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Review #1, by someone___1 

14th November 2012:
It seems like Marvolo was killed by a killing curse.. But who did it and why would they do it? O.O

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Review #2, by itsmidnighthere 

12th July 2009:
This is actually my favorite chapter, you are a good writer// :D

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm glad you liked this chapter, it was one of my favorites to write.

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Review #3, by Harry_Potter_Mom 

8th March 2009:
Oh Jules... he really does care about her! I did not see that coming and it's so redeeming!!! I just want him to rush to her side and beg for the potion...

Bethe was so brave to actually tell him that she had brewed the potion... wow!

I'm really curious at to the 'wispy, ghost-like man' helping Merope while she was sick. Interesting...

Again, another wonderful chapter and I'm leaving a terribly short review simply to rush off to the next one... :)

Author's Response: He does, he does!! He's not completely heartless :) Although I want it a little ambiguous as to whether he's *in love* with her or whether the potion is still wearing off. I think it would be so meaningful if the potion never really left a person's body even after they stopped taking it. It's an extremely powerful potion ... I wanted it to be even stronger than Amortentia because this one is binding forever.

Yeah the wispy ghost-like man shall be explained! He has been living inside the locket all this time.

Thanks love!

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Review #4, by rosie_sirius93 

22nd January 2009:
That was so sad and absolutely heartbreaking! I feel so sorry for Merope! I like how you have Bethe convincing Tom to consider going back to her, even though I'm pretty sure it won't happen which makes it even more sad! And the part with the locket is very clever also, having it talk to her about carrying the 'dark prince to come'

Another brilliant chapter (of course, you are a brilliant writer after all)!

Author's Response: Glad you liked Bethe's conversation with Tom! I felt that it would be interesting to throw these two characters together, seeing as how they had each loved Merope in their own special way. And Merope finally discovered her pregnancy thanks to the locket, but what will happen afterward is still a mystery to her...

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Review #5, by Unwritten Curse 

16th December 2008:
How heartbreaking. I feel terrible for Merope now. But I also feel terrible for Tom. It's a sad story all around, for everyone involved. And the rain was a nice touch. It made everything seem real to me, I can't explain why. I could just see Merope kneeling in the wet grass, watching Tom's carraige ride away. What a powerfully emotional scene.

I wasn't expecting Tom's reaction to Bethe's suggestion! I'm so proud of him. Haha. He feels bad for leaving her alone, and he should. Your characters are so well-created. They are alive, I swear. They are all so painfully human, it's astounding! I want him to go back to Ireland so badly. His home doesn't feel like his home anymore, and it's understandable - so he should go back! I'm rooting for them to at least reconcile. Bethe is right - they can stay married friends. I don't expect him to go back under the love potion, but if he does... Wow. Good for him. Ignorance is bliss, right? When he didn't care about what he had left behind and just concentrated on his love for Merope, he was so happy. Ah, I love this story! Unfortunately I have to stop for now, but I'll be back later to finish it.

10/10 again. You more than deserved those Dobby's. You are one of the best writers I have come across on HPFF, and I have no doubt that you can succeed in this industry if you only got out there and tried. [: Do yourself - and me - a favor, and get a book published.

Author's Response: *sniffle* I'm tearing up now - you're giving me too much praise, far more than I deserve. It's been a pleasure to write this and it's been even more rewarding to know that people have enjoyed it! I dream of being published and right now, I am concentrating on being as realistic as I can about the industry. It's cutthroat and cruel and merciless, and I need to build up a thick skin before I send one of my "babies" out to be chopped up by publishers - but it's been one of my dreams since I was a kid, and I promise you I will give it a try. Your encouragement means so much to me :)

You're not the first to mention that the scene in the rain seemed realistic :) I'm really happy that you and others could picture that happening, because when I wrote it, I could literally hear the rain in my head. (Maybe it was raining when I wrote it. I don't know LOL but it was inspiring!)

I had always intended from the very start of this story to have Tom return to Merope. Canon says that he leaves her, but I wanted him to come back - I wanted the after-effects of the love potion, mixed with his own confused feelings, to be so irresistible that he would be drawn back to her. A part of him always knew that going back to his parents would never make him happy, you know? Not after this love that he has experienced - even though it wasn't real, it was more real than anything he had ever felt.

I'm still glowing from your kind words, thank you so much dear!

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Review #6, by Tor Petty 

29th October 2008:
'Allo! It's me again. :)

It's so unique how you made the love potion addictive - I've never seen it portrayed that way before!

Malopey. Remopey. XD

Now I understand what you mean about the locket. Kniving. Ugh! But so omniscient!

Ah! Bethe is so good to Merope, talking to Tom about things. Wow, great chapter.

Author's Response: Hey Tor! Yes, the way I see it, the love potion is a drug and drugs are addicting ... once Tom starts drinking it, he craves it if he doesn't have it. It's kind of weird how Merope gets addicted to it as well, even though she's never tasted a drop. It is one powerful potion!

Haha ... yeah the locket is the old creep of this story. Very, very omniscient, but it will make sense why it knows so many things as you continue reading.

Thanks for your review!!

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Review #7, by sazel_c 

27th October 2008:
Oh my gosh, this could still end happily, I hated the way the marraige was shattered in the actual books, I really love this. It's brilliant. I'm gonna finish it in one sitting!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much for reading all of it at once! :) Hope you'll enjoy the end...

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Review #8, by onestop_hpfan18 

26th October 2008:
Hey, I guess I forget to re-review this chapter when I was re-reviewing the chapters that my reviews were lost on. I thought you did a great job with the fight between Merope and Tom when she told him about the love potion she'd been feeding him. You made it very realistic that at first he'd be confused before he believed her.

And I enjoyed the conversation between Bethe and Tom. Bethe really is a good friend, putting Merope's feelings first as she tries to convince Tom to give Merope a chance as she really did mean well even if she did trick him into falling in love with him.

Well, Merope knows she's pregnant now and I thought it you did a great job of having the locket be the one to tell her. I'm off to read the next chapter. I really have fallen behind on this story, especially since you've completed it now. I've just been so busy but now I have the afternoon off until I have to be at work tonight and I'm going to at least read ch. 16. 10/10

Author's Response: Hey Leslie! You're wonderful for coming back to leave these reviews again, thank you SO much and I'm sorry my responses have taken such a long time! :)

I'm so glad you liked the fight between Tom and Merope. I thought that was one of the hardest parts of the story to write because I wanted it to be emotional and believable, rather than melodramatic or the guy-leaves-girl-breakup cliche type of scene. I think it would make sense that he wouldn't believe her right away, both because of the effects of the potion and because it's just so incredibly unreal!

Bethe is a really good friend - she did really care about Merope and she knows that even though things didn't seem to work out between her and Tom, the two of them need to sort it out together...

The locket is all about baby Tom, it's been keeping tabs on everything since the beginning. The only reason it ever cared about Merope is because of that baby.

Thanks a million for your review!! *huggles*

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Review #9, by savagebeginnings 

25th October 2008:
Why hello again! This has got to be my favorite chapter so far! I just loved it! Not only did we get to see the beginnings of our favorite evil man, but we also see that Tom still cares for Merope in a way! It was so perfect! Also, we got to see Tom's understandably angry side when he found out what Merope did to him! I love all the stuff that Tom is going through and I love that you wrote the beginning part of this chapter from his point of view so that we can see all that he had experienced while under the potion. For most of the time we only got to see things through Merope's point of view so I'm glad we got to see Tom again!

I absolutely adored the confrontation between Tom and Bethe! We didn't get to see much interaction between them and I loved the tension! I found one little mistake though:

Weren't you supposed to in Ireland? - I think that there is supposed to be a 'be' between 'to' and 'in'.

Other than that little part, it was perfect! Overall, I L-O-V-E-D it!

Author's Response: Oooh thanks for catching that mistake! Yes there is supposed to be a "be" there, silly me...

HA I love the way you put that - the beginnings of our favorite evil man! Yes he is there and not just a twinkle in Tom Sr.'s eye anymore. I'm glad that you liked reading his point of view at the beginning of the chapter ... I thought it would be neat to see him coming fully off the love potion and to see what goes on in his head.

Thrilled that you liked the conversation between him and Bethe as well! Someone needed to give him a kick in the butt!

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Review #10, by chiQs09 

22nd October 2008:
I wish there was an alternate ending...you should consider writing a one-shot where Tom and Merope end up together! :D :D

The part where Merope was proving him that she had indeed "bewitched him with a spell", but in this case with a potion, was amazingly written! (Everything is amazing, actually, but that part was especially my fave!) I love it! I could almost imagine what the potion tastes like, and what it does, how it feels like...

It's creepy when the locket helped her to survive. It actually cared for her so that she could give birth to the Slytherin heir.

The conversation between Tom and Bethe... WOW! I hope he'll listen to her. I like her suggestion! :D

Author's Response: Hahaha a one-shot? Maybe!! I'll think about it, maybe I'll write it as a Christmas present to you and all of the other kind readers who have rooted for Tom/Merope despite knowing the tragic ending of the story. :) It'll be fun, anyway!

Yes, I liked writing the part about Merope proving that the potion was bewitching. I think it was really important that Tom realize exactly what was going on before he left - after all, in canon, he was purported to have left his wife because of her magic.

The locket has its ulterior motive and you have just named it - its ultimate goal is to foster the safe birth of the Slytherin heir. Creeptastic!

Glad you liked Tom and Bethe's conversation! We'll see if he listens to her or not...

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Review #11, by Billion 

20th October 2008:
So the mysterious man who came from the locket was...Salazar himself...perhaps? Hm...very intriguing. Will we find out more about the locket?

The quote at the beginning of the chapter is fantastic - where do you find these quotes that go so well with the chapters?

I'm glad that you included Tom's perspective in this. He's much more well rounded than how's he's presented in canon and likeable and unlikeable at the same time. He must be pretty miserable if he actually contemplated going under the potion again. It makes me wonder how things would have turned out if Merope had not given him the potion and let things take their natural course. But then again the wedding was in November so perhaps there wouldn't have been enough time.

So off I go now to read the last chapter! :D

Author's Response: Hmm that is a very good guess about the locket! The answer will become very clear within the next few chapters but your head is in the right place - there's something odd about this locket and it's not quite what it appears to be.

I've gotten so many questions about the quotes :) All I do is think about the theme of my chapter and go visit my good friend Google. It's amazing what you can find on this search engine! Thinkexist is a good site for quotes, as well as quotations dot com. Mostly I Google the specific type I want, "love quotes," "hate quotes," etc.

I'm glad I included Tom Senior, too. I thought he deserved some of the spotlight since, after all, Voldemort is half of him too. Plus he is the victim of the love potion and I wanted to explore exactly what it does to a person, how it works, etc.

Yes it makes me wonder too ... I suppose it's open to interpretation, although I believe Tom would have married Cecilia if it had not been for the love potion. He has some class issues that might have stood in the way between him and Merope.

Thanks Billion! I hope you like the last chapter! :)

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Review #12, by Labby 

13th October 2008:
I'm glad Tom's thinking about seeing Merope again. At least there's a bit of friendship there, and it shows that Tom's not a horrible man. He isn't nice, but he's not horrible and he can't get that image of Merope out of his head or else he would have annuled the marriage already. It's interesting that he showed up to see her father's grave. I know she probably wouldn't care about it, but it shows something that he's there. Oh, and Ralph acted pretty good there, killing him, and making it seem like starvation. Starvation definitely makes sense, but not with Ralph's intentions. I'm really looking forward to seeing what Tom decides to do and if Merope joins him on visiting Merope. I'm getting afraid that they won't or that they won't ever find her because of what happens in the book. Unless there's going to be some type of fight between them. Anyway, gret chapter and I'm looking forward to more!

Author's Response: I agree - I never thought of Tom as a horrible man. In canon the townspeople and Dumbledore all talk of him as being this cruel villain who abandoned his wife. But what about Tom's feelings? Someone tricked him into marrying her, someone stole him from his life - and that someone happened to be a witch! I personally don't blame him for freaking out and leaving. But I liked the idea of having him still harbor some lingering feelings for Merope.

Yes, I didn't know I wanted Marvolo to be murdered until the chapter before this! In canon I think we're supposed to believe that he died of neglect and starvation, not being able to care for himself when he came back from Azkaban to find his daughter gone, but I think it's only right to dole out justice for him and have him killed by his wife's son.

So glad you liked this and thank you a million times for coming back to review, dear :) I'm so happy to have your wonderful feedback again. *huggles*

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Review #13, by shadowycorner 

12th October 2008:
No, no, no! My heart is broken. And...I'm speechless. I don't know what to say at all! So, let's just create a whole lot of bitterness with this almost happy ending and torture my heart. It's absolutely perfect how even though we all know the basic story line, the ending and everything, this story is never predictable. It never was. Just when I thought I knew and understood everything, you shocked me and brought in something new and fascinating. That makes you a very talented author. A real, universally talented writer. Because you don't only nail the characters and write beautifully, description, dialogue or anything...you are a master of plots and I'm seriously considering breaking into your head to borrow a fraction of this brilliance. Amazing ideas, perfectly executed and now I'm hating myself for these pathetic over-used adjectives. It's far too late for me to be more eloquent.

The moment the locket told Merope of her son...I swear I trembled. Actually TREMBLED! And the figure standing by her bed...it seemed like some sort of ghost of Slytherin himself. Also the bit before that when for a brief moment Merope thought Tom left the money because he would be returning. Don't we all get these ludicrous ideas even when we know all is over?

I cannot even describe how gorgeous, heartbreaking and powerful the Bethe-Tom scene was. That side of Tom...I still can't believe how you made his character to be, how you strayed from the one-dimensional way of portraying not only him but everyone else from this canon. You went completely past the one-dimensional and created and entire Torope universe. I love that he is not shallow and that he remembers Merope not only in bad light. But I feel it's too late now. Still, though, the very notion of Tom actually considering giving Merope a chance, whatever its character, makes me weep inside because I know it won't work out. That's all I can say. I wish I could elaborate more, but know that I loved this and enjoyed reading it as much as ever. I planned only one chapter tonight, and look at me! Your story really is addicting. The prose won't let me abandon it until I'm finished. And you're brilliant.


PS: Ah, good times...the chapter title reminds me of Lord of the Rings. :) *huggles*

Author's Response: Sh! I totally stole that title from LOTR. *sheepish grin* (I forgot to credit Tolkien. Sorry Mr. Tolkien!) I was listening to the soundtrack and that song came up on Shuffle right as I was trying to think of a good chapter title. It was like fate!

Again, you are much, much too kind - I'm getting spoiled by your wonderful reviews. I don't know what you're talking about, since you're overflowing with talent (you need to keep writing Memory Dust, by the way - I'm dying to see what happens next). I can't think of many better compliments than to have you say my story is unpredictable! My first goal in writing "Give Up This Fight" was to satisfy myself. My second goal was to entertain. My third was to be as completely original as possible while sticking to canon. I can only hope I fulfilled the last two goals but I'm so proud that you liked the twists and turns!

Mmmhmm... Mr. Slytherin always has a few things to say and they're usually of the greatest importance. Learning about the child to come was almost a punch in the face to Merope. What a piece of news to knock her over with!

HAHAHA! Torope! Love it, I'm so using that term now. I'm so happy that you like the Bethe-Tom scene and Tom's character. I feel bad for this poor man and I'm not sure if he will ever recover from this...

Thank you again and again for leaving me these fabulous reviews. You've made my entire week. *huggles* I can't tell you how grateful I am to hear that you've enjoyed this.

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Review #14, by Bella_Portia 

11th October 2008:
I think I've reviewed every chapter up till this one. Unfortunately, the evidence has disappeared. Computers are inconstant servants . . .

This is a beautifully written chapter. The dialogue flows, and the pathos of Merope's situation comes right through. I felt for her, even though she was a very bad girl. I think the experience of being in love, and having it go badly, is near-universal; and so this part of her story -- of having it finally come to a head, to face up to telling the truth, and to endure Tom's inevitable rejection -- just resonates with a lot readers' experience. Female readers old enough to be reading it, anyway.

I don't know if I've said it before, but: the idea of treating a love potion like a drug to which one becomes addicted, from which one suffers withdrawal symptoms, is unique, brilliant and totally logical. It made me think of the old Lee Hazelwood/Nancy Sinatra song "Summer Wine" (a country song about a cowboy who meets a witch -- the word is never used, but that's what she is -- who offers him "summer wine." When he wakes up the next day, all his valuables are gone, he has a hangover the size of Texas and, most significantly, the woman "left me cravin for more summer wine." True, the poor man in the song was dehydrated; but the point is, it was a potion, not regular wine, and he wanted more.

I went into so much detail (too much!) because I can't think of another instance this detail, which is really intelligent and well thought out, being used.

In the first scene, the dialogue was excellent -- it flowed. And shallow, vain Tom turned out to be a better man than he ever got much credit it for being.

In the next scene, where Tom returns to get his stuff, as I said, I really felt for Merope. The POV aspect was interesting. Merope reflected that she was seeing the "real" Tom as he coldly through his belongings into a bag and told her to contact his attorney, that they were over. From my viewpoint (and I think you did Tom in that scene really well), I thought his behavior was totally understandable. He was responding to a shock (to some degree physical as well as mental and emotional), and was trying to protect himself by avoiding contact with Merope. The only surprise was that he went in at all and did not send a servant to get his things, and leave a letter with the necessary information. It seemed clear to me that he was an injured man.

The scene with the Village People was lovely, as always. They are like a Greek chorus (well, sort of) to this tale.
Remopey, indeed. The poor man's mother is a clueless thing.

The following scene is brilliant, a ghost story. It suggests that dear Voldemort was nurtured in utero by Slytherin himself. These weird suggestions that physical things, like washcloths and cups of soup, were the product of some ghost realm -- I loved that.

Ah, that last section. It would give me reason to hope for a happy ending -- if I didn't already know how it played out.

Thank you for another lovely chapter.

Author's Response: Bella, your reviews knock me over every single time. I don't deserve such praise from a writer like you!!

I really wish I had used that Frank Sinatra song because it sounds absolutely perfect ... almost as perfect as the Bonnie Raitt song I did use. "Summer wine" is exactly what the love potion is. I wanted to go in depth about Tom and Merope's story and I wanted the love potion in my story to be much more complicated than just a simple stop-drinking-it-stop-loving type of potion. It is definitely a drug. Tom's ingesting it into his system and it's affecting his brain - it won't go away and it may never go away, since he's been sucking it down for almost half a year.

Yes, that was the "real" Tom who packed his belongings and left her - but who is the "real" Tom? Is he ever coming back? I think the answer is no - he'll never be the way he was before he fell in love with Merope. He's been changed permanently and these mixed feelings he still has for her might be what's left of the potion - or they might be his true feelings. I thought about having him send a servant but I wanted him to see her again, just before he left.

You were one of the first who guessed about Slytherin! More on that coming soon. :)

Thanks so much, Bella - I appreciate you coming back to review this. I miss all of the ones that were lost but that's life, I suppose! :)

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Review #15, by Potterholic 

9th October 2008:
Aww, canít believe this is almost over. =/ But I do love this chapter. I love how you looked at it through Tomís PoV at first, and how you portrayed him was wonderful, and his conversation with Bethe was probably my favourite part of the chapter. It made me look at him in a different light. ^_^ Iím really looking forward to read that final chapter. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: I know, I'm going to work on Chapter 16 this weekend and the epilogue, and then it will really be over. So crazy! Glad you liked hearing from Tom's POV, I thought it would be especially interesting since he is the victim of the love potion. Thank you so much for your reviews, my dear! I'm thrilled that you still like the story and I hope you'll enjoy the end of it!

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Review #16, by Marie 

1st October 2008:
Wow, that was great but I'm sad it's almost over!!! keep on writing, I'll be expecting the next chapter.10/10

Author's Response: Thanks Marie! I'm sad it's almost over too. Hope you'll enjoy the rest of it!

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