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Review #1, by SmartieGranger 

21st April 2015:
IS HE A MASTER LEGILIMENS OR SOMETHING? Why do you do this to me padfoot4ever? You know you have been keeping me hooked for about 11 strait hours don't you? This is like a cruel reward!

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Review #2, by Quidditch Queen 

6th April 2015:
Hilarious! I totally loved the whole Airport thing! You are amazing!

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Review #3, by Skye 

27th December 2014:
I can't stop reading this! It is amazing! Thank you so much!!

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Review #4, by piper15 

12th September 2014:
Yay! Hermione and Ron are on their way to making up and she didn't bring a date! I love what Scorpius said to her! I really hope they wind up together! Great Chapter! I love this story!

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Review #5, by Liana 

18th October 2013:
I wish either Rose or Scorpius would give in. They're not being honest with themselves. I wish they could just talk. I feel that they're wasting time imagining things about each other.

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Review #6, by We Are Padfoot and Prongs 

13th August 2013:
Well darn it. This was going so well... Knew it was going to go south sooner or later, nothing ever works out for Rose. (I mean, not that I didn't see it coming, but still.) She does love you Scorpius, she just has to figure it out!

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Review #7, by Lori 

10th November 2012:
Only one thing.when you are held back by the airport, or because if the airport, you don't have to buy more tickets. They put you in another flight. Happened to me a few times. Lol other than that, good work. :)

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Review #8, by Rettopyrrah 

5th September 2012:
fifty year old charlie... that's a weird thing to get my head around xD and bollocks indeed. things are about to get insanely interesting. arthur weasley, you little darling.

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Review #9, by luvscorp547 

14th August 2012:
phew! finally ron and hernione are talking again! thats such a relief! and
OMFG! did scorp just say he loves her!!.. i think i just died!!

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Review #10, by HPlover 

24th June 2012:

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Review #11, by hp_gwrocks 

4th March 2012:
Hahha this is my second time re reading this chapter/ story and it is still entertaining as ever :)

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Review #12, by Victoria C. 

2nd March 2012:
He said it! :D That makes up for the fact that it's almost 5 and I have to get up in less than three hours. This is such a good story I simply cannot stop reading it! (Which is why this is my first time reviewing it) Although, I suppose I should stop soon sense I have school in the morning but thank you for writing it. I started reading it a few days ago and each night I've read it until at least 2:30 in the morning. It is absolutely amazing!

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Review #13, by Lillylover22 

11th February 2012:
I knew scorp knew. Good chapter. 9/10 : )

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Review #14, by Hi 

25th January 2012:
Just wanted to tell you, I love your stories and by far this is my fave chap! Has me cracking up every time...

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Review #15, by GryffindorGirl17 

19th January 2012:
Awe, poor Scorpio. He just can't catch a break with Rose, now can he? I've got a feeling that if Rose hadn't gotten pregnant, Scorpio and Rose never would have kissed or even stood a chance of becoming a couple.

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Review #16, by <>< 

13th January 2012:
Hahaha - best chapter ever!

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Review #17, by Taylor 

4th December 2011:
An interesting birthday that was...

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Review #18, by classicblack 

8th November 2011:
I must say I agree with Rose's last words in this chapter; they definitely describe how I'm feeling. Why can't Rose and Scorp just swallow their pride and do a dramatic running-into-each-other's-arms-in-slow-motion-until-they-meet-in-a-passionate-embrace-thing and be done with it? Ugghh. Great chapter, though.
Until next chapter,

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Review #19, by DrPepperchik 

10th October 2011:
Hahahahah oh my god...
that is hilarious!!!
I loved this chapter!!

Great job!

Ron and Hermione better get it together!! And Scorpius and Rose.. :)

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Review #20, by Ms CeeRae 

6th September 2011:
Great, and I am happy that Scorpius FINALLY shares his feelings with Rose. (:

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Review #21, by Sackva 

23rd August 2011:
I have to say I'm reeealyyy glax I discovered this story/novel (novella?) now because if I read it when it originally came out, I swear i woupdn't have been able to stand the suspense! Love it!

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Review #22, by mena999 

20th August 2011:
YAY! Finally, Scorpius has said he loves Rose!! (Well, sort of.) I can't stop grinning! Yay. I guess it's kind of sad that I get so worked up about a HPFF story but if it's an amazing story (eg. this one) I guess I'm allowed!

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Review #23, by I_trusted_Snape13 

11th August 2011:
Happy birthday Rose(:
bhahah I love this story!
It's been too long since I've read this(:
love it!!

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Review #24, by patchworkscribbles 

6th August 2011:
Oh my, how on earth did he figure out that Rose loves Teddy?! No, no, no, no, no!! Rose and Scorpius simply MUST get together soon or I'll explode!!

-Patch x

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Review #25, by Aly 

1st August 2011:
Ugghhh! jeez y didnt she just say it was a little schoolgirl crush???

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