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Review #1, by randomnickname 

27th September 2015:
DAT gift!!!
i looove the tiny marauders details: Padfoot running through the mud, Prongs in the wood showing off...lovely! amazing idea!
And it's clear she's inexperienced if she doesn't know what it means when someone offer you something they have put so much time and effort into.
I once handmade a card game for a boy that liked me back in the days..he took it as it was: a promise :)

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Review #2, by knicoles 

27th July 2013:
'“Are your men like that?” the female asked me.
“Some of them. All of the ones who show interest in me at least.”
“I hear you, sister.”'
Lol, this was also a great chapter. It's interesting to finally get a picture of her mother.

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Review #3, by Dreaming of Remus 

7th July 2010:
OH MY GOD! That was amazing! I love the picture he drew for her! How can she not see that he cares about her a LOT!

Author's Response: They still have a long way to go before officially becoming a couple. Things are never that easy.

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Review #4, by funkynat 

29th November 2009:
really cool. Really too short, your chapters

Author's Response: Thanks. Again, another one word response. I have to keep rambling to get around this stupid 10 character minimum. I think this is new. It's also annoying.

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Review #5, by Shellee 

24th May 2008:
Ickle Remus sent an owl! How sweet is he, hm? He's super sweetish! -pinches his cheeks and rubs nose agains his - Yes he is! Ehehe, alright, back to normal again. I see the chess set more as a schoolbook, to be honest. After all, he is teaching her how to play and know things from life and yeah, all that. I'd love to play with some wizard chess set though, must be fun! Ehehe. It seems great that Tonks gets along with the band so well and their fund is increasing, really lovely. I can't wait till the others have wands and they can have more learning fun with blowing up pillows!
Aw, lovely things. Remus really had been putting in a lot of effort, must be absolutely beautiful! I wish I could see it. I doubt that he'd just do that as a friendly thing, though; I mean, he probably figured out his affection too while she was gone.
The idea of a Muggle job is a good one, especially if it pays three times more, it might please Remus. I love it.
Hehe, those snakes are absolute fun! That poor female. Then again, she's being courted by two males, hell, I would like some guys battling over me, beats not getting any attention at all.

Author's Response: You're right about the chess board. Strategic thinking that Snape is teaching her now will pay off later when Voldemort returns. Kerri will never be able to join the order because Snape and Remus will have hysterics, but she will go off and do her own little thing. She's not the kind to stay on the sidelines.

The Muggle job that Kerri and Remus are about to take is my real life job. It's incredible the things that pop into your mind when you're driving around at three in the morning.

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Review #6, by morgana67 

12th May 2008:
I know I read this chapter a while back but I must have got interrupted becausee I don't seem to have left a review.

What a lovely chapter. Remus' present was just a treat.

Now surfers and palm trees with Christmas decorations feel weird to me but it fits your story great because she is now not in England. It helps the reader picture the scene.

Ah, I just love the snakes arguing! so funny!

Author's Response: I think I've gotten behind on your story too...hopefully not by more than one chapter. I've been so lazy lately. I'm going to try to catch up some time this week.

That's how Christmas is here -- the setting for that chapter is pretty much my own actual surroundings. I guess you write what you know but I also thought it gave it a unique twist for Harry Potter fandom.

One person seemed to think that the snakes were overly cute, and now one person says that they liked them. I guess that means I got it about right.


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Review #7, by Bella_Portia 

7th May 2008:
I adored the letters. Just loved them.

You had many touches in this chapter that were very, very nice. The wizard's chess that would meet a grisly defeat, the owls crowding the window, the Weasley sweater, Mom's touching ambivalence about her daughter -- missing her but not enough to go back to England. (Who hasn't been there in some way?) Tonks as the life of the party. (I must admit, I've kind of lost track of what she does when the rest of them are playing concerts; sorry.)

The elaborate drawing done by Remus was a nice symbol of the extent of his affection -- or at least, that was how I took it. And I really liked your description of it.

How many herpetologists would give their right appendiges to be able to chat up snakes the way Kerri does?

One "sort of cautionary" note (or pair of same): A couple of things seemed to be getting a bit too "cute." I've always really liked the way you handled Snape. Your characterization always seemed about as on point as it could be, in terms of fidelity to the canon character -- he is very much your own, while still being the unapologetically nasty, un-child-friendly character we all know and love (or despise). In this chapter, I kind of felt him sliding toward just a bit too tame.

The other concerns those talking serpents. I love the scene. But when the female said "I hear you, sister," and the second male made the comment about size mattering -- it was a bit of a jolt. Snakes are not generally witty creatures (certainly not the ones I have lunch with); these snakes sounded like they'd seen a little too much daytime television.

Anyway, really good chapter.

Author's Response: Don't apologize for losing track -- sometimes I lose track. Tonks is filling in for Kerri in the band. Kerri says that "her voice isn't really that good, and she can't play an instrument, but she has an energy about her that makes up for it".

Yes, you're right. Remus is going through the same thing Kerri is. He's feeling highly affectionate toward her at the moment but trying to stifle it.

Snape is just trying very hard to be nice to Kerri...but wait until toward the end of the story when they have a huge disagreement. Turns out she can be just as nasty as he can.

How do you know snakes aren't witty? Have you ever talked to one? Seriously, I had Rowling's snake in mind when I wrote that scene. (The one from the zoo at the start of S.S. "Thanksssss, Amigo."). Although I did have some concerns about the line you quoted, I just couldn't resist leaving it in.

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Review #8, by crazybibliophile 

2nd May 2008:
Wow, Remus's gift is so perfect! I never would have been able to think of something as cool as that. Once again, this story rocks, and always will...

Author's Response: Thank you. You guys have all been giving me such sweet reviews this week.

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Review #9, by FullMoon 

1st May 2008:
WOW!!! Remus is a REALLY good artist!! I hope Kerri does something really special for him. Was that the first letter he sent to her? Oh, and I have an idea for much later in the story--maybe Kerri could get him a horse! Since his patronus is one, and it sounds like he was really excited to ride them again, I think it would be perfect.

Author's Response: Yes, that was the first letter she ever recieved from Remus. Right now I'm working on the early chapters of the sequel and Kerri is home with her mother for the summer. I'm writing a love letter from Remus to Kerri and I'm trying to get it just right but it's pretty hard. Fortunately it will be a very long time before it's time to post it.

A horse would be a great gift, but they're expensive to buy and to keep and where would he put it? Kerri can knit though and she'll make him an afghan to sleep under at night....which is a romantic idea I think.

Thanks for the review.

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Review #10, by ButterflyRogue 

1st May 2008:
Darn it... just when I thought I'm finally rid of this story for some time... ;) Just kidding, of course.

I think I enjoyed this chapter the most so far. I had "that" feeling in my stomach, the one I get when I'm reading or watching something I'm really looking forward to (besides, I'm a hopeless romantic - I just can't help but to grin like an idiot at such a sweet scene), so I don't even have to mention there was a rather goofy smile on my face while Kerri was opening up the presents and when she got to the one Remus had sent her. I simply knew it was a painting... An absolutely stunning one! Which reminds me --- a black dog? A reference to Sirius? The mouse/rat --- Peter, stag and doe --- James and Lilly and the wolf --- himself. The Marauders are very symbolically amended to the painting! Ah, that Remus... :) And Kerri is still in denial... Poor thing --- there's just no falling out of love when Remus is concerned (of course I'm being subjective here).. :D

I hope there'll be more insight to Kerri's mother's past and the events that forced her to practically eliminate everything magical from her life. Voldemort's role in it is understandable, of course, but she had sparkled my interest as a character and I'd like to hear a bit more of her side of the story.

The encounter with the snakes was amusing... I very much liked the parallel with the animal world.

Keep it up! I can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response: Yes -- you caught all of the cameo appearances in the painting. I've always liked the Marauders so I couldn't resist, and I think that it shows a bit of sentimentality on Remus's part. He spent the best years of his life at Hogwarts with his three best friends...how could he not think about them and their better days while working on something like that?

I think Kerri's mother is an interesting character and eventually I want to develop her more. Unfortunately, it's hard to do because Kerri spends so much time away from home. I'm working on the sequel right now though, and I'm planning a couple of pretty major scenes with her in them. Also, Kerri is beginning to have questions about her mother's side of the family.

As always, thank you very much !

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