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Review #1, by maraudertimes 

18th August 2013:
I've been reading this for a few days now, and I just want to say I really like it.
While I'm not usually into New Gen stuff, your story is really good.
Looking forward to continuing/finishing!

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Review #2, by GinnyPotter25 

29th December 2010:
Haha I love Tegan's song!
Muy excellente chappie!

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Review #3, by lily_evans_ginny_weasley 

21st September 2009:
I was giggling like a mad lunatic when I was reading the Gryffies' song. Lucky no-one else was present to see it. I love this story, it's so funny. Thanks!

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Review #4, by rhysus2008 

26th May 2009:
Ha, fun chapter. Not much to say, it was a nice progession of the story and I'm looking forward to the second term!


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Review #5, by PrincessPadfoot 

11th May 2009:
Oh gosh, J.D. and Micah are crazy-obsessed with Lud Wig!!! Favorite Line(s): ‘Do not besmirch the name of Lewd Wig in my presence!’ said J.D.
‘Nor mine!’ added Micah.
J.D. and Micah then argued about who loved Lewd Wig more, while Tegan continually poked her hand with her fork.

I looked over and saw J.D. win an arm-wrestling match against Micah.
‘Victory!’ exclaimed J.D. ‘I am officially Lewd Wig’s number one fan!’

Well, that’s a load of rubbish, I thought. Of course he’ll pick Euterpe’s Addiction as the winners! They’ve got legal counsel and everything!

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Review #6, by skeet500 

24th February 2009:
this chapter was just all around hilarious!! especially the part where micah and jd chased that lewd wig dude across the stage.

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Review #7, by dianap00 

15th January 2009:
How could I sue the grandfather of my future children?
It's when he says things like this that I go into cringy hysterics and wish that there were more legitimens in the world.

Oi, that was an enlightening chapter... riight. Callum was a damn golden character. Did Lupin say that Dawlish is returning. Heheheh. Niice.

Author's Response: Haha, sometimes even I can't believe James's one liners. =P Glad you liked the chapter!

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Review #8, by twinkies 

18th November 2008:
I loved the lyrics of ALL the songs. I was laughing so hard I couldn't even read. Mostly cause I was hunched over shacking. Awsome chapter.

What will happen at break. Will Tegan come to visit James? Maybe something else? LOVE THE STORY!!!


Author's Response: I wrote all of those lyrics in my car at 2 am, parked in front of the (closed) library for the free internet, sketchy as hell. The lyric results of my "hobo phase" (not kidding - 'twas a brief hobo phase) are certainly interesting... Everyone seems to love these crazy lyrics. ^_^

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Review #9, by Girldetective85 

21st October 2008:
This battle of the bands was hysterical, as I expected it would be. Love how Micah is playing 10 more instruments than everybody else, and of course J.D. and Micah's fascination with the great Lewd Wig. I liked that James and Rhys came to terms a little bit, and Rhys was man enough to apologize. Too bad the Gryffies didn't win, I was rooting for them just for the song lyrics alone - I was laughing so hard at those...

Author's Response: Micah might be the butt of many jokes, but he's a genuinely talented musician. ^_^ And the Gryffies can't win 'em all - they do seem to win very little nowadays, however.

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Review #10, by shaunazombie 

14th October 2008:
Haha, I didn't think the Gryffs would win, though I am a bit sad they didn't. Tegan's song was a musical master piece. The bit where JD and Micah got stunned was hilarious, they really are obsessed with Lewd Wig. I like how you keep adding all the fascinating bits about H.U.W. like the fact that he actually is a really sucessful magician or that he knows Lewd Wig.

I can't wait to see what the Gryffies get up to during Christmas. Knowing the lot of them, it will be hilarious. I was glad that Teg's Dad apologized to James though, that was nice of him.

Author's Response: J.D. & Micah chasing Lewd Wig is possibly my favorite scene in the entire story. (It's at least in the Top 5.) We've certainly not seen the last of H.U.W. & Lewd Wig...gah, I shouldn't say anything more. xD

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Review #11, by siriuslyhockey 

13th October 2008:
I really like the way you wrote the battle of the bands, and the whole montage music part was really funny

‘Micahnator, I’m half-black,’ Fred replied. ‘I know what’s cool more than you do. Take the trainers, please.’ This line was hilarious!

I also loved the lyrics of Tegan's song, quite accurate actually. To bad the gryffies didn't win :(

Author's Response: Thanks! I see this story as a film in my head as I write it down, hence the montage. =) The Gryffies can't win 'em all...but I suppose they haven't won much of anything yet.

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Review #12, by Mary 

10th October 2008:
I really should have seen the winner coming. It wouldn't be the gryffies, just because, it wouldn't be the slytherins because that would have been too black and white, it wouldn't have been the ravenclaws because that'd be biased, and that left one group. I thought it was nice.

Author's Response: They usually get the short end, but I love Hufflepuffs. ^_^ Thanks for your reviews!

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Review #13, by Mistress 

9th October 2008:
That Sunday morning I found myself skipping along the Entrance Hall towards the Great Hall to break my fast.
I’ve only told J.D. and my Imagination Journal.’

Rhys exhaled. ‘Is that some sort of innuendo?

Wow, that was intense. I nearly choked when they got that invitation and the Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs had bands too. How did they all think of doing the band thing?? Crazy! And they lost--and there was no applause! I nearly died laughing at the end when J.D. and Micah were trying to get to Lewd Wig. Hilarious. Sounds like there's more to Lewd Wig than meets the eye. Weirdo. :) Great chappie!

Author's Response: Thanks! ^_^ The entire quad-band showdown was fairly contrived on my part, but had such great potential for silly hijinkery. Lewd Wig is actually the most important character in this story. =P

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Review #14, by cactusflower 

14th June 2008:
This is a fantastic story. I don't usually read next generation ones, but I'm very glad I decided to try this one. James is my hero--a well needed break from all the charming playboy type characters everyone's always writing. I love his relationship with J.D., and the "that's what she said" thing makes me laugh every time, even if I'm the only one. :D I also like that they all call Teddy by his full name, and I agree that what went on in the Deathly Hallows would have impacted and changed Neville, so I like your portrayal of him as well. And, I absolutely love H.U.W. Hilarious. The magic carpet ride is one of my favorite bits of the story so far. And finally, because this list of the things I love is getting rather long, I'm glad the Hufflepuffs won and not the Gryffies, awesome as they are. I like that you add twists and make things unpredictable.

I'm favoriting, and hope for another update son. You're a very entertaining author. :)

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Review #15, by moon_black11 

14th June 2008:
this was a very good chapter! there weren't too many descpriptive words that confused me like some of the chapters, but i very much liked this one! not that i don't like all of them :P

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Review #16, by hushpuppy22 

14th June 2008:
I giggled my way through the chapter and ended up shaking with laughter while reading the lyrics of Tegan's song. Poor Tegan and poor James to have to deal with an over-protective future father-in-law.

There are so many funny lines in this chapter but I especially love that James has more street cred and that Rhys was suspicious of James' Imagination Journal.

Can't wait for the next chapter!

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Review #17, by DemetersChild 

13th June 2008:
Hm.slightly humorous. It's okay this time.

Honestly I do believe the plot is faltering a bit. I dunno how much more of this you plan to do, but I do believe it needs more story. Though I enjoy it very much.

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Review #18, by reavreav 

13th June 2008:
YAY! chapter 17! it was so good. i completely love the gryffies, theyre amazing, i just want my friends to be like them, to be honest. i love you, youre a hilarious and inspiring author, keep writing! (promise me!) xxx

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Review #19, by JSB 073 

13th June 2008:
Well Rhys was nice enough to apologize. And Jamesie-poo is in love!! The Battle of the Bands certainly went well... almost Christmas now. Woo-hoo.

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Review #20, by prosgal 

13th June 2008:
Definitely loved the outcome of the battle of the bands. There is so much I loved about this chapter (as usual) but I think Jamesy's second meeting with Rhys and bugging Teddy Lupin might be my favs.

First term over! Oh the possibilities for second...

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Review #21, by sweetredrose 

13th June 2008:
Haha. :D Hufflepuffs! :D

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Review #22, by Labby 

12th June 2008:
So basically, I had a much longer review typed all out, but then the site freaked out on me and I lost it, so I'll keep it brief now.

I enjoyed this chapter a lot. I think it is one of my favorite chapters so far.. maybe one of the funniest at least. I'm glad James and Tegan's father were able to make up a bit. I love how James reacted to the whole thing, thinking that he's cooler because of that. Hehe. I loved that James admitted his love for Tegan to her father, and his use of the Imagination Journal. He's an awesome character. I really can't imagine James Sirius acting in a different way than you've portrayed him.

I loved the invitation too. I loved all of the instruments under Micah's name, though I may have to google about half of them. Conch shell... hehe. Gotta love Micah, especially with his help writing the song.

I guess the Gryffies aren't exactly the best at playing music, though they seemed to have had fun. I love how it turned into a whole school thing and that the Puffs won! Puff pride!!! Great chapter and I'm looking forward to more as usual!

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Review #23, by yeller-futon 

12th June 2008:
how did those hufflepuffs win?
lol ah wells loved it anyways i loved it especially tegans song. hogwarts reaction, and Led Wig ;)

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Review #24, by The Marauders And Lily 

12th June 2008:
I love you. This chapter made my day. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time :) Thank you so much for everything :D I loved Rhys and Tegan's song and Hedwigeon and EVERYTHING! Thanks (again :P) and... awesome work!

Lovin' It,

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Review #25, by dramaqueen6 

12th June 2008:
Oh. My. God. That was hilarious! That was one of the most outragiously hysterical chapters ever! I loved the lyrics from the bands! The Gryffies had the funniest lyrics, by far though. lol.

Amazingly stupdneously sparkling chapter.


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