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Review #1, by PL2016 

6th November 2016:
This was very good. Why didn't you finish?

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Review #2, by ReluctantMuggle 

10th December 2015:
Hello! I hope you haven't abandoned this story--I love it. Great first chapters and a great set up. Please continue!

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Review #3, by JM 

8th September 2014:
Very well written and a gemrwat story
developing. I hope that it isnt abandoned,
as there is no date shown. Great concept.

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Review #4, by LoopyLemon 

22nd September 2011:
Wow this is really good! I have to say I can't stand the movie due to a film study I did on it but this story puts it in a new light. I'm really keen to see where you take it. Your characters are really well thought out and I love the quotes and such you use. I think you have captured V's character beautifully and I do like how eloquently he speaks. I'm really excited to continue reading this. 10/10

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Review #5, by phoenixphire1427 

25th June 2011:
Love, love, love this story. V for Vendetta is one of my favorite movies. Please update soon.

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Review #6, by granger96 

3rd January 2011:
I've completely fallen in love with this story. I really like your plot I wonder who V is? My first guess was Malfoy but that guess is a no no now. I REALLY hope you update soon.

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Review #7, by volpé 

18th October 2010:
I read Harry Potter and the Oroborus Light and I think it was nice story. I would be able to translate it into Finnish. whether it is okay? :D

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Review #8, by Lunalyne 

2nd October 2010:
Ok, I'm just gonna keep this review short and simple.
I want more, please?
it's really good and I hope you'll update soon

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Review #9, by Kate 

1st August 2010:
I love your story and you know how to leave people on the edge of their chair. Please update soon.

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Review #10, by laurenb4harryp 

28th January 2010:
This is brilliant! I love it!

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Review #11, by Muggle Born 12 

9th January 2010:
I just want to say thanks this story is actually the first Fanfiction I ever read and I don't think I ever review (how rude of me) any way I loved it instanly and read others so thanks

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Review #12, by malfoyfan 

3rd November 2009:
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! write more! I love this story! (And heck i don't even get this V thing!) What is this "crossed-over" from? Can you give me some background? Thanks, keep writing! P.S. 10/10!

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Review #13, by harry 

16th May 2009:
when are you posting the next section

Author's Response: Hello there. I am trying to get back into the writing business lately, but it has been very hard with how things have been lately. Motivation hasn't been coming to be lately, though I do have the next chapter about 3/4 finished (and it's been sitting like that for some time I'm afraid).

I do hope that it'll go up soon, but unfortunately I can't give an exact time of course. I might get a big boost in motivation and write out the rest in 1 night, or it might take another month; I'm just unsure.

I just don't want to abandon the story, 'cause I hate it personally when a story that I'm reading here on hpff, gets abandoned after a good run.

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Review #14, by panoramic 

6th May 2009:
i was so excited to encounter this piece on hpff! and then i got to this chapter and was so sad that there were no more updates :(
this combination of worlds is fascinating, and i love all your shakespeare references. your writing style is so intelligent and coherent. please keep up the excellent story you have here!

Author's Response: Hello panoramic!

Excited for the encounter eh? Well, thank you! I know, updates haven't taken place in ages, and I honestly feel terrible about that, 'cause I do want to get more up on the story.

The combination is an interesting one eh? Got the idea while watching the movie, and just started thinking how it would be if they had wands, how it would be different?

You said a lot of nice things there, and I thank you for it! I will be trying to write more, so keep one eye open on this story ok? Thanks again!

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Review #15, by gummybear 

4th May 2009:
Awsome. I love it!! great twist. Can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: Hey gummybear! Love gummy bears! And gummy worms! m!

Glad you liked the story so far! Hopefully more will be posted in time, so keep an eye out!

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Review #16, by Mud 12 

3rd May 2009:
oh please write more soon I love it

Author's Response: I'm trying to, trust me! I'm hoping inspiration will come to me soon, we'll just have to wait and see!

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Review #17, by Katie 

26th April 2009:
Very good, definitely intrigueing. Perhaps better attention to editing and fine tuning would be better (Fred and George seems to be mixed up a bit in earlier chapters; a few spelling errors and disorganised sentences scattered around). The character of V is done very well (he reminds me of Phantom of the Opera, but is also a solomn know-it-all who loves quoting from classics). However, the characters of Ginny and Hermione could be developed more and show more consistency in their behaviours so that their personalities can shine through.

Looking forwards to further chapters.

Author's Response: Hey there Katie! Excellent review and some really good points in there!

You know what, all through my other stories, I get Fred and George mixed up. Just no good at keeping each one their own, you know?

V is very much like the Phantom, minus the singing. Glad you're enjoying my portrayal of him so far.

Ginny and Hermione are, in a way, supposed to be under-developed in their characters. It's been a really tough time for everyone, so I want the reader to sorta not be sure about them in some ways, you know? Their personalities are much different than in the books, but they have some similarities, you know? Some characteristics that have made it through all the turmoil and war.

But definitely good points to keep in mind. Thank you very much for your input, and thanks for reviewing!

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Review #18, by Alexa 

23rd April 2009:
you can't stop there! this story is fantastic! i'm so glad i read it even though i rarely read stories that don't have many chapters. keep it up, i can't wait to read more!

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Review #19, by Amy 

12th March 2009:
Post please come on I'm dyin' here post post post post post! please

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Review #20, by Amy 

12th March 2009:
Post please come on I'm dyin' here post post post post post! please

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Review #21, by Amy 

11th March 2009:
I tried going by may but it didin't stick You are awesome and I love your quotes

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Review #22, by charmed-chan 

1st March 2009:
please tell me you are going to continue this. i can't wait to see what happens. i'm so curious about what going to happen. will we find out who V is? or will it remain a mystery like in the movie/novel. please update soon

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Review #23, by maryjane 

10th January 2009:
this is an absolutely amazing story i love it and it has got me hooked, admittedly i should be revising and instead have just sat and read all the way through to here.

I love it and keep writing, you can't just leave us on a cliffhanger!

Author's Response: Hi there MJ! Nice to meet you!

I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed my story so far! Oh, you should be revising! tut tut! I'm a secondary school teacher now, so I know how much you should be revising! But you came and read my story, so I'll let you off the hook for now. :)

I am still writing it, but it's a slow process 'cause I haven't been writing in a while. Hopefully things'll go a bit quicker in the coming week.

Thanks for reviewing! Hope to hear from you again!

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Review #24, by Ginny 

22nd December 2008:
Wow, this is awesome! I hope you upddate very soon.

Author's Response: Hey there Ginny!

Glad you're enjoying the story so far! I also hope to update very soon. I've been out of the writing loop for some time, so I'm trying to jump back. It's slow coming, but I'm moving along.

Thanks for reviewing! Hope to see you back!

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Review #25, by EileenPrince 

15th December 2008:
I love this amazingly so!
I loved V for Vendetta, although I found it hard to follow --- this fanfiction is wonderful! I love the idea, and it is fun trying to guess all of V's quotes ;)
I reckon V is...
Gilderoy Lockhart!
Probably not...
Maybe the petshop owner in Diagon Alley who sold her Crookshanks...


Update soon!

Author's Response: Hi there Eileen! Nice to see you here!

Lockhart? Um, yeah, probably not would be in the right direction I would imagine. If Lockhart was V, he would definitely boast about himself more, wouldn't you say?

Glad you're liking how I'm putting the story together though. If you end up guessing some of the quote correctly, then good on you! I'd never be able to guess them, that's for sure!

Thanks for your nice words! I'm in the process of trying to write the next chapter and update asap, but I've been away from writing the last while, so it's a little tough. I'm trying though! :)

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