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Review #1, by Jane_Volturi 

6th August 2009:
Wow, that last bit was so unbeleivably sweet, i feel so sorry for poor Andromeda. Anyway, here's my thoughts on this chapter.
To be honest i'd never have touched and Andromeda fanfiction before but surprisingly your chapter title just had me intrigued and i simply had to read this. wasn't dissapointed either.
Firstly your charactreization was brilliant, there was an equal balance of personalities mixed in there. I could really step into Andromeda's shoes you know, relly place myself into her position. I think you did a brilliant job writing her, i could really grasp her emotions and delve deep down into her thoughts. She was very easy to relate to and i couldn't help but pity her because she was in mourning of her husband and her daughter. Teddy was really cute, he seemed so carefree and innocent, just how a five year old child usually is, i like the way you kept his personality and dialogue young, usually people tend to forget to do that. Then there was Bill, as kind and caring as ever, he was very in character. I loved your characterization overall, really well done.
Your plot wove so professionally in to JK's own story, it was the perfect epilogue for Andromeda and i personally do not think i could have done a better job myself. I liked the way your writing flowed easily, your composition was good and just the basy storyline overall.
Grammar was a little bit funny near the middle, you had a habit of jumbling up your word classes every now and again, that's easily edited though.
Spelling and Punctuation were both perfect, atleast i didn't stumble across any hiccups or mistakes, everything seemed good.
Descriptive language was good, though considering your writing style is exceptionally promising you could really improve with a little practice, not that it isn't good already, i just think you have a really good talent for writing, that's all.
Overall this was a really good story, i enjoyed reading it so that's a definite 10/10!

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Review #2, by ButterflyRogue 

7th December 2008:
Aw, this was so sweet!! I almost teared up in the end and it's not really that easy to make me cry.
You've characterized Andromeda so well! I really enjoyed all the memories of her and Ted. It's interesting how you've made them meet at work instead of in Hogwarts like most authors tend to, so you definitely get points for originality. :D
The whole concept of the chapter - with little Teddy interrupting with his questions, also the way you've expanded the story through several days - it was all extremely well done. There was also very delicate switching between Andromeda's memories and the things she chose to tell little Teddy. You've managed to make the story flow so well without once losing the track of flashbacks, dialogs or timeline. Great job!!

I enjoyed this very much!

~Vedrana (Rosie Nymphadora)

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Review #3, by Girldetective85 

16th October 2008:
I loved reading this story, it was exactly like being told a bedtime story :) I was involved in it right along with Teddy. The way you've written Andromeda is exactly how I would imagine her - elegant, graceful, and filled with love for her grandson. The way she describes all her memories is so lovely. Her account of how she met Ted Tonks for the first time was wonderful :) She's my favorite of the Black sisters and you've written her exactly in character - she must be such a strong woman to move on from the past and embrace what she has now. Great job on this Jamie! 10/10

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Review #4, by evil little devil 

9th October 2008:
That was so brilliantly written. Little Teddy and Victoire were adorable at the end. I love the way you told a story through a story. You wrote Andromeda so brilliantly, I just love the way you write. The description and the flow of the story were amazing, it really captivated me and I loved reading it :)

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