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Review #1, by The-Professor-With-The-Same-Name-As-Her-Profession. 

11th December 2011:
I really do think that Severus needs a Warden's Smirk as well as a triumphant bus driver face on occasions such as these. But it can't be a malfoy smirk, it has to be a ha-I-feel-sorry-for-a-dimwit-like-you smirk. Capiche?

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Review #2, by Shattered 

30th August 2010:
Thank you, for putting a smile back on my face, for that is exactly what this story did. I needed a good laugh.

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Review #3, by Kayla Lay 

25th July 2010:
I was eating while reading this chapter and started choking on my skittles when he started making his faces. I loved it so much :)

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Review #4, by Alyse Guzman 

17th May 2010:
Eeek! Scary, gross, puzzling and hilarious!

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Review #5, by Im_No_Muggle 

3rd March 2010:
That chapter was so unpredictable, an amazing quality in stories. Most of this story has revolved around Harry's story, but this side story is very creative and pleasing to read. Well done, JuicyJuice.

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Review #6, by Lauren 

26th November 2009:
Hey I like your writing heaps! Although I've got to admit this is the worst one yet. But it's still good. Keep going I'm addicted :D

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Review #7, by dragoncharm 

7th November 2009:
this chapter was amazing =D *Dumbledore-proof"...very smart, Severus, very smart!

By the time I got to "MickeyG" and "McGonGon", I thought I was going to break a rib from trying not to explode into...explosive...laughter XD

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Review #8, by DemetersChild 

18th October 2009:
Green froggy pants. Hahaha

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Review #9, by Tonks21094 

13th October 2009:
Lol. Two words "Spy Extraordinaire" and "Dumbledore-proof".


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Review #10, by Bridie 

9th October 2009:
"McGonGon?" omg i literally fell off the bed laughing

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Review #11, by Evee 

24th September 2009:
Again, this chapter is priceless. ^_^

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Review #12, by girly1393 

21st September 2009:
This was a little different, but I liked it. Poor Adrian. I wouldn't want to love someone so selfish as Genesis (Great name, by the way).


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Review #13, by Liana 

20th September 2009:
I can't believe he gave a love potion to the entire Slytherin house. I don't think I'll ever be able to look at Snape the same way again. Froggy pants? Would those be boxers? I can see it now, it'll be the DH movie, Snape will be conspiring with the Dark Lord and I'll break into giggles thinking of his froggy pants. Great chapter.

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Review #14, by HP_4_LIFE 

5th December 2008:
I love this fic! I love it! love it! love it! McGongon Mickey-G! lol lol lol lol lol lol lol! 10/10... obviously!

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Review #15, by HermyDat 

30th November 2008:
Too awesome. Way too awesome. I read this story every time I need cheering up, and LOVE LOVE LOVE Snapey's little catchphrase. You are insane, in a very very good way :)

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Review #16, by shaunazombie 

29th October 2008:
My entire store of potions is Dumbledore-proof

I could not possibly love this story more. It's too amazing, and I think my heart would explode if I even tried. Snape is sooo clueless. The true love bit was brilliant, I love how he acts around the students. The part where he looked like he peed on himself was genious, as was the bit with McGonagall. I think I'm in love with you. Marry me? Haha, I so do not mean to sound like a creeper, but you are a friggen genious. xD

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Review #17, by LittleZebra 

15th October 2008:
haha. Mayhaps that was a very good chapter? I think so, anyway. 10/10

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Review #18, by gryffindorseeker 

13th October 2008:
"After their detention, I spent an hour or five developing what I believed would be my best catchphrase ever. The articulation of said catchphrase shall blow your mind and drop your jaw at a later point in the chapter."

I am giggling madly now. Not a ladylike giggle, but a raucous guffaw. So I'm guffawing madly now.

Alright, done. This chapter was simply phenomenal. I don't know how else to say it. This is the funniest honkin' story on this site and I'm so psyched for when I finally get to the sequel.

108/10 and a high five for you!

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Review #19, by JLHufflepuff 

10th October 2008:
Wow! I haven't read this in a while (not sure why) but ... umm. hilarious word play! I love the way the kid was crying over the horklumps and causing them to die.. and the way snape kind of gayly (in the happy sense) flits about so ready to help with the love potion. and the interaction with MacGonagall! MWAHAHA!

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Review #20, by Timechild 

11th June 2008:
McGonagall and Snape? Who would have thunk it


Nicely written

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #21, by Cethlenn 

10th June 2008:
this was hilarious- as usual. :)

Author's Response: Thank yoU!

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Review #22, by LopsidedQuill 

9th June 2008:
Hahaha...*laughs hysterically* I worship your writing skills!! Seriously, this story is a satirical masterpiece...Update soon!!

Author's Response: Thank you so VERY much!

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Review #23, by wit_beyond_measure_93 

8th June 2008:
"You wouldn’t know them if they pole-danced in your sink while you were trying to brush your teeth!”

great chapter,
and i'm sure glad to have you back and writing again!

Author's Response: It's good to be back! Thanks!

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Review #24, by salamifarts 

7th June 2008:
Admirable work, m'dear. Admirable.

Author's Response: Whad you say about my mama?

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Review #25, by mj2004_3 

7th June 2008:
"At first I thought that my Ravishing Researcher face was distracting her, so I switched to a more Disinterested Prime Minister vibe, but she continued to stutter:"

That was so funny! This is my favorite story on HPFF. 999,999,999 Billion Billion (yes, it is a number) outta 10.


Author's Response: Awww I'm blushing...

Thank you so very much!

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