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Review #1, by ThereIsSuchAThingAsTooMuchDrama 

5th January 2011:
I hate the over-the-head, all-the-time drama.
Really, sometimes there's just nothing else to put there, so why push it so hard? Like by making Ginny a big useless drama queen, fainting and having fits and crying, and being overall more distressful to everyone than the kidnapping itself; and Harry treating her like some kind of invalid or mentally dysfunctional porcelain figure. So not the Ginny I know from the books!

(I'll stay tuned, though, maybe we'll just find out this is actually Ginny's evil twin, trying to sabotage her niece's rescue to get a revenge on Harry for having started an affair with her and then breaking it off when he found out she had both leukemia and schizophrenia!)

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Review #2, by SaphireSmiles 

24th November 2010:
So much going on!!

So ~ it's a Voldemort thing? Hmmm...

I have to say that I love your work. I don't know how you're going to end it and I might even not like it - but your originality is amazing. I hope that you're still writing. :D

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Review #3, by Unwritten Curse 

29th November 2008:
'frustration on older man' - missing 'the' in there
'someone who has just taken' - 'has' should be 'had'

This chapter was all over the place - but I don't mean that in a bad way. I think the disjointed feeling actually made sense. Going back and forth from where Nyah was and what the rest of the family was doing was very effective, but a bit confusing. Don't worry too much about it, I'm positive that if I keep reading, everything will make sense.

I laughed so much at the part about the Veritaserum, when Molly admitted she'd used it on them and they all got very nervous. Hilarious! Even Arthur was fidgeting, haha. And I also enjoyed Mitzi, the House Elf, and how kind she was to Nyah. I wonder why - was that on Astoria's orders? I suppose, because Astoria is a mother as well, she understands what it's like for Nyah's parents and feels the need to take care of the girl as much as she can. I do recall a part in the last chapter where Draco was thinking about how his wife had been against him kidnapping her - something to that extent. Too bad Lucius is so conniving. Uggh, I can't stand him. -deep breath-

I'm so worried for Nyah. I really hope they can find a way to save her. I don't know if there is much hope, but I'm still clinging to my optimism. I'm off to read the next chapter. I'll finally be caught up! Haha.

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Review #4, by celticbard 

21st November 2008:
Hi Teresa!
I'm finally here to review this delightful story and I do apologize for taking such an obscenely long time to get around to it. NaNo sort of took over my life this month and I haven't been able to come up for air much except to do homework and the like. Anyway, please forgive me and don't take the delay as a sign of my disinterest in this story, because you know I LOVE it. ^_^

This was such a complex chapter. It almost reminded me of a play I saw while I was in Ireland titled, "The Playboy of the Western World". It was an Irish play and just brimming with tension, fear and black humor. Chapter Nineteen seemed to have the same balance of emotions. The scene in which Harry "interrogates" the Death Eater really left me shivering. (In fact, there was a similar scene in "Playboy"). He certainly is a force to be reckoned with when angry, as is Ginny.

I also really liked the appearance of Carl. He is a great OC and I love his fatherly attitude towards Harry-it rang very true indeed. And as to Nyah, wow, just wow. Astoria and her house elf were just the perfect addition to this chapter. I've always been sort of curious as to what manner of woman would marry Draco Malfoy and I must say her gentleness caught me off-guard. She is a heart-breaking character, one who truly loves her family but is not blind to others.

I only noticed two very minor errors in this chapter. They are as follows...

"Ginny?" Molly quietly cried to her daughter as she knelt to the ground where Ginny lay.
This should be, "as she knelt on the ground next to where Ginny lay."

but this time...it may have ever more dire consequences,"
This should be, "even more".

I absolutely adored this chapter, Teresa. Please hop on over to my review's thread and re-request. I cannot wait to finish this fic!


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Review #5, by Sarah 

27th October 2008:
I am so happy you continued the story. It is beautifully written!

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Review #6, by Girldetective85 

13th October 2008:
Hey Teresa! I'm back to leave some of my reviews that disappeared :) I've been doing this for all my favorite stories and it's so great to get a chance to re-read. As always, each of your chapters is tense with emotion. This one is no different. I remember being on the edge of my seat while reading of the aftermath of Nyah's disappearance. I think Harry's reaction to his daughter's abduction is very realistically written - he would be furious and not above torturing an enemy who might have the answer, but his gentleness and reassuring words to Ginny are so in character. You've got his whole personality down really well. Poor Ginny - you could even say that she has suffered the most through this whole ordeal. Not only has she lost her daughter again (before she herself even fully accepted that Nyah had returned), she can feel when the little girl is hurt and scared. I'm glad that Nyah has one ally at Malfoy Manor at least, in the form of Astoria. At least she seems to have a conscience! So good ...

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Review #7, by Mistress 

8th October 2008:
Wow, I was half-expecting Ginny to go crazy on Nott haha. This is such a powerful chapter. Have to keep reading!!

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Review #8, by Solo 

13th June 2008:
It’s Solooo! You’re favourite person in the whole entire world –wiggles eyebrows-


Damn, you write good action scenes. You can actually write them. Some action scenes actually make me fall asleep, it’s all ‘and then a big scary ghost jumped out, and then their wands were all brandished. Suddenly the ghost turned on them and then they all shouted the same curse, and then the ghost died’. Oh, no, wait a moment, ghosts can’t die. Well there goes my great action scene impression. Very believable action scenes, I’m loving it! (At which point the McDonalds advert comes into my head: bababadada, I’m lovin’ it!)

B-e-a-utiful (haha Bruce Almighty! Have you seen Evan Almighty? Is it any good? Should I see it? Do you know what I’m going on about?) writing. I love how this plot is really drawing together, it’s so exciting reading every chapter and watching how everything develops. Bad, bad, bad Draco! Such a shame he’s so fit in the films… -dreamy sigh- Mind you Daniel Radcliffe aint to bad either, actually he’s pretty good, and Rupert Grint… shame they screw up the plots.

But that’s a little OT.

Back to the point (which reading this review I have realised it actually has no point other than making other people listen to my late night ramblings. I should go to sleep. Bed, then sleep. I needed to read before I went to bed. I mean go. Go to bed.)

Right, back to the point. Properly now.

I love your writing, it’s really, really, really, really beautiful. Everything just fits together really, really, really well, I’m loving how the plot ties together (-sighs- McDonalds theme tune is in my head now). I like how you’ve characterized all the canon characters, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Molly, Charlie, Ginny, Arthur have aged how I imagined them too. James, Al, Rose and all of the other gazillion Weasley/Potter kids (seriously though, they breed like rats (rats breed quicker than rabbits)) have really good personalities too!

I’m really interested to see how this turns out; it’s an amazing plot idea with great ties, where did you get your inspiration from?!

I’m very sorry you have to face my late night post-sleep crazy randomness (oh what a word! Randomness…) I need to sleep. I’m stalking you….r writing so watch out! I’ll probably review the next chapter to make up for this total waste of space and your time, as well as my poor fingers which are actually starting to hurt. My bum’s gone numb as well. I think I can make a fortune out of selling an office chair that is actually comfy to sit on. I’m nicking andrex’s slogan: be kind to your behind, buy solo’s office chairs! I think purple is the best colour… -gasp- purple sparkles! Omeegee! What an idea! I can give one to my head teach as a birthday present.

I wish Dumbledore was our head teacher, instead we get one who’s farts really stink (please, don’t ask…)

Oh look! This review is one word page and currently one line long! Let’s see… right now it’s 517 words long! Well, now it’s 524! The joys of words word count (that’s a mouthful).

I am officially insane; please book my ward at St. Mungos.

But I had a realisation: Nyah and Nina. They sound the same… (apart from the fact that Nyah is sort of the sound a dying man makes… or a woman. Depends who’s dying.)

Oh it seems my internet’s crashed. I’ll have to repair that before posting this… -frowns and clicks away-

Mmm, I wonder what time it is? OHHHNOO. IT’S 10 TO 11! HOW DID IT GET SO LATE?


Early mornings kill me. They really do.

One and a half word pages.

634 words so far!

I need a cheese sandwich. Or crackers. Oh! Wallis and Grommit moment! Sean the Sheep! I love him. It’s Sean the sheep, it’s Sean the sheep… -hums-

I swear I’ll be better in the next chapter. I’m sorry for dumping my ramblings on you.

-Solo (who is off to get some cheese and crackers)

p.s. 691 words!

p.p.s. the image verification thing of dumbledore is funny. -snorts-

p.p.p.s 704 words!

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Review #9, by Lilau 

12th June 2008:
For a lack of words: Wahoo
I was on the verge of tears where you were talking about Ginny’s pain about losing her daughter.
I can’t relate on what it feels like loosing a daughter, having no child of my own, but I could almost feel what it could be like.

I’m confused at Draco and Astoria’s behaviours. I hope to know soon on which side they stand. I can’t bring myself to think that Draco would be purely evil. Lucius on the other hand, I don’t have any problems with that ^_^

Your timeline is sometimes a little confusing. Rose is 6 so Albus should be 6 also, that makes James 7 or 8 and Nyah is nearly 11. She was 3 or 4 (I can’t remember up to that point) when she was taken away. But anyway whether she was 3 or 4, it would mean that Ginny would be pregnant with James during the accident or a short time after. But the way you’re talking about Ginny after the accident makes it as she took a fair amount if time to overcome her daughter’s “death” so she would wait to be pregnant again (or even intimate with Harry). That’s what bothers me actually I would have expected the year gap between Nyah and James to be bigger or else she was already pregnant at the time.
I know I pick up on details but that’s me! I needed to find some downs or else I will only be rambling on how wonderful I think your story is.

I really like the way you’ve portrayed Hugo. Sometimes Rose seems a little to mature for her age but that’s it. You have a good grasp on the Weasley family and I enjoyed reading about their interaction. I like also the fact that even you didn’t write much about Fleur you didn’t portray her as a stuck up snobby woman (I like her character, you can say nationality pride ^_^)

I’m up to add your story to my favourite and keep reading it when you’ll update.
Congratulation on a superb story.

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Review #10, by SilverThimble 

9th June 2008:
ah, Lucius, you... evil man! They've got to get her back, they have to. If this story doesn't have a happy ending I'll - I'll - think of a suitable protest. Really great chapter, though, and I think you were right to split it. I'm glad that Astoria at least seems nice enough. Poor nott, I feel sorry for him a little. Wow, this review doesn't make much sense. Please update soon, this cliffhanger of Nyah's fate is nerve wracking!

Author's Response:

Hello!!! :D

Yes, Lucius is fun to play with - in an evil way... muahaha! No protesting will be necessary, but it may not end the way you think - so I guess we'll have to see...

Astoria (and eventually Scorpius) are Draco's 'saving grace'... And don't feel too sorry for Nott - he's just looking our for himself here!

The update will be soon! Thanks for the lovely review!!!! :D

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Review #11, by Shellee 

7th June 2008:
I don't see how they can smile when Nyah's gone and they just caught a Death Eater. Yes I'd be happy we got something, but still, it wouldn't surpass the loss. I'm very glad they got something though. Poor thing, Ginny's already dreaming about her girl. Hope she can help them out, point them in the right direction. Though, didn't Hermione know it was Draco? It's easier to find them then, well, kind of.
Aw, nuh. Poor Nyah! That room doesn't seem very comfortable. At least she got to see outside. I guess that was Draco with his wife and son? Now they're finally released because Nyah is there. I don't get what his wife's response was either. Probably wanting to get away and not caught up again in things? At least one person is happy now. Well, three. Now it's the turn for all the others.
Ehehe, Ginny's a fiesty one. Molly tampering with Veritaserum, tsk tsk. Hope they get all the information they need now. I would like to see Ginny go at Nott though!
Hm, so Astoria saw her and decided to give her a bit of comfort, I assume? At least she isn't so bad. I mean, it's Lucius' own fault that he is about to die if he doesn't reverse the spell and such. Mitzi sounds so cute though! When are we going to see her in Jessi's fic? Ehehe. I doubt Astoria is able to do much more though.
Hope they find out some more, I'd have thought he was away already. After all he knows the Malfoys have her, right? Hope she's back soon!
Yayayay! Astoria can help. Aw, I'm glad. But urgh. -kicks Lucius- the breadstick!

Author's Response:

Hi Shellee! :D

Some people (myself included) have a tendency to smile/laugh at awkward times and with everything completely tense at the Burrow, the Weasley orneriness has kicked in. They aren't smiling because they are happy - they are smiling because they don't know what else to do... does that make sense?

Yes, Hermione (and others) knew that it was Draco at the cottage, but didn't know he was the one who had taken Nyah - it could have been any number of D.E.s.

Yes, playing outside was Astoria and Scorpius. You'll get a better feel for why Astoria is surprised to see Nyah a bit later. And Lucius won't die because of the spell - Nyah will... Nyah's magic is broken - not Lucius's.

Ah - don't dismiss Astoria too much - she has a bit more defying Lucius to do! :D

Thanks for a wonderful review Shellee! :D

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Review #12, by KaraBlack 

5th June 2008:
Oh! I can't wait until Chapter 20! Honestly I can't wait! I KNOW that Harry is going kick butt when he sees that their trying to kill Nyah!

Really though, this is SO great really though, its very interesting :D


Author's Response:

Hello!!!! :D I'm so glad you enjoyed ch 19! The next one will be up soon! :D

Don't worry... Harry (and the others) will have their 'say' soon...

Thanks again for reviewing and I do hope to see you again soon! :)

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Review #13, by Girldetective85 

4th June 2008:
This chapter was absolutely amazing. I was caught up in it from the very first sentence and could not stop reading. You should seriously consider getting published in the mystery/suspense genre! I love your reflective chapters but your action chapters are so fast-paced and this one was no exception.

I thought it was really funny and well-deserved how Charlie and Harry were pumping Nott for information. I can't believe he had the nerve to jeer about Nyah being lost forever right to her parents' face. Does he know who he's talking to?! lol And Molly's use of the Veritaserum was priceless. I bet the Weasley men have never fidgeted this much in their lives before! (Even Arthur LOL)

And so Nyah has ended up at Malfoy's house, as expected. I'm still dying to know why Lucius wants to kill her and not Harry. He says that he wants to uphold his master's final plan, yet Voldemort wanted to kill Harry himself - not his heir. Ugh I want to know NOW! *pouts* But it seems that Astoria is somewhat on Nyah's side, or at least had a change of heart and wants to keep the child away from her father-in-law. Somehow I don't think it will turn out very well for her either since Lucius knows that she is against him.

Thirty-six hours left to find and save Nyah! That's only a day and a half :( I hope they can do it!

Can't wait for an update Teresa! This was fantastic as usual :)

Author's Response:

Hello friend! :D What a lovely review!

I'm so glad you enjoyed the chapter - your opinion is very important!!!! I would love to get published someday - but I'd have no idea where to begin... maybe we should start a thread about that over at eHPf. :D

I enjoyed Charlie's version of 'breaking in Nott', although I know Harry wanted to tear him up! :)

The Veritaserum was one of my favorite parts!! :D I would love to have that up my sleeve sometimes with my boys! LOL There will be a bit more about it in the next chapter... ;)

Yes, the plans - the plans... everything is very vague right now, but will get clearer soon... :) But you're right, Voldemort did want Harry dead, but death doesn't always come in the physical sense when your child is involved, now does it?

Astoria was never on Lucius's side... and he knows it, which as you've deducted, may not bode well for her.

Thank you, thank you for your review! I really do appreciate your thoughts! :D The next chapter will go into the queue soon! ;)

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Review #14, by chiQs09_II 

3rd June 2008:
WOW, you've mentioned Scorpius!!! :D :D
I love your Astoria!!! She's so lovely...
I think you confused a lot the "it's" with "its" and there were very minor mistakes... like when you forgot to use past tense. Anyhoo...
I love the way you wrote this chapter. Each scene was written in different POVs! So Lucius will kill Nyah because she's Harry Potter's child and so the Dark Lord can rise again? :s
Sorry for my brief and not-in depth review... but I'm a bit tired...
My next review will be longer. :)

Author's Response:

Hi!! :D Thanks so much for your review!!!

Yes, Scorpius will be mentioned just a bit, but more for 'timing' purposes and to show that we are staying within 'canon'.

I'm very glad you like Astoria - she'll be in often from here on out.

Thanks for pointing out the its and it's - I'll go back over it very soon! :D Tense words are awful for me... {sigh} I'll look for those as well. Thanks!

Yes, Lucius wants to kill Nyah... but the rest of your theory will have to wait {muahaha}

Thank you for reviewing!!! I really appreicate it! :D

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Review #15, by Gawain 

2nd June 2008:
just wow.
that's all i can say.
6 out of 5 stars
11 out of 10
and all that jazz

Author's Response:


Thanks so much for your review! :) The next chapter will be up soon!

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Review #16, by JLHufflepuff 

2nd June 2008:
I think all the information you put in this chapter seems vital to advance everything to the next level. It's horrible that they have to go through losing Nyah again. I really understand why Harry was so angry and wanting to torture/hurt Nott as much as he did. I like Charlie's solution of swinging him around everywhere. I mean, cops do similar things to awful criminals they find, as well.. I've heard stories.. Anyway, I don't know if you watch the show 24, but I just think of Harry as kind of turning Jack Bauer-type crazy with wanting to interrogate Nott.

I feel for Nyah in her strange situation in (I'm assuming) Malfoy Manor. I'm still really interested to know EXACTLY what is going on with her magical situation as well as what Hermione's situation is. I'm glad that Astoria and Mitzi are there to help her, and I wonder what role they play in this whole thing.

It's really fun making Lucius evil, huh? He's just someone that's so perfect in that regard. I guess his motivation to serve the Dark Lord makes sense, but I'm just wondering why in particular he chose Nyah... I guess I will be finding out soon since you have chapter 20 almost ready, right? RIGHT?!

This is really well done, and I want to see what happens next!

Author's Response:

Hello friend! :) Thanks so much for stopping by to review the chapter!

Yes, Harry would want to tear this guy from limb-to-limb, but Charlie is taking a less direct approach by his own version of torture. :D I don't watch too much TV, but I know which program you're talking about (cool power there!)

I'm glad the brief glimpse of Astoria and Mitzi wasn't too confusing... :)

It is WAY fun to evilize Lucius! (I don't think that's a word, but still...) Yes, some things will become clearer soon... and chapter 20 is 'nearly' done. :)

Thanks so much for letting me know what you think - your opinion is very important to me! :D

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Review #17, by Bella_Portia 

1st June 2008:
I think you worry too much. You are a good writer.
By far the best part of this was the scene of little Nyah alone in Malfoy Mansion. I had the feeling that that was where your heart was. As in previous chapters, I really felt for, and identified with, this little girl.

On the veritaserum: hmmm. When Molly came up with it, I imagined she had whipped it up. (I always imagined that, the intrinsic similarity to potion-brewing and cooking being what it is, that (1) if someone held a gun/wand to his head, Snape could cater a wedding if he had to. He might poisen the hors d’oeuvres, but he could pull off the cooking if he had to. (2) by the same token, I don't think it is unreasonable that Molly, extraordinary cook that she is, could manage some NEWT-level potion brewing, up to and including V-serum if necessary. (3) She might also have a source.
What I had a problem with was the suggestion that she kept it around as a matter of course as part of her child-rearing regimen. I mean, I know the twins were challenging, and being a mom to ten kids is no laughing matter; but, even so, that's carrying it a little far.
Would you ever trust your mother again if you knew she had been drugging you to force you to tell the truth? To me, it suggests a serious moral failing unworthy of Molly.
Anyway: MHO.

One of the things that bothered me most about the interrogation of Nott was that nobody considered the possiblity that he was cursed/programed to, in essence, self-destruct if he revealed too much. The interrogation scene bothered me because it did not seem as coherent as the other parts of the chapter. One may criticize torture as an interrogaton technique (I certainly do!), but if that is where Ron, Harry et al were going, the scene would have made more sense if they had just gotten on with it. If they had elected to do a mind-game good cop-bad cop scene, then it would have been helpful for the reader to know where they were going. As it was, the whole business with the prisoner was a bit confusing.

Let me conclude by saying I loved the little house-elf (Mitzi?) and Lucius's daughter in law. Fortunately, no matter how badly the Malfoy men mess up, there are the Malfoy women to ride to the rescue . . .

Okay. No pressure. But I will confess that I am actually looking forward to the next one.

Author's Response:

Hi Bella :D What a great review!

I nearly choked on my Pepsi when I read the part about Snape! That was hilarious!!!

But seriously... you found me out... To me, it was obvious where my heart was, but the longer I spent with this chapter, the worse it got. Nyah is mine - and I know her inside and out - thus, she is very easy to write and it shows. The other parts were difficult. I couldn't get my 'heart' into it, and it felt forced. That's happened with a couple of other chapters and I eventually rewrote the entire chapter. Same with this one.

:) Now, on to the Verituserum... there are a couple of paragraphs in the next chapter (which, due to splitting the chapter you didn't see) which touch on this very thing... so please don't worry. "The best weapons are ones that are unused." Sometimes, a mother's strength comes from using what she feels versus what she sees. Molly is a good mother (we all knew that) and can read her kids like a book which deems the potion unnecessary. But, it's a good scare tactic, and every mother needs a back-up even when we choose to never use it. :)

Ah, the interrogation... have you noticed that when I don't know what to do... I do nothing? :( Here we have another example. I wrote it numerous times, and nothing sounded 'good enough' so I skimmed. It definitely needs work. Yes, I see Harry as being dramatic and a bit physical with Nott, while Ron (typically) steps in and prevents him from going too far. Arthur took their wands so as not to jinx the man, so that leaves physical force, which Harry is the only one participating in that. Thanks for confirming that that section needs 'tweaking'. :D

I'm glad you enjoyed Mitzi and Astoria... they were both fun to write, and add a bit of 'light' to the Malfoy house.

Thank you for an amazing review! :D I very much enjoyed it! The next chapter should be up soon!

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Review #18, by Crystle 

1st June 2008:
Wow what an amazing chapter. I am totally crying now.
Ah so this was the dark lord's plan.
Loved the bit at the end. I wonder what is going to happen.

Author's Response:

HI Crystle! :D

Thanks for taking time to review! I'm really glad you enjoyed it! There will be more about the Dark Lord's 'plan' a bit later. :)

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Review #19, by Pingo 

1st June 2008:
Hey.. I still love this.. No there wasn't that much action, but it was good and well-written so I at least wern't bored! :D

I really love yor story.. You're an amazing writer! :D

Well.. I can't write that much about your story because there isn't that much to say.. I hope you'll update soon! Hehe.. :D


Author's Response:

Hello Pingo! :D

I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter!!! {sigh of relief} There's so much that's going on with people in two and three different locations, but it's all setting it up for the finale!!!

The next chapter will be up soon! Thanks so much for stopping by and reviewing - I appreciate it!!! :)

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Review #20, by onestop_hpfan18 

1st June 2008:
Whoa, I liked this chapter a lot. I thought you did a great job explaining everything that Nyah was going through at Malfoy Manor, Ginny's reactions to knowing her daughter was in pain and wanting to find her desperately, and Harry's reactions with taking all his anger out on Nott as he questioned him about his daughter. I can't wait to see what's going to come in chapter 20... hopefully it's already in the queue? Great job! 10/10

Author's Response:

Hello! :)

I'm very glad you enjoyed the chapter! The next one (ch 20) will be up soon! :)

Thanks for taking time to review, Leslie! I really appreciate it!

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Review #21, by ButterflyRogue 

1st June 2008:
Firstly, I'd like to express my relief to hear your son is out of danger and alright. I just read about the accident this morning on eHPF and since I wasn't there to offer support last night, I'd like to do so via this review. My thoughts are with you and your family, hoping for a quick recovery.

Secondly, I am very glad to see you updated. This chapter might not have been action packed, but it developed strong emotions and was really moving, the scenes following Nyah's kidnapping very powerful. You captured the pain of the parents having their child taken from them the second time, just when they have finally found her again, so good, made it so real that I almost screamed for them myself... I have already mentioned your remarkable descriptions before, but I will do so again. You have me completley wrapped inside the chapter from the first to the final word with them...

I kind of thought you could make Astoria a good person and I am very glad I was right. Somehow, you've made me feel so connected to Nyah (just a proof how magnificent this story is :D) and I genuinely want, no - need, her to have someone to look after her in such a horrible situation. However, that last scene made me worried for Astoria... I have a feeling Lucius has been terrorizing both her and Scorpius to get Draco do what he wanted him to do. I also kind of feel sorry for Draco --- even though he was a typical bad boy throughout the books and a coward, I kind of always felt fond of him and thought that maybe some more in-depth writing could develop his character better. He always appeared to me as a rather complex character with a conflicting personality --- I can't picture him as being truly evil, rather arrogant and self-conceited, but also desperate to live up to the expectations of his family. However, I also don't see him all noble and good hiding behind the mask of arrogance as most Dramione stories have him. You've made a good balance with him, so much that a part of me would like to believe he is doing this to Nyah out of desperation --- because his father is holding his family at the "gunpoint" (in lack of a better expression).
This leads me to another compliment to your characterization --- it is absolutely wonderful, believable, well-developed and very deep.

Also, you've introduced another vital element in this story --- the reason of the kidnapping as some kind of Voldemort's plan (although you mentioned the Dark Lord, I am still not completley certain it is Voldemort behind all this --- I mean, he was so sure he would win and kill Harry, did he actually doubt himself and made a back-up plan for Harry's child in case he gets defeated??). I am very curious on what exactly is it all about!! (I have a few ideas myself, though... ;) )

You have a talent for setting the scene in a way that makes me feel like I am there myself. I feel like walking through a Pensieve of sorts, yelling at the characters to look out and feeling their pain, but no one notices me... :D (I have a weird sense for analogies... o.O)

Nice touch with Molly and the veritaserum... ^_^ That woman is my inspiration... All of the Weasleys were great in this chapter! I like how you gave a bit more of a role to Charlie (his little way of torture was very noticeable and he's the most neglected of the Weasleys so --- go Charlie!).

The next chapter is promising some serious action! I can't wait! However, I have a feeling that Nyah's potential rescue from the Manor won't be the happiest of endings since there's still the problem of her magic destroying her...

Once again, magnificent work! I am looking forward to more!

~ Rosie

Author's Response:

Hi Rosie! :) Thank you for the well-wishes for my son. That's one of those moments that you feel utterly helpless, which is not good for a mom... He is doing very well this morning, with some brusing and soreness, and only the one gash/bruise on his cheek. He was very lucky and all of the prayers and thoughts have been very comforting... thank you!!

On to the chapter :) Thank for an amazing review! I really do appreciate it! I'm glad that you enjoyed it, even without lots of fireworks. {sigh of relief}

I've always pictured Astoria's character as regal and pure-blood, but ultimately with a good heart. She, and ultimately Scorpius, gives Draco every reason to stand up for them and against his father. There will be quite a bit of Draco in the upcoming/final chapters and we'll see things through his eyes.

Lucius's ramblings about Voldemort will become a bit clearer soon. ;)

The Veritaserum was one of my favorite parts of this whole story! It's so Molly to have this up her sleeve! Even the best moms need a bit of help now and again. :) And Charlie is a great character to write. I can see him really enjoying watching Harry beating up on the guy, but knowing that he can't let it go too far if they want to get information from the DE. So even though he'd like to pummel the DE himself, he chooses to make his point a bit differently. :)

There will be a lot going on at the Manor... you're right, and as the clock ticks away... we'll see who rises as the hero. ;)

Amazing review - thank you! :)

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Review #22, by morgana67 

31st May 2008:
My dear, please do not worry about lack of action. There is certainly plenty here and what's more you keep us all intrigued. I may dream some more yet *laughs*

Such a cliffhanger again and Astoria, very interesting surprise!

Go Nyah! and Harry and all the others, I hope the good guys win, even if more predictable, but it cannot all be darkness...

Wonderfully done, again! x

Author's Response:

Hello friend! :) Thank you for such a lovely review!

I'm glad the chapter was still a good read even with the 'lack of action'. I enjoyed writing it, but have a tendency to get lost in the emotions and details and forget to 'get on with it' so-to-speak. :D Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed it!

I like Astoria's character and feel that she is just the influence in Draco's life to show him that the easy choices aren't always the right ones, and that standing up for your beliefs doesn't always mean standing up when everyone else does...

It won't all be darkness... I promise... :) Thank you for a wonderful review! I do appreciate it!

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Review #23, by Valarie7505 

31st May 2008:
Hello Again =D
i really that they reach Nyah in time, less than 36 hours left!

I just love the Malfoy's house elf Mitzi, he reminds me so much of Dobby! Just an amazing little guy! lol.

Wonder what this plan is of Voldemorts, well am i assuming right? Dark Lord = Voldemort so
i don't know could've been another dark lord, or maybe im just rambling again and it actually is Voldy. lol -dont mind me. I do in fact go from subject to subject and just ramble oops there i go again im gonna stop haha.

I just love how everyone got real nervous at the thought of Molly giving vertaserum on the family to
get them to reveal the truth haha. I can just picture Molly saying, "Hmm well, while you were sleeping i found out some very intresting news from a really liable source."
Arthur got nervous too! haha i loved this chapter if you couldn't already tell.

I enjoy Carl's part in this story, he reminds me of someone and honestly i can't think of the name, wow this is really going to bug me.

Nyah's part... just sad, i mean the amount of pain she is going through and how you referred back to how it seemed like one of her 'mothers' punishments. That gets me thinking more about how her and harry are alike. And how her past hasn't been so good.

It was fast past and i liked that haha. I just kept reading and then i was like, aw man is it over already?

AH! another cliff hanger, i do really hate those lol, really can't wait for an update and the second part of this!
GREAT STORY! (my longest review ever i think!)

Oh, by the way... 10-10!

Author's Response:

Hi Valarie! :D Wow! What an amazing review!

I'm glad you enjoyed Mitzi... she was a lot of fun! :) The reference to Voldemort will be explored a bit later... but it's probably not what you're thinking... lol

The Verituserum was one of my favorite parts of the story so far - even the best moms need a bit of help now and again... :D lol

Carl Stanwick is a good, strong character... can you guess who his aunt is? :) If you think of who it reminds you of, feel free to owl me.

I'm glad it read easy for you... I was concerned about the length. :D The next chapter will be just as long (and maybe longer). And yes, the cliffhanger was inserted on purpose... {muahaha}

Thank you for a wonderful review!!! :) The next chapter will be up soon!

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Review #24, by Labby 

31st May 2008:
Yay, an update! I loved this chapter as usual! First off, I want to say go Charlie! Haha.. I loved his way of torture.. thanks for keeping him in this story! I love the addition of his character.

Poor Nyah. Only 36 hours now? I hope they're able to reach her in time. At least they were able to question Nott, getting some information from him. Do they know where to go now? They better be able to find her. Just as the three kind of reunited, she's missing again. It's such a tragic story. And Nyah's such a sweet girl.

I loved Mitzi..she seems like a nice elf. And you've been doing such a great job with the Malfoy family characterization and the description. I've told you this before, but you really do a good job of setting us in the scene. I love your writing and your details and I always get excited to see this updated. Love the Veritaserum comment from Molly too.. hehe.

So Voldemort was the one to set up this whole thing? Or at least to ask Lucius to kill the Potter child? I wonder why. Of course, your cliff hangers keep me wanting more. I hope it won't be too much long because I want to read more! I can't wait! I'm sure the ending will be great.. don't worry about it. :)

Author's Response:

Hello friend! :D

I'm glad you're enjoying Charlie! He's a lot of fun and reminds me of my big brother (red hair and all - minus the dragons - lol)

Nott told them everything he knew, so they'll be headed for the Manor very soon... armed at best with the minor information Lucius gave to Nott.

Mitzi is a fun little character and I'm glad you like her. :) And the Verituserum was one of my favorite parts... even the best moms need a trick or two up their sleeves! ;)

The Voldemort 'thing' will be exposed soon - and it's probably not what anyone is guessing... lol

The next chapter should go up soon. Thank you for a lovely reveiw! I really appreciate it! :D

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Review #25, by Pookha 

31st May 2008:
I have noticed that a lot of your reviews have concentrated on plot elements. I would like to comment on something else: characterisations.

As I read your story, I can very visibly picture all the characterisations. All of the canon characters seem perfectly IC to me and the new characters act with reasonableness (if that's a word).

Just as an example: Here it is finally clearly shown what a pickle Draco is in: stuck having to protect his family from his insane father. You can feel Draco's desperation to do whatever is needed.

Many people claim that Draco is the enemy with the heart of gold, but I couldn't disagree more. I think in canon, he is a conflicted boy, torn between his own arrogance and prejudice, passed on from his parents, especially Lucius. In canon, you can clearly see that he doesn't have the strength to follow through on his rather shallow convictions. Maybe he's a bit of a DE poseur, showing that face to the world, while secretly believing that they go too far.

The reason I'm talking about Draco is that I see this as Draco's characterisation in this story. I think he still is truly afraid of his domineering father and wants to please him. At the same time, he doesn't seem to have the heart to do what's necessary until Lucius threatens his family. His interaction with Nott clearly showed the dichotomy that exists within Draco.

I know this is a small thing to comment on, given the wide arc of the story, but I think it clearly shows the thought and care that you put into each characterisation. You have obviously planned out very carefully and lovingly each aspect of this story and it shows through in the beautiful prose and flow of the story.

Thank you for sharing Nyah with us and I look forward to the denouement.

Author's Response:

Hi Pookha!!! :D Thanks for stopping by!

In our world, reasonableness is definitely a word! lol And thank you! I really do strive for every character to act as 'normal' as possible.

I couldn't agree more with you about Draco and your synopsis of his character is exactly what this story will hopefully draw out of him - a sense that no matter the situation, everything is a choice... and Draco's choices are getting more clear to him. His road will not be smooth, but he has made some choices that weren't necessarily the right choices but he's made them with good intentions, which is a step in the right direction.

I am very glad you commented on it! It makes me happy when a reader 'gets' what I'm trying to say. Thank you!!!

Oooo... denouement - good word {runs off to teach it to my 4 y/o - she loves unusual words and uses them well}.

Thank you again for a wonderful review!!

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