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Review #1, by Sushmita 

22nd November 2016:
I knew there was something missing about Cecelia and Reid right about now in this story and had to go look for your backstory 'I Will Follow' to find out what those two are upto. Sigh... Those two are just adorable.

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Review #2, by patronus_charm 

15th March 2013:
I liked that Arthur felt a little ridiculous thinking about marrying Molly. It seemed like the natural reaction for him, as I doubt most seventeen year old boys are thinking about their girlfriend having his children. It was sweet thought, and that little mention of Uncle Horatio made me laugh, as I always imagined someone with the name Horatio to be grumpy.

Haha, Reid must have done something really bad to lose forty points. Knowing him, it could have been anything, and Iím feeling slightly scared and worried about what it could be! I loved Petula reaction to it, and then Reid being mean to the poor old first years and trying to past it off onto them.

I really want to know what happened between Reid and McGonagall now! He came back far too happy, so itís making me wonder what he could have said. And the fact that he said that he hadnít lost them any more points for now, was rather worrying.

That was an exciting little scene in the common room. First of all, Dunstan finally came to his sense and apologized. Then Cecilia finally managed to cast a patronus, in the form of a lynx and itís making me wonder whether thereís any significance in that. Then her storming off afterwards, muttering away, it was all very suspicious.

I almost wish that Molly didnít back down, as I wanted to know what had gone in the tower, and why Cecilia docked all of those points, I guess weíll find out in the next chapter!

Author's Response: He is silly, focusing on her so much. Partly it's the time period, things were different then, and partly it's just Arthur. Too young! Horatio does seem like a grumpy name, doesn't it?

Reid is a twerp! There is a side story that explains what's happening here, though I need to rewrite it cause I'm no longer happy with it, but... Anyway Petula's a hoot. And Reid entertains me, he's such a jerk.

Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #3, by DeliriousforSirius 

3rd April 2009:
Yay! Return of the Pod People! I've missed them so much!

Author's Response: lol! Pod people ftw!

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Review #4, by MoonNRoses 

25th January 2009:
LOL... That last line. It has me laughing so hard! I even have tears in my eyes because I'm trying not to laugh out loud! See, I just love Hattie.

So, Reid kissed Cecilia on top of the Astronomy Tower which caused him to lose 40 points. Later, he followed her suggestion of jumping into the lake to prove his love? And finally, she was thinking of the rather heated kiss he gave her at the top of the Astronomy tower when she made her patronus instead of Icarus which had her running from her friends in embarassment??? I so hope I'm right.

Author's Response: Yay Hattie! You'll have to read "I Will Follow" to see about Reidilia, but I see you've already begun it ;) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #5, by long_live_luna_bellatrix 

26th October 2008:
Ha! Back to funny last sentences, I see! I love this one! Siobhan a nun? HA! Now THAT will be the day!!!

I loved how Molly backed down when Arthur advised her too. It proved that she was REALLY in love. It was great. And, of course, her friends' reactions to her backing down were hilarious, if I do say so myself.

Overall, amazing job! I can't there's only 4 more chapters to read! Boo hoo! I love this story!!! 80/10, amazing job!!!

Author's Response: I wanted to show Molly backing down to Arthur cause she actually does that quite a bit in canon. If Arthur disagrees with her, she won't push the issue (much). I think that gets overlooked about her quite a bit. He may be henpecked on the little things, but when it comes to big issues, Arthur does overrule his wife. I love them :) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #6, by Labby 

13th October 2008:
lol.. what a great ending! I just love the conversations between all of your characters. I love the personalities you've created.. you've just done such a great job portraying all of these characters. I loved reading this chapter with insight from the other story, already knowing what happened between Cecelia and Reid. I enjoyed this chapter a lot!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I enjoy writing the OCs, they're fun.

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Review #7, by Girldetective85 

13th October 2008:
I forgot whether you said you were going to write another Reid/Cecilia one-shot or not!! I want to know about what happened on that Astronomy Tower - FORTY points?! Must have been almost as bad as the eyebrow incident. :D A panther is the perfect Patronus for Cecilia - how do you manage to pick such perfect animals for everyone?! Interesting that her smile reminded them of Reid's ... I can guess what she was doing but I have a feeling that it wasn't with Icarus!

Author's Response: I posted the Reid/Cecilia as a short story - it's four chapters. It's up, yes! Panther is perfect - sleek and shiny and might rip you to pieces. I had a good time choosing Patronuses. Cecilia has more in common with Reid than she'd care to admit. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #8, by evil little devil 

9th October 2008:
And the pod people return!
I can only imagine what happened up on the astronomy tower that was good enough to make Cecilia a patronus and dock 40 points. I'll have to go read that one shot I saw about it.
I love the last paragraph! It's hilarious ;) Off to the next chapter I go!

Author's Response: hehe - the one-shot for Reid and Cecilia, "Fireworks", is about the fifth-year fireworks incident, and the short story Reid/Cecilia, "I Will Follow" fills in some parts of Unsinkable :) Don't read it til you finish Unsinkable! lol

Thanks for the review!

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