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Review #1, by knicoles 

27th July 2013:
This was great, a chapter where she finally let loose a bit. I wonder what Ryann was saying to Remus :).

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Review #2, by morgana67 

31st May 2008:
Ok, babe, I thought I was behind by 2 chapters and I was behind by 4!

I was very glad to see that Kerri is now letting her hair down a little. I love Rhyan on this, she is just so cool and you deal with the heterosexual/guy theme really well, in my opinion.

I haven't read the pm yet because I wanted to get up to day first, so that I can appreciate properly where everything is coming from.

Lovely chapter, on to the next one!

Author's Response: That's why I figured you might want me to let you know. It can be a real pain when you get behind on something and my chapters are generally pretty long.

I like Ryann -- she reminds me a lot of Tonks. And guys are such idiots....

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Review #3, by Shellee 

24th May 2008:
Is it a lack of inspiration, or is it the way you try to picture Hagrid not being so good with words that most of his letters start with "How are you? I am fine." it's a bit funny, ehe. Aw, there we go again about thinking the beast is a pet. I can only see Fluffy wagging his tail happily and skipping around the students, playing fetch with a tree branch. Now that I think of it, I wonder what happened to Fluffy after the first year. He's never mentioned more. I doubt they'd keep him in the castle. Aw, Charlie really does look well off. I don't think it would do him bad to take a vacation to go home, but not the entire summer, if he likes it there. He's a regular guy, eh, going for girls and even if they don't speak the same language. I do wonder how they communicate then, always wondered that. Ah, brotherly Snape. I think she'd do well with knowing some more spells. I find it bad that Kerri has gotten involved in it like this, but if she doesn't mind. His mind turned to Harry now, hm, ah well, it's the truth at least.
The outfit looks, well seems, quite nice too, though the skirt might just be a bit too short, she should show off a bit more though, at least wear flattering clothes as skinny jeans and scoopneck tops and such. Hehehe, ickle Remus was looking! I'm sure he likes. Ooh, convert, I actually thought it would be red too. I don't see why she worries so much about their performances. I think he's in a good mood because he can look at her nice long legs, eheh. Yay, Ryann again, I like her. Hahah, Ryann is amazing. Asking her to dance. I think I'd want people to leave my legs alone too, if they were pretty. Aw man I'm just as bad as Kerri, giggling at that dance with Ryann, pssht. He'll at least have something nice to look at, different. It's nice that she had a proper night to relax and party. Dance with her friends, even flirt with Remus, it's a bit of an outlet and it's rather harmless eh. I feel bad for Brand feeling rejected, poor thing, I'll dance with him - because you make them werewolves seem so cute 'n sexy. That and you make Remus so furking perfect. Such a gentleman, all nice and romantic and urgh. He loves her too, pssht yeah. He should tell her. She should tell him. Glad it didn't change anything with them, though.

Author's Response: I picture Hagrid has having had some sort of training in the proper writing of letters way back in his youth. Possibly he remembers that there is supposed to be a greeting, body, and salutation and is just trying to be proper and missing the mark a bit.

I don't know what happened to Fluffy...I've been thinking about that. I should try to answer that question in the sequel.

And....thank you for all the compliments. There are so many that I could never try to respond to them all.

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Review #4, by Bella 15 

22nd May 2008:
awww hahaha kerri loosened up!! i am the exact same way i hate wearing skirts or dresses but my friends tell me that i should because i have long legs... whatever lol. i cant wait for the next chapter. i am so happy it almost sounds like remus is ageing backwards. he is acting younger sortof but in a good way. i can just see him with the marauder smirk on his face. : )

Author's Response: You're lucky --- I'm short. You and Kerri have my envy. My niece, who is ten years younger than I am, is much taller than me.

Yes, Kerri has a good influence on Remus, doesn't she?

I'm going to post the next chapter tonight...after I finish answering reviews. I had a ton of them today. Thank you for yours !

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Review #5, by ButterflyRogue 

21st May 2008:
I thoroughly enjoyed this chapter... It was so refreshing finally seeing Kerri have some fun! And the slight progress in her relationship with Remus is more visible in each chapter --- you wrote the dynamics of their relationship, the almost unconscious flirting masked by close friendship very, very well... Her "definition" of love in the beginning fits her character extremely well (at least that's how I imagine Kerri would think).
Even after 30 chapters, I am still completley amazed by your descriptions. Even though there were no landscapes this time, the way you wrote about the club the band was performing in, the reactions and appearances of all characters, it feels as if I was there myself --- I could see it that clearly.
I kind of have a feeling Streak might have a very crucial role in further novels --- he is very protective of Kerri.

Once again, great job!!

Author's Response: Kerri finally got to have some fun but she felt guilty about it. She's way too critical of herself, but then Remus is the same way about himself too. As you've noticed, I'm pushing them closer and closer together with every chapter. The breaking point isn't too far off but you know things can't be easy even then.

For the descriptions, I write what I see in my mind. It's almost like being psychic because very little of it is consciously planned. It's like describing a movie playing in my head.

Streak is my favorite of the group. He's gotten protective of Kerri because he's so appreciative of the wand she bought him. He's not used to people, especially outsiders, doing nice things for him.

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Review #6, by FullMoon 

20th May 2008:
Okay, I have to make this quick cuz I'm on a school computer, but that was sooo funny! I think Kerri should listen to Remus' advice and loosen up a bit.

Author's Response: Kerri over-evaluates herself way too much.

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Review #7, by crazybibliophile 

20th May 2008:
lol Percy with PMS... that would explain a lot actually. I would tell you my favourite quote or whatever, but I'd have to copy paste the entire chapter into this little review box,and I think that might be just a teensy bit excessive.

Author's Response: Oh poor Percy...everyone picks on him...

Thank you so much for your compliments.

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Review #8, by Bella_Portia 

19th May 2008:
This was such a lovely chapter!
And you did a wonderful job capturing Hagrid's voice in that letter.

Author's Response: Thank you. I worry a bit about my handling of Hagrid. Someone commented once that I should make him write the way he talks. I kind of picture Hagrid poring over his letters with a dictionary beside him trying to get things just right.

You were my first reviewer for this chapter !

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