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21 Reviews Found

Review #1, by lovegood27 

1st May 2016:
It's really good. I like Mira's relationship with Sirius

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Review #2, by J 

27th December 2012:
Great! Great idea for a story!

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Review #3, by The Wizard of Potterland 

18th December 2011:
Wow. This was a fantastic story :)

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Review #4, by AccioAmore 

22nd November 2011:
I really like this story so far! The only thing I have to point out is that Mira sounds verrry mature for her age! But either way, still a very good start, and on to the next chapter (:

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Review #5, by Helena 

30th November 2010:
Awesome, great, wonderful!
No time for a longer review i chave to continue :P you'll get a long one when I'm finished :D

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Review #6, by Siriusandmeforev 

18th August 2010:
I love this! i like that she is a ravelclaw, adn I love th scene between ted/ andromeda! SO sweet! Nothing i really didn't like, it was wonderful

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Review #7, by lauren 

12th August 2010:
i like this story so far but they seem to act a lot older than 11 and 12. to me they sound like 14 at least that is my only criticism

Author's Response: Yeah. That's probably just me seeping through a bit too much. I've always been a bit mature for my age so I don't really do well with 11-year-old-speak I guess. lol At 3 people were telling my mother that I talked like an adult and they could carry on complete conversations with me that did not involve the Rugrats or my Disney Princess obsession. =P

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25th July 2010:
I started to reread this once you posted the most recent chapter. I forgot how good your writing is! On to the next chap to refresh my memory!

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Review #9, by Andrea 

19th January 2010:
Why did you stop editing the Coming Back a Swan story??? You seriously have to. Until you edited some other stories I thought you were dead. So PLEASE put a new chapter. :)

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Review #10, by hpfan1234321 

9th January 2010:
It was really good!!! BUT I did see a couple spelling errors like you must of over looked this in one area you spelled christmas C-R-S-T-M-A-S leaving out the I put otherwise it was really good keep writing!

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Review #11, by Crystal 

13th December 2009:
Excellent story! Your writing style is great!

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Review #12, by desert_oasis 

5th November 2009:
This is a cute story, didnt know if id like it, but im definitly going to fav it and keep reading.

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Review #13, by verityemmelineblack 

21st September 2009:
so, i just started it, and i wanted to let you know i really like it. i'll review more chapters later with better feedback, but i just wanted to say it's gret so far :)

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Review #14, by HollywoodHearts 

21st September 2009:
Brava :)

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Review #15, by Angharad Lledrith 

18th September 2009:
Reading this after seeing it won a Dobby - it's well-deserved!

Author's Response: Aw! Thanks so much! I was shocked lol... I checked the award listings on a whim and I'm glad I did!=P

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Review #16, by sreduaram 

11th July 2009:
its so original! the oc of it. that makes me so excited, because its a different house, different year, and very different ties than i've ever read before.
i also love sirius and mira's relationship. sort of loveish in a plutonic way (well in this chapter atleast :P)
i very much love the the beginning :D

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Review #17, by distantgalaxy 

30th June 2009:
I love this, so cute!
I'll probably end up reading all of the chapters in one sitting haha

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Review #18, by moony101 

3rd May 2009:
I like it. Mirabelle is a pretty name. And the bit of Andromeda and Ted was sweet.

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Review #19, by Inti 

22nd December 2008:
Oh poor Andromeda! I've always loved her character, I thought she would be a Slytherin though, oh well. Writing young Sirius/Marauders is unusual so good luck with that, you have written them as all being exceptionally good looking and aware for 11 year olds. Maybe that's just me though. This is just a great start, can't wait to read the rest of it =)

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Review #20, by rougette 

6th December 2008:
Loved it!!! Please continue!!!

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Review #21, by 3344556t 

5th November 2008:
Wow, not bad. I love how you describe the characters and your version/take of them. Its quite interesting to see another persons perspective. Good job.

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