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Review #1, by Abhorsen 

26th November 2010:
I guess this will have to be the last chapter I read tonight. I just wanted to let you know that I have really enjoyed this story so far. From scene to scene you bring so much to the dialogue, the characterization and the plot's development that it has been a charming and easy read so far. Thank you for that.

In this chapter, I really liked Daphne's scene. I guess she doesn't realize yet that her goose is cooked if she turns up pregnant with another man's child. I hope that's the way it works out, anyway.

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Review #2, by Ardeel 

30th December 2009:
I really like your story so far. But I don't care for your Ginny character, it doesn't seem very in canon at all. I can't imagine her being this loveless party girl. All other characters feel very in canon it just seems like Ginny was given a random personality so we wouldn't like her lol when she's much more pleasant in canon I think at least.

But I'm glad Hermione finally talked to Draco; the only thing was she mentioned how he had the right to be angry then later in the paragraphs she blows up for him being angry so that was a bit hypicritical lol.

Good chapter though! =)

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Review #3, by erfesdjfbsidthgsedthb 

24th September 2009:
'aye' and 'lass' are scottish, not irish.

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Review #4, by Mrs Padfoot 

3rd September 2009:
Awww draco is so awesome! Although I think that Ginny would not be finding the death of Fred more difficult that George

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Review #5, by siriusgirl1 

3rd September 2009:
This story has captured my mind. It is one of the only Dramione ones that I've found palusible, and it's especially nice to have one where they're realistic and not Heads who find themselves in a pitiful cycle of lust. Great job, and I look forward to reading more! 10/10


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Review #6, by WeCunningFolksUseAnyMeans 

7th April 2009:
i love draco. lovelovelovelovelove. end of story. .lol haaa. as for the weasleys,, they need to take a better look at physotic ron!!!

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Review #7, by Chipmunk 

25th March 2009:
You are one good author ^_^

Author's Response: Lol, thanks again :)

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Review #8, by Katielynn 

1st February 2009:
Perhaps I made a mistake - line, made me grin. Widely. : ): ): ): )

llav malfoy :)

i promise, if i stop reading this tonight and continue during human hours -i.e not midnight - the reviews will be much, much better

ill even try to make myself seem more intelligent with large, smart words ;)

Author's Response: I'm glad that you liked it and don't read too late. I wouldn't want you to strain yourself because trust me, I have done it. I started reading a story at 10pm - stupid, I know - and had to continue on until I finished it a 2 in the morning.

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Review #9, by dumbho 

15th January 2009:
aw, ginny.
poor girl.
i am going to be so upset when i finally get through with chapter 13.
I really do hope you are updating soon.

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Review #10, by Spicky 

14th December 2008:
really good!!!
love the story!!!(as ever)

Author's Response: Thanks :)

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Review #11, by silencechaser 

13th November 2008:
Yumminess...Love it..

Author's Response: Lol, thanks :)

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Review #12, by Veela_is_me 

31st October 2008:
so THATS what happened to ginny
i feel sorry for, i think she and harry deserve each other.

daphne is a coniving little slytherin isn't she! going behind dracos back, to give him an heir. tut tut

whats going to happen to ron??

Author's Response: I thought that I had to explain what happened to Ginny and why she and Harry weren't together. I agree to some degree that they deserve each other, but I'm not a big fan of the redhead.

Daphne is conniving, that's for sure. I had to have an antagonist in the story, one without redeeming qualities.

Glad you like the story!

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Review #13, by Christy86 

9th October 2008:
update soon can't waitfor more chapters

Author's Response: I will try to update soon, I promise.

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Review #14, by Lalalunaland 

7th October 2008:
Please update soon!!! Your story is so well written, it is REALYY enjoyable to read and I can't wait to see what happens next!

Author's Response: Within the week, I promise.

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Review #15, by Lemon Juice 

7th October 2008:
This is a lovely story. Not at all what I normally read, but you have just done this absolutely flawlessly. I can't wait to see what else you have for us.

Author's Response: Thank You

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Review #16, by Anastasia 

7th October 2008:
This has to be my most favourite story on the entire site. I love how complex and interesting you make the characters, sometimes even more so than the books. I really like your portrayal of Draco. I am a huge Dramione reader and writer, and I have to say that although I get a tad annoyed with you for not having Hermione and Draco together, I am eternally hooked. I also like how your interpretation of Ron lets me hate him and not feel bad for hating him. As sometimes, I despise that he is standing in the way of Hermione and Draco being together but the author portrays him in such a way that I feel bad for him. On that same note, I am not finding myself hating you for keeping Ron and Hermione together; some authors tag their stories as Dramiones, create this huge build up of tension between Hermione and Draco and then wind up having Hermione stay with Ron. Which usually ticks me off. But I have to say that although you haven't put Hermione and Draco together yet, and you haven't removed Ron from the picture, you haven't ticked me off yet either. That said, if your ending has her staying with Ron and leaving Draco to suffer with Daphne I will throw things! The only thing I could say about this story that isn't good is that it just doesn't get updated fast enough!!! Love it, love it, love it!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review, and I promise, Hermione won't end up with Ron. I think I'd shoot myself before I did that...

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Review #17, by artgirl 

6th October 2008:
I love this story it is amazing...
please post a new chapter really soon...

Author's Response: I might post one today, I'm not sure yet. You'll have to wait and see!

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Review #18, by Gypsy_Girl 

6th October 2008:
Ah, I can't wait for the next chapter, this story is so awesome!

Author's Response: The next chapter will be up soon, I promise.

Thank you for your reviews!

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Review #19, by Lauren 

5th October 2008:
no! i want more! lol well i guess ill have to keep checking back. good luck finishing the story!! =D awesome job so far.

Author's Response: Thanks :)

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Review #20, by _Martha_ 

5th October 2008:
It really sucks that you lost all of those review :( I bet you were upset, i was when i lost mine at least.
But i hope you know there are still lots of people who love your story =D
You're an amazing author. Seriously. I just love this story!
I can't wait for the next chapter ^O^ Please update soon!
10/10 (You can't give any higher or else i would have ;D)

Author's Response: I was upset, I'll admit. I sat there looking at the computor screen for ages thinking "how can I go from 300-something reviews to seventeen!"

Thank you so much for the reassurance, it means a lot. I'm honest enough to admit that I was worried because a lot of people told me that they started reading the story because they were intrigued by the number of reviews it had.

The next chapter will be up soon, I promise.

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Review #21, by VEWHogwarts 

5th October 2008:
I have a question. you only have nine chapters right? it keeps saying your publishing chapters and im so confused cause ive already read all your chapters and i cant wait for the new chapters to come.!

Author's Response: I'm editting the chapters, so they appear as updates. Sorry for the confusion and I promise a new chapter is on the horizon.

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Review #22, by lily rose potter 

5th October 2008:
I wonder what Molly will say when she learns the truth!

Author's Response: I can tell you that her reaction won't be pretty...

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Review #23, by alannalove2009 

4th October 2008:
wow!! i hope ron doesnt getg into too much trouble!! but it is so sweet how rosie just runs to hermione!!

Author's Response: Well, Rose is only a little girl. She knows Hermione was hurt and she hasn't been able to hug her for three days - I'd say any child would react that way.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #24, by HeatherK. 

4th October 2008:
You are an excellent author...keep writing. You have me on the edge of my seat!!

Author's Response: Thank You *blushes*

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Review #25, by hermioneism 

4th October 2008:
I love this story; I think I have read it on another site but seeing as how I lost my profile and all reviews/favorites etc, I had posted on this site because of the server crash, I thought it worth mentioning again that this is a fantastic story. :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I lost so much from the crash, so it's good to hear that people will still read this story despite the dramatic decline in reviews.

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