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Review #1, by mark clark 

15th March 2011:
love the story so far...do you plan to continue it???

Author's Response: Oh, thanks so much. Yes, sorry about the huge gap posting. I must definitely continue it especially since I have had the end in my mind since well before I started, although the bits in the middle I guess are the harder part to figure out. The fact that you have read it all and enjoyed it so far is definitely encouraging. I must definitely get onto the next chapter very soon.

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Review #2, by celticbard 

26th July 2009:
Hi morgana!
It's celticbard from eHPf, here to review as requested.

Wow! This chapter was intense. I loved it! The short, compact scenes really helped the action move forward without an hitch and I truly enjoyed getting inside each character's head for a while. The Trio certainly seem to know what they're doing, either that or they're insanely lucky. For some reason, I think it's a mix of both. ;)

It was also nice seeing Aberforth and Ariana in this chapter. I just love the way you're weaving DH canon in with this fic. It gives the plot so much depth, while at the same time, making it unique.

And now Draco's in a jam! Argh, I'm seriously sitting on the edge of my seat. ^_^ No good deed goes unpunished, I suppose. Will Harry and Co. risk their necks to save him this time? I hope so. Draco seems to be making an effort to reform himself. Any hiccup could really shatter what little trust he has with Harry.

As always, I enjoyed reading this fic, morgana. Please feel free to stop by my thread and request another review anytime. Take care!


Author's Response: Thanks so much babe. Yes, one minute Harry is in trouble, the next he's free and Draco is the one in a muddle. I guess it feels a bit like landing in jail in Monopoly, now that I think of it.

I'm very pleased you enjoyed the various POVs. Many people see this as a fault. I personally chose third person omminiscent for this fic because of the freedom it gives the author. I'm very pleased to hear that you didn't find it confusing or anything.

Now, luck or skill? Very good question. Like you, I think there are elements of both. Hermione is smart for instance but watch out for Ginny. I write her as someone with very strong intuitive skills (she is the 7th daughter after all). She's not always psychic but sort of very intuitive and the connection between her and Harry will be important.

Will Harry help Draco??? Well... none trust the other 100% although at this stage they are both willing to try...

It's hard to decide in this fic whether to follow canon or depart from it since this is AU and I started before DH came out, yet I decide to include Ariana and Aberforth and people seem to have enjoyed this little vignette.

Thanks ever so much. I means a lot to me. x

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Review #3, by SpringTime 

16th November 2008:
Oh wow, never thought I would say this but poor Draco. I think that Dobby's voice could be worked on, even though he only says one line, it is just not house elf enough for some reason.
What a pretty little mess they all got themselves into, ah the joys of having a cell phone. Guess us muggles do have some good gadgets.
I liked that you kept the picture frame passage in this, and I would love to know more about Aberforth.
You have a very nice story here, and a long way it seems to end it, but you wil get there. Keep up the good work.
I hope that these reviews have helped even though I know the last few have not been as long.
Thanks for asking :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much for all the encouragement. Yes, I'm determined to finish this but yes, it's going to be a while yet, although I had the ending worked out since before DH although some details I'm still deciding on.

Draco, yes, he is not having a very good time in this story.

The cellphones, well, lots of people hated them in HP fics, yet I thought that it would be sort of logical for Hermione and Harry to use muggle devices, since they were both brought up as Muggles. Of course, if Umbridge gets held of Harry's she is going to know straight away that Draco is in league with him and well, he has certain numbers stored so this doesn't look good for either Draco or Harry.

The Aberforth scene well, I took it directly from DH. Sometimes is hard to decide whether to stay canon or depart from it.

Thanks so, so much for reviewing the whole story and definitely your reviews have helped me a lot. x

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Review #4, by Bella_Portia 

4th November 2008:
Morgana, first of all, I'm sorry to have taken so long to post this.

Second, I'm sorry this will not be a critical review. But, honestly, I just don't have anything to criticize. I just went for the ride and enjoyed reading it.

I really liked the first section. It was mysterious and full of atmosphere, as well as bringing Draco into the forefront of the story in a big way. And, while I'm on the subject, I like the bookending way you used Draco, beginning and end.

All the (many) characters were tightly interconnected. Ginny at the pub recalled Draco and, and that bracelet gave her connection to Harry a physical dimension.

The Order meeting scene touched on a lot of plot, and did it with a lot of skill. I liked the way you had Moody grousing at the kids' absence -- I could just picture it. It was a great, concise character touch. And Hagrid trying to be quiet as he crashed his way up the staircase -- your sense of detail was outstanding. I liked the discussions, the planning. Mr. Weasley's concerns about staying at the Ministry, the planned future coup, and the rest all made it sound realistic.

The scene with Aberforth and Ginny was very true to the two individuals' respective characters. The part where she saw the portrait and followed it through the passage -- I know it's from DH, but it was still lovely, the way you did it.

Poor Trelawney. Do they have Alcoholics Anonymous in England (I'm sure they do, but do they call it he same thing?) In the Wizarding World, I wonder? She needs it.

I was glad to have Dobby make an appearance.

The ending, with Draco locating a friendly house elf and then -- oops, the Wicked Witch of the Ministry is upon him! What a great cliffhanger!

Author's Response: Thanks so much Bella.

I replied to this review this morning but it doesn't show. I hope not all my responses to other reviews are gone!

Anyhow, I can't believe that you didn't find anything to criticise here, especially since I was truly stuck in this chapter, hence it took me ages to write.

Yes, I wanted the last scene to show that Draco has been captured. He's now about to find out what it really feels to be the hero figure he always used to envy Harry for.

In this chapter I have to start tying up so many loose ends, hence the Order meeting. Things are going so badly for them, most of them caused by our dearest Dolores, of course.

I'm glad that you enjoyed my little characterisation details with Moody and Hagrid.

I did cheat quite a bit by borrowing the whole portrait entrance thing from DH but it fitted the rescue solution so well. I wanted Ginny and Hagrid/Ron to come up with something different simultaneously. Ginny is a very brave and resourceful young woman, so hopefully Harry will start believing in her incredible capacity and stop being so overprotective. She's Molly's daughter after all. lol

Sybill, yes, poor thing. I was hoping that that psychology of HP book would deal with her and her alcohol addiction. From canon, it seems to transpire that she massively lacks confidence. She is not even aware of having made the prophecy, so deep down, she probably believes, like everyone else, that she is a bit of a fraud. Also her grandmother was a great seer and she just cannot live up to her reputation. Of course, she has also been very lonely for years, no wonder she has taken to the bottle. Yes, we do have Alcoholics Anonymous in Muggle England. I guess the wizarding community could do with a support group of this kind. Maybe if I ever get to study psychology, I join you in Diagon / knockturn Alley! lol There seem to be plenty of need for both lawyers and psychologist in the wizarding world!

I love Dobby, so I like to include him in the plot every now and then.

Draco, well, he was on Umbridge side on OoP but I reckon she probably has a very selective memory.

Thanks so much, babe. Your review has really made my day!

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Review #5, by Aurora Dawn 

27th October 2008:
Hi Morgana, hope you're having a good trip.

Good, strong opening. It sets a feeling of tension right from the start. I just wish there had been more Draco in the story but I do like how it opens with him and closes with him as well.
Did you do it that way on purpose or is that just how it came out?

Aberforth's goats just amuse me.

"He held her body against his own and blushed, as he realised that she had clearly felt just how much he desired her." -- I know this part worried you a bit but I think that it was well phrased. It doesn't go too far because it's vague enough that it could mean almost anything.

Hermione is just like a hampster on a wheel. She worries and worries and worries and worries and just never seem to stop. Which is typical of Hermione. The boys have always been much more laid back but Hermione frets and beats everything to death from homework to plotting how to save the universe. In other words, she's very canon here.

The only things that bothered me is the way the point of view thing that I've mentioned before, and Hagrid referring to Ron as "son". I've never known Hagrid to call anyone that before and it just seemed kind of strange.

Other than that, good job -- especially when I know how rushed you were.

Author's Response: Finally, I got to your review (no internet on the boat!).

Now, I wanted to end the chapter with Draco, as for the beginning, this took me so long to write that I can't hardly remember whether or not I planned this from the onset.

I'm glad you thought that the Harry/Ginny scene was Okay. I just wanted to show that they are both getting well... steamy... but without making it too crude.

Hermione, ah, yes, that's how I view her too. I'm glad you think she is in character.

Now, there are a lot of point of view switches in this chapter. Whilst I don't mind that (but some people don't like it) generally, I wonder if it becomes confusing. Just let me know when we next speak, which I look forward to when I get back from Greece.

I think you are totally write about Hagrid. I think I'll change that actually.

Thanks so much and again, I look forward to talking to you soon. x

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Review #6, by twixie 

27th October 2008:
WOW! I have waited for this chapter for a long time, I'm glad you got it up! What a cliff hanger! I can't wait for the next installment! 10/10

Author's Response: Sorry about taking so long writing this chapter. I got truly stuck with it for some reason, also I got side-tracked with a collaboration and a challenge whilst writing this.

Also, my apologies for taking so long in replying. I was on holiday with no internet connection.

I hope to be a bit faster writing the next one because it was a bit evil of me to end with such a cliffhanger.

Thanks so much. Your loyalty to this story is truly, truly appreciated.

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Review #7, by sinwillys822 

25th October 2008:
ohh i hope he is able to get a message to them to get him out.

Author's Response: Well, the Order will find out that he has been captured but not necessarily through a message...

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing though. I hope you enjoyed it.

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Review #8, by punk poet 

25th October 2008:
another good chapter. this is one of my favourite stories on here and i'm happy to read another chapter even though you have given us more questions than answers. well done update soon

Author's Response: Thanks for your support and encouragement. It means so much! Yes, this story is still very much in progress, long as it is. I was very unsure about this chapter and I took a long time writing it. I will try to be a bit quicker at posting this time but I'm going to Greece in a few hours on holiday, so I won't get anything done there, I don't think!

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Review #9, by Joanne K 

25th October 2008:
Oh! Such an exciting chapter!

The inclusion of Aberforth and the painting passageway were obviously influenced by DH - I wonder what your original plans had been for them to get into the RoR, or had you not planned that far ahead when DH came out?

I did pick up on a few mistakes (mostly typos):

"I solemnly declare that I'm up to now good" - you said 'now' instead of 'no'.

"On the other hand, he absence of Ginny's" - you missed the 't' in 'the'.

"A door, which appeared to have come from the paining, flanged open" - it should read 'flung' rather than 'flanged'.

"Oh, well, we better go an' fetch her," Harry concluded. - I think you meant to say 'Hagrid concluded'.

I felt so sorry for poor Molly, those kids will be the death of her one day - they cause her so much worry!

The ending was definitely thrilling and an enticing cliffhanger - Umbridge has Malfoy!! Oh no!

Author's Response: Thanks so much Jo!

I took ages with this chapter as I never seem to like it as much as the others, then last night I decided that I had to post it even if it killed me before going on holiday. I stayed up very late and I was probably just too tired. I even spotted myself errors that you haven't but I'm going to get onto this now. I was just too tired to be honest. Thanks for spotting some. I just thought that it would be nice to have some reviews when I came back because I don't know if I'm going to have much internet connection.

Yes, I worked out quite a few things, the main storylines primarily and the ending before DH but not all the details. That has become the hardest part, to chose to stay canon or to depart from it. There will be a bit of both. Yes, Aberforth's inclusion was totally borrowed from DH.

Molly, well, yes, the trio and Ginny are always involved in something dangerous, Percy is supposed to be a traitor. I would seem that the twins are giving her less grief than the rest, for a change. lol

Malfoy and Umbridge, well it should be interesting.

Thanks so much and thanks for spotting all the typos etc. Very much appreciated.

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Review #10, by Labby 

25th October 2008:
You have to leave it at that? Darn... I wonder what's going to happen to Draco. First he's fighting for Harry and now he's captured because of Harry. That's not going to be good.. it'll probably be testing Draco's loyalty and I don't think he's exactly as loyal as Ron or Hermione. Interesting that it was Hagrid that blocked it.. at least it was him instead of someone trying to set up a trap. I do wonder why exactly he did it and what the tip was. Hagrid's always getting into something he shouldn't be. Hopefully that won't conflict with the trio's quest anymore. I really liked that Ginny was finally able to get to Harry. Aberforth seemed pretty much the same as he was in DHs.. I like how you showed him to be so hating of his brother. He's a good guy, he just doesn't trust people. I enjoyed this chapter as always, and I'm looking forward to finding out what happens with Malfoy!

Author's Response: Oh, thanks so much for reading and reviewing so quickly. This chapter took me absolultely ages, although, okay, I got distracted with things like the collab chapter etc, and then last night I decided that I just had to post come what may. I stayed up pretty late and even I noticed a few typos which I must go and find in the next hour or so because I'm just about to go on holiday. I wanted to post before I came back.

Draco is going to have a bit of a taste of what he envied Harry for; i.e. being the hero! Draco certainly is not particularly loyal to Harry for the sake of it. What turned him around a bit was his mother's death at the hands of the Dark Lord but well... his loyalty will be tested! Also the guy has in Harry's phone with all the numbers stored and the Invisibility Cloak so this is not good for Harry either.

Now Trelawney is in danger because she made the prophecy of course and well, Hagrid has a habit of listening to strangers in pubs and whatnot.

Ginny was pretty resourceful here. She will be a quite useful addition to the team.

Yes, Aberforth's input was pretty based on DH. Although this is pretty AU, I didn't have the whole thing worked out, although the major parts of the story were, some of the details weren't so I'm borrowing stuff from DH too.

Hopefully, I won't take so long to update next time.

Thanks so much!

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