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Review #1, by knicoles 

27th July 2013:
Phew. Was this a difficult chapter to write? Just b/c some of the things she said to AQ had bits of truth to them doesn't make them any easier to say OR write, I'd imagine. I'm the kind of person that having said something of that nature, it's mess with my mind, ya know? Did I mean those things? When writing characters in my own stories, I usually base them on myself in some fashion, so having my main character say such things would have really messed with my own mind! Anyways, you powered through it and made it a great chapter.

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Review #2, by Shellee 

23rd May 2008:
I'm going to have to dissapoint you a bit. I'm getting tired and I'm thinking this is my last review of today - well not today, it's eight thirteen am already and I intend on reading more today - then, go to bed. It's going to be a bit suckish, I'm sure.
Things seem to be going good for her, to try and figure things out. Glad that she didn't have to trick Hagrid so much to get some answers. I feel bad for her, she still really cares for Quirrel and thinks he can't go bad. Then to find out like that, it's horrible. At least now she can move on from that and prepare her and stuff, take precautions and such? We'll see how it goes, still have a bit to read, tomorrow. It's a bit sad how they grew to be friends really, he really seem such a nice guy. I'm happy that it is at least bringing Snape and her together.

Author's Response: One thing I like about this story is developing Quirrel. You don't see much about him in fan fiction and very little in the canon beyond that first book. He had to have been a normal person once with family and friends. Later on there are some flashbacks that show what he was like when he was younger...have you got to that part yet? I can never keep track of which chapter is which. In the sequel I'm going to give them names instead of just numbers.

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Review #3, by ButterflyRogue 

1st May 2008:
Hehe, Harry and Ron have no idea they're actually on the right track...

The conversation between Kerri and Quirrell was very intriguing... You handled well the transition between him and "Voldemort" speaking by noting the change in his eyes and the lack of his stutter. Very well done. Though the twins molesting him made me feel so sorry for the poor guy... :( After all, he was just a random victim. It could have easily been anyone else, it was just more convenient to Voldemort to posses someone who will be in Hogwarts at the same time as Harry.
The flashback was what really got to me, though... I guess I was too young while reading SS to actually take interest in Quirrel, but showing such a lovable, compassionate side to him and comparing it to the "personality" he acquired while being possessed almost brought tears to my eyes --- knowing what is about to happen to him, of course.
I was also rather touched by Kerri's statement in the boathouse. When she said she didn't hate Severus, it was almost as if she was finally accepting her current situation fully. As if she was finally acknowledging him as her older brother.

Author's Response: I don't feel all that sorry for Quirrel. I think that like Peter Pettigrew, he had a choice somewhere along the way. That's something that Kerri has trouble accepting at the very end after he dies.

The Fred and George incident is straight out of canon. There's a line about them being punished for bewitching a snowball to bounce off the back of Quirrel's head. I just couldn't resist putting that part in.

One thing I wanted to do when writing this was give Quirrel a background and personality. Honestly, I never really thought twice about him either --- I don't think anyone does. That makes him a great character for fan fiction writers to develop, but I don't think many of them do. He had to have friends, family, and some sort of normal life before all this happened.

Yes, Kerri and Snape are finally warming to each other, but that doesn't mean they'll always get along. They have a really ugly argument over Quirrel toward the end of the story. I guess I'm evil because I thought it was really fun to write.

"almost brought tears to my eyes" I think that's the biggest compliment I've ever received. Thank you.

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Review #4, by morgana67 

26th April 2008:
I have almost caught up now. I really like how you're weaving this. It's clever of you and fortunate for Kerri that Ron and Harry have done some of the work for her. Now, Snape, by omission is practically admitting that her theory is correct.

When Kerri started ranting to Quirel about not having money, I couldn't figure out how this was relevant. However, as I read on it became very obvious and you did this very cleverly because you grabbed my attention by making something seem unconnected to begin with.

I wonder what Snape and Kerri will do to prevent Quirel from getting the stone/ trying to kill Harry.

I very much enjoy having Harry, Ron and the twins involved in this story.

Ok, on to the next chapter.

Ah, in reply to your reply of a previous review, I have come across more people who has been having problems with disappearing reviews but, yes, I think I have the wrong sort of magic, i.e. that I touch something and it breaks, maybe I need to get a proper wand! lol

Author's Response: I worried a bit that using Harry and Ron that way might have been a bit too convenient. They just happened to be in the right place at the right time. But coincidences do happen in real life and no one has commented yet about it being improbable.

I hope I conveyed everything I meant to in the Quirrel-Kerri scene. Kerri was doing what her brother told her to do -- mix truths with untruths to coax Quirrel into talking. In this case she mixed genuine frustration with her financial problems with Voldemort-ish ideology. (Later on she does feel a little guilty for some of the things she said, but like I've mentioned before, she's her own worst critic).

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Review #5, by thedarkpoet 

23rd April 2008:
LOVE IT! read all of it, but was too eager to read more to stop and review. I must admit, the first couple chapters, were a little thick for me to get through, but the rest were fantabulous (is too a word)

Author's Response: Hi Natalie,

Nice to meet you. I'm very glad you enjoyed my story. Thanks for letting me know.

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Review #6, by Bella_Portia 

23rd April 2008:
First, I really liked the way you incorporated the material from SS in the scene with Hagrid, Kerri and the two boys. The scene with Kerri and Ron/Harry was extremely cute, particularly where the boys blurted out two different lies at the same time. (It's an old gimmick, of course; but you used it nicely.)

Prior to writing this, I reread ths scene between Kerri and Severus. It struck me as right on the money -- witty, well paced, and perfectly in character. With Snape, I think you've struck a balance beween a very canon characterization and the elements that are strictly part of your story.

I think you did a wonderful job with Flitwick (who I think is a marvelous character that is sadly underused in fanfiction). You got his courtesy, concern. genuineness and intelligence.

The scene in the office with Quirrel was creepy and, from a psychological perspective, very well done. I liked the way the Voldemortean philosophy started oozing out, and I also liked the way you had Kerri encourage it. (I was a little puzzled by the "mudblood" remark as applied to Tonks, since Kerri was going to avoid outright lies. [Tonks' father's a mudblood; mom is Narcissa's and Bellatrix's sister.])

The final scene, with Kerri and Severus -- I'm running out of time; but I can only say that I really liked it, it illuminated the characters of both, and it was again very much in [canon] character.

Great chapter!

Author's Response: It's always fun to see watch Ron and Harry trying to get their stories straight. They're good boys though and not really that good at lying. In this case I think they're a little over eager to finally get an answer to the question that's been driving them nuts. Ron knows full well that Kerri likely has the answer.

I like working with Snape. I try to keep that canon sarcasm but still show that side of him that he kept hidden from everyone but Dumbledore. He was really a decent person underneath the mask that he showed to the world.

For Flitwick, he's kind of new for me. I've never put him in a story before but as Kerri's former head of house, I think he and she will be close once she starts teaching so I need to get comfortable with handling him. He's always struck me as a nice guy, very cheerful and extremely patient. (I seem to remember someone accidentally leviatating him across a classroom once.)

For the mudblood comment, Tonks isn't a pureblood because of her father's background and for extreme purists like the Malfoys, Blacks, and Voldemort, I figured that they'd still apply that term to her...or something worse. Creepy is exactly the feeling I was going for in that scene and I'm glad that it seems to have been carried off. There's a similar scene later on where Quirrel and Kerri go for a walk in the forest together and (I hope) that one is even worse.

And once again, thank you very much for your review.

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Review #7, by Bella 15 

23rd April 2008:
lol i love the fact that he is planning on aiming it at severous. lol grrr i really cant spell lately. anyways i cant wait for the next chapter. oh and by the way when will she be able to meet with the band hybrid again and do another concert? i am also looking forward to more lessons with streak and... ummm im blanking on the name... whoops sorry about that

Author's Response: She'll be back with the band when she gets back from her summer holiday....in January of the coming year. About two or three chapters away.

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Review #8, by crazybibliophile 

22nd April 2008:
This is SO GOOD!! It's fantastic! Please update soon, I'm desperate to see what happens next!

Author's Response: Thank you very much. I love it when people let me know that they enjoy what I do.

I'm starting the proof-reading process for Chapter 23 tonight, tomorrow night I should do the corrections, and then Thursday I'll submit it if all goes according to schedule.

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