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Review #1, by knicoles 

26th July 2013:
There were lots of great lines in this chapter, this one though really showed Remus' subdued sort of affection:
'“I think Dumbledore would want me to keep an eye on you. I’m sure he had his reasons for giving you my name.”
“Maybe he wanted me to look after you.”
“Maybe he did.” Remus agreed, though I thought I detected amusement in his eyes. “Let’s neither of us disappoint him.”'

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Review #2, by funkynat 

28th November 2009:
can't wait to see the revenge! Oh, and charming vampire. A first in hpff for me :D

Author's Response: Really? Well, I write more fan fiction than I read so I'm not really aware of trends. My vampires are unique?

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Review #3, by JLHufflepuff 

24th October 2008:
Well, I guess Kerri had to pay some kind of a price for not acquiescing to the nasty Goyle. *shivers* I feel really happy that Remus stood up for her in accordance with his kind nature, but I'm sad that he also got demoted. I love the way you keep packing in background information about him. It makes me want to huggle him all the more. I also really like the way you continue to develop all the fun little werewolves. At least they have a good sense of humor to help them through the difficulties they face. I can't wait to see Goyle get what's coming to him!!

Author's Response: We really don't know all that much about Remus from the canon which gives us a lot of freedom in developing his background. In the sequel I'm going to introduce his parents and I've just written a short bio on his family just for my own personal reference.

Do you like my 'fun little werewolves' ? Since so much of the action takes place away from Hogwarts and the main events of 'Sorcerer's Stone' I knew I had to create strong non canon characters. They'll continue to be important all the way through the series.

Everyone always wants to see Goyle get it.

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Review #4, by Shellee 

22nd May 2008:
To be honest, I think she would generally have more fun in that department than the office. I think it would be fun working with the gang, especially when they're walking around shirtless. Can I have Basil too? Hehe, I'm greedy, I know. To be honest, I'd rather make up the boxes and such than do the office work and not because it's less of a job. She's right, it's easy to fall in a habit like that. Hehe, piercings, I love my lippiercing. I'm even thinking about getting a surface piercing on my boob. Ehe, the comment about her taking her shirt off, I knew that was coming along! Poor Remus for being demoted too. They're such a lovely bunch though. Hope Goyle has lots of trouble now. Fenrir doesn't like it either, does he? Hehehe. Lorcan seems nice too, you write lots of likable people!

Author's Response: Sorry...you can't have Basil....I have someone in mind for him. You'll just have to wait and see.

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Review #5, by ButterflyRogue 

30th April 2008:
I'm starting to grow more and more fond of Basil and the guys... They're great!! And just proving my theory that werewolves are the best magical creatures out there... :p

Ah, and so very Remus-like to try and be all noble and reasonable... But at least they get to work together again... :)

Lorcan seems interesting... I have a feeling you'll get us acquainted with the vampire subculture soon enough just as you've done with the werewolves...

Also, I forgot to mention in my previous review --- nice touch with Remus having a twin brother named Romulus. It was definitely not easy growing up for a little werewolf named Remus Lupin. The name was practically begging for him to be bitten! This way, the origin of his name can easily be explained with his parents being fond of Roman mythology (as many of the people in the magical world have their names taken from various myths and legends).

Waah!! I have to stop here!! And it's just getting to the good part!!
I'll be back tomorrow!

Author's Response: Some people seemed to think that Basil and his friends were going to be minor characters but they seem to be growing on my readers. They are not minor characters and will have very important roles throughout the series. I think Streak is my personal favorite...all the more entertaining for his unique personality quirks.

The vampires are actually the minor characters. I probably will develop them more, but it will take more time. I have so many "irons in the fire" with this story that it's hard to keep track of them all.

Romulus was inspired by an old rumor that Remus had a twin named Romulus who would kill him in the seventh book. While adding details to his background, I thought it would make a nice touch if I used part of the idea for this story. Later on there will be more about Remus's family. I'm working on the sequel and the development of that right now.

Thanks for you reviews !

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Review #6, by Bella_Portia 

19th April 2008:
Again, sorry this took me so long. You do such a wonderful job creating a work environment. The conversation is realistic and, at the same time, witty. The characters come across beautifully. Streak and Basil, who originally seemed to be purely minor characters, are really full, funny, individuals. And now Lorcan looks to be another interesting addition. A vampire -- how cool!

The only thing I missed in this chapter was the letters. (I suppose I'm spoiled now.) I know some are coming up, so I'll be reading on.

Author's Response: Thanks once more for all your kind complements.

You're right, Basil and the boys are not minor, I have big plans for them eventually. They have a lot of growing to do in the meantime.

Sorry for the absence of the letters. It'll actually be a few chapters before any more come because with Kerri staying at Hogwarts, there's no reason for Snape and Hagrid at least to write. After she actually goes home for the holidays the letters will start coming again, including letters from Remus and Tonks.

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Review #7, by celticbard 

11th April 2008:
A thoroughly enjoyable read, Aurora. I especially love your characterization of Quirrell, it's spot-on. Please update soon!

Author's Response: You've already read nineteen chapters? You stuck with my story straight through for that many chapters? I think that's the biggest compliment I've ever had !

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Review #8, by morgana67 

11th April 2008:
I like your new vampire OC. He seems like a decent chap. Also, I like the fact that you have created a sort of hierarchy in terms of which "non human" species receive better treatment. It seems that the vampires are higher up on the scale. I think real society works a bit like that too, sadly, I mean there are groups that are most discriminated against than others.

I can't wait to read Goyle's reaction to the prank! I'm also looking forward to her visiting Hogwarts.

Well done, let me know when you post some more. x

Author's Response: There is another vampire character coming up in the next chapter. I'm going to have to add another warning because of her. I thought about changing her and then I thought that was a rediculous thing to do in a story that preaches against discrimination so much.

The Hogwarts part is coming up soon. That's another part I'm especially proud of. It takes up a couple of chapters and Kerri not only visits Snape and Hagrid but also Quirrel. And she meets Harry briefly.

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Review #9, by Bella 15 

9th April 2008:
yes! i have been waiting for the flesh eating slug part. lol i cant wait to see what happens with that.

Author's Response: I'm a trusted author now so I'll post once a week --- no more ten day long waits. I'm plannng to post the next chapter on Monday.

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