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Review #1, by georgina_bass 

18th September 2009:
:'(hey.cliffies r evil.they give voldie a run 4 his cash.:)niiice:)

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Review #2, by sreduaram 

11th July 2009:
for a second i was like no! a cliffhanger, then i realised i can just go straight to the next chapter :)
god, half her school really just hates her. im hoping it wasn't one of the gryffindors who shot her with a bludger or something...
wow this story is so addictive!

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Review #3, by s 

3rd December 2008:
OMG! U cant write a cliffy and not the next 1 @ the same time! Thats just plain CRULE! - plez have sirius next 2 her hospital bed when she wakes up, or something 2 that effect. THEY HAVE 2GET 2GETHER! !

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Review #4, by hogwarts_chica19 

3rd December 2008:
hi!! just wanted you to know i absolutely love this story! especially since im basically in LOVE with my best friend too... i know how awkward it can be! you capture it perfectly!! i hope you update this soon :] 10/10!!

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Review #5, by Muninn 

30th November 2008:
I read this story because I liked some of your other ones, but now this one is by far my favorite. Please update soon, the suspense is killing me!

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Review #6, by sirius black loverrrxx 

30th November 2008:
this is a fantastic read so far.
i have noticed quite a few spelling errors, but that can be easily fixed (:
as for the ending of this chapter,
i hate to say it because i really enjoy reading this story, is that the ending was slightly cliche.
i mean, i have read many stories that have cliffhangers like that, and it's kind of, typical i should say.
but please, let her at least have the snitch her hand,
please? i would really enjoy an ending like, because of everything she's been through.
don't give up on this story,
it sounds promising (:
-sirius black loverrrxx

Author's Response: Okay so my hands tend to move a tad bit slower than my brain so just assume all the errors are typos because I actually can spell, it's editing that I don't have time for lol.
And yeas I know that it was cliche- I thought about it after writing it because I've read a lot of stories with that. But there is a reason it's cliche. It's a good cliffhanger lol. plus I didn't want to change it cause I already had the next chapter sort of set up. Anyway thanks for reviewing!

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Review #7, by Wiles 

9th November 2008:
i can't believe i haven't read it before!
It is so so so so so good.!.!.!>

Oh oh oh oh oh
I hope her and sirius are ok!


Author's Response: Oh wow, well we wouldn't want you to die now would we? I'll update as soon as my teachers ease up on the essay assignments

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Review #8, by MNM 

8th November 2008:
OMG!!! sooo god!!! You need to update soon!!! please!!! :)

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Review #9, by Flying Squirrel 

7th November 2008:
Oh that was evil! I can usually stand cliff hangers but please try to update quickly or you will have a very unhappy chappy :( On a lighter please whatever you do don't let Mira kiss touch or even look at rabastian:| ok maybe that was an exaggeration but please for all that is good no kissing!! Please update soon! I'll give u cookies:)}

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7th November 2008:
Hello my darling RED! I love your cliffies! However please plaay nice with the muses. I dont think I can wait too long this time. I know, I know it takes time. So I will be as patient as I can be. Maybe, nope not really. Anyway awesome chapter! I love the whole idea ofRabastan as her protector. Yes he is a Death Eater but Ireally think he would not let her in harms way. I do feel a little bad for Sirius, tough choice to make but i dont think he thought it through! Silly boys. Keep it up great writing :-)

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Review #11, by 556girl 

7th November 2008:
this was better, i realy liked it, you should deffently try to finish the story soon.

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Review #12, by Queen Carina 

6th November 2008:
ahhh love love love it! plzz update soon!

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Review #13, by moonstar 

5th November 2008:
oh my goodness!!
i absolutely love this story, but update faster!!!
please, please, please, PLEASE make Ravenclaw win, they deserve to after all the griffyndor people put mira through!

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Review #14, by Laugharama_llama 

5th November 2008:
Reasons why this chapter was unfair:

Author's Response: Oh, I know! It was a ridiculously long wait and cliffhangers are mean! But there's this very annoying thing called high school and it's been getting in my way. ALOT. I'll try to make the next update quicker though!

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Review #15, by pattybuns_hpf 

5th November 2008:
Nooo! A cliffhanger! but it's really keeping the suspense up so I really don't care xD. Marvelous Chapter by the way! It's quite sad but every story has to have conflict, right? =]
Can't wait for the next great chappie!

-Patty xx

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Review #16, by Thia Malfoy 

5th November 2008:
I love this story. I was so upset when i got to the end of this chapter and found out there wasn't one after it. Oh well great work..

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Review #17, by Babbitty Rabbitty 

5th November 2008:
Oh, well, that explains your lack of reviews. Sometimes I'm a lazy butt and don't leave a review, but your sad plight has touched this calloused heart of mine and I am moved to sing your praises. Ahem.

Can I just say how much I love your story and how glad I am that I found it? Sometimes the Sirius/morally-torn-pureblood-OC stories can be cheesy and predictable, but I think yours is wonderful. Mira's feelings are realistic and totally believable, especially her confusion over Rabastan (heck, the way you write him I kinda have to like the guy too) and the way she loves her family in spite of their manic, crazy ways.

I really enjoy your portrayal of the pureblood world - clearly it's dangerous and horrible deeds are afoot, but at the same time we get to see the other side of the coin with characters like Andy, Cissa (LOVED her, btw), and Mira going along to get along and really just dreading the moment when they'll have to face a horrible choice. Because the strange fact is that for all their genocidal and annoyingly stuffy ways, the purebloods are good to their own. They care about the (loyal) members of their families, and throw surprise parties for their children to celebrate their achievements. Not everything is cut and dried.

I loved the scene of Mira and Sirius's encounter on the train - the irony of how Sirius is clearly thriving in his freedom while Mira has been trapped and is suffering for it, and how the idiots of Hogwarts are determined to see things the other way around. I feel for her! He really did leave her all alone...

But I also feel for Sirius too. You can't blame him for wanting out (Walburga is a nutjob), and even though he was an inconsiderate and stupidly dangerous moron in the way he went about it (really not the sharpest quill on the shelf) I think he's probably realized what a precarious situation he's put Mira in.

Then again he could have been the one to hit that bludger, in which case I hope Remus claws his nuts off. I can't wait to find out what happens next, so I hope you update again soon! Whew... long review... I'm spent. Thanks for writing! ^_^

Author's Response: Wow... long, lovely review! It made me very happy! And Sirius did not hit the bludger co no clawing of the nuts will be nessecary. lol

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Review #18, by Savannah Bishop 

5th November 2008:
It was awsome. Please write more; I beg of thee.

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Review #19, by mathildarose 

5th November 2008:
ah you have to update soon, that was evil of you, I want more.

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Review #20, by emocut_or_blackrox 

5th November 2008:
i absolutley
hate you
u know y
that cliffie nearly killed
i hate the person who
i dunno
thre the bludger
or cursed
her i hate him or her or
i dunno
if it was siri
i am going to f-ing
kill him in my mind
anyway i love this story
u know
an some of the others but update soon
dont take more than a week
or less please

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Review #21, by Auralia 

5th November 2008:
I love this story! i feel sorry for Sirius and for mirabelle. 10/10 even though you left it on an evil cliff hanger. :) i hope you find time to update soon.

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Review #22, by tiana 

5th November 2008:
oh so evil! awesome chapter once again cant wait to you update next, i mean that litereally please update asap!
keep up the good work

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Review #23, by more! 

5th November 2008:
that was mean to end there! more please!

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