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Review #1, by MalfoyMannor 

17th April 2015:
I loved reading this :) it was so sweet, sad that it's over now since it was cute

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the story.

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Review #2, by Janine 

12th January 2015:
This was a great story, I enjoyed it very much!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

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Review #3, by tegan_h 

10th October 2014:

I just finished reading the entire The Unsinkable Series, including the shorter fictions, and just wanted to say congratulations on an incredible piece of writing.

Your ideas were original and interesting, whilst still conforming to canon, and I liked your lack of fear in the demise of key characters. The plot lines were fantastic, and your use of language was entertaining and established. So, thank you.

I was just wondering how one should being the post-hogwarts era stories (i.e. The Midnight Run Series and other stories about Johnny Lupin, etc)? I want to read them in the correct order to ensure a sense of continuity.

Thanks again!

Author's Response: Hi! Thank you so much, I'm really pleased to hear you liked the stories.

My Next Gen (Midnight series) goes chronologically:
A Weasley Christmas
Just Another Midnight Run
A Weirder Shade of Midnight
Sausages and Cookies
Next Midnight
Midnight Over Broadway
The New Pride of Portree
Johnny Lupin Goes to Hogwarts

I'm just finishing The New Pride of Portree, and the rest are complete. I hope you enjoy them! Thanks again for the lovely review.

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Review #4, by GryffindorSeeker4 

16th August 2013:
Fantastic story! You definitely deserve the awards it received! :) Thanks for the very helpful list in chronological order; I will be starting on "Fireworks" in the morning (rather after I wake up, since I couldn't stop reading and it's now 3:40 AM)
Sorry for not reviewing each chapter, but it seems a bit pointless for a completed work.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed the story. The list actually has one more - I wrote "Never There" (it's a Reid-POV one-shot) and forgot to add it here. It would come at the end, after Cherry Blossoms. Anyway, no problem, I appreciate every review, and thank you very much for reviewing the story!

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Review #5, by santosh 

4th August 2013:
Could you write about Molly and aurthers 7th year at Hogwarts and when they get married and have their first child?

Author's Response: I wrote about their 7th year in "What It's Worth" (see my author profile, it's a novel-length), and I have a novella about their wedding titled "Over the Anvil". I haven't written about Bill's birth. One of these days maybe! Thank you for reviewing, I'm glad you liked the story!

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Review #6, by marauderfan 

3rd June 2013:
I've just finished reading through the whole thing, and I loved it so much. I can certainly see why it won all those awards.

This is a great time period, too - amazing how much fluffier and happier things are when Voldemort isn't about to show up and throw a spanner in the works. What I really liked about this story is that it wasn't like a typical story with a climax and drama and stuff near the end - it felt a lot more like real life, just the progression of a happy relationship. And I loved the chapter titles, all lovey songs from that era :) Your writing is wonderful, and the characters were great. I don't think I can say enough how much I loved this fic! 500/10

Author's Response: Aw thank you so much! I really appreciate the kind words, and I'm glad you enjoyed the story. I hope you get a chance to check out the sequel novel and the rest of the Unsinkable story series :)

It is very fluffy in the pre-Voldy days. But this is just the beginning of his rise, so their 7th year is a lot darker. This story is extremely fluffy though. It was a lot of fun to write. I'm glad you didn't mind the slice-of-life style plot. It's a bit tacked together in this one, since I didn't originally intend it to be a novel-length and sort of made it up as I went along. The sequel is a lot more tightly plotted. I'm glad you liked the era songs! I spent way too much time finding lyrics and listening to music during the research process. And it was easier than thinking up chapter titles ;) Thank you for reviewing! :D

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Review #7, by patronus_charm 

18th March 2013:
The last chapter! Itís exciting to see that the conclusion of plot lines, then bittersweet as itís the end.

I thought it was a perfect way to end the story! Iím agreeing with Molly here about how it was still weird that Cecilia and Reid were kissing, even though I had wanted this to happen throughout, it was still rather shocking, but I loved it!

Then I liked the nod towards Thad, as it showed to Molly and us how much her year had changed, and how good it was that she gave the love potion to Thad, because if she didnít do that, she would never meet her love of her life. You can tell how happy he makes her, I think it was the part where she was talking about how he wanted to marry her, and that seemed to be the most obvious thing to me.

Even if the romantic mood was slightly ruined by Fabian and Gideon, I still loved their appearance! Their reactions were brilliant, and the ending wouldnít have been right if they hadnít featured in it. And of course the brief cameo from Frank was also great!

Then ending it Arthurís parents reactions was brilliant, and I loved how weepy his mum got, as it just made me laugh so much, and I could picture the scene so clearly.

Iím so glad that the review-a-thon was organised, because it gave me the push to read this book, and even if it did take a month and a half to finish reading it, Iíve enjoyed every second of it! Youíve made me have a new found love for Molly and Arthur, and made me view them in a different way, and made me realise that they did have a youth. I loved how you portrayed them here as it was just so natural and believable.

So thank you for this great read!

-Kiana :D

P.S. I will have to check out the rest of the Unsinkable seires soon, I just have a ton of exams coming up, so it will probably be after June but you will see me back:D

Author's Response:
You reviewed every single chapter of this story, thank you! I appreciate that so much, it really means a lot to me.

Reid and Cecilia being together creeps their friends out a bit haha. They'll get over it though, and in 7th year those two are still together (spoiler-ish there).

That's just what I was showing with the brief mention of Thad - Molly has really changed a lot over the year, and he was the beginning of her getting with the love of her life so though he wasn't for her, he certainly helped her out a lot, even if it was because she attempted to drug him. Sounds crazy when you phrase it that way but it's not inaccurate ;)

Gid & Fab had to ruin the schmoopiness. Probably for the best, things might get over the top without those two to tone it down. I'm so glad you liked them, and Frank's brief appearances. :D

Arthur's mum is one of my favorites. She's just so very silly, it's fun to write. Such a mama.

There was a review-a-thon? I didn't even realize it was why I got all these lovely reviews from you! Well that's awesome, thank you so much. And I'm super happy that I can introduce people to my favorite ship and maybe convert them to it too ;) I adore Molly/Arthur. They're so sweet. Thank you so much for all the kind words, and again for reviewing every chapter! You are a sweetheart. Thanks! I hope you do get a chance to read the rest of this series and that you enjoy it!

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Review #8, by Wistful 

4th February 2013:
I honestly never thought much about Arthur/Molly. I mean, yes, a little subconsciously, but I never really took that much time. I always had the idea of Molly being sweet sort of fabulous friend and Arthur being just loyal (again, didn't think much on this), but that was it really. As for their relationship, I pictured sort of the happily ever after golden couple that got hitched up fast due to coming war. So, when I read this, and I think it was perfect. Really. That would have been exactly what happened. That would be exactly how Molly would be, and exactly how Arthur would be, and it would all be exactly like that, and I'm not sure how I ever imagined otherwise. The way you write, its like you spun me into your reality. Reading through the chapters, I got so super attached to the characters. You just wrote them all to life, and you made them just so real.

So, I just want to squee at their relationship. It was like a real relationship. Started of the stranger things - a plan gone wrong. And even though Molly originally liked another bloke, at first he was somewhat cute, and then they were just *insertllotsalovehere* And its just Weasley. To me, the Weasley's have always been a family with so much love, and ti makes sense that Molly and Arthur would have the same sort of warm and fuzziness to it like their family to come. Every word just skipped to the next, and I found myself just adoring this. It just worked somehow. All the gears clicked together, and they have the kind of relationship with its bumps and its dead ends, but it all worked. Just like how your writing got these gears turning.

Molly/Arthur - just woah with writing it.

Author's Response: I think most people don't put as much thought into Molly/Arthur as I have ;) lol. Possibly this means I need a life. I really love them together, especially when they're young. They're just so cute. I'm so glad you liked how I wrote them as teenagers! I tried to keep them in character, keeping elements of their adult selves and putting them back to pre-parenting days.

Warm and fuzzies is definitely how this ship rolls. Molly and Arthur have such a solid relationship as grown-ups, even with so many kids and a lot of heartache and poverty, I think they had to have started with some serious true love.

Thank you so much for the kind review! I'm very happy to hear how well you liked the story. I hope you get a chance to read the rest of this series, and let me know what you think! :)

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Review #9, by MissMdsty 

17th January 2013:
Hello there!

I've been lurking around your Author's Page for quite some time, totally hooked on the "Midnight" series. I love Rose and Scorpius and today, I though why not try and read "The Unsinkable Molly Prewett" that everybody is talking about? That was several hours ago, I've been glued to my laptop.

First, I have to say that at one point my cheeks were hurting from all the smiling I did while reading. Molly and Arthur are so sweet together and you've captured that perfectly here. It's in tune with the years when they were young and the kind of education young people received back then.

Molly was bossy even then, which I loved, but you could see her maternal side when interacting with the people around her. As for Arthur, I fell in love with him. I would marry him in a heartbeat.

I'm off to read the rest of the series now and I'll be reviewing your stories soon!


Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you gave it a chance, and even more happy that you enjoyed it! Unsinkable was the first novel-length fanfic I wrote, and even though it's not perfect I'm still pretty proud of it. I tried to make it as canon and era-accurate as possible, especially as you said with the way young people were educated in the 1960s.

Thank you for reviewing, and I hope you like the rest of the series as well!

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Review #10, by pumpkinpasties 

26th December 2012:
Alright, I feel absolutely terrible for reading this whole story and not leaving a single review, but I had to keep going! This was fantastic. Really. THE best fanfiction I've ever read, hands down. It was cute but mature and funny in a silly but believable kind of way. Extremely well-written, I fully plan on reading every one of these spinoffs/sequals/prequals/whatever you would like to classify them as. Wonderful job, absolutely spectacular. I'd read this again if you didn't have more stories :D Made me fell all warm and fuzzy inside! 10/10 no doubt! :)

Author's Response: Oh wow, thank you so much! This review made my entire month :) Thank you for the kind words on my writing, it means a lot to me. I'm so pleased that you enjoyed the story, I hope you like the rest of the Unsinkable-verse as well. Thanks very much, I really appreciate the review!

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Review #11, by TenthWeasley 

16th November 2012:
It is distinctly odd to have finished reading this story, and to not have the option to click the little arrow to move forward to the next chapter! I sort of don't want to believe that I'm done.

But then again, you've got a lovely host of stories about these characters on your page, don't you? I do hope that it's not going to take me too long to get back to them, because I love this world. I love your Hogwarts, how you've managed to flesh it out and make it real, with so many creative characters and scenarios of your own imagination. That's still one of the most remarkable things about this story to me, just how real you made it (as far as the Potterverse goes, of course). I said it in an earlier review, but this is really one of the only fan fictions I can ever remember reading where I got that sense of reading the canon books, that magic aspect to everything. I can only imagine how hard you worked on this story, and it really, really shows. Just look at all the awards it's gotten!

And as far as the relationship goes, you have absolutely, completely, forever sold me on how wonderful Arthur/Molly is. ♥ I never really paid them too much consideration before, and just considered them one of those stable background ships -- but you brought them to life! Arthur is hands-down one of the best male main characters I've ever had the great fortune to read, and my goodness, I think every man in this world should be more like him. And Molly's so perfect for him, too; they really do complement each other very well. I love their personalities, and how you drew on canon facts to make them so wonderfully compliant, but also very much your own. And, of course, all their friends: Hattie's a dear, just a dear, and I can't help but love Reid, for all his cockiness. And Siobhan! Wonderful, sailor-mouthed Siobhan and her hundred boyfriends. :) These people feel almost like my friends. That is spectacular.

Very quickly -- another element I really liked that came into play in the last few chapters of the story was the war atmosphere that you were setting up. Often stories sort of like this one tend to remain content in their depiction of developing romance, but you reached out and extended yours beyond that. This was quite a tumultuous time in the wizarding world, and there's no getting around that; I have immense admiration for your balancing the two factors so aptly.

I'm very sorry that I couldn't end up leaving you a review on every chapter of this story. I know that you understand when life gets a bit busy, of course, although I still feel a bit guilty. But you should just know that I absolutely adored this story, and I'm so looking forward to diving back into this universe! I don't favorite a lot of stories; it takes a lot for me to add it to the list. This is one of those stories! ♥

Thank you for such a great read, and for taking me on this little journey. So, so glad I got the notion to read this! And I hope to be reviewing you again before too long, too!

Author's Response: I'm so sorry it took me so long to respond! I really have no good excuse, I just get bad about checking reviews during NaNo.

I am so glad that you liked this story! Thank you for sticking with the whole 39 chapters of this and for the beautiful reviews you left. I have adored reading all of them, and thank you so much for coming back and reviewing the last chapter.

I do have more stories on these characters! One-shots, and even a sequel novel. I hope you get a chance to read those and let me know what you think of them :)

Putting the stories really solidly into the Potterverse was one of the things I tried to do with this story, so I'm pleased to hear that you think I managed it. My obsession with canon accuracy is really well-known, I know, but there's not a lot of canon about this time period, so I had to extrapolate as best I could.

Yay another convert to the Arthur/Molly ship! I just adore them :) I'm always glad to sell someone else on them as a couple. They're just super awesome and sweet. I loved coming up with their circle of friends. I'm extremely fond of Hattie and Siobhan, so it makes me very happy when someone else loves them too ;) I have a soft spot for Reid too. And Petula and her Muggle horror/sci-fi books.

The atmosphere of the growing war with Voldy really develops in the sequel 7th year novel, "What It's Worth". It's a terrible time in the wizarding world in the late 60s and into the 70s, and it starts the set-up for Molly and Arthur's elopement. So I began it here, where they're getting older and becoming more aware of the world outside of school. It becomes inescapable in their next year.

It's totally fine, I understand - and your reviews are so amazing, I might be too overwhelmed to answer one on every chapter! Really, I greatly appreciate every review I receive :) They make me happy.

Thanks again for the review! It means a lot to me.

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Review #12, by bester_jester 

26th March 2012:
I'm a bit behind everyone when it comes to your writing, but wow - thank you for getting me through hours of boring lectures and classes! This is a brilliant story, your characters are perfect and the plot flows seamlessly. Love it

Author's Response: You're welcome *blushes* and thank you so much for the lovely review! I'm really glad you enjoyed the story.

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Review #13, by BeaJerry 

5th March 2012:
First of all. GIDEON AND FABIAN PREWETT!! THEY'RE SO AMAZING AND FUNNY AND THEY ARE JUST BASICALLY FRED AND GEORGE. You wrote them SO well oh wow, they had me cracking up in some places.
Secondly, Reid and Cecelia! They're so great together! I LOVE Reid; they kind of remind me of James and Lily, in a way. SO happy that they were snogging, they're one of my favourite canon couples on this site.
Thirdly, Molly and Arthur. So so so perfect, and it's incredible reading this and knowing that they DO marry, they DO have six sons and a girl, they have like a hundred grandchildren and that they survive both wars, still loving each other. I'm so glad I read this, it really opened up so many little Harry Potter spaces in the HP universe that I didn't think of! Judging by your author notes, you're married, right? Are you a full time author? PLEASE say that you are, you're so talented omg!
This is such a beautiful story- and I love the title! The Unsinkable Molly Brown is one of my favourite Broadway shows, and I loved her character in the Titanic movie haha.
-Bea xo

Author's Response: lol. I'm glad you liked it! I really had fun writing Gideon and Fabian. Twin boys are awesome :) And I say that cause I have a set of my own (currently trashing their room, which they are supposed to be cleaning).

Reid and Cecilia are a hoot, they're so crazy and it's kind of cracked me up how much everyone loves them. They're totally not PC at all. Both of them are jerks, in a lot of ways. Strangely, they work together though.

I really enjoy filling in the lesser-known corners of the HP world. I particularly love Molly and Arthur. I think they'll always be my favorite ship (I'm probably the only person who says that, but that's okay). They're just such a great couple. I loved writing their early years.

I am married, yes, over ten years now. I'm not really a full-time author, no - I'm a stay-at-home mom. So I write when the kids aren't in my face haha. Thank you so much for the compliment! I really appreciate it.

The title is a play off The Unsinkable Molly Brown - you know she was a real person! Always loved the movie and the Broadway musical. I have never seen Titanic, so can't speak for that.

Thanks very much for the wonderful review! It really made my day :)

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Review #14, by Moonyxluna 

26th December 2011:
I'm starting 'I Will Follow' right after I leave this review, then 'What It's Worth'.

I can't even begin to describe how much I loved this story. I fell in love with every one of your characters, no matter how small of parts they played. The detail you put in this is truly remarkable, I'm so glad I found this story. You are very talented!

I'd write more, but I'm dying to know how Cecilia finally gave in to Reid, so I have to go read it!

Author's Response: Please let me know what you think of the sequels! :)

I'm so glad you loved it, that really makes my day when someone says that. Especially when people like my OCs! Thank you so much for the lovely review, your kind words mean a lot to me :D

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Review #15, by Dark Marked 

1st July 2011:
This was amazing!! I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it :)

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Review #16, by Steph 

5th June 2011:
You are a truly gifted writer. This story was heartwarming and a delight to read. I adored every word, and am now off to read all the rest in chronological order. Thank you for dealing so beautifully with this beloved couple and their story. I loved it!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed the story, and I hope you like the rest of the Unsinkable series. Molly/Arthur is my favorite couple, so I'm please to hear you think I did them justice :) Thank you for the wonderful review!

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Review #17, by philly94 

24th May 2011:
Finally got around to finishing this, it was amazing! Now on to read the rest of the series!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I'm glad you liked it :)

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Review #18, by busybusybeta 

24th May 2011:
this really was a wonderful story. i'm so glad i found it. =)
and that is a LOT of stories that branched off of this one! hahahah, my eyes were probably as big as hatties when she saw cecilia and reid, as i read down the list of stories!
thank you for writing this. you really transported me back in time, and it was SO much fun. =D

Author's Response: It really is a lot - I really love these characters, and as long as readers still like them, I'll probably never be totally finished writing about them. I still have some Siobhan stories in my head. One day. Thank you so much for all your reviews, they really made my day - and I'm really glad that my writing could entertain you for a while :)

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Review #19, by TheWorldISee 

28th March 2011:
I'm sorry I didn't stop along the way to review, so hopefully I can make up for it in this one.

Such an AMAZING story! I love it!!! I'm a Dramoine fan and hardly ever stray from that in my reading of fan fiction, but I saw this story and it just sort of peaked my interests. Once I started reading that was it, I was hooked!! Where do I begin on the compliments...

First off, what wonderful idea for a story. I don't think much about the generation before Harry so it would have never occurred to me to even think about what Mr. and Mrs. Weasley were like before they were married. This story idea is so great, and you do such great things with it! I'm incredibly impressed by how well this story works with the series. I can honestly see these characters you've written growing up to become the beloved Mr. and Mrs. Weasley in the series. They are just enough like the characters we know and love, and yet there enough differences to see how they could have grown and matured into the parents Rowling created.

Your story is so amazingly rich. It's clear you've taken the necessary time and effort to think up all the surrounding characters, what kind of people they are, what motivates them, how they fit into the group and the story is all the better for it. What really strikes me is the names. You've come up with such wonderfully rich names that really fit in with the Potter series, making the story that much more believable. And all the ties that can be seen from Arthur and Molly's families to their future children, like Gideon and Fabian being little genius troublemakers, really ties in Fred and George.

I'm also so impressed by all your attention to the details, it's really the details that take a fan fiction from an entertaining story to an amazing piece of work that actually seems like it could have fit into the real series. For example, Arthur getting a watch on his coming of age, the impending doom that is settling in the wizarding world, Arthur's near-obsession with muggles and the gift of batteries from G & F, the apparation training and test, I could go on... all these little details are perfect. Lots of stories just take what is convenient for the story purposes and tie that in while leaving the rest of the details out because it doesn't work or the author just doesn't want to do the necessary work to get them in the story. But you've really gone the distance with this series.

Finally (not because I don't have more to say, but because I should wrap this up) I was OVERJOYED when I reached the end of this story to discover that you've made so many sequels! I was having a bittersweet thing going on as I neared the end, but now that I know there is so much more to read I am going to have to go do that right this very moment! So I will end my review here, and attempt to leave at least a couple more when I go onto the other stories, but I get so caught up in the story I can make no guarantees. Absolutely wonderful job on this entire story. A 10/10 if I ever saw one!

Author's Response: Wow! What a wonderful review! I'm left rather speechless. Thank you so much!

I've noticed that not a lot of people write about young Molly and Arthur. To date, I am the only one on the archive to write a completed novel about their school days and burgeoning relationship (and then I wrote a sequel novel and novella so I've REALLY covered them more). I don't really get it, as I adore them, but hey, I'm glad people have enjoyed my stories. I had a great time writing the Unsinkable series, and it makes me so happy to hear someone has read and loved it.

Characters and dialogue are my favorite parts of writing, I must say. I'm not a huge fan of description, dislike flowery styles, and I prefer character-driven plots. I was hoping to make a circle of friends for Molly and Arthur that really blend well together while still all being their own people. Hopefully I've managed it.

I'm a little compulsive about canon details, so I threw them in whenever I could. I'm glad you liked it! I had fun explaining bits of canon with this too - the Prewett brothers and the damaged staircase, etc...

Thank you so much for reviewing! I loved reading it. I'm sorry I didn't answer earlier, have been out of town.

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Review #20, by hufflypuff 

6th March 2011:
just found this story yesterday, and have been reading almost non-stop. I love all the oc's, especially siobhan and (wierdly) thaddeus and roddy - even the characters we only see now and again are really well fleshed out. Molly and Arthur are sooo sweet, and very in character. Just amazing all the way through. 10/10! (oh, and i'll definatly be reading the sequels, the hattie one sounds good, shes someone id like to know a bit more about :) and this is the longest review that i've ever left!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Wow, I'm glad you like it so much. :) Yay! I'm pretty fond of my OCs, even the minor ones like Thad and Roddy, so I'm always glad to hear a reader like them too. Please let me know how you like the other stories of the Unsinkable-verse when you read them! Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #21, by A.A.B. 

27th December 2010:
This was absolutely adorable! To be quite honest, it is one of the best fanfictions I have read :) Off to read the next! Ok, well maybe some sleep first... then work... but I'll definitely be thinking about Arthur and Molly all day. Thank you for sharing!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you very much! There's quite a bit still left in the Unsinkable series, so do get some sleep :) I hope you continue reading! Thank you for the lovely review!

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Review #22, by X-raylady 

7th October 2010:
Wow, this is a very detailed story. And very well-written too! Congratulations!

Author's Response: Thank you! I hope you liked it :)

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Review #23, by _Leo_ 

30th September 2010:
You know those books you just can't stop reading? Where you stay up way past the sensible time to finish?

I had that with your story and I'm looking forward to dive into the sequels :)

Author's Response: Aw thank you so much! I know exactly what you mean, I've read many books like that. It's a huge honor that you felt that way about this story. Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #24, by michali 

6th September 2010:
i just want to tell you that this is the best fanfic i have ever read. its so well written and it really seems to show how arthur and molly would have been.
thankyou for writing this

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the wonderful review! I'm very pleased that you liked it so well.

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Review #25, by Aidenk77 

31st August 2010:
This was such a fantastic story, I enjoyed it so much.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you liked it :)

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