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Review #1, by GinnyPotter25 

29th December 2010:
James and Tegan are so CUTE together.
I wish they hadn't been caught. ;)

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Review #2, by Magical Ginny 

2nd June 2009:
Yay James is a leftie :D
Power to all lefties! Obviously I'm a leftie too
Hey this is a really cool story. Its funny

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Review #3, by rhysus2008 

26th May 2009:
Finally, after 16 chapters, I get some real action! The duel didn't really count as there was no anomosity, really. They were best of friends. But Rhys (my name :P) punched him in the face! I lol'd so hard, maybe I shouldn't have but I found it incredibly funny.

Very good chapter. This story is quickly becoming one of my favourites, which is amazing to think that when I first started reading it, I didn't think much of it!


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Review #4, by PrincessPadfoot 

11th May 2009:
This chapter was sooo Albus!Favorite Line(s): I love you, remember?’ Fancy New J.D. shouted. ‘Remember how we’re going to say that to each other more often? I fricking love you, mate!’

Her mum is the mistress of darkness. And if she is not the mistress of darkness, then Eleni is definitely scarier. Like, she’s the mistress of darkness’s mistress of darkness.

I looked kind of liquid…ooh, Fancy New James is just a shinier version of Old Jamesie. I like shiny.

‘You could have a string octet!’ I marvelled.
‘And a heavy metal rock band!’ chirped Freddie.
‘And Rosh Hashanah service!’ said Micah.
‘Several times over,’ said J.D.

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Review #5, by skeet500 

24th February 2009:
i liked that this chapter had some very needed (in my opinion) james and tegan action, that had to have been my favorite part. also i loved when james said "my parents used to live there, when my mum played quidditch" or something to that effect. but then when he mentioned the fact that ginny was on tegans holyhead harpies poster i felt as though i was about to cry, maybe it has something to do with me recently rereading the seventh book

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Review #6, by dianap00 

15th January 2009:
"I love you, remember?" Fancy New J.D. shouted. "Remember how we're going to say that to each other more often? I fricking love you, mate!"
Tegan and Freddie shared a glance that was oversaturated with horror and befuddlement.

An understandable reaction, given the circumstance of J.D. being rather off. I gotta say this splitty J.D. is starting to seriously grow on me.

We've got to send each other owls. All the time.
He's such a friendly harmless sort of madman. I really like that he likes Lord Potter. It's incredibly endearing.

ooh, Fancy New James is just a shinier version of Old Jamesie. I like shiny.
One would think that after sixteen chapters I'd be used to James' overthetopish tendencies. One would be wrong in assuming so of course. He is so entertaining.

I don't usually pay attention to Granddad Weasley.
Mean! I seriously couldn't help giggling. I suppose, for all his eccentricities, James hasn't inherited an odd obsessive love of the muggle way of life... sigh.

Gah. Her daddy caught them almost at it horizontally. How incredibly awkward. I feel so bad for him. Is the Tegster a-d-o-p-t-e-d? I have one of those oddish feelings.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you like HUW, because he's become a rather polarizing character among the readers. xD Ooh, that's an interesting theory that Tegan might be adopted... I hope for her sake that she is, given how delightful Rhys & Eleni are, but she might really be stuck with them...

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Review #7, by twinkies 

18th November 2008:
Best chapter so far. I was going to go take a shower but I might postpone my shower a bit longer and keep reading. James was so close and I kind of knew this was coming, that her dad or someone would walk in on them.

Anyway, I'll read the next chapter and then go take a shower. 10/10

Author's Response: Glad you liked this chapter so much... It's possibly my favorite! =D Sure, my plots are cliche and ergo predictable, but cliches are fun sometimes.

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Review #8, by lyrix82 

26th October 2008:
wonderful chapter! Here are my favourite bits
The Magic carpet ride- what a great Idea...then seeing round tegan's house...favourite favourite though was James and Teg on her bed -"I'm too scared to kiss her now," "sometimes you have to be really brave to run away from you fears!" This is Harry Potter's son! he's a woose! hilarious xx

Author's Response: Thanks! I think James is brave in his own way - it takes courage to admit your fears, right? =)

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Review #9, by GryffindorGal87 

22nd October 2008:
I have to say that after each chapter, I love the story more and more! And I've started to think that you like the TV show 'Scrubs'. You have James acting like JD, you've named one of your OCs John Dorian and all the Gryffies say frick like Elliott. :) I love it!

Author's Response: Glad to hear that each successive chapter does not disappoint! =D

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Review #10, by HPWG4L 

22nd October 2008:
He punched him!!!
omg omg!
wasn't expecting that at all!!!

it's great (Y) (Y) (Y)

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! Eh, I like to throw curveballs every once in a while. =)

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Review #11, by Girldetective85 

21st October 2008:
Aw poor Rhys! I can't believe he punched his daughter's boyfriend in the face. James seems to get the brunt of everyone's abuse :D I do like Tegan's dad a lot more than her mom ... interesting how each parent thinks she's more like the other parent. It's so funny how you used the Golden Compass parents as Tegan's! "Oh. Frick. We are horizontal." I laughed so hard at that!

Author's Response: Yay, you're 1 of about 3 people who empathizes with Rhys after reading this chapter! =D I personally think he's a good guy - he truly loves his daughter (or not daughter?). I'm 1 of about 3 people in the world who liked The Golden Compass film, and Daniel Craig & Nicole Kidman fit my idea of Rhys & Eleni.

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Review #12, by shaunazombie 

14th October 2008:
Ouch, the ending was the last thing on this planet I expected. Well, maybe not the last thing on the planet, but it sure was really dramatic. I can't believe Tegan's Dad punched James! That was so intense! Poor guy, he never gets a break. The Dad was a really nice sort of fellow until the end anyway. I really liked his personality. Though he did compare Teg to her Mum, which was pretty unfair.

I kinda felt bad for Freddie, too. But it was hilarious when H.U.W. pushed him off the magic carpet, so I can't really complain. :]] I also loved how you have Micah playing a lot more instruments than anyone else, and the little detail about James being left-handed was really cute as well. I love all the background bits you throw in, like Ginny on the poster. :D This story gets more and more fantastic with every chapter.

Author's Response: I've got to up the dramz occasionally, yeah? =P And Rhys really is a good guy, but he has his faults, like anyone.

Freddie often gets the short stick of all the Gryffies, I'd say. And Micah is the closest thing to a musical genius that we'll see in this story. =)

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Review #13, by siriuslyhockey 

9th October 2008:
now all the gryffies need to do is write a song. I can't believe James just got punched. lol. I must say H.U.W is kind of annoying but funny.

Author's Response: But aren't the best relatives kind of annoying but funny? =P Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #14, by Mistress 

9th October 2008:
WOW. I literally screamed when Rhys hit James in the face. Holy crap!! And him panicking about being horizontal...hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing! This was a good chapter. I love your patient characterization of Tegan. We keep finding out more and more about her.

Author's Response: Glad you liked it! It's been sooo difficult keeping Tegan's family secrets (y'all don't know half of them!) D.L. for, like, a year. But slooowly the puzzle will come together. =)

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Review #15, by DemetersChild 

13th June 2008:
I was beginning to become a bit disappointed as the humor and even entire plot of the story was slowing down but this chapter really brought it back up.

One thing I notice about romance stories is that most of them should really just end once the couple gets together unless there is something equally important happening later. They usually just seem to drag on forever and get quite boring, and this story was getting there. But like I said, this chapter brought it back up. I hope it stays that way.

Good luck :D

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Review #16, by jess_k 

13th June 2008:
Loved it. The scene at the end was akward but very good. I'd love to see Tegan at the Weasley christmas.

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Review #17, by remusrockssiriussucks 

11th June 2008:
hilarious as usual
especially loved the drama at the end
your're brilliant

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Review #18, by a potter po 

11th June 2008:
Oh no! Rhys is such a nice dad and now they're having an argument! I hope it works out okay. Pls update really soon!

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Review #19, by kitkatkaitlee 

10th June 2008:
ok no one i ask actually knows what a thats what she said joke is. so would you enlighten me please? i would very much appreciate it. oh and i love this story you must update soon my dear. i will go out of my mind if you dont.

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Review #20, by RupertsPheonix 

5th June 2008:
Eleni isn't her mum? Or "mam," I guess?

I love this story. I'm a new reader, and it's already in my faves. Great characterization!

=) 10/10!


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Review #21, by JSB 073 

5th June 2008:
Band and everything to be taken away because James and Tegan were snogging... And Jes got punched in the face, which is funny, but must've hurt.

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Review #22, by highflyer 

3rd June 2008:
It's an amazing story and keeps me wanting more. I just have one question, when james says frick is it just to show when he is dropping the f-bomb or do yo umean that he is actually saying frick? I think you should keep writing, i can't wait for the next chapter so hurry up!

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Review #23, by love me or hate me just let me be 

2nd June 2008:
i really like this chapter and the, "thats what she said!" jokes form Micah my favorite character.
i cant believe that rhyhs punched james though! and he never apologized either :(
update please!

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Review #24, by prettypinkpony 

2nd June 2008:
omg! i finally got an account so i can tell you how amazing your story is! i love you cuz i'm a spaz too, and i love your writing and everything! you rock! (and i rock ON haha jkjkjk)
-pretty pink pony
p.s. if you actually read this thing, please read my story! just in case, it's called "A Traitor is Born" and i just want critique and stuff about it so i can make it better and get lots of people to read it! thanks so much!!! :)

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #25, by Wizzo123 

2nd June 2008:
This is really good x its really funny x update soon x YAY 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm about 75% done with the next chapter ^_^.

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