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Review #1, by SmartieGranger 

21st April 2015:
Nice going... “Don't you laugh at me, Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy! I will eat your eyeballs! I will eat them raw!"
LOL X 1000 = me right now

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Review #2, by piper15 

12th September 2014:
wow that was really sweet of Scorpius' mother! Love it! Next chapter!

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Review #3, by Amy 

15th July 2014:
I think you should make everything more wizardlike. It doesn't really seem like it's set in the wizarding world - they Muggle fight all the time and use a bunch of Muggle language and things.. Otherwise love the plot.

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Review #4, by Liana 

22nd October 2013:
How nice of Astoria to come and visit. And to even knit a hat. You are describing this so accurately. Sometimes I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

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Review #5, by We Are Padfoot and Prongs 

14th August 2013:
I love how everyone told Lily not to argue with Rose and they actually listened! XD And also, it's funny how pissed off she's getting that no one is arguing with her and it just makes her want to argue more. Oh well, everyone in that school is screwed anyway once the pregnant lady gets into a mood.

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Review #6, by HermioneSpencer (not logged in) 

4th June 2013:
Why are you so amazing? How do you do it? You have this awesome style of writing and Rose's sense of dry, sarcastic humour just makes this story so captivating!

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Review #7, by RoseWeasleyGryfindor 

22nd May 2013:
Please read the first chapter of my story, new friends, old enemies, it would really mean a lot to me to know what you think

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Review #8, by Scarlet Marauder 

8th May 2013:
the headmaster's password is always candy that Dumbledore likes. If you're referring to the hufflepuff common room that has the password house-elf, it's actually where you tap on barrels in the rhythm that you say 'helga hufflepuff' and if you mess up, vinegar splashes on you.

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Review #9, by 231314 

23rd January 2013:
the hat is cursed isn't it?

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Review #10, by Rettopyrrah 

5th September 2012:
having to write this little bit three paragraphs in before i forget. i bloody love hormonal rose. [chapter now finished] i like astoria. for now. how have i read thirty chapters already? like, really. how?

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Review #11, by Dont call me Nymphadora 

29th July 2012:
I really thought albus was going to die!!! You are a great writer!

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Review #12, by Ebbers 

2nd June 2012:
:O I never noticed before, but you added foreshadowing! Excellent little surprise to find, ^_^ I love the D and SD fan fictions, best I've read.

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Review #13, by Lillylover22 

11th February 2012:
Astoria is nice. 9/10 : )

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Review #14, by GryffindorGirl17 

24th January 2012:
I liked this chapter, I'm glad Al fought Robert, even though Robert beat up Al. It shows how Robert isn't that nice of a guy. I also love how you portrayed Astoria as nice for a Malfoy.

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Review #15, by TwistedStar 

13th January 2012:
you have to stop making me laugh out loud to my computer people are beggining to think im weird lol (but really keep the funnies coming :P) V

'Don't you laugh at me, Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy! I will eat your eyeballs! I will eat them raw!' Im not sounding as threatening as I hoped I would, because hes still laughing. 'ARGUE BACK!'

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Review #16, by Taylor 

4th December 2011:
This fan fiction is just fantastic

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Review #17, by classicblack 

8th November 2011:
Yay! Rose is being nice to someone! But I do like her sassy and sarcastic self all the same. Only 5 chapters left and then I'm off the reread SD in preparation for its last chapters. Great job this time!
Until next chapter,

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Review #18, by Redvines714 

29th October 2011:
...I just realized that 1)you must have written this a year ago so you probably won't read my reviews.. Oh well! I'll write them anyway!! And2) I only have 5 chapters left to read.. Saddd:(

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Review #19, by giftofthenymphs 

21st August 2011:
I'm completely addicted to this story(":
It's really weird how Astoria's so nice, in the fanfiction I'm writing she's a total bitch(':
Anyway, ilovethissomuch(:

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Review #20, by I_trusted_Snape13 

11th August 2011:
I'm so glad the Astoria is so nice(: Rose needs that! lol

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Review #21, by patchworkscribbles 

7th August 2011:
Astoria is such a sweetheart! Then again, I suppose she has to be because Scorpius has turned out pretty decent on the whole and we all know what a complete arse Draco is...

Also, Robert is a psycho who should be incarcerated. That is all.

-Patch x

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Review #22, by Aly 

2nd August 2011:
awww! i love astoria! and i also liked narcissa, they are both wayy better than their husbands! three cheers for girl power!!!

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Review #23, by maddy 

23rd July 2011:
Astoria seems sweet.
How on earth did Draco get her? He looks like one of Luna's freaking Crumple Horned Snorkacks!

Plus, he's a bad person.

And I bet he's a blanket-hogger.

Does she have clubbed thumbs or something?

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Review #24, by Diana 

10th July 2011:
Loved it! Want more.

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Review #25, by xxFlutterStutterBOOMBOOMxx 

7th May 2011:
I like Astoria.
Also, major Triangle drama! Can't wait to see where that goes.

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