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Review #1, by HereLiesDobby 

15th August 2009:
you do such an excellent job in really making the reader feel as if they're in the story. i feel such a connection to Merope. When reading about her in the Harry Potter books, I felt slightly detached from her and not really understanding her, but you've done an enormously credible job of giving her a real personality and I really feel sympathetic to her...despite knowing what she'll later do to herself and to her son...and I really really am angry at Tom, even knowing that he's been under the potion.he's a first-rate jerk. You've done an amazing job of making the story and the characters real! I love it!

Author's Response: I think that's one of the best compliments I've ever received on this story! Thank you so much :) It's incredibly rewarding to hear that you feel a connection to Merope. I definitely wish we had heard more about her in the books and I had been looking forward to reading about how Tom left her and maybe even part of Voldie's birth in Book 7. Too bad! But it's fine because I had so much freedom to imagine what happened myself :) So thrilled that you're enjoying this. Thank you dear!

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Review #2, by whacked 

2nd July 2009:
sorry, i've been out of this story for a while, but i came back! do i really need to tell how fantastic you are at writing?

Author's Response: You are so sweet :) This review made me smile. Thank you so much and I'm really grateful that you're enjoying the story!

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Review #3, by Harry_Potter_Mom 

8th March 2009:
The creepy necklace is on the loose!!! That conversation simply gives me the chills! Again, my heart goes out to Merope in her struggle... poor thing...

"...and the wet pools of unidentified liquid that lay dangerously close to his leg..." Oh my! I'm certain I left a review for this chapter as I distinctly remember that line. It must have gotten eaten in the site crash...

How horrible for Merope to realize that her happiness hangs by a mere droplet...

I'm anxious to continue, so I will apologize for such a short review... this is literally one of the very best stories on this site! Thank you for sharing your brilliant gift of writing!

Author's Response: HAHA! It is a very creepy necklace, isn't it? I wanted to make it as evil as possible for a number of reasons, but mainly I had been wondering how I could get Merope to want to sell it (since we know she does in canon). I'm sure you did leave me a review as well so I'm really grateful you came back to replace it! *huggles* Thank you so much.

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Review #4, by rosie_sirius93 

22nd January 2009:
Seriously, if you had put that unicorn story up I would've read it because I love reading your stories!!

Wow, the real Tom is scary, more like Voldemort that the Tom under the potion! I liked reading the insights to what Merope is feeling all the time, they are so well written!! I also like how you have her relationship with the locket progressing. Because it was her only 'friend' before and it shows her worries about losing Tom, brilliant idea!!!

Author's Response: Hahaha you're sweet! I still have the unicorn story so I could *probably* put it up, but I think a lot of people would laugh at me :D

The real Tom is kind of scary, isn't he? Potion-Tom is all lovey-dovey so it's a bit frightening and jarring to Merope when he comes out from under the influence. The locket will have a larger central role to play as the story goes on - you'll see!

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Review #5, by Misty_Rey 

19th December 2008:
If you had published that unicorn story, I would have definitely read&reviewed it, that's how much I adore your writing!

I really liked how suspenseful the beginning was. You set up this really creepy atmosphere that worked well with the overall tone of the first part of this chapter. Funny enough, out of all the relationships here, my personal favourite has to be between Merope and the Locket. Before Merope/Bethe, before Merope/Tom, it was Merope/Locket that really shone in the earlier chapters. Their lines of dialogue are always well-written. I seriously laughed out loud when the Locket said,"Your eloquence astounds me, Merope." Genius! It reminded me a little of Snape's biting wit. Anyway, they have chemistry that has evolved throughout the story. At the beginning, it was Merope that relied on the Locket but as the story progresses, it seems the Locket is starting to rely on Merope for something ;).

From a pure writing standpoint, the glimpse into Marvolo's deranged mind was honestly on of your best yet! I've tried many times to eloquently say how well-written it was but I just kept babbling. So I'll just say simply that it was positively brilliant!

Aaw, Roger sounds adorable! I really liked the letter and how it briefly touched on the school years of Marvolo Gaunt without revealing too much just yet. It added a very nice touch of mystery to this already many-layered story. Especially that revelation of him and Annabelle Walker and Charles Elliot. It felt very canon to me but then again, this entire story feels canon ;).

I really liked how slow you took Tom's descent into the truth. Making it start from his tender love towards Merope and then slowly he starts to remember his old life, reliving the positives as well as the negatives without truly realizing the reality of the situation. You didn't rush it or let the truth come out all at once. You took your time to set the scene and making the reader feel nervous for Merope. It was a terrible wake-up call for her but unfortunely, it was a necessary one.

10/10, I enjoyed it immensily!

Author's Response: Ahahaha! I don't know if I will ever publish that unicorn story but if I do, I will definitely tell you :D

You know, it's great that your favorite relationship is Merope/Locket. I know that this could be considered AU since there's nothing in canon to suggest that Slytherin put his soul in the locket, instructed Merope on what to do so Voldie would be born, etc. but if we pretended that this was what happened, then Merope/Locket would be the driving force behind the entire story. Tom is just a means to an end.

So glad you liked Marvolo's little bit in this story! I liked what I saw of his character in the book - deranged, insane - and thought it would be nice to try writing from his viewpoint. He's full of himself and not too smart about looking at the realistic side of things, unfortunately.

That's an amazing compliment, Misty, thank you for saying that my story seems canon :) Like I've said before, I'm still dying to know what JKR had in mind about Merope's story and whether she had ever developed a sort of backstory, and it just got lost in the shuffle. I tried to stick as close to her guidelines as possible but I had to fill in some of the big gaps and I really hope that they would not be too far off from what she may have imagined.

Glad you thought Tom's awakening was subtle enough :) I had to make it as gradual as possible, because that's how I imagined the love potion to work. Even with magic, I don't think it would be reasonable to BOOM! fall in love and BOOM! omg I hate you Merope! LOL It would have to be a slow descent and a slow awakening.

So happy that you enjoyed this and thank you for your wonderful review as always! Your support means so much *huggles*

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Review #6, by Unwritten Curse 

16th December 2008:
Oooh, that scene with the locket speaking to her was chilling. It really does have her best interest at heart - even though a locket doesn't exactly have a heart, haha - and although it does sound rather maniacal at times, it's inevitably trying to help her. Great scene. Your dialogue is wonderful.

'What else would she be doing?' - Oh, if he only knew. [:

Wow. I know I mentioned before that I adored the scene in which Tom comes back to himself, but I'm going to say it again. Haha. It's not abrupt, or unrealistic, or anything like that. It's subtle and it happens over time - you can see him slowly returning to his senses. First, he mentions home, something he hasn't done in nearly two months and a sure sign that something's wrong. Then he's curt with Merope. Obvious red flag. And it all just unravels beautifully. I don't know how you do it! Everything is timed out to perfection, the reactions of your characters are also right on. I can't find fault anywhere. [: Amazing.


Author's Response: This locket definitely has Merope's best interest at heart, you are right - but only as long as her best interest serves ITS best interest. (If that makes any sense haha) It is trying to help her but she is a means to an end, and it has plans for which she is only a small but incredibly vital part.

So glad you thought Tom's recovery wasn't too abrupt - I spent a lot of time thinking about how I wanted it to happen. He would have to change from this incredibly sappy, romantic, head-over-heels in love man, to his normal self - a spoiled, restless, blase rich kid who doesn't really know what he wants for himself.

Thank you so much for another great review, dear! :)

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Review #7, by sazel_c 

27th October 2008:
Aw. Poor Merope, this is not gonna be a happy ever after...

Author's Response: Unfortunately for her, no :( Thanks for the review!

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Review #8, by savagebeginnings 

25th October 2008:
Hi again! Finally we get to see the differences between the real Tom and Merope's Tom! I think it's amazing how you've written both Toms so differently from each other. Merope's Tom was just so sickeningly sweet and loving, while the real Tom was much more down to earth and like a real person. I'm starting to feel bad for Merope as well. She is so in love with him and it's come as just a slap in her face that they only reason he's still with her at this point in time is because of a potion from Bethe. And then the locket, whom she thought was her oldest friend, has now become a tormentor of sorts for her. Yes I definitely feel bad for Merope. In some ways it's not her fault though. Looking at the way that she was brought up, no one can really blame her for what she's doing. Overall, I think this was an amazing chapter!

Author's Response: Definitely! Potion-Tom and Real-Tom are two very different men - despite the fact that both have feelings for Merope, Real-Tom is not happy about the fact that he can't remember how he came to be here and married to someone he'd only just befriended. He's a little disturbed and confused. The potion gives them a fairy-tale effect and as we all know, fairy tales do not exist.

Yes, the locket has become tormenting and annoying to Merope - and it will become even more so towards the end. Things are not looking up for her but you're right that it isn't her fault. She's always struck me as a character who was simply never meant to be happy.

Thanks for your review!

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Review #9, by chiQs09 

22nd October 2008:
It's just the locket's fault!!! Arrg... Merope would've never tried to test Tom's love if she didn't have to convince herself that Tom REALLY does love her. That the locket was wrong...
Poor Merope... and now she knows the truth. And the truth is so bitter... :(

Author's Response: Exactly - but the locket has its reasons for doing this, remember ... it has reasons for everything it does and it'll all be explained at the end :) You're exactly right that Merope would probably never have thought of testing Tom's love - however, I'm not sure whether she would have fooled herself into believing he cared for her and thus stopped the potion anyway. Either way, she would have found out, I think...

Yes, she does know the truth now but I think she would eventually!

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Review #10, by Tor Petty 

21st October 2008:
Haha, first completed novel since the unicorn story at age eight, huh? You know... it's funny... I wrote a unicorn story myself in the fifth grade. I wonder if that's a common element in female authors?

OoOo, we change POV... to Marvolo, nonetheless! "you can bet I'll lock it" made me laugh so hard.

No, Merope, you don't want to stop the dose. You don't!

The letter was amazing. It's awesome that you included the fact that Phineas was the headmaster before Dippet, bringing my favorite wizarding family ever to the surface of my mind. Heehee.

Charles Elliott? The plot thickens.

Gosh - why does it take so long for Merope to understand that the potion is wearing off? Come on, Merope - you're not thick!

Wow. Intense ending.

Author's Response: Whoa! Maybe we should compare unicorn stories :D Yes I remember it clearly ... I was 8 or 9 years old and in the fourth grade, and my mom had gotten me this big spiral notebook with a purple cover. I spent about a week writing in it (and illustrating, too! You should see some of my unicorn drawings, it's a miracle they could stand with stick-thin legs) and I made copies, and forced everyone in my presence to read it. Yep, I was super annoying. But it was so fun ... I think I sold a few copies for 5 cents each.

Yeah that guard at Azkaban made me laugh too - I was thinking about my Azkaban story when I wrote that scene. :)

I had to do some research first before writing that letter! I couldn't remember exactly who had been Headmaster before Armando Dippet, because I knew he was there when Dumbledore was just a teacher... and it was Phineas :)

Glad you liked this chapter!

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Review #11, by Labby 

13th October 2008:
Ahh.. so this is the point that Merope figures out that Tom doesn't exactly like her.. that he hasn't grown to love her like she thought it was. It's such a tragic part in this story and I'm sure Merope gets pretty scared here. The locket talking to her, insulting her, must have been terrifing enough, but now that she knows Tom doesn't really like her.. that's going to be terrible for her. Her whole history is just so tragic and here she thinks a man is really in love with her, but it still doesn't work out her way. And Merope, diving into the history, shows a bit more of that tragic past, just seeing how her father turned down the Hogwarts education for the two siblings. Excellent chapter as usual!

Author's Response: I know, it's so tragic that she had to find out this way - but she HAD to know. She couldn't go on living like this, lying to herself every day. I think Merope always knew deep down that it was all fake, but she had tried to convince herself otherwise. This was the only way she could cope. The locket was doing her a favor by pointing out the truth - but it had its reasons as well. Thanks so much for your review!

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Review #12, by shadowycorner 

12th October 2008:
The last scene of this chapter still has a very powerful impact on me. There are no words for me to explain just how brilliant this entire chapter is. What with the ingenious and wicked locket coming back into the picture and haunting Merope, seeping to the very core of her being and invoking all her doubts and fears. It really abuses their connection, but it's this revenge the locket's taking for how Merope treated it. It's so perfectly thought out and written it makes me love it more and more. You're a genius, Jules!

The new information about Marvolo is always so interesting and scary at the same time. His backstory is grabbing my attention more and more.

But that last scene...it's so tragic, the way Merope tried and hope for the truth and love all in one and was robbed of it by harsh reality. I'm so sad for her. I never though I could like Merope so much, but you write her flawlessly. And Tom as well. I don't blame him, not one bit, but I'm so sorry that he doesn't love her. The scene is haunting, it's scary and desperate, it's absolutely perfect in literary sense. I enjoyed reading this again immensely.

Author's Response: Eek I'm so glad you like the locket! It's super wicked - it's evil under a coating of sugar. The way it has been subtly manipulating Merope, pouring poison into her ear... and it is definitely taking revenge for the way she's treated it.

What an amazing compliment that you feel so much for Tom and Merope :) I'm thrilled. That was my goal - I see them as tragic characters... I think it was Bella who said they were like characters out a Dickens novel. Perfect description. They're flawed and doomed and neither of them had much choice in the way fate would turn out.

Thanks, darling!

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Review #13, by onestop_hpfan18 

8th October 2008:
Aw, poor Merope. She found out the truth by stopping the love potion and now she's going to weaken from the depression. And then there's the information that Bethe found out about Marvolo Gaunt and how his wife was married another man... there's definitely something up there. Great job on this chapter and now I'm off to the next! 10/10

Author's Response: I know ... but she really had to find out the truth sometime. I don't think she could have lived for years and years knowing that her husband didn't really love her and that their whole marriage depended on that love potion. I mean, what if they had to be separated for a couple nights? Everything would be blown to pieces - the illusion just can't last. You're absolutely right, Marvolo's got some skeletons in the closet that will play into all of this! Thanks for reviewing :)

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