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Review #1, by Unwritten Curse 

29th November 2008:
'... continued passed.' - should be 'past'
'drown out the pulsing' - should be 'drowned'
'Everything’s going to fine' - missing a 'be' in there

Before I go off on a tanget about how amazing this chapter was (you know it's coming, haha), I have to let you know that I loved, loved, loved this paragraph: 'Instantly, Nyah’s mind flashed fragments of memories; being carried to bed, beautiful green eyes, laughter, piggyback rides, and lightning… Snapshots – scattered pieces really – memories that had been hidden away years before.' Ahh, so beautiful. And now the review...

Hmm, where to begin? There's a lot I can comment on in this chapter, but I think I'll start with Draco. You already know I'm a fan of his. (: And I can't help but pity him in this situation. You've managed to portray him exactly as I like it - he's still a Death Eater, and he's still got that dark side to him, but it's mostly brought out by his father. And in this case, if he doesn't do as he's told, his son will be murdered by his own father! Of course he's going to kidnap Nyah, what choice does he have. Such complexity of character. Thank you for that! (:

I understand Ginny's reluctance to accept Nyah, but I must admit, I wanted to kick her in this chapter for not realizing sooner! Haha. I'm glad she finally did realize that Nyah was her daughter, it's just too bad that she was too late to save her. -sigh- I wonder what Lucius wants her for, and what's going to happen to her now. Oh, and before I forget, I liked your addition of Nott into that scenario. It gave it a certain subtle humor that was very entertaining.

I think that's about it for this chapter. 10/10, of course. Your writing is too good to give you anything less. (;

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Review #2, by Mistress 

8th October 2008:
And if I return empty-handed, my son dies by my father's hand…

OH MAN. This chapter was amazing. I loved (love love love) the ending! It's so exciting...I can't really even put it all into words. Just Harry in general is lovely here--and how he proposed. I just love all of your little details--especially with James and Albus. How cute!

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Review #3, by Reese 

4th October 2008:
I love it!
Again and again I'll
say it! However, there
is one teeny tiny element
that has caught my attention.
Whenever you connotate
that a character is agreeing
with something, you write they "shake"
their head in agreement; I believe
the proper term would be "nodding"
their head in agreement. When you
say shake, I envision the character
saying no, because shaking is a
back and forth motion, versus nodding,
which is an up and down motion. Not
to sound nitpicky-I really do love the
story, and immensely at that!- I'm just a
blooming english major and little details
like that are beginning to catch my
attention. I just wanted you to be informed!
:) Very capturing story, and without further
delay, I move to the next chapter!!

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Review #4, by KaraBlack 

5th June 2008:
Oh how bittersweet!

Its wonderful because Ginny has all the proof that she needs to know that Nyah is her daughter and yet Draco had to go and take her away!!

But I understand why because Lucius was going to kill his son! Stupid Lucius! He causes SO many problems! That stupid jerk!

I hope that Harry and Ginny beat him until he cries! lol

Another amazing chapter! Off to read the next one! :D

Author's Response:

Hello again! :)

Yes, the balance has changed yet again and hopefully Ginny will get her chance to make things right with Nyah...

Draco isn't all he appears, now is he? For once, he's putting others before himself - but at some point, he's going to have to choose the right thing even if it means losing something precious to him... his son.

Harry and Ginny will get their moment, but for once, Harry may not be the hero in this story....

Thanks for reviewing!!! :)

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Review #5, by SilverThimble 

26th May 2008:
Aw, that was another brilliant chapter. I loved Harry's conversation with Nyah, it was so touching. Ginny's reaction was very well done, and realistic. I like how you give every character a logical motive - such as Lucius threatening to hurt Draco's son. Your writing has improved so much since that first chapter all those months ago *is getting quite nostalgic* I'm very glad I decided to keep reading, because I honestly did not know it was going to get just this amazing. I hope you update as soon as the queue opens again, I'm dying to know what's going to happen to her now :)

Author's Response:

Hello old friend... :) Welcome back.

I'm very glad you enjoyed this chapter! :) It was a lot of fun to write, as well as emotional.

I've gained a lot of knowledge, as well as understanding of myself and this little thing called writing since that first chapter. And what a ride!!! Thanks for being there the whole time! You've been a great source of support and I appreciate it!

Yes, there will be a chapter ready to go when the queue opens... {rushing to edit ch 19}

Thanks again for a lovely review!!! :D

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Review #6, by shadowycorner 

25th May 2008:
Oh...*squeals in frustration* I should've waited for the 19th chapter to be validated and then read this one. I was used to have all mysteries uncovered in the next chapter and now? Oh i'm going to snap until you update.

The scene with Harry and Nyah was so...touching, gentle...Harry as a father was wonderful, subtly perfect. His immediate acceptance of the little girl as his upon seeing the truth in her eyes and entire being soothed everyone's heart, i think. And if not, well, it soothed my heart just enough. It read so lightly, and i couldn't help but feel happy even though I knew what was coming.

Poor Ginny is perfectly in character the entire time, and the ending was so cruel!! Also, the idea with the silver snitch instead of a ring...I mean, what the heck that was brilliant! I didn't exactly understand its magic afterwards. But authors love to explain these things to the dim readers, so...you used Priori Incantato, which is probably a slightly different version than Priori Incantatem, so the snitch shows what happened...but does it happen just like that? So snitches have this ability too? How did it come to showing that scene? I don't know if I'm making any sense. i think I get the main idea, just a bit more explanation would be nice. Also, thanks for clearing the confusing scene for me in your reply. :)

Lucius was always a bad person, i knew that. Threatening to kill his own grandson...somehow the fact doesn't even surprise me.

Ah, I can't believe I've read all the 18 chapters. i thought it would take me so long. i mean, from the very beginning I knew your story would be amazing and one of those that are impossible to be stopped reading. Still it was even better than I had expected. I was expecting a solid, generaly mystery, but you put family in it, you put love, loss, heartbreak, hope and all those lovely yet fragile things in life. And one can see you're not only talented, but you know what you're writing about. I guess that writing doesn't always really defines us as people. After all, Friedrich Nietzche has amazing writings and he was slightly...on the wrong side of some things, but in this case...I believe you're just like your writing; wise, good, strong, a great person, an amazing mother and just a really admirable person.

Now I'm going to humbly anticipate the next chapter and I am incredibly happy to be on the actual bandwagon now, not only running after it. I wonder...how much longer is this going to be? A part of me wishes it would never end and the beautiful scenes at the Burrow would go on endlessly, but I'm also looking forward to how everything closes up and falls into place. And of course, to your other stories.


Author's Response:

Hello again Elizabeth! :)

Thanks for getting through the entire story so far! :D

I'm glad you enjoyed the conversation between Harry and Nyah.

Okay... the snitch. Think about it like this... instead of a little black box that held Ginny's engagement ring, Harry had a silver snitch made to hold her ring. It would only open if she said "Yes, Harry - I'll marry you." The fact that it opened meant that this snitch was, in fact, the orginal one that Harry gave Ginny (and not some copy).

The broken piece of wand is what they performed the "Priori Incantato" spell on which showed the last spell performed.

Please re-read this section and let me know (on eHPf) if it makes more sense. If not... I may need to revise it a bit... we'll see.

Thank you, thank you!!! You are so kind with your comments... I don't know what to say. I'm so glad I begged for a review (haha) and we 'met'... :D

The entire story will most likely be 20 chapters... possibly 21, but no more. Thanks for walking on this road with me.

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Review #7, by Bella_Portia 

21st May 2008:
Oh, no! What a terrible ending, after all everyone has been through! I thought the scene with Nyah and Harry was so touching. Through, you have a delicate touch with these characters that is right for evoking the emotions appropriate to the story.

You really do feel Nyah's misery at the beginning, and then you feel her coming out of it as Hugo and other aspects of her environment distract her. It's exactly like what a child would feel.

Your portrayal of the Weasley extended family is wonderful and detailed and accurate in its particulars. Each and every one of them is so well-drawn. (Poor Draco, being cursed with a crappy father; if only he could have been a Weasley. Even so, I like the way you are handling pathetic, creeply little Draco.)

Please post the next chapter soon, because I have to find out what happens.

Author's Response:

Hi Bella! :D

Thank you so very much!!! I'm thrilled that you enjoyed the chapter (except for the ending). :)

Yes, Draco is an interesting figure to write as he reminds me a bit of Mrs. Stewart - feeling as though he had "no chioce" when in reality, everyone has a choice. They may not be the choices we want to make and the most certainly aren't always easy... be we always have the choice.

I'll post as soon as the queue reopens! Thank you again for stopping by and taking time to review!!! :D

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Review #8, by Gords7015 

17th May 2008:
Hello again! Thanks for requesting, as I didn't know you'd updated...

Still, I think you got me mixed up with someone else! I'd reviewed up until chapter 17, not chapter 10!

Ok, on to my review! I liked the bit about the blanket as bait. My only suggestion is that Harry probably wouldn't want to let her out of his sight.

Also, I get that Ginny is sad, but I just can't see her character taking this long to come around. Not that I have tons of experience with kidnappings, but I've always seen parents holding onto their hope despite their grief, and if given the opportunity to get her daughter back, she'd be thrilled.

Also, I like that Draco is being forced to act to save his own family. Of course, now that Nyah has been taken, hopefully Ginny and Harry and the rest of the aurors and Order storm the hell out of Malfoy Mannor and kill the remaining death eaters...

Very nice chapter!

Author's Response:

Hello :D

Duh!!! Sorry about that... it's that 'old age' thing kicking in... LOL

Harry, as well as the others, sensed no danger, and to them, the Burrow is one of the safest places ever. He wouldn't have wanted to hang over her, as he could sense she wasn't quite ready for the Weasley/Potter onslaught.

Nina/Nyah wasn't kidnapped to Ginny... she died, remember? This is a simple kidnapping... this is the dead come back to life so-to-speak. I feel that would be much harder to accept that simply a 'kidnapping' or 'missing person'. They never looked for her because to them... she was dead. Does that make more sense?

Ginny does want her back... more than anything, but she's told herself and every day was a constant reminder that her daughter 'died' so to simply accept someone right away would be foolish (plus, if you didn't know... the last three chapters are all the same day...)

Yes, Draco will show a side of himself rarely seen...

Glad you liked it! Thanks for the wonderful review!!! :D

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Review #9, by Pingo 

16th May 2008:
Oh my good God!!! This is great.. I loved the calipitter!!

I loved everything and can't wait till you next update.. Finally I got this finished and I'm now ready to read evey chapter when you update.. I've never read anything like it.. I usually don't like non-ship fics, but this is just amazing.. Plain amazing! Simply can't wait to read more..

You told me once that you thought 19 or 20 chapters completed, is that still the case?? I can't believe that this story is so great??! Truely one of the best stories I've ever read.. And that's not something I say often..

This is a different story without clichees and I just love it! It's diffinately going to stay on my favourite-list!

You write so good and it's realistic.. It's funny, because you can actually see that you've improved while writing this story.. I especially liked the last three chapters.. They were so intense and you've really got me hooked!

I can't wait till you next update, please let me know when you do! I'm so happy that you came by my thread and requested, without that I wouldn't have gotten to read and love this story!! :)

I'm sorry, but I don't know if there are any typoes or anything, I stopped noticing because the plot overtook it all! :)

(if you need more chapter-pictures I'll gladly make some by the way.. Just owl me)..


Author's Response:

Hello friend! :D

The 'calipitter' is creidited to a very good friend here on HPFF (chiQs09) as she wanted to see Hugo act a bit more child-like, thus, calipitter was born... :D

I really am glad you're enjoying it. You, like a lot of people, are turned off by the 'no ship' or non-romantic-type of story that this is... but I'm glad you stuck with it and really enjoyed it!! That's a huge compliment!

Yes, there's only 2 (maybe 3) chapters after this one. They may be rather long, as I don't want to disrupt the flow once I get everything out there. I'm honored that you like it enough to say it's one of the best stories you've read! Wow! :D

I'm glad you see an improvement in my writing. It 'feels' different as I write now... and I'm much more confident in my own feelings, so that helps! :D

Thank you for opening a thread for newbie-writers like me and offering not only support and compliments, but constructive thoughts as well! I'll definitely let you know when I update (soon, hopefully).

I'd love to talk to you about chapter images! I'll pm you! :D Thanks for the offer! And thank you for the fantastic review! :D

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Review #10, by Shellee 

14th May 2008:
Poor Nyah. She needs some hugs. I love how Hugo is being with her. I just love him as a kid really, hehe. He's so darn cute! Calipitter and being hungry all the time.
I'd beg to differ that those things are proof. Who else would have gotten them? How would a "normal Muggle girl" had been able to get those things?
I love that bit with Harry and Nyah. He's so convinced that it's his daughter. And he's happy to have her back. Trying to bond and stuff. So sweet. And that part with the lightening, incredible.
I am mildly comforted that Draco probably wouldn't be doing this if Lucius wasn't threatening to kill his son. He's forced in it too. Poor Scorpius. But the thing is, Lucius is the only one that can make Nyah "normal" again, so, in a way it's a good thing for him to kidnap her and fix it so he doesn't die. Knowing the whole other bunch, they'd go to find her and then she'll have a happy life. At least, if they're in time. I have faith in them though.

Author's Response:

Hi Shellee!!! Thanks for reviewing this chapter!

I'm glad you like Hugo... I do too (if you couldn't tell!)

You and I know that all of those things should be proof enough, but Ginny isn't looking for a reason to accept her... she looking for a reason NOT to... so she wants ABSOLUTE proof past what the rest of us can see.

Yes... there will be a broad side of Draco rarely seen coming up. He's got his old nasty stripe, but when it comes to his family (Astoria and Scorpius) he's really grown up. :D

Thanks for a wonderful review, Shellee! :D

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Review #11, by chiQs09 (not logged in) 

14th May 2008:
Yay, finally you updated! :D

Um... I start with the CC:
Why didn't you make it like Nyah heard Ginny calling for Harry in her dream, instead of making her look on the carving on the tree and then read the initials there? I mean after all, Nyah just had a sudden flash of her dreams, the memories were returning, she remembered the woman in her dream, now she knew her name's Ginny. Why not hearing her voice calling "Harry!"? And then following your text: “Harry – you’re Harry.” Dunno, I mean just for the flow, y'know? :D Because by reading that part, it seemed like Nyah didn't know his name until she noticed/saw the carving of Harry&Ginny's initials...

“Harry… something’s wrong… like in my nightmares, but I’m awake!” she cried... Hmm... I think it's a bit odd to say "like in my nightmares, but I'm awake!", I mean "but I'm awake" is a bit redundant. She was already panicking, crying, of course she was awake, she didn't need to tell it. Just my opinion... really. :)

I love the scene at the pond, with Nyah and Harry. And when Harry confused that Nyah was talking about Mother (Mrs Stewart)! Aww... I think my heart broke when he took her in his arms, finally, after all those years! *cry*

I love the snitch idea! It opened, was their wedding ring inside of it 12years ago? Or what did Ginny expect to find there? Because she said: “It’s empty,” Ginny whispered, disappointment in her voice. It feels like she was expecting something inside... dunno.

The ending was amazing!!! When Draco kidnapped Nyah, and Ginny breaking down! Gosh, how hard is that for a mother! Although Draco's just doing his job, to save his own son, (my lovely Scorpuis, I hope!) :o

I've re-read the part you edited in the last chapter, you know, the POV changing! It sounds better now! :D
And I'm glad you made Hugo more natural now... LOL I love it! :D

Update soon, please!!! :D

Author's Response:

Hello!!! :D Glad you stopped by!

Let's see if I can shine some light on the things you pointed out...

As far as Nyah 'finding' Harry's name, be it by tree or by dream... well... so much of the story has been centered around the dreams, I thought I'd give everyone a break from that. Nyah didn't bring up Harry's name when she was questioning Hermione about her parents... she even came right out and asked Hermione what her dad's name was. If she truly remembered it from the dream, she would have brought it up then. Nyah needed something tangible - not from her dream to justify his name... thus, the tree.

"...but I'm awake!" Hmm... maybe I wasn't awake when I wrote it! lol Thanks for pointing it out, but really, it was because Ginny was a bit distraught and basically spouting, but you've got a good point! :D

I'm glad you enjoyed the scenes with Harry! :) Yes, the snitch was Harry's proposal which held Ginny's engagement ring but would only open if she said 'yes'. She was disappointed, but only in the respect that last time, it held her engagement ring and bummer... nothing...

I'm glad you liked ending... as well as the calipitter... ;)

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Review #12, by Lily Roselyn 

13th May 2008:
This is so good! what a cliffhanger!
Please update soon!

Author's Response:

Hello again! :D I'm very glad you enjoyed the chapter... it was one of my favorites!

The next chapter will be up soon! Thanks for the review! :)

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Review #13, by JLHufflepuff 

12th May 2008:
This is so amazing... My absolutely favorite thing about your writing (I think) is the way your portray the character's emotions. Every single word you write is so heartfelt! The way Nyah feels upset and thinking she's not wanted. When Harry went to Nyah, it was so moving. I was expecting for their reunion to be somewhat awkward and strange, but it was so natural and sweet - the perfect way for father and daughter to be reunited. Harry was so sweet and dealt with her in such a tender way... (melts) You also showed his protective instinct perfectly. When he finds out the Malfoys are involved, he will be a man on fire!

So now you are openly showing that the DE's are Draco and Nott .. and Lucius has Scorpius and is using him as leverage to make Draco do what he wants?!?! WHAT?! What is that psychopath up to? I still want to know WHY he wanted to do this in the first place.

And Ginny! I LOVE the way you tied in the words about her heart needing proof from last chapter - both in the title of this chapter and in her reaction when she hears Nyah screaming. She thinks it's Lily, and that gives her heart the proof it needs! Again, so emotionally moving. I'm glad she kicked Nott's butt, and now I'm dying to read the rest. I almost said "see the rest" because everything is so vivid in my mind.

You are awesome! :)

Author's Response:

Hello friend! :D

Thank you, thank you for the wonderful words of encouragement!!! Your reviews are always perfect that way! :)

I'm glad the reunion felt 'natural' to you. It was a little difficult to write, mostly because I didn't want it to get too mushy or overdone. And you understand exactly... Harry's going to be livid when the word 'Malfoy' is uttered... but hell hath no fury like a (mother) scorned. Harry is nothing compared to Ginny...

Yes, the DEs are out in the open. I really felt the need to name the other DE and after reading on some of the canon (older) DEs, I landed on Nott, Sr. We know little to nothing about him other than a small description, so I ran with it. :)

Things are not what they may seem with Draco... and Lucius is simply using Scorpius to get what he wants... The reason behind the original kidnapping will be detailed from Draco's POV and through Lucius...

I'm glad you 'got it' with Ginny's reaction. A mother knows her child's cry... and beyond any tangible proof Harry gave her, it was Nyah's scream that brought the reality of who she is to Ginny's heart. But their stubborness (Nyah's for not being confident in Harry's love to walk into the Burrow as well as Ginny's refusal to see the proof) may very well cost them far more than a few hours of missing time... :(

Again, thank you for this amazing review! I appreciate you very much!!!! :D

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Review #14, by Morgan 

12th May 2008:
Oh my god im so scared for Nyah! Ginny finally comes to her senses and then Nyah's gone! One question: Arn't Harry And Ginny already married? I don't really understand that snitch thing.. Somthing i'd like to know ;) Awesome Chapter! Can't wait to read the next one. Im so nervous, just when everything is going right it goes wrong. Anywayss great job! Please update soon ! :) 10/10

Author's Response:

Hello again Morgan! :)

Yes, Ginny and Harry are married... The inspiration for this came directly from 'Deathly Hallows' where Harry had to speak to the snitch allowing it to open. In my story... Harry has a silver snitch made for Ginny and the ring is inside. Ginny is the first one to touch the snitch and thus it will only open for her when she repeats what she did when Harry proposed, "I will marry you." This is meant to be 'proof' that Nyah is in fact Nina, as Ginny carried the snitch with her always (attached to Nina/Nyah's nappy bag).

I'm very glad you liked it and hope that the 'snitch' part makes more sense now! :D

The next chapter will be up soon! Thanks for leaving a wonderful review!

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Review #15, by Labby 

12th May 2008:
Wow, amazing chapter once again! I thought this one was one of your best so far. And then of course you leave us with another cliffhanger. Darn.. I really want more... now!

You're so good at capturing that sense of mystery, even from the beginning of this chapter with the cute scene with Hugo and Nyah and the calipitter. I love Hugo's cry of being hungry.. it's just like Ron. I think you've done a great job of capturing little Ron there in Hugo. But with that scene we also got to see Nyah seeing something in the trees.. a first hint of danger.

And then the part with Harry was amazing. I thought that was one of the best scenes ever. Harry seemed like such a hero, coming to her daughter and reuniting with her. He wanted to be there to see her grow up, but he is there now. That was just such a touching moment.

But then there's Draco spying and making everything so terrible. I knew it couldn't all be good as soon as Ginny accepted Nyah as Nina (I do love the idea of Harry proposing through the Snitch - great idea there!). Ginny can't just be reunited, can she? But why did she yell for Lily? Is something going on with her as well? And it's just like a dream... hmm.. I wonder what's going on with that. I still don't know exactly why they want Nyah so much too. I guess that will be explained later.

Anyways, great chapter as usual and I'm so looking forward to the next one! I want it now. I'm such an impatient person. :)

Author's Response:

Hi! :D

I'm so glad you liked the chapter! It was a good one to write and explore the characters a bit more without getting to mushy...

Yes, the Harry and Nyah reunion... that was interesting to write and may still need a bit more tweaking (as I could go on-and-on with dialogue between them). I'm happy you enjoyed it!!!! :D

The snitch was one of my favorite ideas, taken directly from DH. Harry had it made for Ginny - silver - to distinguish it from a Quiddith snitch which is gold. Thus, Ginny was the first to touch it and it will only open for her and the right words...

Ah, Ginny yelled for Lily because she was simply going through her children, knowing something was wrong with one of them.... she saw the boys on the stairs and knew they were fine, so her next fear was that something was wrong with Lily... when she saw that all three of them were fine, yet there was still the insistence of danger... the only possible solution is "Nyah!" (aka Nina) It was at that moment that it really sank in that Nyah is in fact her daughter...

And why they want her so much is twisted and I pray I can write it as well as I can 'see' it.... :D

The next chapter will be up soon! Thanks for the amazing review! I LOVE it!!! :)

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Review #16, by Girldetective85 

12th May 2008:
OH NO! I knew something bad was going to happen :( And now Draco has got Nyah. I thought this chapter was one of your best ones yet, very emotional and I got teary and my nose got tingly when Harry and Nyah were reuniting and how they both had the same messy black hair, and Nyah loved lightning because of her daddy's scar... *sniffle* I kind of understand where Ginny is coming from, having to dig up all of these painful memories, but I wish she would just accept the possibility that it is Nina, that she's come back and that she didn't die as they all thought. She's really stubborn but I think she's also very in character. Actually she's kind of like Hermione for me in this story, because she needs to see rock-solid evidence before she forms any conclusions. But I'm glad she kind of warmed up to the idea at the end, and now of course Nyah has been taken from her once again! This cliffhanger's going to kill me! Can't wait for the next update, as always :) Wonderful job!

Author's Response:

Hello friend! :D

I know... I did the cliffhanger on purpose too! {muahaha}

I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter! It was really good to write and explore some of those happier moments. Ginny finally realizes who Nyah is, but a moment too late.

Nyah also needs to let go of her insecurities and simply accept herself. This is a crucial point coming up. She cannot rely on her parents or Hermione... she must rely on herself.

Yes, I can see how Ginny's personality starts to mix with Hermione's in the chapter... good point. Ginny has shielded her heart for so long and to simply accept some random girl's claim to her parentage would be too forgiving... too open.

Thank you, thank you for your review! I wish I could say more, but I might give something away! :D

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Review #17, by morgana67 

11th May 2008:
You evi! Another cliffhabger! Truly beautiful though, Harry is my top charater and he was fantastic! Ginny too though!

Author's Response:

Hello! :)

Sorry for the cliffhanger - and yes - this one was intentional! :)

I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D Thanks for leaving a review!!!

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Review #18, by Crystle 

11th May 2008:
Best chapter yet! Just loved it. It was brilliant how Ginny recognised her daughter's cry. I'm guesing that her and Nyah had a connection long after they were seperated.

Harry and Nyah's converstaion was touching.

It's so terrible that Draco's father has threatened to kill Scorpius if he doesn't deliver Nyah to him.
That is just awfull. I'm actualy feeling sorry for Draco.

Update soon. Love this story!1

Author's Response:

Hi Crystle! :)

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! It was a great chapter to write! :D Yes, Ginny and Nyah never really lost one another - their connection is strong... and that will come in useful...

You're right - not all is as it seems with Draco... we'll hear his story soon!

Thanks so much for a great review! Chapter 19 will be up soon! :)

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Review #19, by Tonks the Klutz 

11th May 2008:
Update, update, update! I love this story it's amazeing!

Author's Response:

Thanks Tonks! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D

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Review #20, by ButterflyRogue 

11th May 2008:
Wow!! This was amazing!! I absolutely enjoyed the conversation between Harry and Nyah. And Ginny finally realizing she's their daughter... Awww
And I suspect Draco's heart is not really in this whole kidnapping thing. You mentioned he had no choice and I'm really curious about his and Lucius' side of the story as well!! Why is Nyah so important? I can't wait to find out!

Once again, the writing is outstanding. The emotions drifting through this chapter were amazing!

Sorry, I'm not feeling really inspired at the moment so my review is a bit unimaginative, but I'll make sure to catch you somewhere at eHPf in case I remember something else. ;)

I absolutely can't wait to find out what happens! Hope there's another chapter soon!

Author's Response:

Hello friend! :D

I'm so glad you enjoyed the chapter! :D Yes, Ginny's stubborn streak may have cost her far more than a few hours of time... it may have cost her Nyah!

You are very astute regarding Draco and his motivation in this. We'll hear his side of the story soon...

Thank you for the compliments. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Feel free to post in the Story Club or in my forum or pm me! :D

Chapter 19 will hopefully be up soon! :) Thanks!!!

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Review #21, by Hermione Clone 

11th May 2008:
I hope Nyah's going to be alright! I wonder what Lucius wants with her *shudders*. It was interesting that Draco was doing all of this to protect his son (Scorpius, I presume?). A bit twisted, but understandable.

It was so sweet how Nyah and Harry connected. I'm glad Ginny was finally able to accept that Nyah is Nina, and I hope that the realization didn't come too late.
I hope they are able to find Nyah before anything bad happens to her.

Great chapter! Please, update soon!

Author's Response:

Hello again!

Lucius is quite the character, isn't he? But we must remember... most of his plans aren't the most brilliant.... Yes, Draco is protecting his family, and is still struggling as to which side he's really on.

I'm glad you enjoyed the reuniting of Nyah and Harry! :D Thanks for reading and leaving an excellent review! :)

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Review #22, by Valarie7505 

11th May 2008:
Hi again =]
Wow that was amazing!
Ginny finally believes Nyah's her daughter then BANG! shes gone again, id be devestated if i had her brought back into my life and before i could even give her a hug or even talk to her she's gone, and by death eaters no less.
haha nott has been caught, i wonder if he will tell them everything. maybe not though.
I also wonder whos wand that is.
That was really sweet with the snitch and also her love for lighting, her talk with harry, her and hugo...
As you can tell i just like to skip around in my reviews to subject to subject lol.
i really love this story it is amazing 10-10!!

Author's Response:

Hi Valarie! :)

That's the way with life... we feel that we've got all the time in the world (to get reacquainted, to finish school, to travel, to get married - whatever) but there are times that you have to take a leap of faith and trust in things you cannot always see, to truly find happiness. Ginny and Nyah didn't do that... Ginny wanted proof - and by delaying the reunion, it may have cost her Nyah. And Nyah was afraid of everyone's reaction and didn't keep walking to the Burrow, thus denying herself the one thing she's always wanted... love.

Yes, Nott is in quite a bit of danger... wait until Ginny and Harry get ahold of him! lol

I'm glad you liked the snitch! :) That was fun to write!

Thanks for leaving an excellent review! :) I love reading them!

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Review #23, by onestop_hpfan18 

11th May 2008:
Oooh, a cliffhanger. This chapter was well worth the wait, great job. I couldn't stop smiling the whole time Harry and Nina/Nyah were talking by the pond. And then Ginny sensing that one of her children was in danger and that's when seh realized that Nyah was Nina, or at least that's what I'm assuming.

I was seriously on the edge of my seat as they tried to get Nyah back and then ended up being unsuccessful as Draco and Nott dragged Nyah off past the appariation line and spun on the spot to disapparate. I hope Chapter 19 will be up soon. Keep it up. 10/10

Author's Response:

Hi! :D

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! :) Yes, Ginny finally realized that Nyah is her daughter... just moments too late. But now that she knows... the Death Eaters better be careful!

I glad to hear you were on the 'edge of your seat'! That's exciting for me, as a writer, so thanks for letting me know! :D

Chapter 19 will be up soon! Thanks so much for leaving a wonderful review! :)

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Review #24, by ginny_weasley_54 

11th May 2008:
wow. poor nyah. please please please update soon.

Author's Response:

Hi GW54! :D

Thanks so much for reviewing! You're the first reviewer for this new chapter! :D YEAH

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