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Review #1, by knicoles 

27th July 2013:
'They can fly?" asked Mel, distractedly.
"Not that I know of. They must be using the ledges.'

If dementors can't fly, the how're they getting over the sea to the commune?

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Review #2, by Shellee 

7th June 2008:
Tell him Kerri! Tell your big brother to not be so emo. Ehehe, aw, Snapey emo. He really does need to get a life. Actually, training the owls is so logical. I wonder why they never showed it, then again, I guess all those owls were trained little after they were fully grown to fly, no matter what master. Hagrid is going to be happy, I guess, when he gets to teach. Overjoyed, a bit too overjoyed. Tsk, of course. Dangerous little Charlie, the resident bad boy, eheh. Glad Dmitri is going to be alright, I guess. At least Charlie isn't hurt, really. Saskia, I like that name, I used to have a phase that that was my call name.
Urgh, Dementors again. Ehehe, I like Streak so much, he's such a humerous tone. Well, all of them really. Bless Mel to try and Patronus the Dementors out. And Basil trying to get it on with a girl? Tsk tsk. Ehehe, they're really fun though. I have a feeling that they'll get working on their progess now. I hope they can figure something out against the Dementors. It's lovely.

Author's Response: Well, what Snape isn't telling Kerri is that he's staying at Hogwarts to keep Harry safe. He's not ready to tell her the whole Lily story yet so she'll be wondering for some time what holds him there at Hogwarts.

Everyone seems to really like Streak and he's my favorite too. I wanted someone with an eccentric habit to round out the group and he's what I came up with. With him, you never know what's coming next. He keeps things entertaining, but he really embarasses Kerri sometimes.

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Review #3, by ButterflyRogue 

4th June 2008:
Hello again...

I very much liked the letter from Kerri to Snape. It is true that he has much more potential than he is showing. I always kind of thought Severus had skill close even to Dumbledore's --- an expert duelist, an advanced Occlumens, a potions master and with his wit and intelligence that had kept him alive for so long...
And it just dawned on me --- when Kerri comes to teach in your third novel, will that be a step away from canon (since I presume she will teach Care for Magical Creatures which was Hagrid's job in the actual book), or are you planning something else, a combination of the two, perhaps?

Haha, Streak is awesome!! He's probably my favorite out of the group. And the Scooby Doo reference was cool... I just saw an episode on Cartoon Network last night and the thing with doors was in it... ;P Your sense of humor is brilliant! And the entire Dementor sequence was very well written --- I enjoyed the dynamics very much. You have a sense for details (for example, the description of Kerri's patronus), I like that very much.
You really thought of everything --- the room where the werewolves were locked during full moon. A brilliant idea --- terrifying, but brilliant to show the background of the people on a margin of society.

Another thing I have to compliment you on is your characterization. It's very believable and that is hard to achieve while writing in the first person. It is subjective, in a way, but very good developed and written.

:O You are EVIL!!! The preview for the next chapter --- FINALLY!!!

[sorry, I have some difficulties expressing what I want to say in the past couple of days...]

Author's Response: I agree. I think Snape was exceptionally gifted and intelligent. He was very badly under appreciated and underestimated. Even Voldemort was clueless when it came to Snape.

Right now, Kerri fully intends to teach all of the students when she goes to Hogwarts. Hagrid's name being cleared and Dumbledore letting him teach will change that. Hagrid will get the Gryffindors and Slytherins and Kerri will get the Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs. That will limit her interaction with some of the main characters like Harry and co. but give me the freedom to develop some of the lesser ones and invent new ones. I'm really looking forward to playing with Luna. I think Kerri will really like her.

As for the dementor scene, I love it when reviewers all complement me on the same things. That tells me that I really have done a good job. It seems like Streak is popular with most of my readers, (he's my favorite too) and that my description of Kerri's patronus was well done. (Bella Portia even quoted a line that she especially liked). You guys are really spoiling me rotten with all the flattery.

Thank you so much.

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Review #4, by Bella_Portia 

3rd June 2008:
The letters were fun to read; delightful as ever. I look forward to reading Snape’s response. As far as Snape is concerned, I’ve often wondered if Prozac has a counterpart in the realm of potions. I mean, he does seem to suffer more than most and to take it out on others more than necessary. Since he actually can self-medicate if he’s so inclined. . .

I also enjoyed the letters to Hagrid and from Charlie. As to the latter – oh, dear.

The Dementor sequence was great – exciting and funny and – where did you get the idea to have Streak moon the Dementors? Or to have the Dementors respond in such a prissy way? That was inspired. And you beautifully described Kerri’s eccentric little patronus, trotting along on its little legs with the occasional push forward from its wings.

Where you wrote: “‘This is where we used to have to go during full moons back before the potion was invented,’ Basil explained. ‘The ministry would send officials to lock us in. Parents still have to lock up their kids who are too young to take the potion yet.’” I thought this was a brilliant description of the social history behind the characters – imaginative and terrific.

Not being a country music fan, I have never noticed a Celtic quality. Now I will have to listen for it (when I am forced to listen to country music, that is.)

This was an exciting, funny, romantic, Hogwarts-filled, Snape-and-Hagrid-filled, chapter.

Author's Response: Oh that's just what Hogwarts needs...Snape totally stoned. Well, he did grow up in the seventies. I wonder if there was a wizarding version of bell bottoms?

I'm proud that you liked this part so much. I don't even remember my reasoning behind writing it other than filler between the first chapter and the second one maybe. Nevertheless, it's still one of my favorites because it's so fun.

As for how I got that idea...that's just Streak. It's what he's known for doing. If I want to insert an element of craziness into any chapter, that's an easy way to do it. As for how I came up with the idea of having an exhibitionist werewolf in the first place, I just remember wanting someone with a quirky habit...that's what I came up with. (Wonder what Snape would think of him? I might have to arrange that sometime).

Thank you so much for such a nice review. I'm hoping the next one is equally popular...it's an important part of the story and I've really been stressing over it.

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Review #5, by crazybibliophile 

3rd June 2008:
You have NO IDEA how absolutely hilarious the dementor scene was. I feel bad, because it probably should have made me feel scared or at least sorry for the werewolves, but Streak flashing them? It's just too funny!

Author's Response: The situation was serious but it had a humor element too. I think that's just how some of those guys handle things. They're helpless to do anything about it, so they make fun of it instead. I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #6, by FullMoon 

2nd June 2008:
You can talk to your patronus? AWESOME!
I love your writing. It Rules.
WOAH--DO dementors have butts?
That was really mean. That chapter excerpt was really mean. HURRY UP WITH THE NEXT CHAPTER! IT'S THE BALL FOR GOD'S SAKE!

Author's Response: Want to know what's even meaner? One of my friends who reviews this story has an advance copy of that chapter. She offered to give me her opinion on one scene so I let her have the whole thing. It should be up on Thursday.

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