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Review #1, by Unwritten Curse 

29th November 2008:
'boys laughter!' - should be 'boys' laughter'
'remind herself to breath...' - should be 'breathe'
'but a simply a room...' - extra word there

Wow, just wow. I'm speechless at the moment, but I'll try to get something out for you. I wouldn't want to write a one-line review, that wouldn't help you at all.

Okay, I'm a sentimental person, but I usually don't cry while I'm reading. I cry during movies because I can actually see what's happening, and it's more real to me in that way. But your story has had me crying for the past three chapters. It's so vivid, so real. Especially when Ginny was searching the house for Nina, and when she slept by her tombstone with the owls on it. And I loved the part from Harry's perspective, when he realized how hard it must've been for his loved ones when he went through all those hardships at Hogwarts. Oh, and when Nyah walked up to Ginny and called her Mum - AH!! I swear, that part was so real to me, I felt like I was Nyah, or Ginny, or at least in the room, haha. Intensely emotional, but outstanding, as always. 10/10 again, and I'll try to read the next chapter now. If not, I'll be back later today. (;

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Review #2, by Mistress 

8th October 2008:
Wow, poor Nyah feeling like she doesn't belong. I really loved this chapter. I really felt for Ginny.

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Review #3, by KaraBlack 

5th June 2008:
Hi! It's KaraBlack (finally returning your reviews) I'm so sorry it took so long! Things have just been so hectic lately but now I'm on summer break! WOOO! :D

Okay, so now, first thing I would like to say this that everyone once again is lovely, flow, and characterization of Ginny and Harry are done amazingly.

I cried during this chapter...alot...it was just so sad! I can only imagine what Ginny's going through right now and then Harry's guilt...its so sad!

*sigh* I hope everything works out with Nyah!

Off to read the next chapter!!


Author's Response:

Hi KaraBlack!!!! :D Thanks for making your way back to my little (or not-so-little) story! I'm so glad you enjoyed the chapter!

Wow!!! You cried, really? That's amazing that I was able to envoke that emotion! I'm speechless! :) Thanks for letting me know - that's awesome!

Have a fantastic summer break and thank you for another wonderful review! I really do appreciate it!

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Review #4, by shadowycorner 

23rd May 2008:
Harry made an appearance. And i am so attached to Harry, and this chapter made me cry again when Nyah left the house claiming she doesn't belong anywhere. I felt her terrible ache, I felt the feeling of being rejected...it was really sad. And those men...I read this quite breathlessly.

Also, this..."At that time, he had no idea how terrible it was to watch someone you love go through that." and the entire concept of that paragraph emitted this sad, sad feeling. A great thought and idea to envision that Harry took it better than Ginny, perhaps because he was used to pain and loss, but then watching her grief was just as painful...

I was just confused when Ginny watched Nyah chase Albus and James...when Nyah left the Burrow in tears, did she go chasing after the boys again? Or did the scene happen before that? But...how come when Molly ran after her...and I'm even more confused than before now that I've tried to think about it. :D Never mind.

I understand Ginny's heartache and disbelief. Fearing and avoiding false hope is a good thing, because nothing hurts more than when hope crumbles. But one enver knows that the hope may not be as false as it may have seemed.

I love your Ron and Hermione. Their support, Ron's goofy bluntness...as for Hermione, it's one of the best Hermiones in fanfiction. She's a mother, she's wise, she's gentleand tender, she's a mentor and she's completely amazing.

Author's Response:

Hi :D

Thank you for another wonderful review! I simply love reading them! :D

As far as Ginny watching Nyah chase the boys... let's see if I can help clear that up. Molly ran after Ginny (who was in her old room). While they were talking, Nyah was crying in the den with Ron and Hermione (and the rest of the family - her dad too). When she ran out the back door, she made her way to the trees... that's about the time that Ginny was at the window, still talking to Molly in the bedroom. Then, Nyah caught sight of the boys and ran after them - and Ginny was watching out the window. Harry was in the hall listening to Ginny and Molly talking.

Did that help? If not, pm me!

Yes, Ginny is having trouble letting go of all the years of grief and torment surrounding her daughter's 'death' and is afraid to allow herself to risk loving her daughter again... so she stays where it's safe... comfortable.

Thank you for the compliment about Hermione. She is so easy to write - as is Ron. I'm very glad it comes across well. I'm sure she'll pop up in more of my stories! :D

Thank you again... you are a great reviewer!!!! :)

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Review #5, by Pingo 

16th May 2008:
Oh my God.. I'm crying!! Just thought you should know.. Long review for next chapter! Yay..

Author's Response:

Hello again! :)

It's okay to cry... I cried while I wrote it! This is another favorite (as is the one coming up). Thanks for reviewing... even while you're crying! :)

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Review #6, by Flutterby_010 

15th May 2008:
Ahh.. i'm such a softie. Ginny's memories made me cry. it's so sad to imagine a mother torn from her daughter in such a cruel way. This story is so intriguing, and different. it's ever changing and constantly surprising. I love Nyah. She's so well put. She kind of acts just like harry and ginny did at that age. wonderful story.
keep up the amazing work!

Author's Response:

Hi Melanie! :)

Thanks so much for reviewing! I'm very glad you enjoyed the story so far.

Nyah is a great character to write and I admit... I'm sad to see this story come to a close (in the next couple of chapters) but a sequel may happen, eventually. ;)

Thank you!!!

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Review #7, by SilverThimble 

9th May 2008:
This was an amazing chapter. I loved how you showed Ginny's reaction when Hermione told her about Nyah... it was very believable, and very sad. There were pops in the garden - I'm guessing they're important. The tension really is mounting... I'm still kind of speechless. I think it was a great idea to show the crash from Ginny and Harry's point of view... that was important, I think. Beautiful stuff, really.
Update soon! (and please make something happy happen, please *pleading eyes*)

and random question: eHPfans? What is?

Author's Response:

Hello!!! :D

Thank you for the compliments! :) This was a great chapter to write and really allow the exploration of Harry and Ginny's feelings.

Yes, the 'pops' in the garden are very significant, and there will be happy moments with one of her parents in the next chapter! :D So now you can turn off those 'puppy-dog' eyes and get ready to read ch 18! lol

**and to answer your random question - eHPfans are the amazing elderlyharrypotterfans for us 'old folks' over the age of 18. :D I'll pm you more about it.

Thanks for the reviews and questions are always welcome! :D

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Review #8, by Bella_Portia 

9th May 2008:
This was outstandingly moving. Grief upon the death of a child has got to be difficult to write -- I've never tried -- because there is a delicate balance between portraying the dreadful grief and making the going so tough that the reader wants to turn back. You did a beautiful job recreating Ginny's emotions, deep and lingering pain, and long (and delicate) healing process. And the endless rawness that her loss caused.

This was Ginny's chapter, and you did a wonderful job.

Author's Response:

Hi Bella :)

Yes, this was one of those chapters which took a while to get 'just right' due to the sensitive nature of the subject, which will go completely unidentified and unrecognized by the 'younger' reader.

Believe me... it was Kleenex central writing this, as it truly came from my own heart, literally.

Thank you for validating my love of this chapter as well as it's delicateness (is that a word? - lol)

:) Another great review!!! Thank you!

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Review #9, by morgana67 

6th May 2008:
Oh, please post some more!

This chapter is worse than my one shot. I made me cry! I think both Harry and Ginny would have rather died themselves than lose their daughter. I hope the Malfoys get their comeuppance for causing them all this pain!

Of course, Harry would have to blame himself, wouldn't he? I wonder whether proof will come by way of Nyah being able to see the charmed room...

Still, I think the Malfoys are lurking somewhere in the garden and I don't get a good feeling about this...

This story is just wonderful!

Author's Response:

Hello again! :D

NO WAY is this better than your H/G one-shot - that was amazing!!! :D

I suppose I should be glad (?) that you cried, as I cried writing it... And yes, any parent would gladly switch places if it meant their child would live.

Yeah - you're the only one who's mentioned the private room! And it will come into play a bit later. Very good eye!!! :) :) :)

Ah yes... those lurking in the garden. You'll see more of them very soon...

Chapter 18 should be up in the next day or so... :D Can't wait for the reactions!!!!!

Thanks for taking time to read and review this story... you've done a wonderful job and I appreciate every word! :)

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Review #10, by Nightrunner 

5th May 2008:
Excellent story, so far. Please keep after it. I am hanging by tenterhooks for the rest of it. Great character development, BTW.

Author's Response:

Hi Nightrunner! :)

Very glad you liked the story! The next chapter should be up very soon! :D

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #11, by luvinpadfoot 

5th May 2008:
What bad thing is going to happen to Nyah in the next chapter? I can feel that something bad's gonna happen to her. Poor Ginny! She's been through so much! I hope everything turns out ok with Nyah/Nina. Nyah is a much cooler name.

Author's Response:

Hello! :)

Yeah... those bad vibes are coming out, aren't they... but there's a lot of good stuff coming too! :D

I like Nyah's name much better too! ;)

Thanks for getting caught up! The next chapter should be up in a few days! :D

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Review #12, by Girldetective85 

5th May 2008:
Yay! HPFF is working for me so I can finally leave your review!

I read this chapter yesterday and when I came back here today to leave my review, I got sucked back into reading it again.

I got giant goosebumps when Nyah was searching for the boys who took Hedwig from her, not knowing that somewhere nearby, eyes were watching her and waiting for the right moment. It's absolutely eerie and if Hermione knew, she would probably lock Nyah in the house. It's not safe anywhere...

I loved the scene when Nyah was listening in and Hermione was showing everyone the evidence, and they all started to reminisce. I really felt for Ginny and I got very teary when we got to see the aftermath of the car accident, and how she slept on the fresh dirt of her daughter's grave all night. Here we go, I'm getting teary again just thinking about it... But I can really feel her pain and I can understand why she's not willing to believe that Nyah is Nina. It's a part of her that has taken so much to bury, and now it's like digging into the wound again to have a girl supposedly be Nina right in front of her. Poor Ginny :(

I like that Ginny and Nina are almost connected by dreams. In each other's dreams, they can hear each other and get to see each other in a way, which is really cool. I think mothers and their children really are connected somehow because mine always knew when I needed her, even if I didn't say anything. I'm glad Ginny's started to accept that this girl really could be Nina, and hopefully they'll be able to patch their family up. Of course there's always the problem of the Malfoys...

Great chapter! Never stop writing :) Thanks for sharing your beautiful story with us!

Author's Response:

Hello friend! :) What a fantastic review and YEAH... you're number 400!!!!! {passes out balloons and streamers}

I'm so glad you like the 'eerieness' of the chapter. It was a good chapter to write.

Ginny's POV has been really freeing for me to write, putting a lot my 'mother' side in there. She is terrified of opening that part of her heart again, just on a whim of Hermione's. She needs overwhelming proof... and Harry will give that to her.

Thanks for seeing the dream connection! I put a hint in earlier, but most people missed it ~ and most people missed the connection (or simply didn't mention it) in this chapter as well... It is almost undefinable - that connection with your child. Soon - something will happen to make Ginny realize without a doubt exactly who Nyah is... ;)

I'm honored that you like it and thank you for yet another amazing review! :D

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Review #13, by Shellee 

5th May 2008:
I see how Ginny would be reluctant to believe it. But there is the proof, she has proof, the wand and things. I really don't see how anyone else could have had that. It really must be hard on both of them. Poor Nyah too, thinking Ginny doesn't want her. I hope everything will be alright soon!

Author's Response:

Hello again! :)

Ginny doesn't believe that those things are really Nina's... it's simply too painful to open that part of her heart again for a 'what-if' and a 'maybe'... she needs more tangible proof, and she'll find it... with Harry's help :)

Thanks for reviewing!!! :)

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Review #14, by Nvoa 

4th May 2008:
So far, this story tells about a girl who doesn't seem to fit in anywhere and is abnormal in both the muggle world and wizarding world. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response:

Hi Nvoa... glad you're enjoying it! :D Thanks for the review!

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Review #15, by Labby 

4th May 2008:
Yay, I'm finally caught up! Now I can officially check this out in the story club - I've been staying away for fear of spoilers there. Great chapter once again!

It does seem realistic that Ginny wouldn't believe that Nyah's her daughter at first. Nina's supposed to be dead and I'm sure after all of those years, even with the nightmares, she'd just have to move on and accept it. I liked Harry's comment about thinking that he married Ginny, not Hermione. Hehe.. that's so true. I do like that Ginny's looking for more proof. That might bring them closer to the truth of what happened and to finding out who did that spell.

So isn't this a total of 21 chapters? Is everything going to be resolved by then? I hope it is or I hope you're planning on a sequel. I love this story and I'm sure I'll be sad when it's over. Nyah's turned into a wonderful character and I just love her relationship with everyone. You've done a great job with description and your plot is awesome. I really love it.. such a creative spin to the next generation.

I'm kind of worried that something's going to happen before Harry and Ginny can absolutely realize that Nyah's Nina. Something with the Death Eaters perhaps? I can't wait to see what happens though. I want a Harry/Ginny/Nyah reunion. That scene's going to be heartbreaking.. if it happens. I do feel badly for Nyah now since she thinks no one wants her. Poor girl. But great chapter as always, and I'm looking forward to more!

Author's Response:

Hi :) Thanks for reading all the way!!!

Yes, Ginny's heart and her head are not in agreement! Harry, being the great husband he is, will go as far as he can to get Ginny what she needs... proof.

Yes, we're so close to the end... :( It will be all wrapped up at the end, but leaves plenty of room for a sequel.

I'm so glad you've enjoyed the story so far, and I pray that by the end, you'll feel as excited as you are now and want to read it again someday! :D

As far as something happening before Harry and Ginny realize who Nyah is... yes and no. That's all I can say... :)

The next chapter will be up soon, but until then, I look foward to discussing different points with you on the Story Club. :D

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Review #16, by Heather m 

3rd May 2008:
wow brilliant story
love it so much
i cant wait until the next chapter
ill be checking every day for the next chapter
hope its not too long :D

Author's Response:

Hi Heather! :D

I'm thrilled that you're enjoying it! :) The next chapter should be up soon... it's just waiting to be validated.

Thanks so much for leaving a review!! :)

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Review #17, by Gords7015 

3rd May 2008:
Well, I guess I've managed to get caught up! Ahh, its so hard to be critical because you write so well, but I have to say that the tension is killing me (and possibly, everyone else)! You write so well, but I just keep waiting for that happy moment. Plus, you scared me when Nyah was in the garden and those pops were occuring. I was afraid that she'd been captured and replaced (does that even make sense), so I'm still slightly worried.

Otherwise, please request in my forum when you next update. I try to keep up, but I just need a physical reminder to go and read! Thanks so much, and great work!

Author's Response:

Hello again! :)

I know the wait is hard, but there were a lot of characters to bring in and a lot of information to still process.

You should be concerned about the 'pops' .... enough said!

Thank you, thank you and I'll head over there and give you a proper heads-up and a thanks for all the time you put into these reviews! Please let me know when you update "Voldemort's Wand" as I want to keep up with it... you're an excellent writer and I enjoy reading your stories! :D

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Review #18, by Ginerva_Potter 

2nd May 2008:
I'm not sure how I feel about this chapter. Of course, I would have loved for Ginny to have seen her daughter and realized it was her right away, taking her into a hug and living happily ever after. However, I know the story isn't over and it can't happen like that. I think I do like that Ginny was so disbelieving. It took her so long to grieve in the first place, it only makes sense that she would be so in denial now.

Anyway, since this is the last chapter you have up, I thought I would switch into a semi-reviewer mode and just make one general comment. I think in previous reviews I mentioned something about how the story was going to continue and my comments were based on the fact that I thought this story was going to continue on into her going to Hogwarts. At the time, it seemed like her finding out being a wizard was a step in the process of becoming a wizard. Her unusual magic seemed like part of the story, but it didn't seem like "the" story. With this thought in mind, I was disappointed that her finding out about the wizarding world was so anti-climatic. Since the chapter when Hermione and Professor McGonagall showed up, the focus of the story has been more apparent. I think it might be helpful to the readers if you are more clear about this throughout the story. Somehow, you might want to focus more on unusual abilities. Just a thought. If I'm the only one that felt this way, then it's probably just my preconceived notions.

Anyway, overall this was a very interesting story, unlike any other fanfic I've read so far. I really like how you created new characters, but then tied them into our favorites. Keep up all the great writing!

Author's Response:

Hello! :)

Ginny does feel a bit disconnected from Nyah - it's just impossible for her heart to imagine that her daughter is alive after all these years. But every mother has something within her that knows their child... even in a crowd of children, there's one thing that they do that sets them apart... their cry. Keep that in mind.

On to your 'semi-reviewer' mode comments... :D

It's funny... every HP story written with a child that finds out he/she has magical abilities is automatically assumed to be heading in the direction of that child traveling to Hogwarts. I don't *think* that anything in my summary or the first couple of chapters there was ever a hint about Hogwarts. The main focus of this story is Nyah, her odd dreams, these bursts of magic, and finding out who she really is - apart from her magic.

Yes, finding out she was a witch may have felt anti-climatic, but in reality, it's just a small piece of this story. Nyah, when she finds out she is a witch, then turns around and is told that 'magic shouldn't be painful' thereby snatching any glory or hope in magic 'rescuing her' from her situation. It explained a LOT about her, and things 'fell into place' in her mind thus making it easier to understand the outbursts, but no closer to controlling it OR finding out who she is.

"Nyah... trapped between two worlds. The girl she is... and the witch she is becoming..."

I think there is a general assumption that every child's story will be written to take them to/through school. That isn't what this story is about at all. :) It's Nyah searching for "The Road Home"... which possibly is the reason many people say they've never read anything like it... I find that to be a huge compliment... :)

I'm very, very glad you like the story and I do appreciate your comments - ALL of them so keep them coming! :)

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Review #19, by ButterflyRogue 

2nd May 2008:
Great chapter!! Harry and Ginny's pain was almost tangible as was Nyah's! Oh, I really do hope Harry finds proof soon...

I must once again say that I admire your way with words and descriptions. The style of writing is absolutely outstanding! I especially enjoyed the part with Charlie --- he's one of the Weasleys that often gets left out of things... Something I also like in this story --- it develops human psyche and focuses a lot on the relations between people. I have always been very interested in psychology so it is always an interesting thing for me to read about...

I really don't have much more to say... Needless to mention I have been absolutely thrilled with this story so far! I do suspect some action in the next chapter regarding the 'figures' hiding there by the pond...

Hehe, now I can finally say that I can't wait for the next update!! :D

Author's Response:

Hi :D

I'm really glad you liked it. It's one of my favorites...

Charlie was unexpected, but worked out very well. I've not researched him at all, although I don't know that there is much out there about his character. I wrote him very much like my own older brother (who happens to have bright red hair - but he doesn't take care of dragons!) lol

There will quite a bit about the people hiding in the trees... no worries. :)

You've been quite busy with reading and reviewing and must thank you! I appreciate every word... :)

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Review #20, by Tonks the Klutz 

1st May 2008:
You updated ya! Update soon like today! I love this story!

Author's Response:

Hey Tonks! :D

Glad you're still lovin' it! The next chapter is in the queue so check back in a couple of days!

Thanks for stopping by! :D

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Review #21, by ginny_weasley_54 

1st May 2008:
wow. amazing chapter. i think this is one of your best chapters. i can't wait to see what happens. please update soon.

Author's Response:

Hi :) Thanks! I really enjoyed this chapter as well...

The next chapter is in the queue so check back in a couple of days! :) Thanks again for reviewing!

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Review #22, by Hermione Clone 

1st May 2008:
Great chapter! I almost cried-the memories of everyone were really heavy. You could feel the pain that they were feeling. Wonderfully done.
I hope things start to get worked out in the next chapter. I wonder how Ginny and Nyah will interact after their not so smooth "introduction".
Please, update soon!

Author's Response:

Hello HermioneClone! :D Thanks for stopping by again!

I'm so glad you enjoyed the chapter. The last few chapters will jam packed... don't worry...

The next chapter is in the queue now, so please check again in a couple of days! :)

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Review #23, by Crystle 

1st May 2008:
I loved this chapter. I think you really captured how Ginny must have felt about everything. But poor Nyah, she must feel terrible. They should do a DNA test or something similar. I hope that Ginny will be able to accept Nyah. I know Harry would.

Great work!

Author's Response:

Hi Crystle! I'm glad you liked the chapter! :)

Yes, Ginny and Nyah are both struggling... :( I too, thought of a blood test or DNA test, but found something that works just as well... you'll see in chapter 18. :D

Thanks for reading and reviewing! I really appreciate it! :)

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Review #24, by chiQs09_II 

1st May 2008:
OMG! How dare you stop again there??! *hmpf* I think I'm gonna write you in the rant thread for leaving this cliffies. LOL :) :) Amazing, I had tears in my eyes while reading it. It's great to see it from the different perspectives, and FINALLY (I've been waiting for this moment) in Ginny's POV when she told about the car ride, when she was singing and Nina was laughing in the backseat.
I know you've been switching the narratives throughout the story, which is actually fine. But here's a part that really disturbed me:
Hermione was looking at someone Nyah couldn’t see, holding the red bag in the air. Piece by piece, Hermione removed the items from the bag… the pictures, the wand, and finally, the blanket. - This is in Nyah's POV, when she stood behind the door and observed her "family", she couldn't see Ginny... just heard her voice, etc... The next one:

Molly gasped and stood from the sofa, reaching for the blanket. A smile spread from beneath the tears as she ran her hands over the knitting, examining the stitching. When Ginny and Harry announced they were expecting their first child so soon after marrying, it raised more than a few eyebrows. But Molly loved seeing her family grow, and was determined to make the baby a beautiful blanket to welcome him or her to the family. - You suddenly shifted to Molly remembering Ginny and Harry.
The idea that you separate the POVs with a line or a dash, or "~ ~ ~" is a good idea. In one section it's in Hermione's POV: we see how she feels, what she thinks, her memories, etc. And then in the next it's in Ginny's (POV). But mixing the POVs is confusing (esp. sometimes you did that in the same paragraph), or like this time when you shifted from Nyah's POV to Mrs. Weasley's. It somehow (how do I describe that?) snatched me from "Nyah's moment" away, which was a bit sad...
I think the whole part when Nyah stumbled into kitchen until the point when she tells "I don't belong anywhere" could have stayed in her POV. After all, it's the most important part in this chapter and I think also in the story...**It's not that I can write perfectly, (duh, not me! heehee) :) but as a reviewer I've read a lot of stories and sometimes, if it's necessary, I give CCs. I felt it was necessary this time, I hope you didn't mind. :-s

I also liked how we saw it in Harry's POV this time, that Ginny had been a human wreck when their baby girl "died", and it was so poignant when Harry cried. I always cry when Harry cries... :'(
You did an excellent job with Ginny's characterization, and the whole scene in total, how you described the feeling of a mother when losing her child, when she fell in a sort of post-traumatic depression after Nina's death. She heard her daughter's voice in the house, she could only find comfort in her daughter's bed.

So great job! :)

[Oops, sorry for the length!] Soryyy :(

Author's Response:

Hello friend! :D

I LOVE CC - never apologize for that! If you see it, I really do want to know so thanks for pointing that out! :) And you're right, there's a bit of editing needed. It's funny... I can read it 100 times on my computer, but I put it here and find 100 more mistakes! crazy!

I'm really glad you enjoyed the chapter (overall). The different POV were a bit more challenging this time as there is a lot going on, but I'll 'polish' it a bit more.

It was an important chapter - getting everyone together and 'seeing' the accident from Harry and Ginny's POV- and chapter 18 will continue... with a twist... ;)

That was a GREAT review! :) Thanks!

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Review #25, by onestop_hpfan18 

1st May 2008:
I really liked this chapter. We know how Harry and Ginny saw that night when Nina/Nyah was taken from them. I think the proof Harry's going to find is going to be in the form of that snowing white owl... Am I right? I feel bad for Nyah though, she doesn't feel loved because Ginny doesn't want to believe that she's Nina. But I also feel bad for Ginny because she's still hurting so much from the loss of Nina that she doesn't want to believe it's her without proof. I hope everything works out in the next chapter... 10/10

Author's Response:

Hello again! :) Very glad you liked this chapter. It was a bit more difficult with a lot of different POV going on and still some editing to do.

Harry will find all the proof he needs... :)

I'm glad that that struggles of Ginny and Nyah are well-read. Ginny has shut out that part of herself for such a long time that it is hard to believe it's happening.

The next chapter is getting polished up, nearly ready to post! :)

Thanks for another amazing review!

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