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Review #1, by spangles 

13th February 2010:
I was begining to wonder if we'd ever get to know why it was sunny. You obviously didn't disapoint. Ah, if only all the other stories out there were like this one...(:

Author's Response: LOL I figured all the gloom and doom could go away for one day... Can't hurt anything :) I must say, I am glad this story is somewhat unique.

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Review #2, by Casey 

21st January 2010:
I love the transitions you make from comedy and funny to complete misery and morbidness with the mention of Dementors and Lord Voldemort. It was interesting this chapter as I think it gave alot of how they are away, I mean, Sirius and his youth and how he hated looking undignified and sweaty. Then with Remus and how he interacted with his friends and mum. I guesss him living all the way out of nowhere was because of his lycanthropy, although I wonder if he always lived out there. It seems as though alot of things isolate Remus from everyone else. on a random note, I giggle everytime they swear.

Author's Response: I'm glad you like the transitions, I'm afraid I haven't noticed how often the moods change per chapter lol. But I'm glad you liked the chapter, much of it was just filler to get them all moved out and nothing much contributing to the plot. So that's always good, and its nice that you can pick up bits of their characters in the way they act.

I've always considered Remus to live out in the woods - he just doesn't strike me as a city person. Add to that the fact that I firmly believe his father worked in the Care/Control of Magical Creatures dept at the Ministry, and the woods sounds like a good place for the entire family.

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Review #3, by Pads91 

16th January 2010:
I rly lurv yr sotry so far!! Its cool compared to the othr storys I have read which are sooo boring! & tht worm, Peter, ugh, I hate him so so SO much for wat he did (in the futre, he's almost human in ur story LOL)! I cnt wait to read the rest of it!!

mwuah. xo

Author's Response: Hi Pads91, thank you for enjoying this story! I think it's only different because it's not romance or OC centric (as most seem to be!) I hate Peter too, but I've tried to make him likeable. The Marauders weren't stupid, after all, and if they hung with him he must not have been bad prior to his BAD DECISION!

I hope you enjoy the rest, and thank you for taking the time to review!

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Review #4, by InvisibleWitch19 

23rd September 2009:
Haha, James with the Evans family is funny. Petunia is so easy to hit with a baseball bat; she's so mean to her sister! Anyway, it was funny how you made James amazed at the television and confused about the pizza delivery. Lily's mother was nice but I had a feeling her father was the overprotective type.

And Remus didn't have much to move so that was good. I also loved when Sirius and Remus were all, "Do you check the news?" But I do hope Lily is okay!


Author's Response: It was fun writing the Evans family. I suppose this would be a mostly filler chapter, but I love filler because it really gives you a chance to explore some things you wouldn't normally get a chance to. And I don't have big plans to write a lot of Lily's family, so it was nice to have them here :) Haha, I wouldn't mind hitting Petunia with a bat.

Yes, Liy's father is the overprotective type, but then, what father isn't (at least when he has daughters?)!

I think the last part of this chapter was the only thing that really contributed to the plot at all, so I'm happy you enjoyed the conversation between Remus and Sirius (and Peter). They love to tease each other, even when the conversation is serious! You will find out soon about Lily :)

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Review #5, by Dellacqua 

6th July 2009:
Hey :)
Well I’ve dug up some spare time so I thought I’d pop back especially after I read your absolutely lovely review and your absolutely lovely responses, they do properly cheer me up so thankyou! I hadn’t been feeling great the last couple of days (a few ...weird...reviews I got, not flames but just kind of “why would somebody take the time to post this/did they read the story/are they deliberately trying to annoying/upset me type thing”) so I’ve been on a bit of a downer, suffice to say I’m now happy as can be :)

I loved the start to this chapter, both that feeling of an impending danger but also the freedom and glimpse at the past that the reprieve in Dementor activity and weather had caused. Although you know that something bad is on its way it is such a great contrast to have these moments where they can pretend everything is as it was, when Sirius can mess around and speed on his motorbike and play tricks on unknowing muggle policemen.

Speaking of which, I haven’t mentioned this before and meant to a lot. But I love how you split up the chapters with the roman numerals, it eliminates both the difficult transition from one scene to another without making it strange and gives it such a different atmosphere. I’ve always thought it’s almost like each separate part is a different snap shot in their time together, just taking a small section of their lives from different points of view to eventually build the overall picture, I think it is a great effect.

I loved James and Sirius moving the furniture in the heat, I can fully sympathise! Because I’m in good old England we’ve had a load of heat waves recently (I’m really not used to it) humidity is definitely not my friend. I love the way you integrate the muggle and wizarding worlds, again this is something I scarcely see in fanfiction. Generally everything is based in the wizarding world with maybe a brief holiday back home but other than that there is little mention of how the two worlds coincide, I’m glad you covered that here.

One thing I would like to ask is (as far as I can remember – forgive me if I’m wrong, my memory isn’t good – we were never told by J.K) where Sirius got the motorbike from? This may well be something which crops up in later chapters but I’d been interested to know, especially what the interest was more him with the joining of muggle and wizarding technologies.

Lily’s parents were brilliant, you do a really good job with parents! You don’t fall into the clichés of making them act like/look exactly like their offspring which I’ve seen happen many a time. I also loved her Dad especially and his reaction towards James, especially the mistake on the surname which is horribly common of parents in my experience! Lily’s whole moving out experience I thought was wonderful, again a funny and innocent time when they didn’t have to worry about what moving away from their families meant of what they would have to face now.

The third part where Remus begins to move out is heartbreaking I just can’t help but feel for the guy. He has had so many disappointments and problems and adversity in his life so far – and yet more to come and even this isn’t easy for him. However I thought the reactions of his parents were entirely perfect and I love how the sadness towards the end of this section was diffused by the sudden call of “Mony!”

This was a lovely kind of “transition” chapter showing them moving from their childhood really out into the big wide world, it was really brilliantly handled.

HOWEVER, the last line scares me A LOT, especially since I won’t be able to read any more of this tonight: “if Lily was in any sort of danger, surely something would have happened by now”. No! That ALWAYS means something bad is going to happen! Bad times!

By the way you aren’t laying a burden on me at all, I really love this story hence the lengthy reviews. I have NEVER written such long reviews before but it comes so easily with your story. Also I am really incredibly excited about the chapters to come about Peter going to the dark side, it is something either not covered or covered badly (e.g. Peter being annoyed at being left out of the Marauders so suddenly turning evil) so I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

This story is progressing so well and so realistically I can’t wait to read more :)

Author's Response: Hooray! This was such a surprise. Thank you for finding time to return - 3 reviews in one day is nothing but win. I\\\'m glad I was able to cheer you up after some of your latest reviews. Don\\\'t take those to heart; perhaps some people genuinely don\\\'t get it and mean no harm. And others might be jealous and simply looking for a way to put you down :)

It was fun writing the motorcycle scene. I should probably write another soon. As I\\\'ve said all along, I\\\'d like this story to include as much detail about their lives as possible. Freedom, I\\\'m glad you chose that word to describe it. I think Sirius is all about freedom :)

Ha! I\\\'m glad you like my breaks, then. I\\\'ve never gotten a compliment on that before! I suppose we all break them up differently. I kind of chose this way because my chapters are long, and people want to take a few days to read one, this at least gives them various stopping points. It serves as what you said as well. I have a hard time with transitions. Aside from lacking background info, I feel like each of my chapters could stand on its own as a one-shot. It\\\'s bothersome but I\\\'ve come to ignore it as the story has progressed.

I hate moving. But I enjoy including some of the Muggle things! I\\\'m glad you enjoyed reading about it. That stuff still exists, after all. The banter between Sirius and James was a lot of fun to write.

I don\\\'t know where the bike came from. I believe he got it before 7th year based on the short story JKR wrote. So that\\\'s not a part of this story, though I\\\'ve given thought to it because it would come up in Mischief Managed. I\\\'ve toyed with the idea of James getting it for him, as well as Sirius purchasing it on his own.

Poor Remus. I think his moving out is heartbreaking too. He was all shy and tiny and it was an accomplishment for him to go to Hogwarts at all back when he was 11. And now suddenly he\\\'s a man, moving out, after all his parents had done to see him through to becoming an adult.

Rofl. Well, you\\\'re smart. Yeah, something bad may or may not happen...

I\\\'m pleased you enjoy the story. I\\\'m never sure if people just say it to be nice. But I suppose I believe you :) The reviews ARE long and incredibly detailed and awesome. I can\\\'t wait to write Peter\\\'s betrayal, but it\\\'s a long way off. I\\\'m writing chapter 19 now, and it\\\'s only January 79.

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Review #6, by Moonylupin 

31st May 2009:
Petunia's a lovely little ray of sunshine. I know she gets sort of, kind of, very little better as she grows up, but that doesn't make me not want to hit her, especially after her comment about if it had been her she would have stayed for dinner. I loved James's confusion at what ordering a pizza meant and Lily having to explain it. I had a funny mental picture of a pizza disappearing off a table and a family looking shocked and gasping.

Lily's mother seemed nice at any rate, so that was good.

At least Remus had a lot less stuff to move. I loved his whole 'you don't know?' attitude where the Dementors were concerned and Sirius's frustration. The speculation that Voldemort had taken over the Prophet made sense. If things were being left out, but that could also be pressure from the Ministry. Great chapter! And James's last bit was funny, he's doing all the work.

Author's Response: It's kind of fun to write Petunia as a teenager/young adult. Or at least, during the time that Lily is around. I didn't think she was too rotten here though, just a bit manipulative, and a suck up hehe. Poor wizards, can't even understand what ordering a pizza is. I didn't have him confused at first, but then realised he lived in Godric's Hollow, which probably doesn't get pizza deliveries.

This is one of those chapters that I need to come back and fill out a bit later on. I'd really like to do a scene with Remus's parents and such before he moves out. But for the parts that were there, I'm glad you liked it. Remus does like to tease his friends :D

I'm glad you think it makes sense, the speculation over the prophet, because it actually plays a pretty big part in the story later on.

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Review #7, by rachm34 

28th January 2009:
This chapter is where everything really starts to sink in that voldemort is indeed out there for a fact,whether or not he is moving slowly. I hope the marauders are ready for it. I got a few chills while reading this chapter. You're doing a fantastic and marvelous job on this story and I feel sad that you are not getting the feedback you deserve. You really deserve a ton more of reivews and more people favourting this story! it's so well done!

Author's Response: Oooo! I'm glad this chapter brought out such fear in you. It was mostly going to be filler - I'm trying to write as much of their lives as I can, so I figured I'd write them moving out of their parents homes. It was also a great opportunity to meet Lily's family :)

But the end, I tried to make sure I included something to move the plot along, and I'm glad it worked and created a darker, scarier atmosphere for you.

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Review #8, by Labby 

24th January 2009:
This is where it starts to get pretty scary, realizing that Voldemort's out there and covering things up. At least the Marauders are sharp and have the sense to figure that out. At least it'll help Lily out with her job. I love the scene of Lily moving out and moving onto a life that's going to be pretty much all wizard from now on. And of course, Petunia was Petunia as always.. it's interesting to hear from her. I enjoyed this chapter a lot!

Author's Response: Yes! I have Voldemort moving pretty slowly, but he is very obviously there in the background and the Marauders can see it. Soon his actions will begin affecting people, even if he isn't outright starting battles yet.

I'm really glad you liked this chapter. The whole part with Lily was a bit of filler, but it was a great opportunity to introduce her family. I actually had a good time with Petunia, small as her part was.

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Review #9, by spaghettiemandolino 

21st January 2009:
One of the greatest thing JK did was to add details and actions that make the wizarding world beliviable. When I read the sixth book I thought for days about the paralellism between voldemort domination and dictatory regimes in real world. The distorted information is one of the first step a dictator would take and it is which really freaks me out, because not knowing what is really happening is one of my big fears.
Since the Daily Prophet seems to be the major source of information (aside from the radio, but we don't know much of that) it must be easy for voldemort to create more and more confusion.
In a way I hope James would notice and talk Lily out of it, he would surely try...
The first part was hilarious: Sirius followed by the cops at top speed!! Yeah!
I absolutly hated Petunia here...you really created a little snobbish girl...but the 'move out' scene was great, lily has them in her hand it seems, I smiled reading about Sirius complaining and James defending Lily! And the phrase:"She's damn lucky I like her. was totally Sirius'.Thank you! I have a bit of free time after studying math for 3 hours...i think I'll relax reading the next part! :D
ps.the first part of the review seems a bit random, sorry for that, i was just typing down what i had in mind... :)

Author's Response: I don't mind the random part :) I enjoy discussion. I, too, have often noticed certain parellels. I think it's why Voldemort is a great villain - he's a pretty realistic threat. He would be after exactly that - confusion - should he go after the papers. Of course, he probably wouldn't want his every move in the public eye anyway, and would have good reason to make sure things are hidden.

James would definitely try to talk her out of anything that might be dangerous, but so far, it is all just speculation on the Marauders' part.

I love putting in a little Sirius mischief :) I'm glad you liked the motorcycle part. It was a fun little deviation from the actual story.

I'm glad you hated Petunia. Sure, she was a snobbish girl! She was supposed to be rotten! It worked!

I'm also glad you enjoyed the moving out part. It was really nothing but filler - a chance for me to introduce you to Lily's family, as well as to get her out on her own. Sometimes I think the filler parts are the best parts, though.

I hope you continue to enjoy the story - I've put more work into this one than any of my others. Thanks so much for all the reviews you have left me already.

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Review #10, by the__5th__marauder 

11th November 2008:
And there it is, the little question making us all wonder if Lily is going to be okay.

I love Sirius in this chapter, its a little less intense and I saw some of his normal personalilty come out. I loved his whole wizards versus muggle arguments, and his complaining sounded just like how I would have been acting. lol.

Sirius grinned casually in response and entered the room to see Lily bent over her bed frame, screwdriver in hand. Without wasting a second, he whipped his wand out and pointed it at the bed. It collapsed in a dismembered heap; Lily froze for a second, looking perplexedly at her screwdriver and trying to figure out what just happened, when she noticed the two boys standing in her doorway.

“Well,” she said with an air of authority. She pocketed the screwdriver and stood up, brushing her hands. “That takes care of that...”

James narrowed his eyes at Sirius, who smiled back innocently as he hurriedly pocketed the wand.

“What? There was nobody around...”

“Yeah, you're lucky,” threatened James, shoving him playfully against the wall. “Come on, help me with these mattresses...”

That was my favourite bit in the whole chapter, it was funny, and when James shoved Sirius I thought that it was exactly how they would have acted.

I think this chapter was used in a really good way, showing humour, as well as using all your main characters at some point and then right at the end presenting an issue for use readers to ponder about what might be happening. =]


Author's Response: Yeah... I actually considered pulling this chapter because it doesn't do much... but the main point of it was to get to know Lily a little more, as well as introduce her family. I don't want to leave her out, after all.

Haha, poor Sirius. Moving in the summertime is miserable, and the poor guy isn't used to manual labor. Can't blame him! I love writing him and James together, their interactions are so much fun to imagine.

And Thanks for noticing about the end. Despite the fact that this chapter could be considered "filler", I really tried to include something that could move the plot along as well.

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Review #11, by auror_snape 

11th November 2008:
Once again, brilliant. 10/10

Author's Response: thanks for reviewing :)

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