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Review #1, by patronus_charm 

22nd February 2013:
I finally have my laptop back, so I can get back to this story!

So the word scarlet woman emerges! Molly did seem rather keen on this word, and seemed to look down in disdain whenever she used that word, so itís funny to see that sheís friends with a person whoís apparently one. I forget that this book is set much further back than the times weíre in now. As if you saw a girl and a boy in a classroom together, you would just think that was normal, but here itís a massive shock.

Thad is one of the coolest characters ever. First of all his name is cool and that automatically gives you brownie points, if you have a cool name. Then he was cool with Molly about the whole love potion thing, and didnít seem to get too freaked out by it all. Then the whole cool prefect thing, and that he just awkwardly tells Molly he needs to get changed, and doesnít blurt out that she has to leave. Heís just cool really níuff said.

I thought it was a typo when Arthur said sheeing, then I realised he meant to skiing! I can see why wizards would find it a strange sport, as I was doing it just last week, and I realised that youíre basically sliding down a mountain on wooden sticks!

I liked seeing Molly as a clever and talented witch. Just because she decided to stay at home and look after her children, doesnít mean she was dumb, so I felt really proud for her when I saw that she managed to do a patronus straight away.

Iím not sure if Iíve said it before, as Iíve left so many reviews on this story now, but Iíll say it again anyway! I really love how you show so much of the school aspect, because if you think back to the books, school did feature more, than the social side of it, so itís such a delight to find a fan fiction which shows this as well, as most people tend to forget about it.

I really love how Molly and Arthur have matching patronuses, and I agree with Petula it is sweet. It reminds me of James and Lily, with their stag and doe patronuses :í)

Another great chapter, and I canít wait to see what the fun is in the next!

Author's Response: Welcome back! I had to switch laptops recently too, so I fell behind in review responses. Catching up now!

Ah "scarlet woman", Ron says it and claims it's something his mother says. It certainly fits with the time period and Molly's very prudish attitude toward sex. She disapproves of Siobhan's extracurricular activities, shall we say, but they're still friends. Yep, this is in the late 60s so about 45 years ago.

Thad is adorable, isn't he? Kind of dumb but a nice guy. He's a sweetheart.

"Sheeing" was a phonetic rendering of one of Arthur's Muggle mispronunciations. He never seems to be able to say things correctly. Siobhan, of course, being Muggleborn herself is able to correct him. Skiing does sound insane when you describe it in those basic terms!

I like showing Molly as smart and talented because she really is - after all, she was able to defeat Bellatrix without any training or practice - and so often stay at home moms are dismissed as worthless. Goes to show.

I tried to keep a lot of school in the story, since they're at boarding school to learn, not to snog in a broom cupboard ;)

Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #2, by LadySlytherin96 

3rd November 2011:
Oh Cecilia, you are such an amusing character.
I actually loved the Patronus thing where they thought Molly's and Arthur's were the same: so cute!!

Author's Response: I had fun with the Patronus lessons, I have to admit. I think they're interesting in how they illustrate facets of personality, you know? Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #3, by GinnyCullen 

4th June 2010:
This chapter was the first that made everything seem like Voldy is actually coming. It kind of scared me to think that they fight him later on with their children and I almost wanted to cry. I love this story and am recommending it all around.

Author's Response: Yeah, I started bringing in the first VoldyWar around this point. Much more of that as the series progresses. Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #4, by RonsGirlFriday 

30th May 2009:
I always love Patronus lessons, no matter how cliche anyone else might think they are. Molly's and Arthur's nearly-matching Patronuses were super cute.

I really like Siobhan! I know she didn't have a lot of on-screen time in this chapter, but the part about Acacia taking points from her for being a "scarlet woman" made me think about it. She's like that really cool friend who kind of makes you gasp in shock but whom you also admire for being herself. She must be a lot of fun to write!

Author's Response: Siobhan's interesting because what's she's actually being, not quite herself, but a single amplified aspect of herself. Aside from her sexuality and snarky sarcastic remarks, Siobhan is very closed-off. I really like writing her character.

Fortunately nobody has mentioned that the Patronuses were cliche. I was worried about it when I wrote it. I ought to go in and edit some of my old a/n I suppose. Eventually I will. THank you for the review!

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Review #5, by DeliriousforSirius 

3rd April 2009:
I personally think that Patronus lessons are always fun! It's a great way to get to know the characters better and it can add great humor, among other things to the plot.

Quote Time!
they had been known to argue for hours over what shade of blue the sky was

Author's Response: I thought it would be illuminating, and hopefully funny too. I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #6, by MoonNRoses 

24th January 2009:
I thought it was interesting and I don't think Patronus lessons are cliche. Not at all, really... Arthur and Molly would have to learn some time. :)

Author's Response: I worried about it at the time, but actually I don't see a lot of Patronus stuff on the archive. Hmm. Somebody had to teach them, though. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #7, by long_live_luna_bellatrix 

26th October 2008:
Oh, I can't wait to read chapter 23 then!

This was another great chapter, it was a good change to see something other than happiness and light, a hint that something bigger and badder (excuse the grammar) is coming on. I liked it.

The Patronuses were so cool, not cliche at all, and you did the lesson very well. I liked how Petula got it before Cecilia, I've always felt a little bad for her, always being behind her friends. Plus, I love watching Cecilia blow up at people, so that was fun.

The friendship you show between the 5 Gryffindor 6th year girls is excellent. You've got something in this book that JK didn't portray: Spending several years sleeping in a room with the same people every night can make a wonderful friendship. Molly and her friends share something great, they've really bonded over the years and that is apparent. I love that. Way to go! 40/10!!!

Author's Response: Poor Petula, she's definitely the duffer in her group. She doesn't work hard at her school though, mostly she just complains haha. I always thought, particularly among the girls, spending so much time in close proximity would make them quite close. I know I still keep in touch with my college roommates, and those I never had the same for more than two years. Thanks for the review!

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Review #8, by Girldetective85 

13th October 2008:
Hahaha I'm glad Molly thinks that Arthur's "entrancement with Muggles" is cute because lord knows, she's going to have to put up with it for a long time. I like Cecilia a lot and the way she defended Siobhan, even though she probably agrees deep down that points should have been taken from Siobhan. "Possibly-scarlet nature" - HAHAHA. I think you and Jessi are my favorite canon writers ever, especially when you guys write classroom scenes. They're just so JKR. This Patronus scene was fantastic - it's really interesting to hear what each of your characters has for an animal.

Author's Response: I suspect the Muggle thing got less cute the longer they were married haha. Things often do. Cecilia is extremely loyal to her BFF, and even though she would have taken points had she ACTUALLY caught Siobhan doing something bad, she would never let someone else take points for the appearance of doing something bad. Thank you so much for the compliments! Jessi does do great classroom scenes, doesn't she?

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Review #9, by evil little devil 

9th October 2008:
A mongoose is perfect for Molly! It suits her so well. And woot, go Petula! I'm so happy she did something Cecilia didn't, my friends a bit of a Cecilia and I love getting one up on her :P
Another brilliant chapter! Now I'm off to the next one, can't wait to read it :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I thought a mongoose fit her quite well. And Petula finally got something! She needs a little boost now and then so she can get an inkling that the world might not be out to get her. Thank you for the review!

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Review #10, by JLHufflepuff 

13th June 2008:
I think it makes sense for them to be having Patronus lessons, especially since Voldy is there in the background being menacing and such. It's so cute that Molly and Arthur have the same patronus! :)

Author's Response: hehe. Thank you!

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Review #11, by hsw 

12th June 2008:
As I've said before, I enjoy the interactions between all the friends. I liked Molly's Patronus as well. A Mongoose! What a good idea. I'm grateful for all the discussion that may have occured. And Arthur is so cute with his Muggle fascination! Sheeing! Lol!

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #12, by Labby 

21st May 2008:
Aww.. cute chapter. I liked the idea of the Patronus's and that Molly's was a mongoose. I love how both Molly and Arthur thought of each other for their Patronus and how it worked so easily for them because of that. They must really be happy together. I love Reid in this chapter as well, even if it was a brief mention. I really like his character and I can see him being quite proud of himself when his worked. He seems like a pretty smart kid. I do wonder what's going on with the Professor. It is the beginning of dark times and I knew this would be coming up soon. I'm kind of scared about what the future is going to be like for these characters that you've made me love. Great job so far with the story!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I do like Reid, he's such a cocky guy, but he is very smart.

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Review #13, by blithering_humdinger 

18th May 2008:
2 chapters at once!! that makes me feel special.
another awesome chapter! and i am happy cos i can carry on reading...

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

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Review #14, by luvjamesnoliver 

16th May 2008:
Molly patronus is cute! It seems very fitting for her. When you see Molly she's is very pretty but get her mad and you're in trouble.

Author's Response: I thought it fit her nicely too, I'm glad you liked that.

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Review #15, by LilyAmongThorns 

10th May 2008:
Yes! A new chapter!
I've missed Molly and Arthur and Cecilia and Reid and Petula and Siobhan etc... as it had been SUCH a long time since you last updated!
Great chapter as always, I liked Molly's patronus, as it looks cute, but can be incredibly dangerous when attacked. Thanks for updating!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! Yay I'm glad you liked it. I missed writing too, I hardly even got online while my mom was here. It's fun to visit but it's nice to get back to your routine, kwim?

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Review #16, by Marauderette 

10th May 2008:
Oh, I loved it! But the line at the beginning, "Siobhan always spent the Christmas holiday at Cecilia’s house, ever since first year when they’d all come back from the holiday to find Siobhan had stayed at school alone." was really confusing. Good chapter! Keep up the good work! 10/10

Author's Response: Yeah I wasn't that fond of that, I'll have to think of a rewrite for it. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #17, by ginwannabe 

9th May 2008:
I've just enjoyed reading this from the comfort of my bedroom on my new laptop, and it was wonderful (the chapter, although reading in here is cool, too)! I've checked out that thread about Molly's patronus. I like the idea of the mongoose. I've often thought that Hermione's otter was significant because it was in the weasel family. Can't wait to see what you have in store for Ampara. Good to see you posting again!

Author's Response: Hermione's otter was exactly what I had in mind! Now a mongoose is not in the family mustelidae, they're actually related to meerkats, but it's the principal I was going for, yes ;) Congrats on the new laptop, I know you're loving it! I'm getting a new one probably next week, this one is dying. It's been dropped a few times and I've already replaced the keyboard twice. Poor old thing. 3 years in laptop years is like 50 lol. Thanks, it's good to be back! The Classic is next week, so I'm going to try to get the next chap written before then but I've still got to do our costuming and practice the choreography and improv sections of our performance so it might be after the Classic. We'll see.

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