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Review #1, by That random kid 

25th November 2011:
I love this whole remus is a man-whore aspect. In most of the other fanfic stories remus is shy and conserved because he's afraid of his lycanthropy. I have to say that his sleeping around is pretty effing hilarious. Kudos

Author's Response: Haha thanks! I've also seen Remus as the nicest, most moral Marauder . . . Doesn't mean he doesn't have his own needs. Sleeping around is his way of getting close to people without actually getting close to them. :D

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Review #2, by BellaCamille 

6th November 2011:
But even though it's a "filler" I will never forget it and it'll always be one of my favorite-est favorites. I mean, come on. And it's ended so well.

"Exactly who you think it is." Hehe. REMY!

Author's Response: I really like that it shows a different side of Anna. A more compassionate side that is looking out for someone's best interests other than her own. But still remaining true to her character by being ridiculous and silly and opinionated about it.

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Review #3, by kassandra466 

9th May 2010:
YAY!! for more Sirius POV!! : D anywho another amazing chapter!! you such a good fan fic author, maybe you are JKR in disguise! : D

Author's Response: Wow. First Shakespeare now JKR . . . You're making me feel so good!

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Review #4, by dark_angel_14 

15th July 2009:
How sweet...I like that Anna got the courage to say that!!!


Author's Response: Well, someone had to say it, right? :)

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Review #5, by Queen_of_Stars 

1st July 2009:
lol!!! Remus... as a girl... that made me laugh =) I can't wait to read Sirius's pov...

Author's Response: Doesn\\\'t he make a good Claire, lol?

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Review #6, by black seclusion 

26th June 2009:
I'm not sure if I'm just an overly emotional girl . . . but this chapter got me to cry (in a weird but good way) the whole story bit is what did it, Hannah just reminded me of someone.

Author's Response: Sometimes the weirdest things make people cry. Who knows what did it?

It was a pretty emotional chapter, though.

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Review #7, by GrayLady 

23rd June 2009:
James is such a sweetheart and a gentleman for not pushing Lily to not go with her morals. But Remus... Hoo..*fans herself* Third year? Really? I know fourteen-year-olds and if they were sleeping around I'd freak. In my mind, that is insanely young.

Maybe it's because that's my little sister in a little over a year. I wish I could put something on her that would make her stop growing. Now I know how my parents feel when they say I'm growing up too fast.


Author's Response: That IS insanely young. Sadly, I know kids who are doing it before that. The middle school in my town is the most disgusting breeding ground for drugs and sex. It might even be worse than the high school.

That's my little sister, too! She used to tell me that she'd be so proud of herself if she could do IT before she got out of middle school . . . Thank God I talked her out of that one.

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Review #8, by Lillylover22 

14th June 2009:
i liked it cause it shows Ana with a bit of maturity. And it builds up the relationship between her and lily. 9/10 =]

Author's Response: I definitely think your right. It's gives Anna's personality a little more depth, and makes her a little more believable.

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Review #9, by Cedrics Blueyed Girl 

13th March 2009:
Haha, great chapter! Remus is awesome... lol =]

But yeah, it's nice to have the POV switch-up now and again, like I said!

Looking forward to continuing; not looking forward to finishing...


Author's Response: I love Remus so much. He's my favorite, I think.

Don't worry - this story's pretty far from done. :D

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Review #10, by The Arethusa Got Lucky 

3rd March 2009:
What if you have no morals but like doing stupid crap?

Author's Response: If you have no morals but like doing stupid crap - then you sound just like Anna. :D

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Review #11, by hogwarts_author_cs 

5th January 2009:
Ooh... I really liked this chapter! :) It was good to see that Anna and Lily can get along fine if they have to. :) (No battles or food fights for them!) :)
Beautiful moral. :)
Loved it!

Author's Response: Yeah, if they really, really want to, they can get along quite well. :D

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Review #12, by ginnypotter777 

1st January 2009:
who is the person in Lilly's manip?

Author's Response: Lily's manip?

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Review #13, by the_marauders_rock 

5th December 2008:
hmmm.Anna looks up to Lily???

Author's Response: Yeah, in her own, twisted sort of way, Anna does look up to Lily.

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Review #14, by gitgit 

11th November 2008:
that was a really nice talk that lily and anna had with one another and it was really hilarious how she referred to remus as claire heheheh

Author's Response: I'm glad you thought so.

Hehe, Claire. Everyone has one, and an Alicia, and a Hannah.

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Review #15, by rowenaravenclaw94 

9th November 2008:
lol! remus was claire! that was HI-larious... good job! 10/10! i think that was really great of anna to say all that to lily. it was nice.
-xoxo, rowenaravenclaw94

Author's Response: Haha! Yeah! He was Claire! Poor Remus, the slutty girl. :D

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Review #16, by Werewolf_love 

8th November 2008:
Yay!!! I love this chapter! I loved the Anna/Lily girl thing going on! I thought it was so cute! I was so busy I missed these two hapters, so I must go read the next one!!! good job!

Author's Response: I thought that Anna needed a little bit of a median, at least every once in a while. And this chapter just kinda wrote itself.

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #17, by shibby 

7th November 2008:
i'm so addicted to this story its almost sick..Great chapter.. Even if it was a filler, i enjoyed it.. a little lilly/anna relationship was cool!

Author's Response: Isn't it just horrible, when you're so addicted to a story that you just can't stop reading it until the end, or if it's not completed, you just check for an update every time you get on the computer?

Thanks for the goodness about the chapter . . . I wasn't sure about it.

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Review #18, by Tara.Seanan 

4th November 2008:
Ooo! Remus got a new nickname! Now Anna and Lily can have secret conversations about him. :P He's such a man-whore. Anyways, I love your Remus. I'm so glad you posted this chapter, it really is fun.

Side note, how are your AP classes going? Not to hard, I hope.

Oh, and I don't suppose any of your upcoming songs are by Fall Out Boy/ Linkin Park/ Three Days Grace? :D Just a question.

Anywhose, again, loved it!

Author's Response: I love my furry little man-whore; I definetely want a Remus in real life. (Not that I didn't take inspiration from someone . . . But I want a real Remus, not a fake one.)

AP classes. Well they were going great until I had a mental breakdown today. I'm trying to relax myself by being here instead of doing my work; I'm not likely going to class tomorrow. I've been giving myself migraines. Thank you for asking, though. :)

To answer your last question: There's always a Fall Out Boy song on the way; they're just so lovely. And I can definetely see a Three Days Grace and/or Lincoln Park in the future. They could defientely fit . . .

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Review #19, by pop_girl06 

3rd November 2008:
Haha, nice. That was such a sweet little side-story, almost.

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm glad you liked it. :)

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Review #20, by lala25525 

3rd November 2008:
haha it was interesting 2 have a chap from Lily's POV :) lol i like da story :) annas funny :) i think Lily should stick 2 her morals cuz then maybe after this story, anna and her could b friends. . . like i said, MAYBE. lol haha :)
anyway, YAY!! siriusly? the next chap is sirius' POV? YAY! so xcited! :)

Author's Response: I like to switch around the POV once in a while. A story's not a story if it only comes from one person.

I agree with you - Lily definetely should stick to her morals.

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Review #21, by crazylily 

3rd November 2008:
hmmm cool cooll


Author's Response: Two cools. Yay!

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Review #22, by coolkitty 

3rd November 2008:
I really like the fact that u softened anna a little bit, like, I really like the new Anna
And I adore Lily, Remus, Sirius and James, so ur story is great!
I so love how u characterised Remus, like not the total funblowing bookworm but as someone so much interesting
And I love the "Claire" and Anna's last line: " Exactly who you think he is"
It's hilarious
So, wow, long review in my POV, lol
luve ur story
Aguss Oh

Author's Response: In all actuality, Anna did that on her own. I had never intended Anna to be quite as different now as she was in the beginning. She's just grown up with the story, I suppose.

Yeah, I rather like the way I've characterized Remus as well. They way I see it; he hung out with James and Sirius and Peter. There's no way he could have been as uptight as most people portray him.

Thanks so much for the lovely review!

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Review #23, by pinkypurple 

3rd November 2008:
:) nice chapter. Yay lilyanna time!!

Author's Response: Thank you. :D

Yes, I thought that there needed to be a little bit of Lily/Anna bonding.

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Review #24, by MrsNorris17 

3rd November 2008:
when i saw the chapter, i thought YAY
then i read the chapter and i thought DOUBLE YAY
and then i read the AN and i though YAYYAYYAY with strawberries on top...
i think you get the picture :]

Author's Response: Haha, so many yays! That totally doesn't change the fact that I have classes on election day, but all the YAY does make me feel a little bit better. :D

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Review #25, by madmoo 

3rd November 2008:
i still love anna she's great! keep writing -madmoo

Author's Response: I'm glad you like her! It's good that her insesant stupidity hasn't gotten old yet. :D

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