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Review #1, by patronus_charm 

6th March 2013:
Hello again!

Wow Reid really is desperate! I guess desperate times, require desperate measures, and he certainly showed it in his graffiti! It is cute though, as it does show that heís willing to lose house points for her!

Haha yay for Arthurís mum! Sheís just so cute, and embarrassing, and like most mums really! Haha Bilius made me laugh, that was a nice save from him there. I wonder what Arthurís mumís reaction would have been like if she found out, not quite her baby then!

Then he apparated off to Mollyís in the night, those two are getting adventurous, but in a cute way, and it allows some lovely fluff!

I canít really say anything else, as I was too caught up in the fluff and star gazing, to notice much more, but it was another great chapter!

Author's Response: He's a bit pathetic, isn't he? Cecilia must secretly like it or she would've put a firm stop to his antics, since she has no trouble slapping down her friends and the rest of her fellow Gryffies.

Cedrella Weasley is totally embarrassing haha. It's hard not to think of your kids as babies forever. You see them growing up but you always remember the baby they were. If that makes sense. It does when you're a mom! lol Oh Bilius, he's such a jerk, I do love writing him. He did cover for his brother, though. Also for himself, but still. ;)

Lots of fluff for Easter holidays. I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #2, by Paloma Patil 

1st November 2009:
Bilius is a riot. Loving this story.


Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #3, by WitnesstoitAll 

16th June 2009:
haha. young love. young intoxicated love. :-)

Author's Response: lol ayup. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #4, by DeliriousforSirius 

3rd April 2009:
Good old Bilius, he really has no life does he?

I think I've given up on the quotes for now, I keep forgetting and I'm too lazy/tired to do anything about it :-)

Author's Response: Yep, Bilius really needs to get a job and a life. lol. Thanks for the review!

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Review #5, by MoonNRoses 

25th January 2009:
LOL. I rather like this side of our couple. :) And Arthur is such a gentleman. *sigh* They just don't make them like that anymore.

Author's Response: Hehe. Well they did have seven kids, after all. I'm sure they had quite a, um, healthy personal life. Arthur's a good guy. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #6, by long_live_luna_bellatrix 

26th October 2008:
HA! If only Ron's generation of Weasleys knew what their parents used to get up to. . . drunk ar three in the morning. . . HA!

Your writing is spectacular, I love the way the plot is coming along. It looks like Arthur will have a VERY good Easter holiday.

I love the way Reid is chasing Cecilia, that move at the beginning of the chapter was very bold. I liked it. Ah. If only they would get together. . .

Anyway, 70/10, I can't wait to see what happens next! I really want to know what's up with Professor Ampara. . .

Author's Response: hehe. I think every teenager periodically does something like this, and after all they are legally adults at this point, even though they're still in school. I wonder if there's a legal drinking age in the wizard world? There doesn't seem to be, since Harry's running around drinking mead at 16. Thanks for the review!

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Review #7, by Girldetective85 

13th October 2008:
Hee hee "you can take me to bed right here" ... wow, Molly. I wonder if that was the alcohol talking or if she just wanted to pretend that it was the alcohol talking. And Bilius was totally checking out Molly's assets ... at least he approves of Arthur's choice in a girlfriend. The brothers are so funny together ... they're kind of like a Fred/George and a Percy, aren't they? Except Arthur isn't that much like Percy aside from being slightly clueless all the time.

Author's Response: Alcohol makes her say naughty things haha. Could have been worse though. Bilius was totally checking her out! I think they're like Ron and Fred/George... Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #8, by Labby 

13th October 2008:
Yay, I love more Molly and Arthur moments? Have I said yet that they're the sweetest couple? Haha.. and I love the bits with Bilius. That was a good catch there.. it is nice that he didn't give his brother away. I bet it's nice now that Arthur and Molly are still able to see each other every day and it says a lot about their relationship that that's what they want to do. I love how they have trouble separating from each other. Cute chapter!

Author's Response: Bilius is one of my favorites. The bits of him we know from canon just sounded so hilarious and interesting, I figured he would be quite the character. Thank you for the review!

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Review #9, by evil little devil 

9th October 2008:
Yay, more Bilius! He's a very amusing character. I was giggling at what Arthur was about to say at the end. You really have to give it up to Reid for being so persistent, lots of people would've given up after that long. I can't wait til they get back to school so we can see some more Cecilia/Reid interaction ;)

Author's Response: Bilius is awesome. He's going to get some screen time in my next Molly/Arthur (it won't be this ridiculously long though!). Thank you for reviewing!

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