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Review #1, by Puygme puff gal  

24th January 2012:
I think you switched J.S (james) and J.D in this chaper cuz i think its from james point of view and you put J.D for when someone talkes to him? It might just b me nit understanding. Could you clarify? And btw great story!

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Review #2, by Mani 

8th January 2012:
Sorry! But this chapter was really confusing with so many PoV changes. And since I was just expecting James for this chapter, having J.D start out was hard to follow.
Still love the story!! I will give full review at last chapter.

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Review #3, by GinnyPotter25 

29th December 2010:
Pig whore!
That's what Keith called Eliot!
Haha I see the references, great chapter.

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Review #4, by Florifera 

19th February 2010:
I think this is one of my favorite stories! seriously! I just laugh out loud while Im reading it! James looks more like JD than JD ( I ope u get that) By the way I totally looove scruns too! You should put someone saying to James "Oh are you writing in that unicorn diary again?" and then he would say "No this is an Imagination Journal and this is not a unicorn it is a horse with a sword through his face"! Gods bless Scrubs!

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Review #5, by rhysus2008 

26th May 2009:
Nice change of pace with us having JD narrating. Neville was certainly different, but I think it's believable. I hope he's still Neville though. Even if he's toughened up, he still needs to have a bit of school Neville in him.

Nice chapter, 8/10.

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Review #6, by PrincessPadfoot 

10th May 2009:
This was a semi-sort-of-wierd chapter. I didn't like the change in POV. This chapter was almost Albus, but not quite. Favorite Line(s): Piss. Well done, Freddie and Miranda Matilda Melinda Shitforbrains, sixth-year prefects extraordinaires! For complying with Longbottom, you are both guilty of treason against John Dorian Nott, Esquire.
Honestly, I’m not quite sure what ‘Esquire’ means. I think it’s a Muggle title or summat. But it sounds cool affixed to the end of my name, yeah?

I love talking about feelings.’

J.S. should really win some sort of award for saying exactly the wrong thing at exactly the wrong time. They could call it The Spazzies...awards for the most inept and oblivious people in the Wizarding world.

‘So pretty and so assertive,’ mused J.S., dreamy. ‘You’re special.’
‘Like “stop eating the frog spawn” special?’ Micah snorted.
‘Good one! Up top!’ exclaimed Freddie. He and Micah slapped hands.

‘I’m on the road to self-actualisation and I don’t care who knows it!’

‘What in the name of Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore are you doing?’ I asked breathlessly.

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Review #7, by Spicky 

27th March 2009:
that is HILARIOUS!!!
LOVE the story!!!

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Review #8, by skeet500 

22nd February 2009:
jd was soo incredibly funny in this chapter, but i was really missing all the james and tegan stuff, i just love them!!

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Review #9, by thacher 

8th February 2009:
Oh dear. I just realized how very snarky my last review sounded.



And I do. Love the story, that is.
Neville with an eyepatch! How did it happen? Very interesting from J.D.'s perspective.


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Review #10, by mda 

26th January 2009:
When you tell a story, it's best to stick with telling it from one POV, not switching between POVs.

Also, if your story is set in Great Britain, it might help to know a little about the country. Hint: It is not a smaller version of the USA.

Author's Response: Thanks for your input! I was always taught that utilizing different points of view can be a good literary tool, but I will take your advice into consideration. I do apologize for the many Americanisms in this story, but I do the best I can for someone who has never actually been to the UK. ;)

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Review #11, by dianap00 

15th January 2009:
Tegan is nothing short of fantastic.
J.Dizzle ran from Rose? Honestly, she should have trapped him in a room until he admit his feelings like a certain barmy cousin of hers. I love that he is willing to take normal lessons from the Dobster. But honestly, I nought but grin whenever he speaks of 'self actualization', becoming 'poncey' or, my personal favourite, the 'Fancy New J.D.'
Oi. What a turn around. He's practically a little ray of sunshine all of a sudden. What happened to the lovably irritable J.D. Nott?

Author's Response: I like Tegan too. ^_^ Yep, we have a Fancy New JD on our hands - this story has inadvertently become an ode to Multiple Personality Disorder... Cranky Ol' JDizzle might come back one day, however. ;)

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Review #12, by harrylovesginnylovesharry 

22nd December 2008:
How come this chappy was told from the POINT OF VIEW of JD, wheras all the others have been from the pov of JS???
Also, how come JD doesn't have quidditch anymore???

Author's Response: I suppose I wanted to switch things up... James's point of view is very limiting. I'm sorry if it was confusing. =( Oh, and the Quidditch players are striking along with the commentators, which I hope was mentioned somewhere...

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Review #13, by ... 

18th December 2008:
Ok, so this chapter is really confusing. Did i miss when the narration changed from J.S to J.D? If so sorry. Oh, and also the song that J.S is playing, is that from Grease, the song that Doody sings?

Author's Response: Fair enough. =) I was intentionally ambiguous with the narration because I thought it would be more fun for you folks to figure it out on your own, but perhaps it was poorly executed. And a thousand gold flaky stars to you for recognizing the Grease reference, you thespian you!

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Review #14, by KristenBlack 

8th December 2008:
I never really paid that much attention to J.D. until now, and I must say, I really like him. He's got a lot more levels than James, which is enjoyable to read about. I really hope you put him back together with Rose, after seeing that littlr talking to he got, I can't imagine him with anyone else.
And I'm definetly looking forward to the rockband, that'll be great!

Author's Response: J.D. is a tortured soul, but he tries not to let anyone know it. xD Naturally, this chapter was hella fun to write because it was such a departure from James's sugar-infused narration. And as for J.D./Rose (or J.R.) reuniting, you'll have to wait and see. =P

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Review #15, by twinkies 

18th November 2008:
J.D is off the hook. I can't wait to see what he does next.

Oh, and I love the reviewingness is next to godliness.

Awsome chapter. really funny. 10/10

Author's Response: Haha, glad you liked the more in-depth view of J.Diz's shenanigans. =D Thanks again!

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Review #16, by lyrix82 

26th October 2008:
The fight at the beginning of the chapter wa excellent,Very, very amusing...I loved the J.D.POV...although I love J.S. POV it's nice to see someonelses view for a change!

Author's Response: Thanks! I thought it was important to write 1 chapter from J.D.'s POV because James's portrayal of him is so biased. ;)

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Review #17, by GryffindorGal87 

22nd October 2008:
I found your story last night and I couldn't stop reading it! (I only did so that I wouldn't wake up late for work!) I love your writting style and the personalities you've given everyone. And as a Catholic with a big family myself, you didn't offend me at all. :) I always find it funny that when I say I'm the oldest of 6, all everyone does is look at me and ask 'Catholic?'. I can't wait to read the next chapter! :)

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! Well, I'm glad you enjoy the story. ^_^ Also glad not to offend, cos being offensive is no good.

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Review #18, by Girldetective85 

21st October 2008:
I like the switch in POV, I got confused because I kept seeing J.S. and I was like, who is J.S? I liked hearing J.D.'s point of view though. This kid is nuts but every bit as lovable as James. I love Neville. He's so ridiculously bad-ass and that chapter image made me laugh so hard ... poor innocent little Neville has become a pirate of justice!

Author's Response: Yeah, I did not execute the POV change well - eh, I'll revise it one day. J.D. is complex, but we can't really see that from James's POV cos J.Diz keeps everything bottled up inside. And I don't care if he's OOC - I love the idea of an eyepatched Chuck Norris version of Neville!

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Review #19, by shaunazombie 

14th October 2008:
Wow, this was a very suprising chapter. :p First, I totally forgot you were going to do a pov switch, so being the idiot I can be, I got a little confused, but once I realized what was going on, the chapter flowed really well. And then there was the terribly sad bit were JD told Rose he loved her, but only after she was out of sight. I got all sniffy, but that didn't last very long, as JD went through that change all the sudden. That bit was priceless, btw, and then the rock band thing totally caught me off guard.

The fight was pretty intense, so I must say you write action scenes really well. The bits of sarcasm and humor in the midst of all the action was really well done, you kept it flowing really well. The dialogue was great too, I loved the James forced him to tell him he loved him, that was sweet. :]

Excellent job! I'm on my way to the next chapter.

OH! By the way, I love the way you write Neville! He's so amazing, and I am very curious about the eye-patch thing.

Author's Response: Thanks for all your reviews! Oh bugger, if the POV switch threw you off twice, then the problem definitely lies with the writing...I'll fix it when I theoretically revise this whole story. Wow, I did not know that I write action scenes well...thanks! =) And hopefully this chapter made it a bit clearer why J.D. & James are best friends. And now I have to think of an explanation for Neville's eye patch. xD

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Review #20, by siriuslyhockey 

9th October 2008:
that was...interesting. I didn't expect the pov change and was kind of annoyed at first. But once i got through it I really liked the insight into J.D.'s life that we get from this chapter. I wonder what their rock band's name is gonna be. Poor J.D. he's a sap, he just doesn't know it yet.

Author's Response: Sorry for the abrupt change, but I'm glad you ultimately liked the insight into J.D.'s psyche. I thought his voice should be heard. =)

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Review #21, by Mistress 

9th October 2008:
I'm supposed to be Catholic. My entire family is...but my mum's fam is huge, but I'm an only child. Anyway, I loved this chapter as well. So what if Neville's a big OOC? There are a lot of things that happened between the battle and the second generation--who knows what he could have been through? I was also completely thrown when you cut to J.D.'s point of view, but it worked well. I was curious through most of it the reason that J.D. and Rose broke up and it makes complete sense--no idea how this "change" is going to work with him, though. It should be really interesting. Also...rock band, huh? Wow. This either could be really cool or a complete disaster. Both would be very entertaining. Great chappie!

‘This…is…Gryffindor!’ he yelled, running towards me.

...300 reference. I love it. Completely.

Author's Response: I love Neville, so I wanted to make him really cool and OOC and eyepatched and stuff. xD Any future change in POV chapters (of which there will be few) will be less confusing than this one. The rock band idea is definitely a stupid one on my part, but there's some unwritten law that every teenager has to join a band at some point (or maybe that's just me). But yeah, totally 300. =)

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Review #22, by a potter po 

11th June 2008:
The change in POV was a bit confusing, as I've gotten so used to James' mind, which is very interesting and adorable. But I'll see how this goes. I definitely want to get back into James' head soon though!

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Review #23, by JSB 073 

4th June 2008:
All of that was completely unexpected and crazy. I don't know what to say. J.D. Is in love and he's changing for it. What's next?

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Review #24, by reavreav 

1st June 2008:
i simply love this story. its cute and nice and so so albus.

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Review #25, by XXXX 

31st May 2008:
Excellent chapter, this one!

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