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Review #1, by Kimberlyn Sellers 

3rd May 2014:
I'm honestly not crazy about this chapter at all. I like Tegan's character and this kinda makes her sound ridiculous. I want her with James and I want her to figure that out but the vampire thing was terrible and if you are going to go there do something with it please. I will however stick out your story to the end since I have given it this much time hope it improves and goes back to it's Gryffie roots. I also want Rosie's point of view.

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Review #2, by animaguskitty 

31st March 2011:
I am REALLY confused. It says eyebrow way too much.. and some other things which my brain can't comprehend. Not your best chapter. Please clear things up somewhat in the next chapter!!! This seemed kind of like a random chapter to me. And who in the world are Rose's parents?!?! They are Aunt Irene and Jack something... not Ron and Hermione. REALLY REALLY CONFUSED!

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Review #3, by GinnyPotter25 

29th December 2010:
Haha 'twas a bit random. But funny so it's all good

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Review #4, by luckylilly75 

9th April 2010:
Umm... has this story gone Twilight? I will say, I liked it better when it was the ORIGINAL way, James pov, no crappy scenes from Twilight... it's an okay fic, but it gets way to much praise. Hopefully there will be no more of that, but I'll keep reading. it was a wierd chapter...

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Review #5, by natrox14 

13th March 2010:
Is it wrong for me to have started laughing when James cried? I mean, I just found it so funny that he actually CRIED.

Wow. I must sound really, really heartless :P.

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Review #6, by PurplePhoenix16 

26th February 2010:
So I have to say that I've been slowly reading through "We Gryffies" (mostly when I procrastinate from work and what not) and I haven't left a review yet...but after this chapter I just HAD to. The last chapter left me cringing with the whole James-being-an-idiot-and-proposing thing, but this chapter was HILARIOUS! (Well, the Twilight satirizing part at least). It was great comic relief...and I totally agree with you on "to satirize popular fiction is to celebrate it."

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Review #7, by robyntheharrypotteraddict 

27th October 2009:
they...broke up? NO.! :'(

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Review #8, by Reeses 

13th August 2009:
... LOL. This is one of the weirdest chapters ever XD And, might I say, totally unrealistic? However, I love Tegan's POV so I'll totally forgive you :3

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Review #9, by JLHufflepuff again 

30th July 2009:
I just reread this to keep myself updated about what's going on. I really like the way Tegan's narrative flows and the way it depicts her character so well. Even though this story is light and hilarious and fluffy, you also give it depth in places it needs depth, all in a humorous way!

I love the Twilight parody. It's very brilliant the way you used the right similarities and the right differences to make B Drac hilarious. I also love the little Brain Trust girls. They are so stupid, but they serve their purpose well... I guess Tegan is on her way to realizing that she needs to be with James.

This is just my opinion, but I think it would be great if the rest of the story alternated between James and Tegan ... I just love her so much!

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Review #10, by musicgirlhp14 

14th July 2009:
Damn, I was hoping you hated Twilight as mush as I do. Oh well, it was a good laugh.

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Review #11, by rhysus2008 

26th May 2009:
You may not hate Twilight, but you should. Twilight is horrible. While I loved the whole Tegan's POV, the draculae just seemed... pointless?

I didn't like the characters, how suddenly they came into the story, or the roles they played, and I hope I never see them again.

Nice chapter for the first half, got a little weird in the second half.


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Review #12, by PrincessPadfoot 

12th May 2009:
Hahaha I loved the Twilightedness(Yes I know it's not a real word, I frequently make up nonexistant words to confuse and/or anger people(if you wish you may use this line in your story))! This chapter was soo Albus!!! Favorite Line(s): And long it was!
That’s what she said.
For the first time in my life, I missed Micah Horowitz.

If any member of the Brain Trust ever gained one pound, God forbid, boys might not like them anymore!

‘Why do you have to do the things you do and say the things you say?’

We’re the only pretty girls in the entire school, and they’ll realise it soon enough.’
‘You’re so profound,’

‘Just because you are newly exonerated, Mr Horowitz, does not mean that you have permission to speak out of turn in my classroom!’ Dawlish said.

the Conference of the Sisterhood

‘I don’t eat food,’ he said. ‘I sip blood.’

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Review #13, by skeet500 

25th February 2009:
i love twilight, not nearly as much as i do harry potter (nothing can compete with that), but it was so hilarious how you did the whole vampire crap. i felt like i was watching one of those spoof movies on twilight. although for a while i thought tegan was all the sudden going to wake up from some sort of dream.

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Review #14, by dianap00 

15th January 2009:
That was frightening. And Worrying. And I can't stop laughing. It isn't fair. Why was that so funny? I actually woke someone up. Heheheh. It was literally Twilight and part of New Moon in ten minutes or less. It wasn't that good. As in at all. But it was hilarious. It went a little too AU for a good chunk, but at least no one went too far OOC... which is too fascinating to dislike.
I love that people keep on declaring eternal devotion to poor old Tegan.
I don't think Al's pre-proposal was meant to be an All or Nothing deal. I think that they both got a little extreme and squeamish.
I doubt that Gin hates Teg, I mean, she knows - or at the very least suspects - Tegan's family life and understands how horribly unlovefilled it is...
lol. An 'accident' at Durmstrang.
It sounds like a one-shot.
Gah. That was odd.
What names...

Author's Response: This was a really weird chapter and was entirely a result of my frustration with Twilight!mania, but I can mostly guarantee that we're done with vampires. ;) I doubt that Ginny hates Tegan too, but seeing Tegan worry about that implies that she likes her good rapport with Ginny, or so I think. It's nice that Tegan sort of had a mother figure in her.

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Review #15, by ZombiesOnTheRuun 

7th January 2009:
im just a bit concerned. you couldve made it sound like james took it a tad better. but nevertheless, quirky story. :P

Author's Response: Aww, there's always a cartoonish element to this story, I suppose... and Tegan may be prone to hyperbole... Glad you like the story anyway! ^_^

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Review #16, by harrylovesginnylovesharry 

3rd January 2009:
Ah...I cried when Tegan said no. How can you write something so sad??? :')

Author's Response: Aww, sometimes rejection is a part of life... Plus, James's proposition was pretty darn ridiculous. ;)

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Review #17, by Eyeliner_Lover 

28th December 2008:
Hello =) I love this story so much, it's hilarious! And I love the title of the chapter, considering you changed the P.O.V and all, like in scrubs when JD gets his nifty tape recorder! I've left reviews for We Gryffies before, but they all got deleted in the crash thingy =( Anyways I came back on the site and I remembered this story, so when i found it I was so glad that there were more chapters for me to read! Out of all the fics that i've read yours really sticks out (in a good way!) I can't wait to read more and by the way you rock, you're like one of my fave authors on here! And I can't stop saying frick.

Author's Response: Hello to you! I'm so glad that you like the story and that it sticks out - I do try to be different. =)

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Review #18, by bearman 

19th December 2008:
hey this is really for Pineapple Wig, but i forgot to put stuff...
including george was awesome. "the wicked bitch of the west," saying that he didn't know where the west part came from. plus his refusal to call her by her real name. pineapple is an awesome uhh like brief character? don't know the word. but the best part would be when micah and fred come in and harass snorky... PLEASE consider being an author, i can't see how you woudn't be awesome at it. even if the general concept of this story is from Rowling, most all the character ideas are original and unique... (btw would definitely buy your book)

Author's Response: I was so excited to include George - I love the Weasley twins, as does everyone with a soul, I guess. I'd call Pineapple a guest star. =P I loved writing Snorky's "arrest," particularly looking up all the obscure legal terms. Heck, I'd love to be a published author, either that or a screenwriter. Yep, that's the goal, and it's nearly impossible to be successful in either field so I'm just going to keep trying in both! (While balancing a day job...) Glad to know I'd have at least one reader, though. ^_^

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Review #19, by JLHufflepuff 

9th December 2008:
I liked getting to hear Tegan's side of the story. It gives us insight into why she couldn't deal with James trying to push her into commitment. I guess this issue is better addressed now rather than later. And J.D coming in and getting harassed by Ron was hilar, along with Dobby wanting to analyze Ron! :)

I'm sad about James and Teagan, but I'm hoping this situation ends happily, not with one of them dying or anything... :P

I thought the B. Drac. stuff was hilarious!!! :)

Author's Response: Thanks! I figured now was as good a time as any to share Tegan's POV. Haha, I really wish I could work in a scene where Dobby analyzes Ron - Ron is like the Holy Grail for any psychologist. xD And I think I'll confirm here that Tegan and James both die in a fiery explosion.

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Review #20, by twinkies 

19th November 2008:
Interesting. I'm still kind of speechless. A lot has been happening and I don't even know what to comment on. Well, first of all you must have read Twilight(I figured that out before you metioned it in your A/N). I really hope that Tegan and James get back together. James was SO STUPID but I think Tegan does love him to some extent. Love is a big word and to say you will eventaully marry someone after only 3 months of dating them is a HUGE STEP!!! I can say I love my family but not someone else I know or kind of like(crush).

Anyway, good chapter. The last chapter was also good. I just was too shocked to say that.

I literally had to force myself to finish reading the chapter becasue I knew what would happen but had no idea how things would end. Call it mothers instinct but James was(can I say this enough and with enough emphisis) SO STUPID!!!

10/10 for an awsome plot

Author's Response: I hope Tegan & James get back together too. =) I think they're both at fault here: James is mostly responsible for the train wreck, but Tegan decided to run instead of face her major problem. Glad you enjoyed the past two chapters (I'm quite fond of them) and I can only say that James is the stupidest character of all, but he might get better, and this story will only continue to get crazier and craaazier. =P

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Review #21, by lu 

11th November 2008:
ahahahahahahahahhhahahaha is all i have to say.and im glad you finally used actual swear words.

Author's Response: Yay, I'm glad you finally got to the good part! (Contrary to what you might think, I swear like a sailor and love curse words.)

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Review #22, by HPWG4L 

22nd October 2008:
The vampire thing was abit sudden |-:

I feel so sorry for James!
Bless him!

Author's Response: 'Twas sudden, but fortunately we're more or less done with vampires. ^_^

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Review #23, by Girldetective85 

21st October 2008:
This was hilarious, especially since I do hate Twilight (well, strongly dislike it, anyway) and it's about time someone was brave enough to avoid the squealing fangirls and have a little fun with it! I liked hearing the story from Tegan's point of view, she's definitely one of my favorite characters in this story and reminds me a lot of one of my closest friends. Poor B Drac. Who is he going to sparkle for now? I feel really bad for Jamesie ... but what did he expect to happen, pulling something like that?

Author's Response: Aw, I would say that I hate Twilight if it didn't mean that I couldn't get away with satirizing it without death threats. (I think that made sense.) Glad you liked the Tegan POV chapter - I quite liked writing it. =) Unfortunately, James really did bring this upon himself, and it's up to him to sort this out.

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Review #24, by siriuslyhockey 

20th October 2008:
I had officially found an even more sad version of James Potter.

I was just thinking this. Can't Tegan seriously hook up with a normal guy for once poor Tegan :(
I enjoyed this chapter but can't wait to get back into James' head.

Oh, and I totally caught the reference to Twilight, and must say that even though you don't hate Twilght I do...So in turn I laughed really hard at that part. thanks.I love ur humor, and the satire was great.

Nice characterization of Freddie by the way, I was just thinking about how much I like his character :)

Author's Response: We'll be back to James soon enough. ;) And I'd say that I tolerate Twilight, because I'd lose 95% of my readers if I "hated" it, but that's just syntax. And I must admit that Freddie is the Gryffie that I most neglect, which is awful on my part because he's a good kid. =) I imagine him to be a bit like my brother, particularly with all the "bear-like" allusions.

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Review #25, by shaunazombie 

14th October 2008:
Aww, I'm not sure if I feel worse for James or Tegan. I think at the end Teg realised that James may have really ment it, which was obvious to everyone else, even JD. Poor guy, he totally had his heart ripped out. I can see the Weasley/Potters taking his side no matter what, it seems perfect for their family. But I did feel bad that Tegan lost all of her friends as well as her boyfriend, but she really, I wouldn't say deserved it...She just really needs to figure some things out, I guess.

The vampire bit was so weird. :p Don't get me wrong, I thought it was really funny, it just caught me off guard. Completely off guard. Though I do enjoy a good dig at Twilight. And I do pity Teg for having to spend time with The Brain Trust, that would be Hell.

Can't wait to see what happens next!

Author's Response: Excellent, my goal with this chapter was to make you all feel torn between Tegan & James. =P It's unfortunate that Tegs lost all her friends, but it's sort of how these "friendship divorces" go down, you know?

Sorry if the vampire nonsense doesn't really fit...I wrote this right before the new Twilight book came out, and to say I was frustrated would be an understatement. xD But it does allow Tegs to have an epiphany of sorts, right?

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