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Review #1, by Sue Clover 

30th December 2014:
Falling from a great height... Looks as though she really is falling in love with him. Not surprising, though, any smart girl in her right mind would. I've decided recently that Remus Lupin is my favorite HP character, aside from Hermione.
I've been wondering, how AU is this going to go? In the books, which were mentioned as something written by a muggle, Hagrid became teacher of Care of Magical Creatures after the old professor retired. This makes sense because he'd been cleared finally of raising the beast that killed that girl ages ago and opening the chamber, but if you stick to that it'll mean Kerri didn't get the job. That's a year and a half away, but it could be because she'd married Remus by then... That's probably too quick for them. Who knows. I hope she does get it. I hope you don't stick to the books too much, and from the introduction I don't think you will. This is AU, and with the direction the story is going I hope it stays AU. I want to see Umbridge get her comeuppance, and sooner than Harry's fifth year. With all she's doing to Remus, five years would be way too long to wait. I think out of all HP characters, I hate her even more than Old Voldy.

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Review #2, by knicoles 

26th July 2013:
Basil pulled out his wand and suggested, “Let’s see who has the biggest wand -- me, Brand, or Remus. Mine’s eleven inches --- does that impress you, Kerri?”

'“Mine’s eleven and a half. Does that impress you?” I answered wryly.
Brand thought this very funny and even Remus, who usually seems slightly put off by Basil’s vulgar sense of humor, permitted himself a smile.'

Bahaha! Oh man, I was clutching my sides at this.

'Let’s practice some of the spells you just named and see how well you’ve mastered them. NO -- stop!”
'Basil had pointed his wand at a large dumbbell in the corner and Brand was aiming at Basil himself.
“One at a time.” I suggested.
“And on something soft.” Remus agreed, smiling'

Lol, how chaotic! Very great description of the boys. Basil finding the heaviest thing to lift and Brand aiming at Basil himself. :)

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Review #3, by funkynat 

28th November 2009:
the scene of the first lesson is a good start, may become fun, the characters are so lovely.

Author's Response: Thanks.

I knew that the first two stories of this series would take place away from Hogwarts so my OC's would have to be like-able. So far people seem to have become fond of them.

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Review #4, by Shellee 

22nd May 2008:
Pompompom. Again, Snape's being a breadstick, really! Then again, we all know what's truth, so poor Kerri for losing her friend and being wrong. Molly really wouldn't be able to do much, would she? Yeah, she's his mother and really, really protective but it's a once in a lifetime opportunity, I'm sure she'd respect that.
Alexander seems like one of those proper person, but a nice one at that. Aw, I adore the thought of being a Healer, from the professions I know, at least. She still seemed to have a good time with him. Hehe, flesh eating slugs, oh, I can't wait! She's smart enough to find a way to pay Goyle back. The plants seem nice to look at, I love pretty things. Well, hehe, who wouldn't?
Hm, the lesson seemed rather fun too. Tsk, both of them showing off. It's always more funny when they fail then. At least they know some simple spells, it would make things easier already, at least I hope so. I wonder how much magic the others know, probably wouldn't be much if they don't have a wand.

Author's Response: I had fun with this chapter. The lamb plant is something that people once believed in --- today it's thought that they were trying to describe cotton plants when they encountered them for the first time. The rest I just made up.

And yes...it's time to start setting Goyle up. People usualy do seem to start cheering me on at this point...everyone hates him.

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Review #5, by morgana67 

2nd April 2008:
Excellent chapter again. Actually, there are quite a few funny moments in this. So, Tonks is playing matchmaker? She is not in luck though, since we all know where Kerri's heart belongs. I think your plants were definitely imaginative. I wonder if blackthorn will be relevant later since her wand is made from it. I'm glad that the boys are getting to practice some magic.

Your next chapter seems very promising too. Hopefully, it'll be ready for when the queue re-opens.

Well done!

I have my next chapter too but I'm waiting for the queue to re-open although, once this happens, it'll go on straight away as I'm a TA.

Hugs x

Author's Response: Thank you.

The garden part is the one that I think I worked hardest on in this chapter. Most of the ideas for the plants were completely original except for the Lamb Plant of Tartary -- people in the Middle Ages actually believed in it. Scholars today think that they were actually referring to cotton plants. (Interesting bit of trivia).

I think we're all going a bit nuts waiting for the queue to re-open. I've had a couple of my readers ask me to hurry with the next chapter, but my hands are tied. At least you're a trusted author. Can you imagine how long the wait will be for the rest of us when the queue does open and everyone rushes it ?

Thanks so much for reviewing !

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Review #6, by Bella_Portia 

30th March 2008:
I didn't realize this was up, or I would have been at the front of the line to get the new installment.

Great, wonderful and entertaining, as usual. I thoroughly enjoyed the letters. When SS writes "my dear" to a younger sibling, it's hard to tell if he's expressing affection or condescension.

I loved the letter from Charlie. We all know how formidable Molly is, but it came through loud and clear.

I'm not sure I mentioned how good your Tonks is. She has become such a part of the fabric of your story that I've kind of taken her for granted and, perhaps, neglected to mention her. You do a great job with her and, notwithstanding that you use her in a somewhat noncanonical way, she seems very much in character.

I like Alexander, and I think the scene between him and Kerri is a nice scene. But the flesh eating slug scene was inspired. I like the flesh eating slugs. I’m guessing most of your readers like the idea. (No, it’s not very nice; but it’s darned good reading.) Coincidentally enough: I was reading the “flesh eating slug” part, but before I got the the “Severus would find it amusing” part, I kept thinking of a little graphic I saw at Photobucket.com, which said W.W.S.S.D. – What Would Severus Snape Do?
I imagined him being long with her when she got the idea and reinforcing the notion that it was a wonderful idea

Great chapter.

Author's Response: You must have missed my post over in the "Chapter updates" section.

I always worry that people might think of the Charlie parts as filler so I'm glad to see that you don't.

I'm glad that you like Tonks too. Tonks was never one of my favorite characters -- actually, she was one of my least favorite because I always knew Rowling was going to put her with Remus and I didn't think they were right for each other. Then she died beside him in the last book, and that's when she won my affection. I've given her a fair sized role in this story and I really enjoy working with her.

I honestly don't remember where the flest eating slug idea came from. It was so long ago that I wrote the original copy of this chapter. It probably came from Hagrid's trip into Knockturn Alley to buy repellent for them. It's a great way for me to make Kerri question her motivations ( although she clearly has a conscience which is decidedly NOTHING like Voldemort), and to show a resemblance to her brother, which you picked up on.

Thank you very much for you review.

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Review #7, by FullMoon 

29th March 2008:
PLEASE please hurry up with the next chapter! I've been waiting for Kerri to fall for Remus for ages! This is great writing--better than some books I've read--and the story is very well written. The diary/letter format is difficult to do when writing a real story, but you do it really well. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: I have 58 chapters written but I'm not a trusted author so it takes time to get them posted. Plus, the queue is still closed. As soon as it opens, I'll submit the next chapter for validation.

Wow....what a comlement about my writing. I am an aspring writer so I find it very encouraging. Thank you very much.

And yes, Kerri is starting to feel attracted to Remus but she'll have problems coming to terms with those feelings. So many people seem to be really looking forward to this romance and I'm really flattered by it.

Thanks again.

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Review #8, by Bella 15 

27th March 2008:
oh now what will mel and streak do im so worried about them sometimes. they torture poor remus and kerri i wonder what will happen. good luck with the next chapter. keep writing. : (

Author's Response: Hi Bella, it's always nice to hear from you. Thank you so much for letting me know that you're still enjoying my story.

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