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Review #1, by knicoles 

27th July 2013:
'"Don't expect Remus. We've never even seen him in wolf form." said Basil, rolling his eyes. "He seriously needs to get over it. I'm told that I make a very beautiful werewolf myself."'
I like how confident and self-assured they are as werewolves. My one wish for Remus' character is that he has this. I guess he sorta' does, but in a more politically knowledgeable kind of way, like how he and Arthur Weasley were talking politics and discussing laws that Umbridge was trying to pass. You got to see a firey side to Remus then, which was cool, but unfortunately he's been through more in some respects than the others so the self-consciousness and caution is more ingrained at this point.

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Review #2, by morgana67 

31st May 2008:
Lovely chapter again.

Trust Sevvy to do a thing like that and give her detention. I totally like the way that you are weaving the love story with Quirell, especially, but everyone else too!

Off to the next chapter! x

Author's Response: Snape is so horrible sometimes. It looks like he treated Kerri about the same way he treated Harry. He was trying to protect them both right along but still treated them like crap.

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Review #3, by FullMoon 

24th May 2008:
Okay, I'm just guessing, but I'm getting the impression that Vashti is going to play a significant part later in the story too. Just guessing.
Kerri gets to see them as wolves??? No fair!! Write more cuz I really really really am looking forward to seeing how valentine's day turns out!
Streak's full name is Studmuffin? Seriously???

Author's Response: Yes, Vashti will play an important part throughout this story and the sequels.

Valentine's day is one of my favorite parts and an important one for the romance part of the story.

Streak is just being a smart-aleck....I think....I'll have to ask him some time what his real first name is.

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Review #4, by Shellee 

24th May 2008:
I think it would be wonderful to have a school like Hogwarts in the real world. It would leave a very big impression on people, I think. One day she's going to regret saying that about Percy, I'm sure. Percy is a bit too arrogant and such to just want a good job. Snapey put her in detention because she was learning to dance? Or was it because he was being the protective brother and not liking his sister dance with a guy? I actually wondered why he kept in Hogwarts, but that's probably because he's spying for Voldemort. I think that Voldemort wouldn't know Snape's working for Dumbledore, he spies for Voldemort too and he's still alive. Aw, Valentine, I hope she goes on a date with Remus. It's not good to have missed all your balls. She should go to this one, but she can't take Streak, she should take Remus, ehehe, even though he's like old. I'm sure Tonks will get her out.
That seems a nasty flashback. I'm sure that Snape knew what was going on, really. He just wanted to make it worse. Poor thing. Ah, she feels so empty because she loves Remus. She wants to spend it with himmm. Uhu. Aw, they're planning Remus' party. So sweet, I hope they pull it off. I'm curious to their wolf forms. I'm ready to go "aww"

Author's Response: Percy was a total idiot but who knows how he may have turned out in the end? The canon only goes so far. For all we know, could have ended up Minister of Magic.

Someone asked me the same thing about Snape's motivations. Snape was being a protective older brother but he was also being a jerk. He was protecting Harry for all of those years too, but he was still horrible to him.

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Review #5, by ButterflyRogue 

24th May 2008:
As always, I enjoyed this new chapter very much... The little hints in Kerri's letters to Charlie and Snape were very well placed (the portraits that, I believe, are of major relevance in the entire series, but people rarely pay much attention to them and I have a feeling that curse breaking isn't just mentioned as a side-note... ;)). Also, the story behind Kerri's dislike of Valentine's Day was very well explained both with her decision to stay alone due to her parentage and with the memory of Aedennan --- I can only imagine how hard his death will be on her. He was a good friend and her first crush after all. Once again, it is outstanding how you manage to set up a contrast between how he used to be and how he is now when possessed by Voldemort. The characterization you gave him is very believable and I already consider it practically cannon since JK gave us very little information on him.

Poor Remus. You write him very well... I can't wait for the birthday party the guys are throwing him! It is bound to end up interesting...

I am so rooting for Tonks and Basil!! ;) You know I'm generally a Remus/Tonks shipper, but I always enjoy a well written non-canon pairing. And the hint at the very beginning of the first chapter --- with the mistakes made in the files and records of the Lupin family as an "explanation" for JK's canon version of Tonks and Remus ending up together and having Teddy and all that --- brilliant!! Loogan and Lupin are indeed rather similar last names, it can get mixed up easily... ;)

Great job!

Author's Response: That's one reason I wanted to make Kerri a friend of Quirrel's. We know so little about him. He had to have been a normal person at one time with family and friends that cared about him. The part where he dies has been written, and Kerri does take it pretty hard.

People keep telling me that I write Remus well...I don't think from first person though. The sequel has a couple of letters from him that I had a hard time doing. (The first chapter of the sequel has been posted in the thread for this chapter in my member forum over at elderlies. One of the letters is in there.)

Tonks and Basil will take a long time to set up, just like Remus and Kerri. I've discovered that I'm very good at pacing things. I want them to get together at the same time that Tonks and Remus would have.

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Review #6, by Bella_Portia 

23rd May 2008:
You make a very good point about those portraits. Either they have a code of silence, or they would be a fantastic source of information.
The letter to Charlie, and especially the comment on the cursebreaking, was really clever.
Query -- was Snape being an a. . hole, or was he just being overprotective? (The problem is, that's the sort of thing he would have done to a nonrelative.)
Really good job; and good job, especially, with establishing backstory for Kerri's dislike of Valentine's Day.

Author's Response: Some of the fan fiction writers come up with incredible ideas. Like Morgana -- I assume that she's thinking that the mirror of Erised could possibly tell Harry where all the Horcruxes are just as it gave him the Sorcerer's Stone. It seems so simple and yet no one thought of it. It's like that with the portraits.

I thought of it because of how Harry and co. noticed Snape following them around as if he knew what they were up to. If he was questioning the portraits, who are 'flies on the wall', that would explain it.

Now about Snape...Some people work in clay, others in ink or colored pencil...Snape works in a---hole. It's what he does best. It's a mixture of
---hole-ness and protectiveness. He's just being himself. Kerri has made frequent comments about the way he treated her when she was a student, this is just an example of that.

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Review #7, by crazybibliophile 

23rd May 2008:
YES!! YES YES YES! You have to get Tonks and Basil together, they would be SO CUTE!

Author's Response: Well, I certainly think that Basil would be a better match for her than Remus. I never thought the Tonks-Remus thing made any sense.

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