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Review #1, by Ogre Mage 

14th November 2011:
Liking it alot. I love the characters

Author's Response: Thank you! Aren't they great? :)

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Review #2, by BellaCamille 

1st November 2011:
I love this section of the story so much! Poor Sirius though, he can't keep it in his pants...

Author's Response: It's actually one of my favorites too. When Darren starts becoming a friend, and the Marauders are still around and there's all this hilarious drama going on. Fabulous.

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Review #3, by kassandra466 

9th May 2010:
OMG!! i LOVED it!! that was cute and funny!! : D

Author's Response: Yay! Thanks!

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Review #4, by dark_angel_14 

29th September 2009:
grrr.I don't like this thing tellin me " we're sorry but we think blah blah blah has expired..." grrr.

but i loved the chapter!


Author's Response: What has expired? Ugh, computer problems? I friggin hate those . . .

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Review #5, by dark_angel_14 

15th July 2009:
And Sirius is having some major issuses


Author's Response: Yeah, a few...

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Review #6, by Queen_of_Stars 

29th June 2009:
LOL... walking in on people does kill any appetite... Sirius' response to Alex was amusing...

Author's Response: More De Jah Vu again, lol.

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Review #7, by GrayLady 

23rd June 2009:
Poor Sirius. Anna running around half-naked. Anna in nothing but a towel. Anna in the shower. He needs something stronger than a cold shower if she keeps this up.

Sirius feels the need to defend his sexuality often. The lady doth protest too much, methinks? No, I know he's straight in this story, but it's still hilarious.

Wait, so what did Anna do to Alex? I REEAALLYY want to know.


Author's Response: Sirius is just an extremely effeminate boy with extremely effeminate things to say. Luckily he looks and talks with obvious masculinity - I don't know if Anna could handle someone that was so . . . Metro, I think is the word I'm looking for.

Well, in actuality, I never came up with what Anna did to Alex. It's up to the individual reader. However, I sometimes like to think that Anna tied her to a chair with no clothing and left her in the common room. Mostly because it would be really funny to find her like that the next morning.

And, of course she said something along the lines of, "I might be the whore, but who's the one that's going to wake up starkers in the common room tomorrow morning?"

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Review #8, by Lillylover22 

13th June 2009:
I love story!! i wonder what Ana did?? 9/10 =]

Author's Response: Oh, Anna . . . Our silly, silly friend.

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Review #9, by SeductiveSlytherineSami 

30th April 2009:
the picture of sirius is H.O.T and good chapter, nuff said'

Author's Response: Isn't that a GREAT picture? ;D

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Review #10, by hogwarts_author_cs 

5th January 2009:
Ooh... I like Sirius' pov. I have to say, though, Remus' is still the funniest. :) Everyone always portrays him as the innocent smart, nice guy. I love the way you do it differently. :) haha...
Great chapter! Loved it, as always! :)

Author's Response: Isn't Remus just great? I wish I could meet a Remus in real life - wouldn't that be fun?

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Review #11, by the_marauders_rock 

4th December 2008:
hahahah I love Sirius so much!

Author's Response: Me too! :D

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Review #12, by rowenaravenclaw94 

9th November 2008:
alex is a tart! lol! that was a vocabulary word last year... i was reading of mice and men... curly's wife was called a tart. but really i think she just wanted human companionship. oh well. good job! 10/10! that was funny with remus and nymphadora...
-xoxo, rowenaravenclaw94

Author's Response: Yeah, isn't Alex a tart? Psh, stupid little chick.

Oh! I red Of Mice and Men a couple years ago! Not a big fan of the book, but the rubber glove comment really just set me off.

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Review #13, by fullmoontonightO 

6th October 2008:
sirius may not want to know what's going on, but i sure do! (gives puppy dog look) PLEASE?!

Author's Response: hehe . . . just use your imagination. :D

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Review #14, by siriuslyawesome 

6th October 2008:
all the reviews... its a tragedy
but you already know how much we all love this story

remus and dora... it was very rude of them to block the entrance to the kitchen there not the only ones with cravings

the return of the wicked wicked witch... loved the way sirius completely dismissed her

now anna should really reconsider this no snoging or dating this i mean poor sirius what will we do if he has to see her in a towel again

Author's Response: Remus and Dora should definetely reconsider where they meet. And there type of cravings can be satisfied in a far more private place.

If Sirius sees Anna again . . . Probably something along the lines of a cold shower for a very, very long time.

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Review #15, by Tara.Seanan 

6th October 2008:
Poor Sirius. If I didn't know better, I'd say Anna was doing it on purpose! :P Anyways, I can't wait for more! And I hope your AP class(es?) are going well, of course. 10/10 again!

Author's Response: I'm sure anyone but Anna would be doing it on purpose; she's far too oblivious.

AP classes are going sort well. Thanks for the well wishing. :)

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Review #16, by jazz 

5th October 2008:
another masterpiece if i may say so.. Your story is full of awesomness, and truly is the stuff of legends... :)

Author's Response: Wow. Definetely flying high from this review. Thank you mucho.

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Review #17, by Werewolf_love 

4th October 2008:
YEA!! Go Anna! ..and she did something to Alex didin't she? I'm would not be surprised. lol.
Good chapter. The Remus/Dora thing was halarious. And lol to Sirius. That is so funny how oblivious Anna is to everything. I kind of feel sorry for Sirius, by the way Anna acts!
So whats this whole new Anna plot line thingeee? Oh you mean a different fic? Well, tell us more when it comes out!! :D good job! Cant wait for more!

Author's Response: Yeah, she did do something to Alex. Just putting her in her place.

I agree with you; poor Sirius. The girl he likes is a total nutcase.

The new Anna plot line is a new story. More info's coming with the next chapter.

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Review #18, by ginnyweasley_potter 

4th October 2008:
i nearly cried when i found nothing as well, as school was being boring and i didn't want to go upstairs to get twilight. i swear, i spent all day. one of those days... reviewing. i had 15 reviews up, and they were bloody good ones. This was a good chapter, I love it when its in sirius's point of view.:D Loll. to much snogging. haha. got to be driving anna mad.

Author's Response: It's such a shame when all your hard work reviewing gets wasted; it's also a shame when an author looses their reviews.

Ooo! You're reading Twilight? Isn't it awesome!?

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Review #19, by allergictopink 

3rd October 2008:
lol, im glad you got another chapter from sirius' pov. it was really good, and i really hope you can update soon!

Author's Response: I love writing from Sirius' POV; he's got such an entertaining mind.

I will absolutely, postitively update within a week. If not, feel free to throw firecrackers at me. :D

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Review #20, by crazylily 

3rd October 2008:
awesome chapter.
they need to get together!

Author's Response: thank you!

all in good time, my friend... :D

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Review #21, by b 

3rd October 2008:
hey I forgot to ask!
Movies from the last chapter please?

Author's Response: The "Shenanigans" bit is from a movie called Super Troopers. If you're not turned off my a bit of crude humor (if you're reading this story then you're probably not) then I suggest you go watch it. Right now. Or ASAP. Whichever comes first.

The "Ai-ai-ai-ai" Sirius indian bit was from Pochahontas when the dude jumps out of the woods and John Smith and Pochahontas.

And the "This one time, at Hogwarts" was modeled after "This one time, at band camp" from American Pie. If you haven't seen that, do so.


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Review #22, by Sharryhanker 

3rd October 2008:
The song's Feeling This, not 'I Love All The Things You Do'

Author's Response: Oh, I know. I just used part of the lyrics as the chapter title. Thanks for pointing it out, though. :)

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Review #23, by thebakerwhowouldntcook 

3rd October 2008:
I almost cried when I saw the crash. The plane crash that is. I'm so glad Travis is alive, although I have to say I will definately miss Little Chris ='[

The site crash was scary too, though.

Anyway, great chapter! I love the ones from Sirius' POV.

And ooohhh new story? Can I guess Damon's viewon Anna? Or maybe Alex's...?

Eh. Whatever.

Peace out yo,


Author's Response: That looked like a scary crash. I read that Travis and DJ AM slid off the wing on fire, then put each other out. Scary stuff, man. I didn't even realize Little Chris died until a week after, when I read another article. I was completely shocked when I found out.

The new story is not from Alex's view, but someone who's got a similar perspective. . .

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Review #24, by MrsNorris17 

3rd October 2008:
so pleased there is a new chapter up!
happy happy happy :]
i do hope the chicken costume will be explained!
cant wait for the next one...
10/10 ! :D

Author's Response: Don't worry, Anna talks about her chicken costume next chapter. (Up next week, probably.)

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Review #25, by maraudermrs 

3rd October 2008:
k. my account got deleted twice, does that have anything to do with it? awsome chapter, as per us. hoping the new story wont put anna in a bad light-i like her!

Author's Response: Your account got deleted twice? Did it have something to do with the crash?

Well, a little more info on the story wouldn't hurt . . . Basically, the girl that's telling the story does not like Anna. At all. I think that whether or not you like Anna after this will depend on your own personality, and which character you can identify with more.

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