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Review #1, by The Wizard of Potterland 

30th October 2011:
I really liked this, I've always wondered what Petunia thought of Lily and why she took Harry in. I feel like this story did it justice.

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Review #2, by Ilisten2potterwatch 

9th August 2009:
Beautiful. I love it.

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Review #3, by Jane_Volturi 

5th August 2009:
Wow, this is definitley my most favourite chapter yet. You really dove deep down into Petunia's thoughts and emotions, i could really grasp her feelings and place myself in her shoes. I surprisingly understood her constant stuborness and craving for ultimate perfcetion but at the same time spot the line that stands between excusable and out of order. You really stuck to her canon and brought out Jk's portrayal of her personality. Her dialogue was spot on too, and i admired the way you showed her descriptions and thoughts of other people with pinpoint accuracy. I could really relate to both Petunia Evans and Petunia Dursley (when she was young and when she was married with responsibilities). I could pick up on her arrogance and her reluctantness to accept her sister for what she was. She seemed hellbent on being normal and having a normal family leading a normal life. You did a great job with Petunia.
Lily as well, she was in character, always so kind and caring and brave and loyal. You showed a more worried Liliy in thsi, a chapter of her life JK Rowling chose to out of the books which you so expertly filled. Brilliant job.
The plot wove so professionally into JK Rowlings own stories and i could really picture it metaphorically as a missing fragment of the book. Perfectly done, i couldn't have done a better job myself.
Grammar was perfect, as was Punctuation and Spelling.
Descriptive writing was phenomenal, i really enjoyed reading your writing, you have a very inspiring and admirable writing style and it was enjoyable to read your work.
Overall, i liked it, i loved the composition, the writing, the actual story, the way it kept showing the flashbacks, the descriptiona and detail and most certainly the realistic characterization. It was a very enjoyable read and i'm glad you wrote this.

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Review #4, by Bella_Portia 

13th June 2009:
I wish my original review had not been eaten by the system. I wanted to leave some memo of how highly I regarded this story, how beautifully you got into Petunia's head. You humanized this [awful!?] character, even made her sympathetic.

The little bit of denial over her own hypocrisy (me, read about actresses? take bubble baths in the daytime? be nosy? never!) was so cleverly done, with a light touch.

You got to the better qualities that JKR concealed -- her love for her son, her protectiveness, her great attachment to her family that was frustrated by her sister's impossible-to-understand weirdless. Her child's jealousy and longing for attention.

The tragic demise of her parents was an interesting choice, because it gave an emotional rationale for the terrible animosity she held for her nephew and the awful way she treated him.

As I said before, this is an outstanding view into the life of a disliked character.

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Review #5, by ButterflyRogue 

9th November 2008:
Hey Jules!!

I think you already know how much I love everything that you write and this is no exception... As I'm re-reading all the chapters from the collaboration, I can't help but to be amazed by the quality of authors we've assembled and it makes me so proud to be a part of this collaboration and a community full of wonderful people such as eHPF...

Anyway, to move away from the utterly sentimental introduction, this was such a poignant, insightful take on Petunia. She is a character most people love to hate, myself included, but you've given her the depth most writers don't even bother to try to understand. You've actually made me fell with her, feel the pain she felt over her parents favoring Lily, her bitterness over being neglected and always coming second in everything. In her behavior towards her own family I could see her repressed frustration - the way she jumps to comply Dudley's every whim, the way she always tries to please Vernon, the way she always tries to appear perfect in everyone's eyes seems as a way for her to make sure she will always be the most important to them and that they will always need her and love her above everyone else. I specifically liked how you've mentioned how she prided herself in having such a neat, spotless and perfect house - a reflection of her "perfect" self, but still she keeps cleaning it even though it's clean enough already - as if she knows she's not entirely perfect herself, but thinking that she maybe will be as long as her "facade" (her house, her appearance) looks perfect.
The very beginning was wonderful - the way she woke up thinking of Lily, and the memories were just so well placed. I loved how you managed to show the love the sisters felt for one another despite them growing more and more apart.
And finally, the reason you gave for Petunia's very treatment of Harry was perfectly logical and reasonable. Well, to her, anyway...
In her eyes, Harry and Dudley represented Lily and herself and a second chance for her to make right the wrong she had suffered while growing up. She didn't want to make the same mistake as her parents did with neglecting her child so she directed all of that pent up frustration and sorrow towards Harry, doubling the affection she showered Dudley with. In her eyes, it was the perfect revenge, but she didn't realize she would destroy more than just one child with such behavior.

Amazing story. I enjoyed it immensely...

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Review #6, by Labby 

16th October 2008:
I really love how you're able to take such minor characters and create a wonderful backstory and such depth to their characters. You really showed me a side of Petunia that I never thought about here. It is sad who Petunia was treated in comparison to Lily, and it makes sense the jealous. It's weird that you have this story so close to the Charity Burbage one, comparing the sisters, one of which can do magic and one that can't. The difference of the sisters is different here, where Petunia is jealous and the two don't get along too well. But you really show how Petunia became this character with such hatred, especially because of the fact that her father was killed due to Lily's world. It's pretty sad, but at least she's able to accept Harry in. I really enjoyed this story!

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Review #7, by evil little devil 

9th October 2008:
You have me bawling like a baby. The insight you gave into Petunia was amazing, absolutely brilliant. You've made her seem, not exactly likeable, but understandable I suppose. I loved all the memories, the whole thing was written gorgeously, but those bits really stood out for me. Aww I just loved this! Great job :)

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Review #8, by Georgia Weasley 

9th October 2008:
Like I said before, I still don't like her, but now I 'get' her. She was robbed of the chance to make peace with her parents before their deaths. She lived in Lily's shadow her entire life, feeling second rate and less than worthy in her parents' sight. I loved how you have her scoffing at the actress, and then wondering if she could get that haircolor somewhere. The doting way she treats her husband and son are just extensions of her trying to be "good enough" or even "better than" everyone else. If she couldn't please her parents, maybe she would have luck elsewhere. And Harry reminded her of all that. So, I get it. I just still hate her. This is a brilliant story. You shed a lot of light into a character we usually just hate and forget about. Now, she is a little more human, at least. Well done.

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Review #9, by long_live_luna_bellatrix 

7th October 2008:
Wow, that was AMAZING! I loved this. Being in Petunia's thoughts was really interesting. And you write her so well, too! This was both sweet and sad- some of the memories almost made me cry. I actually felt pity for Petunia in the first one, with her sister being better at her at things, even though she was smaller (know what that feels like!)
Anyway, I loved this, and this collab has lost so many reviews I feel like I have to come back and help rebuild it.
Nice work! 10/10!

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