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Review #1, by Sue Clover 

30th December 2014:
I was going to mention this last chapter I think but I forgot - you're such a good writer I'm usually too eager to get to the next chapter to think of writing a review - but I wanted to let you know that crises is not singular. As far as I know, it is the plural of crisis. That's all. By the way, when I preview my reviews, it shows all my apostrophes as having a slash before them, but it doesn't show when I'm typing. Do you see that when you read them?

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Review #2, by knicoles 

27th July 2013:
Whoo, that bathroom scene was intense, more so than the bar one involving everyone. You had her handle herself according to character and admirably well :). Glad to see Remus loosen up a bit and not continuelly tieing his tale up in knots, especially considering the scene that just happened. I envisioned him going into hyper-overprotective mode. I hadn't ruled out him using the Obliviate charm on Kerri and removing all werewolf related memories, etc. ;D

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Review #3, by Molly 

24th October 2009:
Please just get Remus & Kerri together?
I still don't like the name Kerri.
But still.

Author's Response: Well.they get married in the summer between years five and six. Does that help?

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Review #4, by morgana67 

13th June 2008:
Great chapter again! I like the reference to Professor Binns, it was quite funny. Ah, and one of the McNairs is called Franklin, I have a friend called that; he is actually from Jamaica but lives in Oxford but he is nothing like the McNairs, thank God. It was good that you described their home and all the security etc.

I do feel sorry for Kerri, if she doesn't stop comparing herself with Voldemort, then she will go insane. Ah, and she is still thinking about Remus in naughty ways.

Fenrir is just beyond creepy! I bet there will be more trouble with him in the future, what a horrible creature!

I look forward to the next chapter too!

Author's Response: Hi Morgana ( and I just remembered that I haven't gotten to your new chapter yet).

The thing with the MacNairs will get pretty ugly in the sequel and I'm starting to set that up here. There will also be a period of time when she'll completely snap right after Sirius is killed and go on a rampage looking for Bellatrix. By describing their home, I'm setting that up too, but of course that's a long way into the future.

I'm also setting up some future tension with Fenrir who will become much more hostile in the sequel. I'm planning to do some serious character development with him. I have plans to introduce Kerri to his daughter. in the sequel and have them become friends. (I'm not sure yet, but she'll be young; 12-14 years of age) That will of course set up all sorts of interesting dramatic possibilities.

Snape is going to answer Kerri's questions and try to dispell her fears. Like Remus, she tends to judge herself way too harshly. And yes....I have the feeling that some of her thoughts about Remus are decidedly on the warm side....

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Review #5, by Emerald_Gryffindor 

13th June 2008:
yet again another brilliant chapter
i absolutely love it
probably my favorite one on this site
if you were to write a book and publish it
i'd read it over and over
can't wait for the rest

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm actually going back to work on an old original fiction piece that I scrapped a year or so ago. I'm feeling much more confident in my writing since working on this. I've really learned a lot.

The next chapter will be up on Monday. I generally post on Mondays and Thursdays unless something happens to get me behind schedule.

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Review #6, by crazybibliophile 

13th June 2008:
Aargh! Fenrir is - evil. He's just EVIL. In fact, he may be Satan. Or the spawn of Satan. Maybe he's related to Umbridge?

Kerri should poison him along with the MacNair brothers.


Author's Response: Fenrir is the character I hate most in the entire series, followed by Bellatrix and Umbridge. Fenrir will live to fill the role that he has in the canon version and then I fully plan to make sure he meets a very sticky end. I cannot believe that Rowling LET HIM LIVE ! ! ! !

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Review #7, by FullMoon 

12th June 2008:
Kerri has GOT to stop thinking that her love for Remus will just "magically" blow over! Though I suppose she'll be like that for a while...
Will Fuzzy Wuzzy be in the next chapters? Or Royal and Celestia's kids? And did Tonks really break up with Gideon after they were getting along so well? And I have a very VERY good idea of how Kerri will use that dragon doo to her advantage.
Once again, the descriptions were amazing. I love your writing style! You really have a talent for this sort of stuff. And I hate Vashti, by the way. And I haven't really met her for real yet.

Author's Response: Fuzzy Wuzzy is mentioned later on I think. Royal and Celestia and their children still have their parts to play and will make appearances in the sequels also.

Now as for Gideon, Tonks is still seeing him. They're just having a difference of opinion as he's starting to grow in one way and she's starting to grow in another.

Now for Vashti...she has her bad points...like Snape did. But she isn't really a bad sort. I think I might find a use for her later....maybe.

Thank you very much.

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