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Review #1, by BellaCamille 

1st November 2011:
The start of a beautiful friendship. Er... A beautiful love? Nah, that sounds dumb. Whatever. LILy AND JAMES ARE TOO CUTE.

Author's Response: I think Lily and James offer a sort of contrast to Sirius and Anna's relationship. The build of was completely opposite, and they're definitely more lovey dovey.

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Review #2, by kassandra466 

9th May 2010:
omg!! that was crazy!! i LOVED it!! : D

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #3, by dark_angel_14 

15th July 2009:
I will agree that wheresmyedward is amazing...however so are you...I LOVED IT


Author's Response: Aww, well thank you!

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Review #4, by MrsTomiKaulitz 

5th July 2009:
AHHH WARPED TOUR!!! of 2008 right? DID YOU SEE TOKIO HOTEL O.O I am ubbber jealous, meine mausi... xD

Author's Response: Yes! Warped \\\'08! I\\\'m not going this year . . . Not enough bands I want to see . . .

No, I actually didn\\\'t see them though.

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Review #5, by Queen_of_Stars 

26th June 2009:
ooh oooh! Lily managed to get that stick out then, no? lol, this is going to be an interesting prank...

Author's Response: Mostly out, at least. :D

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Review #6, by GrayLady 

22nd June 2009:
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! James passsed out when Lily said yes! That is so perfect! I love it.

I'm actually a bit scared of the start of term prank. In a good way, of course. It sounds...intense.

Bring it.


Author's Response: It's just so lovely and typical of James, isn't it? :D

Bring it? Oh, it's ba-rought!

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Review #7, by Lillylover22 

13th June 2009:
haha!! i wonder what the prank will be?? will they flood the school or something?? 9/10 =]

Author's Response: Haha, wow. You totally guessed it! :D

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Review #8, by Sal1705 

22nd January 2009:
I'm trying to think of what actually happened in this chapter without having to go back and read it all again...
It's been so long (like, a week or something,) since I read this chapter, but I didn't review because our keyboard was broken.
I'm slowly getting through the rest of the chapters (reviewing, I mean. Cos I've read them already...) but it isn't going too well. Stupid brain forgetting everything I wanted to write.
Oh well, 10/10

Author's Response: Haha, thank you very much for the effort, but you totally don't have to review every chapter, especially if you've already read them and your brain isn't cooperating. (But, like I said, thank you so much for the effort. :D)

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Review #9, by hogwarts_author_cs 

5th January 2009:
Yay! Good chapter! :) Lily said yes to him! That's exciting! :) I can't wait to see what the prank is... :)
Loved it, as always! Good to read in James' view! :)

Author's Response: Yaaay! Finally, right? :D


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Review #10, by fullmoontonightO 

2nd January 2009:
yeah thanks random dude! you saved one of my favoritest bestest authors man!

Author's Response: Oh, yeah! I totally forgot about that random dude - he totally saved my life.

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Review #11, by the_marauders_rock 

4th December 2008:

Author's Response: I love pranks. I totally wish I had magic so I could play the sickest one of all - like the one the Marauders did.

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Review #12, by rowenaravenclaw94 

8th November 2008:
what's the prank? i'm so excited! good job... 10/10!
-xoxo, rowenaravenclaw94

Author's Response: 'What's the prank?' you say? Read on and you shall find out. :D

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Review #13, by Lily 4 James 

21st October 2008:
Hahaa "Remus says hi"

That killed me lol




Author's Response: I figured Remus is like a little kid in many ways - fitting, I hope. :D

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