 2008:
i would want to play jacob black becuase in the books he is the coolest :D
i love edward though
nice chapter heheheh he told her he loved her (l)

Author's Response: Finally! Someone else who's pro-Jacob! Don't get me wrong, Robert Pattinson is gorgeous, and ridiculously bangable (and I'm sure Edward is too) but Jacob's just way more fun.

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Review #22, by marauderettee :] 

1st December 2008:
waaiitt, waaiit, waiit.. hold the phone..
youve already seen the twilight movie?!
its already out in america or wherever you live?!
aahh thats not fair! =
anyway, love this story
its my all time faavyy :)
cuz it makes me giggle ;P

Author's Response: Yup, Twilight came out November 21 here. (In America.) When does it come out for you? - All I can say is, bring a friend, so you guys can laugh it up if all else fails with the movie. That's what I did.

Ha, glad it makes you giggle. :D

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Review #23, by lala25525 

1st December 2008:
aww!! they have conscienses (heehee idk how 2 spell it) now!! haha great chap :P goin 2 go read next now :)

Author's Response: Gasp! The Marauders are growing up!

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Review #24, by rowenaravenclaw94 

1st December 2008:
yay! she loves him! she loves him! and she was so cool about the snape thing too... good job! 10/10! update soon! i want more sirius/anna!
-xoxo, rowenaravenclaw94

Author's Response: Wasn't it cool of her, with the Snape thing? I think it means that she's come quite a long way.

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Review #25, by sunflower_love 

1st December 2008:
Yay, i can't wait for ithe next chapter
awesum job by the way

Author's Response: Thank you!

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