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Review #1, by HereLiesDobby 

15th August 2009:
dun dun dun! the plot thickens! i absolutely love how you've encorporated the slytherin locket into the story in such an important role! i love it i love it i love it! write on, because you're making my day!

Author's Response: You're making MY day :) Thanks so much for your kind review. Glad you liked the Slytherin locket playing a part in this story - it will become even more important as it continues!

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Review #2, by rosie_sirius93 

22nd January 2009:
Loved the chapter! (of course!) thought the line 'how many others would be affected' was pure genius. Kind of ironic really! And I thought the gossiping was very well written, how it spread through the village and the whole idea of them actually falling in love was silly, kinda ironic again!! The last part was so well written and romantic!

Author's Response: It is really ironic. I was just thinking about how Harry was affected by all of this and everyone in his time, simply because a lovesick girl decided to trick a man into marrying her. Glad you liked the gossiping :) Thanks so much for your review!

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Review #3, by sazel_c 

27th October 2008:
Uh oh, this is not good.

Author's Response: Haha :) It's not going to end well, unfortunately!

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Review #4, by long_live_luna_bellatrix 

26th October 2008:
Ah, this was another excellent chapter! I loved it! It was so nice to see Merope so happy for the first time, to have her finally escape from her father's house. It was a pleasant change, at the very least.

It was very interesting to see Beth think about the effects of her love potion misunderstanding. I myself am very fascinated by sitting for hours, thinking of the effects of one simple action. . . indeed, if Beth had known she had helped to create a marriage that would create a baby that would one day almost succeed in destroying the world, what would she do?

I love reading about the locket. To know, that even before it became a Horcrux, that it was talking and giving advice. . . it was very interesting, and a very clever thing to do. I can't wait to hear more about it, I hope we still get to hear from it!!!

Your writing is spectaular, and the plot is amazing. Your characters are woven into the plot beautifully, and the result is an amazing story. This is very enchanting, and fun to read.


Author's Response: I'm the same way - it's amazing to me sometimes how one little decision can change so much. :) Just like you, I've wondered what Bethe would have thought had she realized that this love potion would culminate in the creation of a really bad wizard... She would probably freak out.

You will definitely see more about the locket! Having it be a talking, "living" thing even before it ever became a Horcrux had always been a fascinating idea to me, and you'll see exactly why it is the way it is later on.

Thank you very much for another wonderful review, I'm so glad you're enjoying this!

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Review #5, by savagebeginnings 

25th October 2008:
Hello again! What can I say about this chapter? It was just great! I really thought it was amazing! I just knew it! From the moment John Havering was introduced, I knew that Cecilia would somehow, in some way, end up with him!

The relationship between Tom and Merope is so, just not right anymore. I loved the way that they were before, when they first met. I know it's necessary, but I just don't like the people that they have become. But this just shows how great an author you are! You are able to write the real changes in the characters so perfectly. It's a gradual process and you've managed to capture it. I think it's just great!

Author's Response: Good guess on Cecilia ending up with John :) Yes, the poor man is her fall-back plan. She's on the rebound and her pride had been hurt by Tom's rejection, so she took the next best thing she could find - despite the fact that her own sister Rose already had feelings for him. John has always loved Cecilia though, so hopefully even though it's a one-sided relationship, it could work.

I'm thrilled that you like the changes in Tom and Merope! This potion, as Bethe warned Merope, would have a two-way effect on both the giver and the drinker.

Thanks for the review :D

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Review #6, by Misty_Rey 

24th October 2008:
Hello again Jules! Well, this probably won't be as good as the one lost but I'll do my best.

You really don't need me to tell you how utterly well this story is written but here I am, more than happy to do it. Even rereading it so that I can properly rereview, it was as enjoyable as reading it the first time. I simply ate it all up. I really appreciate the fact that, after the previous chapter's dramatic ending of "We are going to elope", you took the time to develop the pace of the action, how exactly they came about leaving everything behind and at the same time, making it interesting and suspenseful. The inclusion of to very minor characters, Henry the valet and Gretchen the maid, just added another good layer to the already amazing plot. It didn't feel like filler, they added to the plot without dragging anything. The glimpses into other events at the same time was also something very well thought out. Plus, they serve their purpose and even add more to the storyline. This is especially the case with Bethe's sea voyage and subsequent meeting with Rose. It was brave of you to arrange a meeting between two minor OCs in order to properly reveal a crucial revelation but you made it work amazingly. You built rapport between the two which made it a pleasure to read. I surprisingly found myself liking Rose here. You made her very real without being dull. I did wonder briefly why someone of Rose's social standing would lower herself to take a friendly interest in Bethe but it made sense because not only was she lonely and bored on the ship, she was also going through an emotionally rough time, what with her 'lover' engaged to her more perfect sister. It made sense that she just wanted an impartial ear to listen and empathize with. Silly, silly Bethe, if she only knew the true cost of her 'misunderstanding'. But then again, we wouldn't have HP now would we? ;) I've said it once and I'll say it again. The village gossip scenes are simply priceless! They inject such catty humor in an otherwise angsty dramatic romance that would have such dire consequences in the future. You write these bored old hags with such genius, I love it! Their 'theories' and remarks remind me so much of the bored housewives that live in my neighbourhood. The village gossip scenes and any Merope/Locket scenes are a personal favourite of mine in this story. Seriously, that Locket is bloody creepy, the way it can switch personalities from being consoling and tender to enigmatic and cold to demanding and threatening. I liked how in this particular chapter, Merope and the Locket matched prides and Merope came out on top. Its utterance of "Imbecile" was of course hilarious! Merope replacing the Locket with Tom's gift locket seemed really symbolic to me, sort of like the rebirth of a new life for Merope. I can't leave just yet without mentioning the love scene. I thought it was very tasteful, not to mention clever, of you to describe it using emotions instead of action. To me, it made it more about love than sex and therefore, made for better reading.

Wonderful job dear! Very clearly a 10/10.

Author's Response: Misty, once again I am floored by your super awesome review. I don't think any response of any length would be worthy of this review, but I can try my best! You are one of my most astute readers because you always pick up every hint, every nuance that I try to incorporate into the story and it's amazing how key plot points are instantly caught by you :) :)

I did hesitate about writing a scene completely driven by two minor characters, but the only reason I felt secure enough to do it was because of the support for Rose and Bethe as characters. Many readers wanted to hear more about these two, so I think that's why the scene came off pretty successfully. I had to make sure that what happened would be relevant to Merope's story to tie things together - thus Rose's clarification that the potion had been meant for John Havering all along, not Tom, and Bethe's revelation that she had made a boo-boo.

So glad you liked the bored old hags!! I had a fantastic time writing them and I must confess, I drew inspiration from real life too. There are some women in my neighborhood who are very interested in all of our lives, especially my family since there are many of us and what with my parents splitting, my brother going off to college, me coming home occasionally with friends (sometimes guys), my dog being gone (she died a while ago), they can't get enough of our daily business! They live on in Mrs. Shepherd and Mrs. Johnson :D

Yes, the locket is supposed to be creepy and I'm glad you thought it was! It's extremely manipulative and very convincing when it wants to be. It has many tactics it can use to get you to do what it wants, and it always has its own way - almost always.

Thanks sooo much for your review, Misty. I always love reading what you have to say and it means so, so much that you enjoyed this! *hugs back*

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Review #7, by Tor Petty 

21st October 2008:
Aw, the ceremony was so sweet!

But the gossip... not so much. X0)

The ending was beautiful. Hopelessly romantic, of course.

Wonderful chapter.

Author's Response: Glad you liked the ceremony :D HAHA the gossips are one of my personal favorite things to write. They just can't shut their mouths about other people... thanks for your review!!

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Review #8, by Harrypotterfanficfanitic 

13th June 2008:
Excellent story!

But i have a question ... if given the choice would Tom have chosen her anyway? hm.. one can only wonder.

Author's Response: That is a really good question! I guess it's open to interpretation :) Thanks so much for your review and I'm glad you're enjoying the story.

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Review #9, by inkismyworld 

5th June 2008:
This chapter was intense and full of scandal! I loved it :) especially the interaction between Tom and Merope. You made the love scene emotional without being smutty. Great job over all 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you very much ink :) I'm really pleased that you didn't find the love scene smutty or anything, because it was my intention to make something sweet and romantic without being too graphic - it wouldn't fit in to my story if it turned out that way. So glad you're still enjoying the story and I appreciate your review :) :)

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Review #10, by Gryffindor Witch 

3rd June 2008:
Hi again! Sorry I havn't reviewed in a while! Congrats on becoming a validator! I screamed for you when I found out! You might validate one on my stories! Yay! Moving on, another amazing chapter! Bethe's guilt was fantastic, I hadn't thought of it like that! The gossip was great! And the locket! I had totally forgotten about it! And Tom's declaration of love was good a s you wrote it so it sounded like he said it on lust. Merope is building hopes on false pretences, making their imminent break-up more painful for her than ever. Extremely well written Can't wait for more! 10/10
(I seem to excessively use exclamation marks in your stories!)

Author's Response: Hi Sally!! Aw you are so sweet, thanks for screaming for me! :D :D I gasped when I got the owl offering me the position - it was such an honor and I'm glad I decided to accept in the end. And yeah! Who knows, one day I might be validating one of your stories... :)

I love your exclamation points, they definitely get your enthusiasm across and enthusiasm is one thing I'm thrilled to get from a loyal reader. :) The story is building up now and it's getting to that point where everyone realizes what's going on, and it can only go downhill from here. On that cheery note! :P

So happy you're still enjoying the story and thank you for all of your wonderful, bubbly, sunny reviews! :)


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Review #11, by Romina Stephanie 

3rd June 2008:
Wow - this has been an incredible read, which I never doubted it would be! You have written and described everything - the emotions, the scenery, the narrative - incredibly vividly and I've truly taken part of their lives. The plot in general is, too, wonderful; I like the thought that Tom had taken a liking to Merope before The Love Potion and that it was an entire misunderstanding (even though it's too late for remedies...) The thought that they never shared some kind of friendship before everything is a very sad thought and I dislike it, especially to think that Tom would only feel disgust for Merope as well, as I can imagine he felt when it came to her relatives. So, the romantic part in me is happy that you gave them something before the potion ^_^ Oh, and the characterizations! Just as I imagined them, but with more depth. I like Tom a lot - you've balance his kidness and... well, not arrogance perhaps, but this side of him that says he has been spoilt all his life very well. Merope too, is awesomely written. The happiness you described at the end of this chapter made me so happy for her; I can really feel for her. But still... poor, poor girl. There's much more that I could point out about this story that I love, but I will leave this review at this. Well done and can't wait for an update. =)

Author's Response: Hi Steph! :) I'm so happy about this kind review, especially because it's coming from one of the authors I most admire on this site. What can I say in return?! :D I'm very glad you like the twist I've put on this Merope story - the fact that Tom didn't quite hate her before the love potion was something I debated with myself for a long time. Was it feasible? Could it be possible? I combed the book and the Lexicon for any tidbits about their relationship and came up nearly empty-handed. All I could find was Dumbledore's speculation that Merope had given Tom a love potion, possibly when he was thirsty and riding by on a hot day. But it just didn't seem probable to me that this shy, sheltered, tortured girl would march out to the man of her dreams one day and be like, "Here you go. Take a sip!"

So all that rambling is to say, I'm glad you like their relationship. :) Tom has been a little tough to characterize as people have been comparing him to Draco Malfoy - which I can totally see but I didn't intend them to be similar - but I want him not to be portrayed as a villain, but as a complicated and somewhat spoiled man who just happened to fall into this trap and what happens when he wakes up to find it was just a dream.

Thanks SO much for this wonderful review :) I'm really glad you enjoyed the story!

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Review #12, by Potterholic 

29th May 2008:
Great chapter! Tom’s affectionate ways are just lovely, and it’s such a shame that’s because of the potion. I love how you wrote Bethe’s meeting with Rose and how she reflected back on that moment. Poor girl, now she’d be feeling guilty as well, wouldn’t she? Anyway, I’m also curious about the locket and what would happen to it next. ^_^ I wonder if it would refuse to help Merope now? Anyway, great job as always! Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Hi hun! :)

Yeah I think it's a shame that Tom's love is all due to the potion too, but this is what Merope asked for. *sigh* She hasn't really thought about anything in a long-term aspect. And Bethe has just realized that she made a minor boo-boo - uh oh!

The locket will never give Merope up - it's tied to her fate and it needs her more than she needs it just now. The dynamics in their relationship are definitely changing though...

Thanks for your review!! :D

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Review #13, by 2kool4skool 

29th May 2008:
I absolutely loved the dramatic irony in this chapter as Bethe contemplated the effects of her telling Merope about the love potion. It was very a poignant moment when you think about the chaos and destruction Voldemort causes. I also appreciated Merope's feeling of wholeness and her coming to realize she is not the girl she used to be. I can't wait to read what happens next. Keep up the excellent work.

Author's Response: Hey! You're my 500th reviewer :)

It's sad that Bethe means so well yet everything will go so wrong. But I think Merope was well on her way to making things happen anyway - all she needed was the encouragement. She pretty much sold her soul for this, and right now, it seems worth it to her. Thanks for your review, I'm happy that you're enjoying the story! :) :)

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Review #14, by Unwritten Curse 

27th May 2008:
Absolutely beautiful descriptions! I loved the idea of the bed being a sailboat at the end. Everything seemed so peaceful, yet so very vivid. My goodness, I love this story. (:

I don't really have much else to say at this point, except everything is coming together very nicely. Bethe discovering that Cecilia is marrying John, the town gossiping about Tom and Merope, and then the undying love in the final scene - it's all so perfect. And everything fits, even though you switch between characters and story lines and whatnot.

10/10 for this chapter. Update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks hun :) I'm glad you like how the story's coming together. Switching viewpoints is my cup of tea! And yeah, what a way for Bethe to discover Cecilia's new engagement - it came as a big shock when she figured out that this new guy, John, was the one that the potion was meant for. And the town is definitely stirred up by the horrible argument between the Riddles, and now their son and his new fiancee have skipped town.

I always love your reviews :) I've set a goal for myself, another two chapters posted by the end of June, so I will be updating soon!

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Review #15, by onestop_hpfan18 

26th May 2008:
Great chapter. All of the rumors that took place after Tom and Merope ran away together and got married were nicely written and I wouldn't have expected the town of Little Hangleton to say much else on the matter. And then, I can't wait to read what happens with Bethe. So, I guess Tom Marvolo Riddle was conceived at the end of this chapter, their little spawn of evil. Excellently written with all of the emotions and descriptions on this chapter as a whole. Keep up the great job. 10/10

Author's Response: Hee hee yeah Little Hangleton loves drama, apparently, and what could be more dramatic than the son of the richest man in town running off with the village weirdo's daughter? They can sense that there's a strange story behind that and they're eating it up.

Actually nope, baby Voldie hasn't been conceived yet. It's November right now when they marry, and Voldie isn't born til December of next year. So they've got a little time, but he will be conceived soon.

Thanks so much for your review Leslie! Glad you liked this chapter :) :)

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Review #16, by shadowycorner 

25th May 2008:
I was so thrilled to see the next chapter posted, but life kept me busy, so it took me some time to finally read it. Boy was it a great chapter. Once again, can i just point another one of those lovely phrases that just catch my eye?

"Merope Riddle," she echoed, feeling the words linger in the air as do all private dreams which are spoken aloud.

It sounds beautiful. Also, you added Pippa! Yay! That's the name of my pup, so she made an appearance. I bet she'll be very pleased. Actually, the entire gossiping scene was so perfectly written I chuckled while reading it, though the last part when Pippa (!) wondered whether perhaps they fell in love and others dismissed the idea at once had this strange power in meaning. I also liked how you incorporated Bethe's story with Rose making an appearance, and especially Bethe's realization how these little, insignificant events, sometimes misunderstandings, set great things in motion. So, amazing capture of the 'butterfly effect' as it is called.

And the locket is one intriguing thing. i know I've said this before, but as a reader I'm very fond of the connection it has with Merope and the effects of that connection. I'm sure you're fond of it, too, since it's your marvellous creation. :) And the way Merope shunned it away made me really think that the locket will get back at her for this. Perhaps it will begin to discourage her and set seeds of doubt of Tom's love?

Simply a wonderful job.


PS: Another great quote at the beginning and can I just say that I.love.Hugh.Dancy. I can't believe I haven't mentioned it before.

Author's Response: Hi dear!! Thanks for coming back :D No problem at all, life has been keeping me busy too and I haven't had much time to read my favorite stories either. Hopefully things will calm down by the summer.

Aww your puppy is named Pippa? :) That's really cute, I love that name. Hahaha are you going to read this chapter to her? Maybe I should make Tom and Merope get a dog so Pippa can have a canine hero to follow...

Yeah good terminology there! This is definitely the butterfly effect. I don't know if you like Lord of the Rings, but a quote in one of the movies came to my mind when I read your review - something about the dropping of the smallest stones can cause an avalanche. This is something akin to that - the tiniest decision has so much weight with people's lives; if Bethe knew exactly how much, she'd be shocked.

Thank you! :) Glad you like the locket. It has a very strange connection with Merope, almost a hold on her and she's beginning to resent that, now that she has what she wants. Loyalty and gratitude are not her strongest qualities, as we've seen with Bethe, and Merope is beginning to realize that she doesn't really need the locket anymore ... maybe...

I love Hugh Dancy too :) Thanks for your review Liz, I always love reading your feedback and I'm glad you're still enjoying the story yay!

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Review #17, by queen_luna 

25th May 2008:
Hello, it's me again :)

Regarding your author's note: wow, I admire you for researching such a little detail! Haha, I might want to start doing that for my stories...

Anyway, wow again. Great chapter. I really don't know what else to say. Your chapters are always so long and well-written. I liked that part about the town gossiping, especially this particular line: "...who talked amongst themselves with the excitement that human beings display when others are in distress."

I also liked how Bethe realized that more people than just Tom and Merope were being affected by the love potion. I never really thought about the other people involved before. I can't wait to see what happens next! Hmm...nine more months and then Merope's fairy-tale life is over? We'll see :)



Author's Response: Hey there! Thanks for coming to review my new chapter :)

I'm really nitpicky about things fitting when I read stories. I think that's what comes of being a mystery fan :) If it's a period piece, it needs to be realistic and true to that time. So the passport thing had to be accurate - it wasn't too hard to research though, thanks to my buddy Google :D

Haha yeah the gossipers represent that side of human nature that just has to be involved in everything, especially if someone else's troubles are involved. I think that's why tabloids make so much money. But yeah, I had a lot of fun working on that scene! I could picture all of these matrons flocking around the bakery, mouths a-gabbin'.

Yes Bethe has begun to realize that the smallest decisions can result in the biggest catastrophes. Her decision to help Merope is becoming more of a problem and she's wondering if it was a good idea at all...

I know, Merope doesn't have much time left. This chapter is in November 1925, and Voldemort was born at the end of December 1926. So Merope's got about a year left to live. :( It's kind of weird, having everyone know how the story's going to turn out lol. Guess fanfiction has really hit me now!

Thanks for your review queen_luna! Glad you liked the chapter!

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Review #18, by chiQs09 

23rd May 2008:
Hi Jules! :D
Sorry for the delayed review... *blush*

OMIGOSH, I could fall in love with Tom's charm, charisma, and maybe his physical appearance! I love the way he treats Merope, like a princess, almost, and with so much respect and love, tenderness, and affection...
"When morning comes, you'll be my wife. How does that suit you, Merope Riddle?" - I could really picture Merope's reaction in my mind. Aww... *giggle*

What if I'd known that Cecilia was buying it for her sister's lover? Bethe asked herself. I wouldn't have mentioned it to Merope, and she wouldn't have tricked an innocent man into this web of deceit.
I knew Bethe would find out about this misunderstanding with the love potion!!! I knew it, I knew it!!!... (And not only because you've mentioned it before...) hehe :p
So Cecilia had no bad intentions at all, she only wanted to help her sister, but Bethe, oh Bethe, what have you done??? How could you have misunderstood Cecilia...
Jules, I love the way you summarized the whole "misunderstanding issue" from the previous chapters in just one paragraph, and then spicing it up with the "what if" question... AMAZING!
I love the wedding of Tom and Merope, reminds me of Romeo and Juliet, when they married so suddenly and secretly, because they were in love and their parents didn't want them to be together. I love the way they kissed, not-so-chaste in front of the minister! :D
Yes, Pippa was on the right track... what if they fell in love??? Because, of all people, why Merope Gaunt? I, somehow, don't feel that these people are wizards! I mean, except the love potion, there's no mentioning of wands, or magic, or anything...
Mrs. Johnson shrugged. "Wait until it's born, count the months on your fingers, and see exactly why they had to marry in a hurry. But then I do wonder why the possibility is there at all..."

"Exactly," Mrs. Shepherd said plaintively, "just as I was saying. Why would he choose her of all the girls? The old Tom Riddle would sooner have married his horse than take up with a woman so beneath him."

"Devilry," Mrs. Porter suggested darkly. "There was always something wrong with those Gaunts..."

Why did no one think of a love potion, or some memory modification charm, or other magical enchantment? (Or did I miss something again?) o.O
What about the locket? (Ooh, I forgot the story of the locket from the previous chapters... could you refresh my memory?) Did Merope hear those voices (in her head, like when having schizophrenia) or was the locket really "talking" to her through psychokinesis, or whatever that's called... (serioulsy)
I LOVE THE LOVE SCENE! Yay, he's such a "ROMEO", such a gentleman: the flowers, and the necklace, and then he carried her to the bed, asking her if she was afraid, telling her so many times how beautiful she was! :D Aww...
Wonderful... I love it, Jules! Please update soon... please...
*puppy eyes*

Sorry for the long review... :(

Author's Response: Mitch!! You are so funny! Don't apologize for leaving long reviews, you know how I love your feedback :D

Tom is quite the catch! So you're saying you would use a love potion on him too? Hee hee :D He does treat Merope like a princess, he's completely in love with her thanks to the potion and it's going to be a big slap in the face when he wakes up and finds out exactly what happened. But that's not for a while yet, thankfully...

Good guess about Bethe! You were right. She had to find out eventually that it was all a misunderstanding, and now she's kicking herself for having ever mentioned it to Merope. She just automatically assumed that when Cecilia bought the potion, it was for Tom - who else would it be for? She never dreamed that it was for another relationship completely. If she had just kept quiet...

It was definitely a whirlwind elopement for Tom and Merope! They escaped in one night, married a few hours later, and left England the very next day! It is very Romeo and Juliet-ish, which fits in with Merope's sensibilities about romantic novels.

Nope, Little Hangleton is not a wizarding town. It's a Muggle town filled with Muggle villagers, and even the principal family, the Riddles, are Muggles as well. The three Gaunts are the only ones who are magical in the entire town, and Bethe of course, who had been living the life of a Muggle for many years.

Sure I can refresh your memory! The locket was an antique heirloom passed down by Salazar Slytherin, who was an ancestor of the Gaunts. In my story, it's kind of possessed and has its own agenda for the way it wants things to turn out. The only person it will allow to wear it is Merope, and it's been very kind to her through tough times, comforts her, talks to her, and has even helped her to win over Tom (it helped enhance the love potion, if you recall). Merope is not imagining the voice - it's talking to her inside her head.

Yay glad you liked the love scene!! :) I was really excited to write it and kind of nervous too, because I wanted something that would fit in with their relationship.

Thanks for this HUMONGOUS review!!! There will be updates! I'm supposed to be finishing this story within a couple months *nervous giggle* So you'll be seeing more chapters soon. Only about five more to go...

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Review #19, by Labby 

23rd May 2008:
Wonderful chapter as usual! I love the continuing relationship between Merope and Tom and how it seems a bit much how much he loves her. I love their relationship, but it's so difficult to think about, knowing it's so fake and just because of the potion. Even more so now, you're going to really be able to develop that relationship. I bet Merope's take on things is going to change a bit as she realizes just exactly what she did. For now, she seems completely and happily in love with him. I really do like the title of this chapter.. it's been what she's waiting for, for a long time and it's finally been fulfilled.

As always, I loved the Bethe scene and seeing her find out about how it was a mistake to even tell Merope about Cecilia. I really wonder what's going to be happening between the two of them and if they're even going to have another confrontation. I have a feeling that Merope's too involved with Tom to care about her friend anymore. I feel so badly for Bethe and I'm scared about what's going to be happening with her in the future.

I loved the gossip scene.. that was so well played out. It seems like exactly what would be going on with the time and how people would react. Yes, of course, it would have to be a baby. I'm continually impressed by how well you've got this time period writing style down and how well you're keeping me interested in this story. I just love your writing and I always look forward to an update! Great job as always! More writing, please! :)

Author's Response: Aww thank you, hun! :) This review made me smile a lot. I'm really happy you like the story and where it's going, that's so encouraging to hear!

It makes me sad sometimes to think that the relationship is so completely fake, when outwardly they love each other so much. I like that you said "it seems a bit much how much he loves her" because it's so over-the-top that he can absolutely adore this person he's only really talked to for a few months. I wanted to clearly show that Tom is under the effect of the love potion and nothing more.

Glad you liked the Bethe scene :) I think you're right that Merope is too wrapped up in Tom to remember her friend, but it may come back to her eventually when she is once again in need of friendship. For now, they're in separate countries doing their own thing!

Haha yeah all of the gossips think that Tom got Merope pregnant, which would probably be the only possible thing they'd think of when a young couple runs off together. Although one of the women got really close with her guess that it was "devilry." ;)

Thanks a lot for your review Jamie, I'm thrilled that you liked this chapter and there will be more coming soon! :)

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Review #20, by Bella_Portia 

23rd May 2008:
Wow! What a terrific chapter.

The pacing was outstanding; it moved along really well.

The shipboard scene with Bethe and Rose could have been contrived; but it did not seem so at all. Even though it was a bit "coincidental", it was so interesting I didn't care. The revelation about the potions, as well as the reaction from this secondary character, was fascinating.

The gossip scene -- all I can say is, kudos. It was just so clever, well thought out, enjoyable to read and well done. As well as being a logical expansion on canon.

As you know, I'm not personally a fan of mushy scenes, but I thought you did them really well. I enjoyed the wedding scene; and I thought you did a lovely job with the "wedding-night" scene.

Of course, we all know she's going to pay for her sins when she throws aside her benefactor Salazar. (You'd think that girl would have more loyalty!)

Beautiful job.

Author's Response: Hi Bella :) I know, I was hesitant about having Bethe and Rose meet up by accident but I thought it might be interesting to bring these two secondary characters together and have them react to what's going on with the main story. The mistake with the love potion has affected them both, as well as the people they care about, so I thought they might have that in common.

I had fun writing the gossip scene :) Having lived on an all-girl's floor my freshman and sophomore year of college, I know what happens when drama blows up and everybody gets involved! I remember that the gossips couldn't shut up about Tom and Merope eloping in canon, either, so it was fun to expand on that.

Oh thank goodness, it wasn't too mushy for you? I thought it was a little too sappy on reading it over, but this is Merope we're talking about here - she's a complete wide-eyed romantic and I thought the over-sensibility of the scene fit her personality.

And yes, the locket is NOT happy - although things have turned out exactly as it desired, Merope's not under its thumb anymore. Uh oh!!!

Thanks for reviewing, Bella! Your feedback is always honest and straightforward, and I appreciate it so much. :)

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Review #21, by JLHufflepuff 

21st May 2008:
I am floored by this chapter. Reading your writing is makes me remember what it was like to watch Kristi Yamaguchi skate. It seems completely effortless and graceful!

I really like the way you show Tom and Merope's relationship developing. She is so implicitly trusting of him, and his love for her is obsessive and kind of creepy at times, the way he gets mad at the thought of anything ever harming her or bothering her. I love the little details about their relationship that you add in.

The section with Bethe was well-done. It was the perfect length in relationship to the rest of the chapter, and I think it added a lot to the feeling of foreboding that is building in the background. She realizes the mistakes she's made and the consequences they will have. It ultimately foreshadows little baby Voldy and all the evil things he will do.

The gossip scene was really good, too. It lets the reader know what's going on around the town and how their relationship is viewed.

The scene of their wedding night is really awesome in a lot of ways. First, the personification of that locket was freaky, the way it spoke to Merope. I think it's fitting that it has this role in this story, especially since we know what a big role it plays later on. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the consummation of their love scene. It was perfect! It was tastefully passionate and revealed just enough to make it tantalizing without getting ... trashy! I love the metaphor of the sailboat and the waves. :) I also loved all the girly emotions Merope went through during that time - it shows that for most women it's all about the emotion.

This is really amazing writing; I feel like I could rant and rave about it for a long time.

Author's Response: I loved Kristi! I'm bummed she and Michelle aren't skating anymore. Thanks for saying that, Jessi, what a huge compliment. :)

I think it was Misty_Rey who pointed out in a review that, now that Tom and Merope are off by themselves, I'll be able to dissect their relationship down to its very barest. I'm glad you liked the dynamics of their marriage. They're very wrapped up in it, Merope in an obsessive type of way and Tom in a controlling way.

Bethe definitely realized that she made a boo-boo ... what amazes me is how sometimes, the tiniest decision can cause the biggest things to happen. I think that's the case with what happened with her. She made one innocent wrong assumption and it set into motion all of these fateful circumstances that will affect so many people.

YAY I'm so glad you liked the love scene!! I remember chatting with you guys over at EHPF about it and it really worried me for some time. I wanted it to be tasteful and subtle, yet really romantic. I'm so glad it wasn't trashy or too sexy! lol It wouldn't have fit very well with the rest of the story.

Thank you SO much for your review, this is gonna make my whole week! :)

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Review #22, by crookshanks_kitten 

21st May 2008:
Amazing, as your writing always is. I'm so glad Merope gets her happiness. My favourite part is when they kiss in front of the minister.

Author's Response: Hee hee I like that part too :) And Merope does get to be happy for a little while. Thanks so much for your review and I hope you'll continue to enjoy the story :)

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Review #23, by ButterflyRogue 

21st May 2008:
Finally another chapter!! The endless validation process was TORTURE!!

I absolutely have to mention how much I enjoyed this chapter!! It was so significant in so many ways... The meeting of Bethe and Rose and the revelation of the little misunderstanding about the love potion and the very symbol of the potion destroying practically every couple in this story. Also, your description of the people of Little Hangleton gossiping made me giggle --- it was so true to reality.

The parts resolving around Tom and Merope were really touching... I feel so sorry for Merope. It is just as Bethe warned her --- she actually started to believe Tom truly loves her, regardless of the potion... :(
I also wonder what will be of the locket, what will be its role? I also can't keep but think that if maybe Merope didn't feel as self-assured and kept the locket around her neck, maybe the story would have ended a bit differently --- I don't know, the locket somehow "helping" her keep Tom even without the potion? Or maybe its role is simply to make sure she gives birth to a healthy, non-inbred heir of Slytherin...?
The "wedding night" was so lovely and romantic and wonderfully subtly described I once again started to wish the story would end up differently... We both know it won't though... :((
And is Gretchen that maid old Mrs Riddle was constantly yelling at?? ^^

Great chapter... Quite possibly one of my favorites so far...

Love, Rosie

Author's Response: Hi Rosie :) I know, I was very excited about sending this chapter out into the world and the 11-day wait period was KILLING me. But it's finally here!

I like that you pointed out the significance of the love potion destroying love. Love is something that shouldn't and can't be messed with, and it will be a hard lesson for Merope to learn.

Glad you liked the gossiping :) I got a little real-life inspiration since I live in a small town and everyone knows about everyone else's business. *eyeroll* The locket is really significant and I think you've hit the nail on the head with your second guess. It has helped Merope and will keep helping her, but it's not doing it out of kindness.

Good memory!! Haha yeah Gretchen is the maid that Mrs. Riddle was always yelling at. I thought she would get sick of hearing her blah blah blah and just decide to run off and help out Tom and Merope.

I'm thrilled you liked the wedding night :) I wanted it to be romantic and really subtle ... an over-sexed scene wouldn't have really fit in with the tone of the story, I thought.

Thanks for your wonderful review Rosie :) I loved reading it!

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Review #24, by Harry_Potter_Mom 

21st May 2008:
Wow... simply amazing! I was completely lost upon reading the first sentence, drawn into the world you've created.

My favorite phrase, "...feeling the words linger in the air as do all private dreams which are spoken aloud." I love that. I've never thought about it, but it's true...

And Bethe running into Rose on the ship and learning of her misunderstanding... yikes. Plus, we now know for certain that Cecila ran back to John, thus depriving Rose of love. I feel sorry for her (Rose).

And Rita Porter... a nod to a great snoop/reporter coming about? That was a great addition to show how fast the news spread about the 'tea disaster'. The Riddle family will definitely feel humiliated by the gossip...

Oh... and the locket... very interesting! Still spooky, but I wonder if it too will abandon her when she stops giving the potion, or does it 'suggest' that the potion is unnecessary thus ridding itself of Merope and sent little Tom on a course of self destruction. I'm probably giving the locket too much credit...

And the love scene... perfectly, impeccably done! It just makes you, well... it was really good! :D

10/10 as always! Again, thank you for writing such a lovely story and in a classic, romantic way that simply draws us in and allows us to walk away with a smile... you truely have a gift!

Author's Response: Thank you Teresa!!! :) This review made me smile a ton. I am so, so glad you liked this chapter - it's one of my personal faves (mostly because of the Tom and Merope scene which was fun and challenging to write).

Yes ma'am! Cecilia totally went back to John. I think it must have hurt her pride to be rejected by Tom, so she just rebounded onto the first person who was there for her. It kind of wrecked her relationship with Rose, though, obviously.

Haha I had fun writing the gossip scene too. The Riddles have "aired their dirty laundry" for the first time and the entire village is really, really into it. If you think about it, humans are that way. They LOVE drama! It's like a real-life soap opera playing out before their eyes.

The locket's still there! It's starting to annoy Merope a little bit and I'm actually really glad that I had her take it off before she and Tom ... you know. It would be kind of creepy, like having a voice in your head while it's all happening. *shudder*

I'm so incredibly grateful that you like my story :) Thanks for another amazing review, you never skimp on encouragement and I appreciate that SO much.

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Review #25, by momotwins 

21st May 2008:
Holy crap what an amazing chapter! You are really a very talented storyteller, my dear. Your writing is so beautifully crafted and evocative, and it feels like reading a Jane Austen novel - it could have been written in 1925, it feels so perfect to the period! Loved this chapter. Bethe's realization of how far-reaching events may have been set in motion by her misunderstanding Cecilia's purchase was incredible. And the locket scene with Tom and Merope was just gorgeous. Great job!

Author's Response: Eeek! Thank you so much :D Jane Austen is my idol. What a HUGE compliment to even have her name mentioned in a review for my story :) I've had a little trouble keeping it "contemporary" enough for 1925 (especially with the dialogue) so it's wonderful to hear that it seems true to the period. I'm so glad you enjoyed this chapter and thanks for a lovely review, you made my day!

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