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Review #1, by Ignotus Rabnott 

14th June 2017:
I love the introduction of romance!! I love the descriptions of Luna!!! Also, I'm extraordinarily picky about what I read, and this is definitely worth my time. I'm going to keep reading and see what happens!

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Review #2, by wonwon_myhero 

13th January 2011:
...Gustav. I don't know you yet...but i feel the need to shoo you away.
And I absolutely LOVE Luna. There aren't that many stories about her life...so I'm excited about this one. [:

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Review #3, by gremlin 

11th September 2010:
o I sense some jealosy starting. I liked the fact that he was just observing her and liked what he saw. That might even help him later when figuring out what he wants to do with his life.
Luna is just Luna, and I love that it's so consistant. I hope she doesn't get too shy to get close to him though.

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Review #4, by Regina Penworthy 

30th June 2010:
I really like Rolf's character. He's not as stuck up as he would have been made out to be had this been written by someone else.

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Review #5, by fatmermaid 

5th May 2009:
The budding of love with jealousy mixed in.

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Review #6, by Twinsmom 

27th February 2009:
Luna seems to be settling in just fine. She's already got everyone wrapped around her finger- except Rolf, but he's noticing her too.

Nice exchange here at the fountain. Love how she spooked him at the beginning. Then amused and intrigued him. The scarf thing is just driving him crazy. Now, I'm hoping he's a bit jealous of Gustav.

Funny how I mentioned in my prev review of Rolf being a shadow of Harry. I must be on somewhat of the right track, cause Luna herself saw the similarities. Can't wait to see what more there is to learn of Rolf.

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Review #7, by AndrinaBlack 

20th October 2008:
Wow! Now we saw more of Rolf too and I really love the way you portray both Luna and Rolf. I also like the way that they both are intrigued by each other and think that the other one is a bit mysterious. Oh and I'd really really want to stay at the Scamander place after your descriptions. You write in a way that sounds beautiful. The only constructive criticism I have now is that be a bit careful with how much fancy words you use. At some point I noticed them especially and that's maybe not the point. But it was not a problem really, just something that you might need to be careful with so the text doesn't become completely filled with them.

But that was again a fabulous chapter!!!

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Review #8, by hoshi 

13th October 2008:
the word choice is hilarious.

Author's Response: There's a reason behind my word choice, which will reveal itself later:) however, thanks very much for the review! Roe

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Review #9, by rozen_maiden 

29th May 2008:
:( Oh no, dear Rolf!!! That's so sad! I'd be so cut if that was me!! What a great ending, though. Have I told you recently how much I love your stories? You are just amazing.
I don't know why, but I especially liked when she found Ginny's letter. It's all so professional. And now you're my dear trusted author, aren't you? *hugs tightly* Ooh, Lucretia, you so deserved it all! I love you, and I'll be reading the next chapter as soon as I can.

Love, as always,
Lia .x.x

Author's Response: Oh yes, poor Rolf... but it's not sad. At least not for him. He sees it as some sort of a competition so I guess he'll enjoy the ride that comes along with Luna. I'm so glad you liked the ending and I'm pretty sure you'll find the next one just as thrilling...

I am a trusted author, aren't I? You can't possibly imagine how good I feel about this. Thank you staffers!!!!! Anyway, thank you for the review and for being this really cool and amazing person!

Love you too!

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Review #10, by Girldetective85 

20th May 2008:
Oooh maybe there will be a Gustav/Rolf showdown sometime in the near future ;) I liked this chapter, but I think I liked the first one better because this started off a little slow for me. However it was well-written all the way through and I think that is my only complaint, aside from the fact that I would have liked to see a little of the canon Luna we all know and love :) Your Luna is very sweet, smart, and caring, which is great, but she's so normal! No crazy thoughts, no wondering about strange animals. But I'm glad she likes her job at the Scamanders. The chemistry between her and Rolf is definitely there and I can't wait to see how you develop it. I like that you've taken it very slowly and taken your time with their relationship, because it makes it a lot more believable. Your descriptions were great! Not too much and not too little - especially the imagery in the garden, which was lovely. All in all I think you're still doing a wonderful job with this story :) I don't have anything serious to criticize. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for this wonderful review! I was actually looking forward to your opinion... Over the couple of days since I filled in the spot, I kept looking at my reviews to see if any were from you. I really enjoy them and you've reviewed and read so many stories that it's just such an honour to see that you like this story.

Yes, Rolf and Gustav, well let's say that you've nailed something there. It's going to be a showdown but definitely not the type you'd think but rather the type that Luna enjoys.

Well, I always imagined Luna like this charming person and I never considered crazy... I just think she's dreamy:) But definitely you'll get to see more of that oddness and sincerity that we all love in the following chapters.

I'm happy that I've managed to develop a good chemistry between the two, because well, if it weren't for that aspect, there would be no Luna and Rolf, would there? I'm relieved that you like the fact that I'm taking small steps concerning their relationship because that's how I really envisioned Luna's approach towards Rolf to be. I don't think she would jump into a relationship just for the sake of it. She would think things over, analyze him... she's a Ravenclaw, after all:)

It's great to hear that my descriptions preserve the balance I sought because I really wanted them to be the centre piece of the story but not to feel overwhelming, either.

Thank you so much, yet again, for this awesome review and I hope you won't mind my pestering you again when the next chapter is posted:D

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Review #11, by obviously394 

19th May 2008:
Yay, dialogue :)

Once again, brilliantly written. A couple typos, but nothing major. I love the Luna/Rolf interaction, and the further development of Rolf's character. And your Luna is just ... exactly the way I always imagined - or would have, if I'd thought about it- her to be. I can't wait for the next chapter! I'm so glad you don't leave us with cliffhangers, or I'd be horribly crabby right now, now that I've caught up. I think I'll pop over to Back to Black.


Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review!

I'm glad that you finally got the piece of dialogue you've been longing to read. There's more coming, I can assure you.

I've got a beta starting my sixth chapter so I guess the number of grammar mistakes will be cut down to zero. The next chapter is queue and should be out these days, unless the validators are too busy with finding new members:)

Thanks so much for the kind words and for praising my Luna and my Rolf:)

Lots of love:X

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Review #12, by evie_doherty 

16th May 2008:
ah *sighs*. nothing like a good hot summer's day to loosen up the feelings. great ending, by the way, is rolf going to get a little jealous? I certainly hope so, because a slightly angry james mcavoy is a little sexy.

another good chapter, no excellent chapter, and you've really got luna down pat. that is just really commendable, and i say this every review, but often people dont get under the skin of a character completely, but i think you have all of luna's mystery and spontaneity and aloofness without being fake.

what else... well number 1, these are quite quick updates, i checked back and there were 2 chatpers! hurrah! so please more of that . number 2; i love all that description at the beginning, i am a big fan of the descriptive paragraphs over the discursive paragraphs, and i love how luna thought of rold as intelligent but 'spoiled as a six year old girl.' i cant wait for him to prove her wrong (or right) and for everything to just spiral downwards (or upwards, indeed) from there.

so, in conclusion, a long long long review for a lovely chapter. really really lovely. please sir, can i have some more? hehe love X

Author's Response: Hi evie!

Summer days... everyone needs them and Rolf and Luna all the more! Indeed, Rolf is getting a little jealous, perhaps more than he should because this is Luna whom we're talking about. I mean, she's not a flirt after all... but Rolf thinks she's interested in Gustav and feels a bit overprotective of his "mystery". James McAvoy is so... *sighs* hot when he's angry! He's the perfect Rolf, in my mind, I couldn't have found a better person to "play" him.

Thank you so much for the appreciation, I am really happy that I've nailed Luna's character. She's just a lovely girl with a fantastic perception of what's going around her and I didn't want to spoil that. She's just this original person with original thoughts and it would have been a shame to ruin all that. I think she's JK's best character in the series.

I try to update as soon as I can, when one chapter gets validated I post the next one and so on. Too bad that nowadays the queue is so busy because I would have done the posting even faster.

I am big fan of descriptions as well, I think they add a nice touch to a good plot and as a reader I like to have a vivid image in my head of the surroundings, of the characters and the things that happen. I've tried my best to implement that in this piece, as well, and I sure hope people will "see" through Luna's eyes the events as they unfold.

Luna does have her own opinion concerning Rolf, which she is ready to change if he proves himself as being more than what meets the eyes. So, in fact Luna is waiting for him to prove her wrong or right. We all know that she's not prejudice and she's willing to wait before making a pertinent overall impression of him:)

Thank you so much darling for this amazing and long review! For you everything is possible dear and that includes more chapters to come and more action!


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Review #13, by queen_luna 

16th May 2008:
Hello, it's me again :)

I really like this story. Your descriptions are amazing. The way you explained why Rolf didn't attend Hogwarts was very logical and fitting. And I liked the conversation about the sickles in the fountain...very cute. I can't wait for more Rolf/Luna interaction! :P Great job.


Author's Response: Hello queen_luna!

It's so good to have you back in the review box:D Thank you so much for appreciating the depictive side of the story and for everything you've said so far. It's just absolutely amazing to get such positive feedback on this.

Yes, indeed, I had thought of several situations that would have determined Rolf's parents not to enroll him in Hogwarts. But then I remembered that home schooling was a choice of the parents and I decided to go with that. Rolf, of course, got a little pampered because of it. I mean, his parents and grandparents never really had anyone with whom to compare his progress and they kept telling him he was the best. So he took it for granted:D

The conversation... well, Luna always struck me as a person who had the weirdest of talks about things you'd never imagine or even dare to talk so it was necessary building a dialogue that encapsulated that weirdness but also a bit of Rolf's down to earth character.

The next chapter hosts a nice interaction, although brief but the sixth one oh... we'll have a nice long interaction scene that stretches all throughout the chapter!


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Review #14, by shadowycorner 

16th May 2008:
Aw, so lovely. I found the beginning a bit difficult to fight through, but the second half of the chapter was very well done. You switched between their POVs smoothly and the way they responded to each other was very romantic and felt all summerish. Once again gorgeous, vivid description and setting of the scene. The heat of summer and everything felt real and all that. This is a very strong part of your writing. :)

While sometimes when you're trying to scoop up the events like at the beginning, I get a bit tired by the complicated wording, for it seems as though you were trying too hard, but once a specific scene opens...it's great. It's the phrases like still completely astounded by her spontaneity that didn't seem to follow any pattern, much to his inquisitiveness and other. Luna's sudden realization that Rolf is beautiful was perfect, because it was so much like her to come to think this out of the blue. And, I don't know what else to say. I'm really eager to keep reading more about the interaction between these two characters. Rolf is simply amazing, i think. You write him wonderfully, fleshing him out in the right places.

Great job. :)

Author's Response: Wow... thank you so much for the review. It's just brilliant as always!

I'm so glad I managed to switch between POV smoothly because I do like to have two in one chapter, and I was afraid at some point that the reader would get confused. So far it seems that I've nailed it, more or less.

I'm just...well, how do you say that? hmm, overly-excited(that sums up my mood right now) about the fact that you found their conversation romantic and very much real. It's really flattering to get that acclaim, because managing to make the reader feel like they're reading something that might have happened is what every aspiring author hopes, and it's even more of a thrill when it comes to fanfiction.

I know, the wording does seem complicated but it just flows like that. When I write I usually allow the sentences to flow and then I edit the bits that aren't fitting, but some words and phrases just won't go out of my head, no matter how hard I try to remove them. At that precise moment, they just sound too good in my twisted head to erase them:))

It strickes me that Luna often finds herself thinking about the most absurd things in the world and that she comes up with ideas just out of the blue. I'm glad you feel the same way.

Oh, and I dare say I think Rolf is quite charming and sophisticated...*sighs* I wish I found a Rolf too:) Luna's just lucky!

Thank you so much for the sweet review and I can't wait to see your views on the following chapters!


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Review #15, by xXLuna_LovegoodXx 

16th May 2008:
Wow. Wowowowowowowow! I am completely speechless! This chapter is absolutely stunning, the description is astounding and you have nailed your characterisation down to perfection! At the start of the chapter, it was all very Luna-centered, which worked beautifully. The letter from Ginny was a wonderful touch too, I loved reading about the wedding plans! I do hope you write about the wedding when it comes around!

I really can't get over your amazing talent! The part with Luna leaning over Rolf really made me laugh, I could just imagine her doing it! Her reaction was perfect too - I just love your Luna!

I am such an old romantic, I loved the whole scene between Luna and Rolf, it was gorgeous. Oh, I really, really loved it!

As for the earring, that was a stroke of genius. It is such a fantastic idea, I can see that it will help the plot later on!

But possibly my most favourite part of the whole chapter was the last line. I love jealousy! It makes he story so much juicier, I can't wait for the next chapter!

Well done, well done, well done!

The best chapter yet, no doubt!


~Luna x

PS Thank you again for the mention!!! xD

Author's Response: Oh, my wonderful Beta!

Thank you so much for the appreciation. I'm just completely astounded by how well this was received and it makes me feel so much better knowing that I've managed to keep Luna in character. As you might have noticed by now, I'm running out of words to express my joy and sense of achievement. It's really wonderful to have people like you reviewing and telling me that they like the story!

Ok that was random rambling! Onto the review. Yes, I thought Luna leaning over Rolf and her calm serene reaction to his shout would be something she'd definitely do. And indeed, the scene between Rolf and Luna was supposed to be fluffy and romantic, in the good sense of the word that is...

Oh, the earring, indeed it will help the plot along the way but don't expect Rolf to return it to her just yet. He is still trying to figure out what's up with it:D

Thanks so much for reviewing and for rating me that high, the highest possible I guess!

And and the mentioning, totally earned and it was my pleasure doing it.


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Review #16, by jkrowling_fan 

16th May 2008:

finally, my dear, i was able to post a review for this lovely beautiful awesome rocking story. i was just so heartbroken when i wrote atleast a 500 word review and the stupid thing just didn't post!

anyway, this chapter is my fav one till date. seriously. i love jealousy in stories...the last line especially. *sigh*

now, one ques. - who on earth is this gustav? did i miss something? we all know why he spends time at the offce all day but what about luna? does she like him too? ohhh.

i was practically swooning through rolf and luna's interaction, really. thank you soo much for them!

if there ever was a prize for the best descriptions at hpff, i sure will nominate you hands down. the opening paragraphs are so good, i can read them again and again and again.

which makes me say - more, more, MORE! please update sooon!

p.s. i'll be replying to your mail tomorrow, ok? i was grounded for some time, so didn't hv the oppurtunity earlier.

Author's Response: Oh my, I was getting worried there dear:D

I hadn't heard in quite a while from you and I was on the verge of mailing you these days because I missed you:X

Oh, I'm so sorry that it didn't post that review:( so much hard work for nothing... well, the next time you attempt to post one of these 500 words reviews you could write them in word and then paste it into the review box. I assume it's safer that way:D

Anyway, it doesn't matter. I just love getting reviews from you, no matter how long they are. You could write two words and I'd still be with my head above the clouds.

i'm so happy that you liked this chapter the most because I must admit that it's one of my faves as well. I enjoy jealousy too... *sigh*

Gustav, as you might have read in the second chapter, is also one of the people that Mr. Scamander has hired to work for him. He's son of Gaspard Shingleton(in my story) the one who invented the self stirring cauldron(that's real). In my story Newt Scamander and Gaspard Shingleton are friends so I assumed that the latter would want his son to do some apprentice-ship work for his old friend. Does she like him? I suppose not the way that she likes Rolf, although Rolf sees her attraction towards Gustav as much more prominent than it actually is. I added his character because I wanted to have Luna between two very different men...:D That's all.

Thank you so much for appreciating my depictive paragraphs, I enjoy writing them so much and it's even more of a thrill when people give such positive feedback on them.

Of course, the next chapter is already in queue, waiting, so I should believe that it will be out - most likely - the next week, with the benevolence of our validators.

I can't wait to receive your mail:D


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Review #17, by C D johnson 

15th May 2008:
Hello Again,

Well what can I say except... This is absolutely stunning! I have said it to you before and I will say it again, you have a wonderful writing style, it flows vividly and it makes your writing come alive! I really do love your writing style, its wonderful =)

Not to mention your descriptions in this chapter, now they were outstanding...especially the ones describing the fountain in the garden "a beautiful fountain, cast in marble stone and adorned with some tasteful figurines portraying little angels that poured water from their sparkling vessels." I could clearly see the fountain as if I was standing in front of it! Well done you've used a great Imagery Technique there!

I also thought the letter from Ginny was a lovely touch! It reminded Luna that her friends haven't forgotten about her - it was a great idea!

I really do love this story it is phenomenal! I thought this was your best chapter yet. You really do have me hooked...I can't wait for more! By the way thank you so much for the little dedication, it means alot to me! As I have never been given a dedication before =)

An outstanding 10/10 - because your plot and writing style never cease to amaze me!

Yours Magically,

Author's Response: Hi Craig,

Thank you so much for returning to the story and for always leaving such encouraging and absolutely stunning reviews... They always make me smile like a nutter:D

I'm so happy that you like my writing style because as I've mentioned before it really was a challenge for me to actually post this story on the archives. I was worried that it lacked some action and that I was merely focusing on descriptions and stuff. But I'm just... thrilled, excited, relieved that people enjoy it and appreciate it for what it is.

I had a vivid picture in my head about the fountains and I really wanted the reader to be able to imaginate that as well because that part of the house and the gardens is really the most spectacular sight in the Scamander House and I imagined it like a little Heaven.

Thanks for pointing out Ginny's letter, although I'm not that pleased with how it turned out. It seems a little stiff to be written by Ginny, don't you think?

I'm absolutely ecstatic that you find this story phenomenal and that the plot just keeps drawing you more into it, as I know that every author around here hopes to achieve that.

That dedication was earned. Your reviews and those that I've received so far, keep me going no matter what, and I hope you'll all enjoy the following chapters as much as I enjoy reading and replying to your reviews.

Thank you again for everything Craig. You're magical!

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Review #18, by dracoslover1 

14th May 2008:
Very good chapter here. I like how you have the descripitions here and how the plot is flowing nicely. Very good job.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for stopping by and reviewing my story. I really appreciate it!

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Review #19, by OmiXitsXJaime 

14th May 2008:
Oh! This was so wonderful. You truely know how to capture a moment perfectly. This chapter was great to read, imagine, and enjoy!

You are TOO good of an author, its actually making me a bit jealous. Rolf seems a like a colorful fellow, 'eh? Basically, I'm trying to tell you, your amazing and you need to update as soon as you have time.

I know what its like being an author. Have you already written the rest of the story though? Ah.HURRY! lol.

Thanks for the shout-out and I most definantly will be visiting this "authors page" you speak of. ;)


Author's Response: Jaime, my girl!

I'm so happy that you liked this chapter and the moment there by the fountain. I think that's a key moment for the chapter, but also for the entire story.

*blush* Thanks for the nice words, I'm flattered by them. Yes, indeed, Rolf is a colourful guy, with lots of emotions blending and contradicting in him. That's exactly what draws Luna to him, in the end. I've already posted the fifth chapter so it's just waiting to get validated. It should be out next week at the latest.

Yes, this story is actually finished so I know exactly what's going to happen but don't expect me to reveal it just because I adore you:)))

Thank you so much!

An infinity of kisses and hugs from me!

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Review #20, by bring_back_sirius 

14th May 2008:
ooh, i sense a love triangle forming. great story btw. i just came across it today, so this is a review for all the chapters. i really like how you portray luna, shes so in-character. its good that shes not as loony as in her hogwarts days

Author's Response: Thank you!!!

It's a bit of a triangle, at least that's how Rolf sees it. But Luna, well she's oblivious to the stir she's causing between the two young gentlemen, as per usual.

Well, Luna has changed definitely but she preserves that oddness that makes her lovable, so I'd say that she's not that altered by the things she's been through lately.

Thank you so much for reading my story and I hope you'll follow it until the very end:D

Hugs and by the way, I love your nickname - I want someone to bring Sirius back too:D

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Review #21, by Ydnas Odell 

13th May 2008:

I've just finished reading a book on writing that talks about how only geniuses can write with extensively long sentences and do it well. I'm not saying you’re a genius, but you are pretty good!

Not 1 in 10 writers could pull this off.

Your word choices though are what make this story a winner. I had to look up a few. The care with which you wrote this really stands out, and the creative use and meaning of words, for instance the double entrada effect of 'terribly arising temperatures' etc. I'm not sure 'arising' is a word though.

Also: 'sounded in their etymology, phantasmagoric.'

For most writers their dialogue is there strongest suite, but I felt myself missing your prose when your characters are speaking. Partially that's because you have adopted the 'JKR' habit which is common to almost all HP fanfic writers of adding to many unnecessary adjective and adverb attributions to dialogue.

For instance: Luna replied enthusiastically. Luna replied inquiringly etc.

This is JKR's most glaring weakness as a writer; so definitely don't copy that, except for the occasional catch-phrase effect 'dreamily' etc...’

The other point I was going to make, but it seemed less a point once I had finished the chapter, was that generally I think the story loses momentum when you switch to Rolf's POV. Partially this is because your abandoning unity of character and switching POV's which is usually a bad idea within a chapter, but also because it would have been better (i.e. more suspenseful) if we saw this impending romance only from Luna POV, since knowing that Rolf likes her back, sort of ruins it. It would have been nice to keep that mystery. But I do like how you set up the cliffhanger ending, so scratch that criticism a bit.

One suggestion I will make though, is that you should try to rewrite Ginny's letter, as she sounds a bit too much like Luna. It would be a good contrast to your general style if the letter were written with short impactful, concrete sentences to contrast Luna's way of thinking with Ginny's.

For instance: Dear Luna,

I'm pleased to hear that you are doing well at your new job. I knew that you'd make a good impression on Newt Scamander. I hope you’re not homesick. etc...

Ginny is much more pedestrian with her thoughts, much more solid, less flightly, powerful. You need to show that contrast.

Other than that, this does need another editing pass or two, and really a beta because I did find some grammar errors (enough to keep this from being at the very top tier of Harry Potter fanfics (which otherwise it would be), and there is nothing wrong with shorting a sentence here and there.

A nine, but only due to the editing needed. But it is a very reluctant nine. This is a brain nine, my reader's spirit wants to give it a rousing clapping ten.

Looking forward enthusiastically to the next chapter.

DA Jones

Author's Response: Oh thank you so much for this long, detailed and most helpful review! I love it!

Starting now, well thank you very much for praising my so called skill, I try to make a story that people enjoy reading, but first of all I write something that I enjoy and long, twitchy and depictive sentences are what I enjoy most about literature works these days. I'm incredibly flattered that you called me a writer and reading that first part was just... there are no words to express how I felt. Every once in a while, I feel down for various reasons and then I log in on HPFF and I see this review and it just makes my day. So a big thank you, right from the heart, DA Jones.

I wanted to write rising temperatures and then I don't know what happened with my editor because it might have switched it on his own. Stupid PC! ANyway, someone posted in my beta looking thread but I've mailed her with my chapter and she didn't reply back with the chapter modified so I post it like this. I will try to get in touch with her and see if she's still up for it.

Well, I enjoy writing from Rolf's POV too and you'll see that there are things that I will not mention about Rolf's choices. I am much more open towards the reader(in matters of disclosing her inner feelings) when I'm writing from her POV and the bits about Rolf are always going to feel a bit confusing and not entirely out-spoken about his feelings. This probably sounded like blabbing but I hope you got what I meant.

I had issues, whether posting Ginny's letter or not and now that I've seen people commenting on it I think I should have definitely left it out. But well, I'll probably get back and edit it when I have some free time on my hands and when the queue will be less crowded.

Thank you so much for the suggestions, I'll sure take them into account for the next chapters. Thank you for the rating, for thinking that it deserved a ten amongst all the HP fics around the site.

I'm very happy that you enjoyed this story and that you're looking forward to the next chapter.



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Review #22, by jewlzbird 

13th May 2008:
I like this story so far! It's very different from others... I wonder what's going on with this Gustav guy? Nothing bad, I hope... Great chapter!! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading my story and for reviewing!

I'm glad that it's different than other fics because I've always enjoyed writing unique things(a bit of Luna in me at the moment) and I'm happy that people are enjoying it as well.

Gustav is portrayed in contrast with Rolf; Luna does not necessarilly looks for any romantic involvement with him. It's Rolf the one that sees him as a potential competitor. It's all in his mind:D

Thank you so much!

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Review #23, by ButterflyRogue 

13th May 2008:
This chapter just proves my suspicion that Luna is exactly what Rolf needs --- someone who will see behind the name and accept him for who he is moslty because she always needed to be accepted for her unique self as well. They seem to fit each other perfectly, they can understand each other and I really, REALLY like the way you have Rolf in your story... And he is getting seriously drawn to her... ;) I loved their conversation and his contemplation of her.

Oh, I've been to Rome once... Fontana di Trevi is absolutley amazing. There's another story regarding that fountain --- whoever throws a coin in it is bound to return to Rome some day... :)

Great work! I can't wait for the next chapter!!

Author's Response: Your suspicion has been correct! Indeed, Luna and Rolf complete each other, in my mind. She's brave and helps him to grow, while he teaches her how to love in a romantic way and so on... There will be so many lessons that each will learn throughout the story.

Rolf looks for a woman to understand him and Luna looks for that in a man, as well. So really, they have the same target...

Indeed, he's really drawn in by the aura of mystery around her. She's always doing something out of the ordinary like the scarf incident, the way she ties her hair with her wand, the radish earring, the way she leaves completely unexpected and the list could go on. And Luna finds herself drawn to the same things, his fluctuancy, his reckless behaviour that doesn't follow any pattern and so on. They both enjoy adventures and discovering things about each other might as well be the greatest adventure they'll ever undertake:D

I've never been to Rome, sadly, but I've heard so much about it that I couldn't help mentioning it in here and especially regarding the fountain issue. I'm glad you enjoyed their conversation as it's the center piece of this chapter.

The next chapter is currently in queue, just waiting to get validated.

Thanks again for the awesome reviews you've left so far. They've been wonderful!

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Review #24, by dianap00 

13th May 2008:
And so it begins...
sort of...
At any rate, it's utterly fantastic. I love that she is nearly as fascinated in him as he is in her. It's truly lovely. And the last sentence stung something awful. It was perfect. They're conversation was perfectly adequate, I love how he'd rather look at her... and that he wants to 'figure her out' so to speak. It's great. Really, genuinely great.

I particularly love the radish earrings cameo.


Author's Response: Thank you for this review that just makes my day!

Indeed, this is the beginning of their story, more or less though I'm more inclined to believe that the sixth chapter really marks an important part and clearly outlines the beginning.

I'm glad you liked the fact that both show an interest for one another, because it's a really important part of the story. Luna sees a mystery in Rolf, as he is fluctuant, moody, spoiled but he is also kind hearted and incrediblu smart, and Rolf looks at her and can't really understand her, because she doesn't reveal anything of her, she's just this endless riddle.

Yes, the raddish earring does play an important part in this story. It will lead to some quite unexpected, or possibly expected situations.

Thanks so much for reviewing. huggles!

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Review #25, by Masked Beauty 

13th May 2008:
Oo, you really know how to make your readers suffer. Stupid cliffhangers! Heh. Yeah. Anyway, I just had to say that I really enjoy this story and I've probably read the first three chapters about four times. There's too much time on my hands! Well, before I make a complete and total fool out of myself, I'll stop here. :) Update soon!



Author's Response: Hello Gemma!

I'm sorry for making my readers suffer:) but cliffhangers are nice sometimes, aren't they? And besides, this one is not that important really, you should wait for the next one:))) Sorry, I'm torturing you right now:)

I'm so happy to hear that you like this story so much that you've actually read it more than once. It makes me feel really important.

You are not making a fool out of yourself, on the contrary, you are being very sweet and kind.

Thanks for the review and for the rating and rest assured that the next chapter will come as soon as it gets validated.


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