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30 Reviews Found

Review #1, by SaphireSmiles 

24th November 2010:
I don't think Nyah is going to die. Hermione can't give up. Silly.

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Review #2, by AnonymousAntonymous 

15th August 2010:
I... I don't think I can read on. Nyah doesn't die... does she? Please don't tell me she dies!

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Review #3, by poprockzwitch_14 

1st May 2009:
mrs. weasley knows who the malfoys are, they've had a quite a few run ins with them.

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Review #4, by Alicia 

6th March 2009:
I love that Anna got to visit Nyah! :)

But this: 'A vote was taken a plan set in motion a girls fate sealed and a woman walked home with the knowledge that a child she has grown to love will die.' does not sound good! *shakes head*

Author's Response: Hello again!

You're right... that phrase sounds a bit foreboding. :)

Thanks for reviewing and I'm glad you're reading on!

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Review #5, by celticbard 

12th October 2008:
Hi Teresa!
This was another great chapter. I'm just annoyed I couldn't get to it sooner-my summer classes are quite distracting, unfortunately.

Anyway, this installment was wonderful in so many ways. First of all, I loved the mixture of light and dark. Nyah is seemingly oblivious to her peril...Hermione isn't. It's all so tragic. I was so happy to see Anna drop by for a visit, though I have a terrible feeling that her relationship with Nyah will be cruelly severed.

Also, I wanted to comment on Ron. He was just prefect. I loved, loved, loved his characterization. He was shy, yet easygoing, awkward, but clearly a good parent. You truly did a great job with him. Congrats!

I only noticed a few small errors in this chapter. They are as follows.

Hermione walked away, still keeping eye on Draco.
This should be, an eye on Draco.

"Ronald, you know Hermione was to be resting! Why on earth did you let her leave?" her face reddening with every word.
This should be, Her face reddened with every word.

Stifling a laugh at the little boy, she looked to Ron as asked quietly, "Did you say, she went to do something-for me?"
This should be, she looked at Ron as she asked quietly

A vote was taken-a plan set in motion-a girl's fate sealed-and a woman walked home with the knowledge that a child she has grown to love will die.
This should be, she had grown to love would die. (great line, by the way)

I really enjoyed this chapter, Teresa and I cannot wait to read the rest of this story.


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Review #6, by Mistress 

8th October 2008:
YAY RON! I get excited when Ron makes an appearance :)

A horrid, little ferret who takes pleasure in hurting other people
^ love that part

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Review #7, by Lilau 

12th June 2008:
Still a beautiful story.
I’m wrapped around your pen ^_^
I’ve stopped by from my way to the next chapters because I’ve noticed something. A few chapters back you said that Hugo had brown eyes and now he has blue ones. If I recalled correctly it was the one where he did his first magic. I now that it might not be easily spotted but I reminder telling myself that it was weird that I had brown eyes when the little boy in the chapter picture had bright blue ones.

Okay on to the next chapter.

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Review #8, by shadowycorner 

19th May 2008:
Why don't ruddy Potters just come home?

Your way with words is spectacular. (new superlative, did you notice? i was just about to say amazing again, lol). You can write so lightly, about Ron laughing at the memory, mentioning an underwear landing on percy's head, and Hugo crashing into a wall, and then this last part of the chapter was written in such words with such unbelievable structure that my mouth was left hanging open.

It's great that a writer can be so simple, and then turn into a wonderfully complicated being, in writing of course.

Author's Response:

Hi Elizabeth!! :)

I'm so glad you're enjoying the story. And again, I love your reviews!

My writing style is a bit different than others, but it works for me! :D I'm glad you like it!


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Review #9, by Pingo 

16th May 2008:
Great!!! I've almost read 10 chapters and I'm not tired of this! It's great!

Author's Response:

Hi! :D

Wow! 10 chapters in one sitting... that's probably a record for my story! :D

I'm very glad you like it!!! Thanks for letting me know! :)

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Review #10, by Bella_Portia 

7th May 2008:
This chapter covered a lot of ground, and it certainly moved the story along.

I thought you got Draco's voice down really well; but I did think it was his schoolboy voice. I would have liked to see some evidence that he, like Hermione and Ron, had matured a bit -- in his own way, of course. I was also a but puzzled as to why he showed his hand by turning up at St. Mungo's. (And, in a similar vein, why it was such a mystery to everyone who the Wizard/Culprit was that cast the injurious spell -- they already knew Lucius was involved, so why weren't they looking for him?) But I liked the "horrid little ferret -- that is certainly how Hermione would think of dear little Draco.

Later, where "a man walked behind Mrs. Weasley and looked directly into the flames – his pale gray eyes were piercing, staring straight through Nyah… and then – he was gone" -- although logically this would be Draco, having walked back into the room, I was not clear whether it was him or something out of Nyah's memory.

The parts dealing with Nyah's adjustments and the effect on her identity and the sense of herself -- I thought that was very well done -- she though she had found her place, and now she was not so sure.

The ending, with the hearing, made for a good conclusion and set up a good little crisis.

You know, I think this is just about the only critical review I've written (or the only one in a long time). I really like this series.

Author's Response:

Hello again! :D Wow! Long review!!!

Looking back, I think you're right about Draco... he is still his usual 'school-boy' self. He's going through a lot, that isn't represented here but will be explained later in the story. All is not what it appears to be.

He (Draco) turned up at St. Mungo's for only one reason... information. He needed to know as much about Nyah's situation as possible.... looking for a 'chink in the armor' so-to-speak. He wasn't expecting to run into Hermione and thus, his attitude turned sour, as she would have expected.

As far as looking for Lucius... they know where he is. That's not the problem... the problem is convincing the Ministry that Nyah's dream is more fact than illusion. At this point, only Hermione and Molly are convinced of the Malfoy's involvement.

Hmm... the part about him looking directly into the flames. That's as Nyah is dismissed from the hospital and they are flooing to the cottage. Draco walks behind Molly in the entrance/exit area of the hospital.

Thank you for your review!!! If this is critical, then I feel I'm doing good!!! I enjoy someone making me think deeper into the storyline. Thank you! :) I'm very glad you're still enjoying it! :D

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Review #11, by morgana67 

6th May 2008:
Oh, this is nerve-wracking but hopefully it would down on them who the culprit was and they will force him to undo this.

I was a bit surprised that Anna was complaining all the time rather than finding all this magical stuff amusing.

Now, I do wonder if the Burrow is a safe place for Nyah since the Death Eaters know she is there?

Also, how did they manage to persuade Mrs Stewart to let Anna stay at the Burrow?

Author's Response:

Hello! :)

If you look back, Anna has never been comfortable with Nyah's magical outbursts. So being surrounded by the 'odd occurances' really pushed her past her comfort zone. She was raised to look down on those who appear 'less' than she and is acting accordingly.

I'm certain that protective measures were put in place after the first attack and with Ron home, there is a sense of security.

:D lol I didn't really address the way that Anna came to the Burrow. Basically, Mrs. Stewart is away for the week and Mrs. Cleary is in charge. A little memory modification on Alexander's part and they are good to go. It's a bit of a stretch, I know, but I wanted to give the girls an opportunity to be together in Nyah's surroundings.

Good questions! :D Thanks for another great review!

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Review #12, by Morgan 

5th May 2008:
Very Nice! I really love how you write, I can picture everything in my head! ahaa. I think your idea for this story is really unique, It's really hard to find good stories that are different from everyone elses so great job on that! I really think your going somewhere with this story, your writing is amazing, I'm going to be so upset when this story is over so please keep writing, lol.

I really hope Nyah doesn't die she's really growing on me :) Thank you for answering my question, I'll be sure to keep reviewing! Good Job :) Above a 10/10 !

Author's Response:

Hi Morgan! :) Thanks for another wonderful review!

I'm thrilled that this is a unique story in the HP world... that is an accomplishment! :D Thanks for the compliments. I'm having such a wonderful time writing and know there are a lot more stories in my heart to write! :)

I'm always happy to answer questions! :D Thanks for stopping by!

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Review #13, by Gords7015 

3rd May 2008:
ghaah! Wow, are you trying to make me cry? Why can't everyone write happy things?! In all seriousness, I thought this was an excellent chapter. I liked having Nyah's "sister" visit, even if she did complain a lot. She kind of reminded me a bit of Dudley if Dudley had been a bit more polite. The bit about the ruin/castle was particularly clever. I also wonder about the missing letter. I know that in other genres of magical story, someone can use the possession of another to cast an enchantement over them (for example, see The Dark is Rising), and in that case a letter is referenced. So thats the first thing I thought of when I read that her letter was missing. By the way, you totally should check out that series (by Susan Cooper), as I think you'd love it if you haven't already read it!

Otherwise, nice work!

Author's Response:

Hi :D

Actually, I cried when I wrote it, so if that transferred through, then I consider it an accomplishment! :)

I'm glad you enjoyed seeing a side of Anna we hadn't seen before... to me, she wasn't all fluff and caring back at the Manor, but we didn't get to see another side of her... until now.

I'll have to check out that book! I haven't read it, but it sounds interesting! :) Thanks! {making a note to myself}

Again, a wonderful review. I appreciate your thoughts as always!!! :D

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Review #14, by Ginerva_Potter 

2nd May 2008:
I enjoyed reading this chapter, but the end was a little hazy. I think you were trying to go for being vague (which it was), but you did it a little too much. A little more clarification about the trial would have been nice, even if you kept the last line (and verdict) the same.

Side note: Hugo is official my favorite. His characterization is perfect!

Author's Response:

HI! :)

Yes, the trial was very vauge. I struggled with writing it from many different angles, but it always came out poorly, so this was my best option. I may be able to come back later and add on more dialogue... Thanks for pointing that out! :)

(Hugo is my official favorite now too!) Shhh.... :D I'm thrilled you're enjoying him as well!!!

Thanks for another great review!

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Review #15, by ButterflyRogue 

2nd May 2008:
I have suspected it, but I wasn't sure... Draco was that taller Death Eater, wasn't he? The fat one --- Goyle or someone like that?

Ron is so adorable... I've always had a bit of a soft spot for him... The comparison with Ginny was amusing! :)
And Anna seems to have taken a bit after her mother... :(
It is so sad with Nyah... They have so little time to set things right!! :o

Author's Response:

Hello again! :D

The Death Eaters... yes, Draco is the taller one, and the other is Nott (senior). They'll be back... all too soon!

I like Ron as well... he's pretty easy to write. I'm glad you liked it! :D

Yes, Anna has changed to align herself to her mother. Sad, yes... necessary, absolutely.

Again, thank you for taking time to leave really great reviews! Love em! :D

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Review #16, by KaraBlack 

29th April 2008:
Hello! (sorry it took so long to get this out but like 3 people decided to pile 15 or more chaptered stories on me! :D)

Okay! Well! This is an interesting chapter isn't it?

It's been Draco! *cries because i last reviewed a Dramione* He was the one who tried to kidnap Nyah! FOR SHAME DRACO! lol

I think its horrible that Anna was so ungrateful to the whole experience of being in the wizarding world. Most people (in real life) would kill just to be able to stroll through Hogsmeade and yet...look at her being all snooty! *growls at Anna* lol

I found the last part of the chapter particularly sad! Poor Nyah! Poor Hermione! oh goodness poor everyone!

It was an amazing chapter, and of course flow, characterization everything was wonderful as well :D

Author's Response:

Hello again! :)

I did notice that you got slammed with a lot of stories, so I do appreciate your brain actually functioning enough to read! lol :)

Yes... Draco has been a bad, bad boy... he's need to grow a backbone when it comes to saying 'no'...

:) Anna is simply being what she was raised to be... a brat... It's very unfortunate, but the time in the Stewart Manor without Nyah has finally twisted her little mind.

Thank you, thank you for such lovely comments! I certainly appreciate it! :D

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Review #17, by Shellee 

24th April 2008:
Ah, Draco. -strokes him- I absolutely adore him. I knew he was one of them. Must have been a dent in his ego to not be able to master Nyah. I like how you pictured Hermione here and Molly. Lovely. This is not good.
It's so sad to have Nyah say it like that. It's not her fault she's "not normal" someone did this to her and grr, I wanna punch him.
Aww, a surprise for Nyah, so sweet! Hehe, it's all so sweet though. Ron's nice and I love Hugo, he's such a cutey pie and I wanna cuddle him!
I don't think they should blame Anna for anything though. She's new at it and doesn't know any magic things.
Yes yes, I was right, wasn't I? About Lucius wanting to undo it so they wouldn't die? Hmm lovely!

Author's Response:

Hi Shellee! :D

Draco was really fun to write... can't wait to add him in again! :D Yes, he was quite peeved to not be able to carry out this little mission...

No, no one will blame Anna for her Muggle tendencies... :) They may have a good laugh after it's all over with though! :D LOL

You'll see 'the bad guys' soon! :D Thanks again for the reviews!!! I really do appreciate it!

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Review #18, by JLHufflepuff 

21st April 2008:
So.. I'm just now getting around to reviewing! So bad! Anyway, the whole scene with Malfoy in St. Mungo's was just chilling. He is so awful; I think you portrayed him perfectly. His manner went from somewhat threatening to just .. ih! The legilimency and then basically indicating that he was either involved in the horrible spell or the DE attack or both! Ihh! Greasy little ferret-git!

I like it that Nyah finally wakes up even though she feels incomplete. The scenes with Hugo and Ron and Mrs. Weasley were very cute and well done! I really like the way things are progressing and they way you have fun little Weasley scenes that also have significance to showing major hints as to what's going on with your plot. It's definitely "interesting" that Ginny did close to the same thing as Nyah with knocking Mrs. W. over.

I really like you POV changes in this chapter. It shows the complexity of Hermione's feelings and thoughts about Nyah as well as very in-character thoughts and emotions for Nyah. So well done.

The only thing I noticed was at the end where you switched into present tense: "And what was worse… those things must happen before the child’s eleventh birthday – before her magic sets in place. At that point, the condition becomes permanent. If left untreated, Nyah’s magic will set off a self destructive pattern that would eventually be fatal. " I would say "And what was worse… those things must happen before the child’s eleventh birthday – before her magic set in place. At that point, the condition would become permanent. If left untreated, Nyah's magic would set off a self destructive pattern... etc." This is very minor though.

I really liked this chapter - it was just chilling.

Author's Response:

Hello :D

Please don't apologize for not reviewing sooner... life happens! Esp. for someone as busy as you are! :)

I'm so excited that you really enjoyed this chapter. I loved writing the Draco scene and hoped it came across as well as I 'saw' it happening in my mind... :D Yeah!

I have to watch myself or this story will be as much about Hugo as it is Nyah! :D He's so much fun to write (of course I have a few willing subjects here!)

I'm glad my problems with POV are getting less and less... thanks to you and a couple of others... :)

Yes, you'll see that eventually Ginny and Nyah share a bit more than just knocking over Mrs. Weasley! :D

Yes, I believe that bit of tense change is what is still waiting in the editied version... but if not, thank you for catching that for me! :)

The next chapter should be up in a day or so! :D See you where the old people gather! ;)

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Review #19, by Girldetective85 

21st April 2008:
Well it's not just Hermione's heart she's captured, I've grown really fond of little Nyah too :( It doesn't seem like they can do anything to prevent it though, especially since her birthday is coming up so soon and there's not much hope that they'll find the man who cast the spell. So Draco was in on the whole capture attempt! That's really interesting because I seem to remember a blond man dropping Nyah off at her adopted parents' home ... I wonder what interest he could possibly have in her and her magic, but I'm willing to bet that it's not for a good cause. That scene between him and Hermione was perfect! Things haven't changed much since the school days, hmm? And the missing letter is kind of freaky, I have a feeling it's not missing for nothing.

Spectaculah chapter as always!!! I can't wait to read what is in store for Nyah and I hope it's good :( 10/10

Author's Response:

Hello!! :D

I'm glad she's found a special place in your heart as well... the kids and I talk about her as though she's a real person! :)

You have a good memory... but I wonder if you will think Draco is the blond man at the house once you read the next chapter... hmm.... But you're right - he's been in on it from the beginning... there's only one person still living who can make him continue to live in the shawdows of darknes, and Draco can't say no... yet.

I'm glad you like the scene between Hermione and Draco... I really enjoyed writing it and hoped it came across well.

The next chapter is waiting patiently (kind-of) :D and should be up in a couple of days! Thank so much for your review, as always!

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Review #20, by chiQs09_II 

19th April 2008:
Hi, Teresa!
Again, a wonderful chapter! There were just a few minor grammar mistakes like when you confused "its' with "it's". And then you forgot to close a dialogue, which made it sound really weird. (Haay, now I can't find it anymore... hmpf)

To the chapter:
Wow, I liked the part when Hermione bumped into Draco in St.Mungo's. I was hoping for a little Dramione scene but then again, this is the wrong story to wait for that, right? LOL :D What was he doing there anyway? So he was the Death Eater who went to her house the other night... *sighs*

Hmm... now where are Ginny and Harry? Are they still on their way home from their vacation?

How did Hermione get Anna out of the Stewart mansion? I can't imagine that Mother would let her precious daughter be together with some 'freaks' and spent a couple of days in their house. There weren't any explanations about that...

I liked how Anna saw Hogwarts as ruins and Nyah as the wonderful and enchanted castle that would be someday her school. That was really believable... (I hope Nyah'll survive her illness, poor girl.)

About Hugo, I don't thing that a four-year-old boy could speak so flawlessly. (Yeah, I don't have kids and you might have more knowledge on children's speech development than me, but I am studying Logopedia, y'know. :D ) I have a subject with children's speech development. Maybe you could make Hugo speak with little mistakes, like pronunciation of words. And don't let him say super-long sentences. I dunno, just a suggestion. As already mentioned, I just know it from theory... so you don't need to listen to me. :) LOL

I can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response:

Hello again! :D

As far as the dialogue, I know where that is... it's been corrected and is waiting for validation. (If it's the same one - it is where Molly is speaking at the hospital.)

Ugh!!! The darn "it's" and "its"... I've caught myself doing that a lot lately, which is unusual.... I'll look over it right away! Thanks! :D

Yes, Draco - in this story - is still the cocky boy he was at Hogwarts! And yes, he was the D.E. at Hermione's... {sigh} When will he ever learn? lol

Ginny will make an appearance in the next chapter... :)

How did Hermione get Anna to the house? Well, you're right, I didn't even bother to explain that did I? I started to, but it went off on rather a left-field crazy way that I simply chose not to even address it and get back to the story at large. I would reason that the only plausible way for Anna to leave the Manor is if Mrs. Stewart was gone for a few days (perhaps off to the spa or vacation or something) and left Mrs. Cleary in charge. My version of the story was quite dark and really pulled undue attention away from the core story. Kudos to you though... you're the only one who mentioned it! :)

JKR said that Muggles who looked at Hogwarts would only see an old building, so the credit for that, goes back to her. :D But I'm glad you enjoyed the passage... :)

Actually, being Hermione's son, Hugo is quite fluent in his speech, but with a helping of Ron's daftness/cluelessness/mischievousness. Personally, my 4 y/o can carry on a conversation quite well and uses LONG sentence structure. Watch... if I have him say a word wrong, the reviewers will have a fit that I used the wrong word. LOL But I could have him say a complicated word wrong and then have someone correct him... good idea - I'll use that as soon as I can! :)

I love your helping theories! Never apologize for them! :) Thanks so much for yet another wonderful review!!!!

The next chapter will be up soon! I can't wait to hear your thoughts on it! :)

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Review #21, by Hermione Clone 

19th April 2008:
I hope you'll elaborate more on the last section in the next chapter. Nyah can't die! Oh, I bet her mum will be able to save her somehow (if she ever shows up!)
Interesting conversation with Malfoy (though aren't they always?). I knew he had something to do with this whole mess; I bet he's the one who stole Nyah away.
Ron was written perfectly.
I was surprised about Anna. She seemed much more stuck up than she had previously seemed. I liked her better before.
Great chapter! Please, update soon!

Author's Response:

I will most definately expand on it. What it means is... unless they do something for her (either locate the wizard who placed the curse OR agree to remove her magic completely) this curse will literally kill her... time is running out and Hermione needs to move quickly....

Ah, yes... Malfoy. :) You'll see more of him later on...

I love Ron... and I'm thrilled you enjoyed his little bit in there!

Yes, Anna has gone though as much of a change as Nyah in the last bit. There will be more about her in the next chapter. :D

Chapter 14 is in the queue and should be up soon. :)

Lovely review! Thank you so much!!!

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Review #22, by SilverThimble 

17th April 2008:
Great chapter as usual, even if for most of it I was convinced I had missed something and Nyah's magic had already been taken away... but if not, then what was the whole “like something’s gone missing.” thing about? just wondering... and yeah, I could just be being slow here ;)

And you have Draco in! He's such an interesting character, and you wrote him very well (even if he's now evil - minus points because i never saw him as being particularly 'evil' - just a fairly nasty, badly raised bully. But it's your story I guess)

I loved the parts with the Weasleys - normally next gen stories are drowning in cheese, but you write kids beautifully. I can see why Nolly'd be so edgy - Death Eaters who should technically be extinct by now invading her house, etc - and I liked how you showed that.

*cries because of the last sentence* No! You can't kill her! I suspect you won't , but am protesting the very idea. A vote was taken – a plan set in motion – a girl’s fate sealed – and a woman walked home with the knowledge that a child she has grown to love will die. . I am chewing my nails in anticipation of an update (please soon - can't do my guitar exam next week with no nails)

Amazing, amazing story! 10/10 as usual :)

Author's Response:

Well... since I wouldn't want you to mess up your guitar exam... let me help out just enough to hold you over till ch 14 comes out...

The healer at St. Mungo's performed a temporary spell to block Nyah's magic. If it comes to completely separating her magic, it will be a huge spell with Ministry involvement as it is not something that is undertaken lightly.

Ahh... Draco. No, I don't believe he is inheritantly evil, but he does have issues with saying 'no' to certain people. He's rather a 'yes' man... and not for the right people. He's only cocky when he's protected (and he knew Hermione wouldn't do anything to him there).

The only way Nyah will die is if those that love her refuse to do what is best for her... and let her birthday pass without taking some action. They either find the wizard and somehow get him to reverse the spell OR they take away her magic forever... otherwise... yes, she will eventually die. Sad, I know, but life is full of difficult decisions, and this is one of them...

Gosh, I HOPE I never having the kids dripping in cheese... those who do that, have never LIVED with children! LOL

Good luck on your exam!

The next chapter should be up soon! :D

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Review #23, by Labby 

16th April 2008:
Yay, another new chapter! Ugh.. Draco.. such an annoying boy. I guess he hasn't changed much and everyone's attitude about him is about the same. I loved Ron's comment though - only if it were Malfoy. Hehe.. that sure sounds like Ron. And yay, Anna's back! She doesn't seem to be fitting in too well right now. I wonder what's going to happen with that. She didn't like the cooking? What's wrong with her? Haha. Okay, so you're pretty cruel again with that last line. :) That's not really going to happen, is it? I don't think you could do that to Nyah. I wonder how they're going to work through it though. Great job with this chapter once again - I'm looking forward to more!

Author's Response:

Hi Labby! :D Thanks for stopping by!

Yes, Draco does seem to be the same nasty boy, doesn't he? He always did side with those he felt could do him more good...

Anna... well... life without Nyah has not done Anna any favors. I belive she is about to show her true colors soon... and maybe they have been there all along, and simply not recognized by Nyah. Hmm... No, Anna has a different set of taste buds than the Weasley's! :D

Now... do you really think I would kill her off with so many more chapters to go? But some hard decisions may have to be made... such is life. :)

The next chapter should be up in a few days! :D Thanks again for another wonderful review!

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Review #24, by Meg101 

16th April 2008:
What? Nyah will... die? Why would Nyah die, of all the people?

Anyway, I loved that bit about Nyah not liking the cooking, it was kind of funny. And the fact that Hugo came in with a toy sword, just like any other little boy.

Great story! I just wonder if Malfoy will ever remove the horrid spell...

Author's Response:

Hi Meg!

Nyah will die UNLESS the wizard who performed the spell reverses it OR her magic is broken... if left fractured like it is... yes, she will die. So, hard decisions have to be made, and soon.

Boys and their toys... LOL They never outgrow it either! :)

I'm very glad you're enjoying it! :D The next chapter should be up in a few days! :)

Thanks for leaving a review!

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Review #25, by AnnaKay 

16th April 2008:
What a good chapter. Another one to add with all the other ones. Great job, really good one. This chapter had a good flow.

Malfoy, I would really like to take and kill him or something like that. Maybe the two of them are working together, would not suprise me in the least.

What happened? Anna didn't act like herself. Is it because she is like her mom? I didn't like it very much, seemed horrible.

Another bad thing to add to the mix. I wonder how Hermione will fight this battle. It seems like all the cards are stacked up against them now.

Author's Response:

Hello again! :)

I'm really glad you enjoyed the chapter! :)

Malfoy was a bit sneaky, eh? He dropped a few hints... did you catch them?

Anna... sigh... you'll get a better (or worse) view of her in the next chapter "Worlds Apart"... I think it will explain.

Hermione will get what she's been looking for in the next chapter... a very vivid dream of Nyah's... watch for it! Then give me your theories! :D

Thanks again!!! :D

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