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Review #1, by knicoles 

26th July 2013:
I always love reading stories where the camaraderie is well written between multiple characters. Makes me wish I knew them on the same level.

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Review #2, by Reuben 

9th August 2010:
Your story is amazing, really draws me in. I was a bit apprehensive, as it can be difficult to convey everything through letters and journals, but you do a great job. Very believable, could easily be canon :)

One small thing... I'm assuming you're a girl(my apologies if I'm wrong, lol) and I wanted to point out...

"...kneed him in the groin. It was incredible how quickly and fluidly she did it -- like dancing. And with no mishaps.

Basil crumpled at her feet but I knew he was exaggerating."

As a guy... I doubt he was exaggerating if she kneed him in the groin, lol. That's more than enough to make him crumple, believe me... :P

Author's Response: Thanks. Sorry it's taken me a little while to respond. My grandfather is in the hospital.

Yes, I'm a girl. I suppose being a guy you would be a better expert on the effects of getting kneed in the groin than I would. But then remember that Tonks is an Auror (or at least in training to be one) and she probably knows what she's doing.

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Review #3, by funkynat 

28th November 2009:
she sounds so busy! Your chapters are too short. Take it as a compliment, in a way :)

Author's Response: Usually I think they run a bit long.

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Review #4, by JLHufflepuff 

8th October 2008:
I love this chapter.. It's cool that Augustus is a father and that they wrote the Howler to Charlie... But the best part is Kerri getting to confide in Remus about the whole situation with Goyle - and gets to feed him and nurture him in his monthly time of need. I also REALLY love it that Goyle got TOLD... It is really annoying when stupid guys go to completely low-life levels. Oh... and what the heck kind of connection does Remus have with Vashti! *I'ma get all up in his grill over that!*

Author's Response: Thanks for reminding me about Augustus's daughter. I have so many things going on in this series that sometimes I forget details. I'm gradually writing biographies for my characters so I can keep everything straight. I have a horrible time keeping Royal and Celestia's children straight because all their names start with "M".

Goyle is made up of a various people that I knew in the factory where I used to work. Kerri gets to set him straight as I never got to do in real life.

Vashti just likes Remus although that will change toward the end of the story when it becomes obvious that he and Kerri are together.

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Review #5, by Shellee 

22nd May 2008:
Aw, I guess with Augustus having a daughter, but not wanting her to know who her dad is and such, he's pretty much a single person now, and not still together with the mother of his baby? She seems so pretty and I feel so bad for him. Not being able to see your own daughter, that must be murder, but why can't he like - like some people in real life do - pretend to be someone that mummy knows and still see their children and perhaps even kinda see them grow up and help them out? It might be a bit obvious if the signs of being a werewolf are so clear, but they're just humans, that change for about three nights a month, or less. Other than that they just look terribly exhausted and sickly for a few days before and after their transformation. I really do feel for him, I already see him as a great daddy.
Hehe, the Howler is furking amazing. I wish we could all see Charlie's expression when it came to be. Though I have a feeling he'd soon find out who it really is from and not his mother.
Good job on her defending herself to Goyle. I think it could have quite gotten worse. It's bad that you don't have rights like normal in that place, but I'm sure she's quite capable of managing herself. I don't think she'll be fired too soon, at least I hope she doesn't. Good to know that she's going to be able to defend herself without a wand soon, self defence has always fascinated me, but that might just be because I'm more of a tomboy and I like the idea of kickboxing and being rather powerful even though I'm such a petite blonde that looks completely innocent to most people and they'd never expect great things from me because of it -grins mischiviously-

Author's Response: You have a real talent for thinking ahead. Eventually I would like to see Augustus reunite with his daughter, but that probably won't happen for several years.

Isn't Kerri sneaky ? She can be sly and vindictive when she wants to. Wonder where she gets it? She worries about that a lot. She often feels like taking the law into her own hands and debates over whether it's right to do so or not. Like Remus, she really tends to be hard on herself and over evaluate things.

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Review #6, by ButterflyRogue 

30th April 2008:
Sorry I didn't get to continue with my reading sooner... The past two weeks have been a bit hectic...
Anyway, I'm back now!! And I hope I'll catch up with the story within these few days...

here comes the review...

It was a nice touch, the thing with Augustus having a baby... Tragic yet slightly humorous at the same time. I love the way you manage to develop a background for your characters with subtly introducing various details and people from their surroundings. I also have to say I admire your ability to write in first person and still manage to stay objective and slowly develop Kerri as a person. *I'm not sure if this came out alright... hopefully, you'll get my point.. ;)*

I can't wait for the outcome of the prank on Charlie... :D And Kerri better put those slugs into action to get back on Gargantua really good, because he genuinely made me want to go inside your story and get him myself... Such a pig...

"Remus just has this aura of safety and trustworthiness about him that makes me want to confide in him." ---> so very true... I love your Remus. He's not only very kind and reasonable and everything a canon Remus is described as, but also has this, a bit sarcastic, witty sense of humor I've always imagined him to have myself. I mean, he was a Marauder after all... You didn't make him overly melancholic either which is a biiig plus... :D

Look at me, I've really gotten carried away this time... ^_^

Author's Response: You're a college student aren't you? I totally understand. I want to get back in school but I'm dreading it too because it will get in the way of my fan fiction writing !

I don't know how it is that I've managed to pace myself so well with this story, both with the way I've added detail to the characters and the way I've added events. I'm usually not this patient. Maybe it's because there's just so much to this story that I'm always working on some part of it that really holds my attention. Usually I'm in a rush to put in as much as possible as quickly as possible but I haven't done that with this.

Everyone seems to really hate Gargantua....so many of the reviews have expressed absolute loathing of him. I'll take that as a compliment.

Remus is my favorite character so I put a lot of thought into how I present him. The thing I love most about him is his kindness but I don't want him to be a total goody goody either. Every now and then I try to bring out his sense of humor and give a little glimpse of the fun loving boy that he used to be. I wouldn't make him melancholy either. He's not happy with his situation but he's not the type to mope or whine. That's another thing I always admired about him -- no matter how tough things are, he never lets them drag him down.

And please....go ahead and get carried away. Those are my favorite kind of reviews.

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Review #7, by Bella_Portia 

11th April 2008:
One of the things that is so good about your stories is how realistic they are. Kerri's office setting is perfectly believable. Gargantua is realistic vision of an [explictive deleted, since these reviews have to be 12+] of a midlevel manager.

I think the relationship between Kerri and Lupin in developing in a way that is very true to life and to the characters.

I'm looking forward to the flesh eating slugs, the response to the letter to Hagrid about the dragon and the aftermath of the Howler to Charlie. I thouht the touch about Augutus' daughter was a really good as a shorthand illustration of what life is like not only for this character but also for werewolves generally.

Sorry I fell behind again. I'm always excited to see a new installment

Author's Response: Kerri's job is portrayed so true to life because I worked in the real life equivalent of it and I've had to deal with some jerky bosses as well. I guess it's a case of writing what you know.

EVERYONE tells me they're looking forward to the flesh eating slug part -- you must really hate Gartantua. It really isn't that flashy and I'm starting to wish that I'd made it into a bigger scene than I actually did.

It's not your fault that you fell behind. I just became a trusted author so I've had several chapters go through in a short amount of time.

Always nice to hear from you. Thanks for your review.

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Review #8, by morgana67 

11th April 2008:
Oh, so many things happened in this chapter. I love the detail about the baby dragon. He sounds really cute. I'd like one too, although my neigbours would soon start complaining lol.

So Augustus has a child. This was so touching! He can't even see his daughter because of all the prejudism. It's really aweful! I'm glad that Kerri is donating the money towards buying wands. I do wonder what you have in mind for later here. I bet they get to use them against something perhaps even more dangerous than dementors... Well, I'll have to wait and see.

Goyle is truly horrible. I can't wait to see the prank on him.

Ah, Ginny has made an entrance into this story too. You know that she is one of my favourite characters.

I think it makes a lot of sense for them to learn non-magical defence too, as you said, in case they get disarmed.

Now, Remus had a twin! Interestind discovery.

I'm really, really enjoying this. Ok, I have almost caught up again!

Author's Response: Trust me, over the next seven years they'll do more with those wands than go after dementors. Wait until the part where they go buy the wands. I had so much fun writing the trip to Diagon Alley with those hoodlums in tow. I'm not sure yet if Snape wil ever find how how his money was spent...unless she gets mad and tells him out of spite during the third year.

There isn't much of Ginny in this story. I would have liked to have used her more but I have to keep her distanced from Remus since she doesn't appear to have known him before he came to teach.

Now the part about Remus having a twin was a last minute decision. It came out of the old rumor that went around suggesting that he would be killed in the final book by a twin named "Rommulus." In the course of writing this and looking for ways to round out his life I thought about that old rumor and decided to make it over. It explains too how on earth he got stuck with the name Remus Lupin, which wouldn't have been bad in itself if he hadn't been bitten by a werewolf. (In the second one I actually intend to introduce Remus's parents)

Glad you're enjoying it.

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