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Review #1, by piper15 

12th September 2014:
I wanna smile and cry all at the same time! its amazing. I love this story! its had me hooked for days!

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Review #2, by Liana 

24th October 2013:
You know, I haven't really thought about whether the baby will be a boy or a girl. I vote for a boy. I do hope they get back together.

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Review #3, by We Are Padfoot and Prongs 

14th August 2013:
D'awww. I have that feeling that's halfway between happy and sad. Bittersweet, I guess. Except there's more happy because of all of the things Rose mentioned:

I don't know what makes me happiest - the fact that James is going to be a Chudley Cannon, or the fact that Neville announced to us during dinner that he's being made Head of Gryffindor next year, or that Al's been tipped off by Neville that he's going to be made Head Boy, or knowing that Jenny and Al are finally back together again. Or maybe it's just a mix of everything.

So yeah.
And it could be neither boy nor girl if it's TWINS (which I'm kind of hoping for, just because that would be hilarious)

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Review #4, by Pippa 

4th January 2013:
I found myself in tears at the end of this. I love this fanfiction so much and everything is just turning out so utterly perfect! This has most likely been my favourite chapter and I can't wait to find out what happens next. Excellent writing!

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Review #5, by Brittany 

17th September 2012:
I'm so incredibly excited about this story. I always thought fanfictions were kind of ridiculous,(but in my defense, I think the only things I read were Draco being shipped with an apple and things like that) but your story changed my outlook. I can't believe how quickly I'm devouring this story. I find myself at work just counting down the hours until I can come home and read again! And now it's almost over :( The Harry Potter books are just my favorite thing in the world, and you are so great at showing what happens later on. It's such a twist! I've tried to write the next generations story, but I can never do it justice. Thank you so much for writing this and spending so much time on it. You're an amazing author, and I can't wait to buy your books one day ;)

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Review #6, by Rettopyrrah 

6th September 2012:
i won't lie, was pretty shocked that jenny's gonna be the godmother. don't get me wrong, i love jenny, i was just surprised. considering they're not family and what not, but i guess that can be a good thing.

betting it's a boy. james potter's gotta be right eventually, doesn't he?

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Review #7, by Lillylover22 

11th February 2012:
Yay for al and jenny. 9/10 : )

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Review #8, by GryffindorGirl17 

24th January 2012:
Finally, Al and Jenny get back together. I'm so happy for James, too, that's so cool that he'll be in the Cannons! This chapter was so great for all of Rose's friends, even Hugo.

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Review #9, by Taylor 

4th December 2011:
I can't wait to find out if it's a boy or a girl!

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Review #10, by classicblack 

8th November 2011:
James is right, of course, because he's just pretty gosh darn awesome. Loved this chapter and it actually makes me sad becasue Rose doesn't ever get to go back to Hogwarts again. Only three chapters left; waiting for that favourite line! Great job!
Until next chapter,

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Review #11, by Squigybum 

1st September 2011:
its sooo going to be a girl!

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Review #12, by elle 

20th August 2011:
loved this chapter!!! so great!!!

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Review #13, by I_trusted_Snape13 

11th August 2011:
I loved this chapter sooo much(:
Baby _ (so It's not a spoiler for ppl who are just reading) is almost here(;

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Review #14, by patchworkscribbles 

7th August 2011:
Firstly, it is 100% going to be a boy. No contest. Secondly, this chapter made me cry yet again because I left high school this year and it all hits so close to home. It was beautiful!

-Patch x

P.S. LOVING Al and Jenny being back together, hating how Scorpius and Rose are still just friends :|

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Review #15, by Aly 

5th August 2011:
ok. i dont know what its going to be. it could be a girl and rose would be like"ha! told you!" or it could be a boy james would let her keep the bet money for the baby and she would love it even though she was wrong.or it could be a hermaphrodite.

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Review #16, by maddy 

25th July 2011:
So many "last"'s in this chapter. I counted six. But I'm pretty terrible at math.
I'm scared, I only have a few chapters left.
And then I'll have finished the best fan fiction I've ever read.

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Review #17, by HartOfARebel 

16th July 2011:
That was a nice chapter =] Although I was surprised that Dom didn't get godmother..

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Review #18, by Diana 

10th July 2011:
Loved it! Want more.

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Review #19, by Rosie 

10th July 2011:
I'm betting on it being a boy. 15 galleons.

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Review #20, by xxFlutterStutterBOOMBOOMxx 

8th May 2011:
Oh, Rosie.
I want to know if it's a boy or a girl, too!

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Review #21, by A_Strange_Thought 

4th March 2011:
this sisooo sad :(

i am so sad that its nearly over :(

but all good things come to an end... and then there is the sequel ;)

xx 10/10 A_Strange_Thought

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Review #22, by TheGoldenKneazle 

9th January 2011:
Aww, what a nice ending! and I LOVE the godparents!!! But, it feels so wrong that Rose won't be coming back... she should have had another year for it D:

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Review #23, by Slytherin Misfit 

28th December 2010:
Yeah . . . the only thing that could've made this perfect would be Scorpius and Rose dating again. But, you're right. They're probably not really wanting a serious relationship yet with what they've got on their hands already. Dx

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Review #24, by Meg 

2nd November 2010:
aw. so lovely an ending but i still want them to be in a relationship! :)

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Review #25, by x3CherryWatermelonx3 

11th October 2010:
Amazing chapter! I honestly wish you could see the grin on my face from reading all this happy news!

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