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Review #1, by knicoles 

28th July 2013:
'"Trust me, I would take my time with you." answered Remus, meeting my teasing tone of voice with a very serious one.'
OOOoOohh. One of the many reasons I love your Remus. So gentlemanly, with an underlying edge of sex machine, hahaha.

"When I opened it, I was shocked to find that it contained a pair of earrings. They were small but from the luster of the pearl beads, it was obvious that they were genuine. I was suddenly very sorry that I'd slammed the door into his nose."
See?? Phew, still giving Kerri jewelry, again his mother's. I love their sibling sniping. It's cute.

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Review #2, by SunnyRae 

11th October 2008:
Okay, I know that this is completely out of the blue but I thought i'd mention it. So I was driving in my car earlier and a song came on the radio (who would have thought?) and while I was singing along and jamming, drumming on the steering wheel a bit, a sudden thought hit me! This is a perfect song for chapter 24 of Running With Wolves: The Journals and Correspondences of Cerridwyn Lupin (I)!!!
Bet you're wondering what that song was huh? Okay, I give, I'll tell you... (Your story really puts me in these strange up lifting moods) So, the song is "Realize" by Colbie Caillat and the lyrics just seemed to really go well with it. The song would probably be good from when Kerri first realized (see? Fits already!) that she fancied Remus to when Remus kissed her after the Valentine Ball! HA!
So if you ever make this into a movie (terrific idea if I do say so myself) that song would fit really well! Don't you think? XD Credits maybe...?
I think having a soundtrack to everything is an essential part of life...
Oh! BTW... great chapter! lol! Glad Kerri and Snape made up... the fight though had me laughing. For some reason seeing Snape being run into by a door is funny... huh... I don't know why... ; P
Sunny - Your new hard-core fan XD

Author's Response: I've never listened to the song but I think I know the one you're talking about. I'm flattered that you're out driving around and being reminded of my story.

Yes, Snape being whacked in the face with a door amuses me too. I do my proofreading out loud and had a hard time getting past that scene without laughing.

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