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Review #1, by Mutt N Feathers 

28th May 2012:
Hm, Lily has an eating disorder. Perhaps too much stress and she's controlling one of the few things she can? Great chapter and nice change of POV.


Author's Response: Yes. I just touched on it; I'm not fully comfortable writing dramatic or troublesome things, but I wanted to use it to enhance Lily's character. Her desire to control everything drives her to be unhappy, and that is part of it.

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Review #2, by shayrocks50 

19th November 2011:
The first time i read this chapter it didnt click that it was in a different p.o.v until james had said lilys name. Up
until anna came in the chapter i was a little confused. This time though i paid attention to the chapter images

Author's Response: It's understandable. Up until then, it had been all Anna. But once you're aware that the POVs rotate, it's easier to tell. Also, as time goes on, you can sort of recognize the different characters style.

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Review #3, by loriinwa 

5th November 2011:
I like your story, but here, it really shows that you dislike Lily Evans, which is completely different than Harry's idea of her. And by you, I mean YOU, not Anastasia. Try to be a good author- don't let your feelings show through. You are a good author though- just don't switch POVS.

Author's Response: I really hope you enjoyed the story enough to keep reading, despite your dislike of my portrayal of Lily here. Like all the other characters that I write, she has her faults, and throughout the story they all grow and change. I hope you enjoyed everything else. :)

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Review #4, by BellaCamille 

31st October 2011:
I love your Lily chapters because they are so different from Everyone else's and then in the end, we end up loving Lily so much!

Ps I can't wait to read the part with Anna's story!

Author's Response: Yeah, I never really thought about that, but it does throw a nice curveball from the usual craziness.

Hehe, isn't Anna's story great? :D

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Review #5, by kassandra466 

9th May 2010:
ok, lilly isnt that bad any more, just needs to get a life, but it was another AMAZING chapter! :D

Author's Response: I love hearing from my readers!! Especially on every chapter!!

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Review #6, by dark_angel_14 

14th July 2009:
Still really hyper and the soda didn't do anythignto help...


Author's Response: Well, soda tends to make people more hyper . . .

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Review #7, by Queen_of_Stars 

26th June 2009:
lol maybe Lily might just be a lot easier to be civil to =) a good chapter for providing some insight on Lily's view of things...

Author's Response: It's definitely important to get a rounded view of things, I think.

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Review #8, by GrayLady 

21st June 2009:
I wonldn't have pegged Lily as having an eating disorder. But then again, I wouldn't know what one looks like as my friends and I are always to busy stuffing our faces for me to have to worry about it.

At least she's found the god of all breakfast foods. I pour chocolate chips on my Frosted Flakes when I know Mom won't catch me, so I'm already a firm believer there.


Author's Response: Yeah, I mostly skimmed around it because I usually go about touchy subjects a little harshly. I'm like Anna - kind of unsympathetic. But, yeah, Lily had some self-confidence problems, added to by her sister that drove her to be like that.

Haha, I eat ice cream for breakfast when mommy and daddy aren't home. XD

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Review #9, by WHATIF_booksarecool 

18th June 2009:
First off, I love the Paramore beginning. That put me in a good mood. My mood kept growing as I went through-- it got better and better, and I came to respect Lily as a character more and more. I loved it!

Author's Response: I'm glad . . . I think it's important to see a character's life through their own eyes to be able to really understand them. It's like that saying - don't judge someone 'till you've walked a mile in their shoes.

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Review #10, by Lillylover22 

11th June 2009:
im gland ana said it and it got through to lily!! 9/10 =]

Author's Response: Yup. And, of course, it was Anna who said it. She has no filter, lol.

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Review #11, by sam 

31st January 2009:
This story is amaze but I really like annas pov so please put that back in at some point. But honestly fantastic.

Author's Response: I'm glad! Don't worry, even as it goes back in forth, it tends to focus on Anna's POV. How can it not - she's just got so much to say. :D

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Review #12, by Sal1705 

9th January 2009:
I was really confused at first, but then I saw the chapter image and I was like "Oh, that's why it stopped making sense after the first paragraph."

Author's Response: Ahaha! Yeah, it would definetely be a confusing chapter if you didn't knwo the POV.

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Review #13, by hogwarts_author_cs 

3rd January 2009:
Ooh... I like reading from Lily's POV! :) Yay! Great chapter. I love snowball fights! My friends don't, though, so I never have anyone to fight. Have you ever tried having a one-man snowball fight? Let me tell you- it's a bit difficult. :)
Great chapter! Loved it, as always!

Author's Response: Your friends don't like snowball fights?!?! That's terrible! Oh my god, you need to find people who do like snowball fights - they're the greatest! Especially when you spend like an hour building forts and making special little holes all over to hide snowballs in and stuff. We've got like acres of property - it's thebest!

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Review #14, by ginnypotter777 

1st January 2009:
hey uh, could you tell me a who this image is, who it's by, where it's from, or something? It looks exactly like a character from my book, and i REALLY need the image. You can contact me on youtube as ginnypotter777. :D

Author's Response: I made the image and the person in it is Thora Birch and I got the image from the collection of images on the Dark Arts site. (And you can find the link for the Dark Arts site on the HPFF homepage.)

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Review #15, by fullmoontonightO 

21st December 2008:
well, i'm glad that lily's beginning to get over her anorexia(?) and i think we all kinda knew that it'd be anna if anyone that would drag her kicking screaming and going generally insane to that point. XD tootles!

Author's Response: Yeah, Lily had something going on - I never came right out and said what it was - it was more just to help further her character change than anything. And yes, if anyone can do something, its Anna.

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Review #16, by Liam R 

5th December 2008:
Okay, I know this is always the first thing I mention in my reviews of this story, and you're probably getting more than a little annoyed with it, but ...
No, seriously, I think Paramore have to be the best thing since time began.

I'll stop now.

"This, is a pancake; it's part of a balanced breakfast. And it's yummy."

aha, I love Anastasia, but at the same time I had to feel really sorry for Lily in this chapter. So many teenage girls feel like they need to lose weight, and fail to realise they've lost far too much weight in the process, which I think you've highlighted very well in this chapter.


Author's Response: Paramore is love.

Yeah, when I started writing Lily, I wasn't really sure where I was going with her problem, but then, as it went on, I've kind of molded Anna into Lily's opposite.

I think it would be awesome if Anna was a role model for girls. Maybe not all the trouble she gets into, and her study habits, and just her lack of morals in general - but her attitude.

Girls should realize that Anna's cool with herself - she's got four really close friends (not a zillion,) she doesn't care what other people think (because she's too busy having fun,) and she's not size extra-extra-extra-extra small, and she's totally okay with that.

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Review #17, by the_marauders_rock 

3rd December 2008:
Onward I go!
Love the story!

Author's Response: :D Yay! That's good!

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Review #18, by rowenaravenclaw94 

8th November 2008:
reading the story from lily's pov is kind of unsettling after having read it from anna's, who's practically her nemesis... but that's cool. i like looking at things differently. shakes things up... 10/10! good job!
-xoxo, rowenaravenclaw94

Author's Response: I've never actually gone back and read the story in chronological order. I think once, it's finished, I might, just to see how my writing has changed. But yeah, I imagine it must be a shocker to read from to entirely different personalities.

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Review #19, by always_dreaming 

13th June 2008:
She sneered at me, then laughed. "First of all, sweetie, if you’re friends with one of my friends, it pretty much means that every time you’re around him, you’ll be around me. Second, I’m not telling you what to do; this is just my way of telling you that seeing every bone in your body through your skin is, quite frankly, disgusting."

that was definitely my most favorite part. and good if lily is going to stop being such an awful person

Author's Response: haha, i loved writing that too.

and lily is slowing going to stop being such a horrible person - she's on a seven step plan

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Review #20, by siriuslyawesome 

12th June 2008:
i like the change of point of view stirs things up nicely maybe once lilly starts eating real food her mood will improve. i like how lilly called on sirius to be the judge because of his honesty i wonder what james thinks about it all though.

Author's Response: yeah, there's a little more pov change on the way. no one really knows what happened if they don't see it through more than one person's eyes. right?

james is just too blinded by what he used to see to know what's really going on. unless it's in the case of his friends. for all the marauders friends>girls

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Review #21, by lollipop_marauderette 

11th June 2008:
its ok.. but she needs to stop dissin anastasia, she rocks!! .. i guess its ok that she is gettin over her eatin disorder


PS - thanks for the reviews.. im actually in the process of re writing my story.. ill inform you when i repost the new chaps.. and maybe you could tell me if they are any better?

Author's Response: yeah - you'll see lily steadily increase in her not-so-badness over time. she gets better, promise.

and no problem about the reviews - really enjoyed reading your story. and i'd be happy to re-read it once you're all done editing. just let me know when! :D

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