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Review #1, by BellaCamille 

1st November 2011:
So glad Anna's finally figured it out. Even though I kinda loved Darren. At least he sticks around, even if he's not screwing Anna anymore. (:

Author's Response: Hehe. Funny how I originally planned to cute him out. He just wouldn't have it though, he wanted to come back. lol

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Review #2, by kassandra466 

9th May 2010:
omg!!! for a second there i thought that she was going to like yell at him, sadly i was wrong, still not to fond of darren!!

Author's Response: Is he a little less horrible at least?

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Review #3, by dark_angel_14 

29th September 2009:
I LOVE IT!!! I realized that I say that a lot...and would try to say something else but I really don't want to have to consult a thesaurus every time i wish to comment...so I'm just going to tell you if I loved it or hated it (the latter of which will probably never happen


Author's Response: Haha, well thank you for informing me of the love! :D

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Review #4, by dark_angel_14 

15th July 2009:
you know...I always seem to forget Anna's not 7...
but I loved this chapter...as I have loved every one...I just assume you know that...


Author's Response: Haha, sometimes it's hard to remember that she's 16.

This was one of my favorite chapters to write, if I can remember correctly. :D I think I just like writing about Darren.

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Review #5, by Queen_of_Stars 

29th June 2009:
very interesting chapter... poor Darren? He seems more than a little confused... but he's managed to sum up his confusion... lol

Author's Response: Yeah, Darren's a little confused . . . Hmm I feel like I've answered a few of these reviews before . . .

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Review #6, by GrayLady 

22nd June 2009:
What's wrong with singing Christmas songs on the first of December? My friend and I were singing Christmas songs just a few weeks ago. Wizard rock Christmas songs, but Christmas songs nonetheless.

I wish we got snow regularly where I lived. But, alas, the last time south Texas had measurable snowfall was Christmas 2004. So pretty outside. But I couldn't even have a snowball fight because no one would have one with me.

Darren brought up the magical idea (commitment), so THEY'RE over. I'll take him!


Author's Response: I love Christmas songs anytime within a month before Christmas. Too much before and it's teasing, and anytime after it's depressing.

I love snow! It's fantastic! Here in NY, we get quite a bit. I wish I lived a bit farther North, though, as they get more. We usually get it then have it melt a few days later. Only to get it again. Ooo, Texas . . . I've always wanted to go there.

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Review #7, by Lillylover22 

13th June 2009:
haha!! i love the snowball fight!! 9/10 =]

Author's Response: As much as I love summer, I wish it was winter now so I could have one . . .

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Review #8, by hogwarts_author_cs 

5th January 2009:
Yay! good chapter! Anna really isn't good at keeping relationships, is she?? :) I really should do my math homework... but I don't want to (even though I love math), so I read your story instead! Yay! I'm glad I have something more fun to do! :)
Great chapter! Loved it! :)
hee hee... " And I do not say 'golly gee.' "

Author's Response: No . . . She's not the best at it.

Urg, you're always on here instead doing hw too? I've actually gotten to the point where I have to ban myself from HPFF until all of my hw is done because I never get it done.

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Review #9, by the_marauders_rock 

4th December 2008:
She and Darren just kinda I guess broke up?
lol even though they were never together!

Author's Response: Yeah, that was the end of Darren and Anna. The break-up, if you will, even though it wasn't really.

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Review #10, by rowenaravenclaw94 

8th November 2008:
i'm glad she's finally rid of darren. he was to stuffy and annoying... 10/10! good job! i luv the marauders!!!
-xoxo, rowenaravenclaw94

Author's Response: Yeah, Darren was a bit of a hindrance, wasn't he? Alas, he's not done just yet.

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Review #11, by gitgit 

12th October 2008:
interesting chapter
i havea feeling that all my reviews that i had posted for you are all gone
becuase i remember reviewing the chapter

Author's Response: Thank you! And yes, they probably are gone; I think I've lost about 400 of my lovely reviews.

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Review #12, by ginnyweasley_potter 

9th October 2008:
lolll. ap classes... i'm 2 weeks behind. lovely. *sighs* Anna is such a child! i love her for it, i truly do. I'm jealous. I could never simply be so carefree. Of course, it could have something to do with I never got much of a childhood, and now that i've reached that child-like bit of insanity i have things like ap classes to do. *rolls eyes* anyway, at least she ended things with Darren. a bit to obsessed with things*cough* for our anna.

Author's Response: AP classes . . . I should have been studying three hours ago. Whoopsie. Time flies, eh?

I think Anna's carefreeness is her best quality; it's just so nice to see/read someone like her when everyone around you is the complete opposite. I think she's an inspiration.

AP classes. Bleh. Fail.

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Review #13, by fullmoontonightO 

6th October 2008:
well, i can't say i'm not glad that darren's gone (mostly cause of sirius, really), but i do hope he gets a new girlfriend for him. (and poor sirius, not allowed to sing!)

Author's Response: Haha, Darren's not quite gone. But when he comes back, he won't be so much of a nuisance to Sirius...

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